1. Language Arts

    Does anyone know a website that tells you other forms of a word? Ex. run - ran, running
  2. Language Arts

    How is the underlined word used? Write subject, object of preposition or direct object. 1. Who asked for athletic tape? The word Who is underlined 2. That is the gymnast with whom I study. whom is underlined 3. He is an athlete who once tried out for the
  3. English

    choose the phrase in which commas are used correctly to complete the sentence. The Internet allows Frank to ________. A.play games, send e-mail, and browse Internet sites. B.play, games, send e-mail, browse Internet sites. I think it is A
  4. English

    Let's play the game. Make groups of eight. You should choose a leader in the group. I have prepared 4 sets of word cards and 4 sets of picture cards. The leader from each group should come up here and take the cards. The leader should mix the word cards
  5. english

    In the following sentence i need to know what are the nouns in the objective case and what part of the sentence is the word festivities? I know that Munich is the subject and the form is simple but if someone could help with the other two questions that
  6. English

    Dear Ms.Sue, thank you for your previous answer, but may I ask you about one more word? I found the word "coeval" (I never heard it before; it is, probably, rarely used). Do you think "coeval society" may mean the same as "the society of that time"? Thank
  7. Language

    The word "slippery" almost feels slippery! This may have to do with the blending of "s" and "I" so that the word glides or slips out of your mouth. Many English words seem to imitate their meaning. Try to record at least six such words.
  8. Physics

    what is the word used for distance traveled per time unit? What is speed in a given direction? And what is the word used for A moving object traveling the same distance in equal units of time?
  9. English

    I need a word for the following description: when children come into the world they`re vulnerable to like racism and sexist people and like all those things we are trying to prevent. What would you call those things (racism, sexism ect.)? One word
  10. L.A

    Choose the meaning that best describes the word in the italics. *pompous is the word that's in italics. His *pompous* behavior irritated his friends, especially since accomplishments were few and far between. A. sheepish B. arrogant C. unassuming D.
  11. French

    I hope this question isn't too broad but.. When do you not pronounce the final letter of a word when the next word begins with a vowel? I hope that makes sense. I know that you are never supposed to say the "T" in "et" when it comes before a vowel but
  12. science

    I have two questions I need help with. First is a two word answer for _____ can occur when heat from a volcano melts snow on a mountain. Total of 12 letters, 2nd is a, 4th s, 12th t. Second question-what is a 7 letter word for a mixture of loose sand,
  13. math(5th grade)

    sixteen teams compete in a single elimination basketball tournament (one loss and you're out). How many games must be played to determine a champion?
  14. French

    I am not sure that I have the correct answers to these questions, I have been looking at this for ages. I have typed the paragraph and will put the questions underneath (I have done some of the other questions myself but these two I am struggling with)
  15. Math

    Two teams are playing in a best of seven playoff series. The first team to win four games wins the series. Ties are broken through sudden decision overtime. If the teams are evenly matched: What are the odds in favour of either team sweeping the series, in
  16. grammar

    Is the predication correct in this sentence, it seems right to me. The driving exam is when one is tested on the rules of the road. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Grammatically it is o.k. The adverb clause when one is tested on the
  17. Educational Technology.

    1. probability can be used to determine the likelihood of specific ________(fill in the blank). A. games B. occurrences C. questions D. opportunities 2. Tally marks are completed in groups of ______ because they are quick to mark and easier to count (fill
  18. Language Arts

    I have to replace the words "the bees'" with the correct possessive prounoun. In the sentence: Bees make honey for the bees' food. Would the correct possessive pronoun be "their" food since bees is possive? However in the sentence...A bee can always fly
  19. English

    Hello everyone! I need help with my work. I have a comparison and contrast essay and I need a title. In my essay, I am comparing and contrasting the sports of Basketball and Football. I need something creative. Any ideas?
  20. spanish

    Could someone please tell me what the word of 'pocket' as in 'pants pocket' is in Spanish? I used a translator, but I thought there was another word for it. ¿Cómo se dice 'pocket' en Español? Thanks in advance. :) El (casilla, bolsillo)de mi pantalon'
  21. similie/metaphor

    Hi! I am trying to come up with metaphor/simile to say that writing a newsletter in microsoft word is very difficult ei discovered that writing an entire newspaper on Word rather than on Publisher was like trying to... ( do a greek puzzle blindfolded?)
  22. English

    Hello. I'll be very grateful if you help me to understand a line from a poem. And yet I am my one sole self, America seeking the stars. (Langston Hughes "America") I mean the second line. I translated it word for word but it is still very ambiguous to me.
  23. Language Art (Please Check)

    1.A 5.The word evacuate comes from the Latin root vac which means to empty. What word that contains this root means not occupied? A. vacuum B. vacation C. vacant D. evacuee
  24. english

    marian and joe had a big picnic what kind of word is picninc verb,noun,adjective Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The word "picnic" is a NOUN, which names something.
  25. Spanish

    When you conjugate the word ir--to go in spanish, the vosotros conjugated word would be vais. But is the a accented in vais or not?My teacher has written it on the board both ways. I just need a clarification. Thanks!
  26. general ability

    Add one letter to the word PRICE. Rearrange the letters to make a word meaning "to make a hole in". The added letter is; a) S b) E c) A d) L
  27. us history

    For years, many history books claimed that "Columbus discovered America." Why do you think Native Americans might disagree with the word "discovered" in this statement? What might be a better word?

    I NEED HELP WITH ENGLISH HOMEWORK. WHAT MEANS VISUALIZE? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The word "visualize" is "to see" or "to form a mental image of" something. The word "vision" is associated.
  29. Social Studies

    This is kind of a weird question, but, I need to do a Medieval ABC book, and right now I'm at E. And I need to draw a picture for the word. My word is "excommunication". But I'm not sure how I could draw a picture of that?

    6. The most common rule for forming plural nouns is A. adding -es to the word. B. changing the y to i and adding -es. C. dropping the last letter and adding -ies. D. adding -s to the word.
  31. English

    Which word used in “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing is a common French word used in English? I think Its C. adios mano a mano merci sotto voce
  32. English

    A special ceremony called The Ceremony of the Keys is performed there nightly. What is the adverb, then what is the word that modifies it and is that word a verb, an adjective or another adverb?
  33. Word problem math

    Word problem. You cut a 2 m long board into 2 pieces . One piece is 10 cm shorter than the other. How long are each boards.? I got. 1 pc at 80!cm. the other 1pc at 100 cm Is this right ?
  34. English

    1. What is the English word for Gungjeon? 2. It is palace. 3. It is a palace. 4. It is 'palace'. 5. It is 'palace.' [Which answer is grammatical?] English - Reed Monday, November 20, 2017 at 1:25am It is"palace". ===================================== 6. It
  35. Social Studies

    I got 3 last questions to ask. 1. Nation state a and nation state b share a border. the two nation-states are arguing over immigration policies regarding the border. what are two ways that the nation-sates could resolve their dispute? 2. How might citizens
  36. 6th grade

  37. Grammar (Ms. Sue) or (Writeacher)

    Complete each of the following sentences with a word from the Word Bank. Word Bank: benediction; riveted; compounded; resolute. 1. The very youth of the soldiers was like a ___ because they seemed to be blessed with it. 2. It was obvious that Joby's
  38. help me unscramble this word

    ok can you help me unscramble this word "ANLDEGN".When it is unscrambled it its either the name of an ocean, country, state, city, or animal. Try these: http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html http://www.unscramble.net =) Thank you for using the Jiskha
  39. 5th grade math word problems

    abby has been practicing for her soccer game. She has been running 5/8 of a mile every day for 4 days. How many total miles does she run?Use a representation and write an equation. I do not understand what a representation is and would I multiply fractions
  40. english

    9-The colorful koi drift lazily in the pond,just below the water's surface. 10-These fish are a silent parade of reds and golds and oranges. 11-you can hear the sound of water as it passes over rocks on it's course through the gardens. 1-which sentence
  41. prealgebra

    a junior basketball player has a goal of scoring at 1,000 points during his high-school career. his team plays twenty games per year, after two years he has 320 points. to be successful, how many points does he have to average per game over his last two
  42. English

    Which is the better strategy for increasing comprehension? A. Paraphrase what you read. B. Take notes word for word so as not to lose the meaning intended. C. Summarize only chapter by chapter. D. Take notes only when you are unclear of a concept. I think
  43. synonym

    1}select the synonym of the word flamboyant. a}ordinary b}plain c}extravagant d}conventional 2}select the definition for the word senile. a}pre-eminent b}priority c}old age d}clear help plz:)
  44. Spelling

    The word "slippery" almost feels slippery! This may have to do with the blending of "s" and "I" so that the word glides or slips out of your mouth. Many English words seem to imitate their meaning. Try to record at least six such words. Plz help me-I
  45. AP World History

    There is a word that my worksheet is saying to define, the word is Chavin. I looked through my textbook, but I can't find the definition. What I am learning now is agricultural development and the earliest civilizations. Can you please give me a definition
  46. Computers- Microsoft Word

    I have homework question. The question is: Analyze the Merge option regarding tables in Microsoft Word. Give a instance you might use it. I know the concept of merging cells in a table together, but I am still confused on why I would use it.
  47. English

    Choose the letter of the word or phrase best matches the word in italics. The campfire was visible *glimmering* between the trees. Answers are Intermittently, Intermittently conspicuously Brightly Weakly I think it's weakly.
  48. Computers- Microsoft Word

    I have homework question. The question is: Analyze the Merge option regarding tables in Microsoft Word. Give a instance you might use it. I know the concept of merging cells in a table together, but I am still confused on why I would use it.
  49. history

    how do I use the word succor in a sentence?
  50. English

    I need a sentence with the word tree
  51. writing

    use the word girls in a sentence
  52. spelling

    sentence using word lawyer
  53. health

    what is a sentence with the word nutrition
  54. voc.

    i need the word asunder use in a sentence!
  55. spelling

    I need a sentence with the word squib
  56. English

    What is an example of a question sentence using the word no?
  57. Reading

    What does the word distinct mean and can you use it in a sentence?
  58. sentences

    what sentence can i use using the word "monk''
  59. vocabulary

    How do I use the word prevailing in a sentence?
  60. ELA

    How could I use the word 'precede' in a sentence?
  61. vocab

    how would you use the word civility in a sentence
  62. sentences

    what is a sentence I can use using the word unyielding
  63. english

    Sentence for word duke.
  64. english

    I need a sentence with the word duke
  65. English

    What is a sentence with the word sisters'?
  66. english

    sentence for the word longevity
  67. vocab

    what is a sentence if it has the word aburdity?
  68. Language

    use the word "impregnable in a sentence.
  69. english

    Can you start a sentence off with the word because?
  70. spelling

    i need a sentence with a word duke
  71. English

    What is a sentence with the word brothers
  72. Writing

    use the word legendary in a sentence
  73. English

    What is a sentence with the word uncles.
  74. enlish

    how would I use the word turbid in a sentence
  75. Vocabulary

    How could I use the word calligrapher in a sentence?
  76. english

    how do you use the word halves in a sentence ?
  77. english

    sentence using the word 'perennial'
  78. Spelling

    I need a sentence for the word fury?
  79. English -Part of speech

    Can someone please help? I have a list word I need to know the part of speech, and the punctuation: Forid - which meansflowery ,showy. We were given that meaning but can find the word anywhere.
  80. Punctuation

    Is there an error in the following phrase that contains the word "boys"? ex. - Junior boys' basketball team
  81. Spanish

    1. Which word best completes the following question? Que dia _____ hoy? a. soy b. eres c. es*** d. somos 2. Which word best completes the response to the following question? De donde eres? _____ de Colombia a. soy b. eres*** c. sois d. son which word best
  82. COM/155

    My assignment is to write a television show review. I am to Bold adverbs, and underline adjectives. I think I found them all, what do you think?
  83. Math Check Answers Quickly Please

    1. How many 2-digit numbers can be formed using only the digits 2, 3, 5, and 6, if the digits are not to be repeated within a number? 11 12** 10 2 2. How many different ways are there to rearrange the letters of the word EXAM if you don't care if the
  84. help plz

    Which word is a synonym of the word evolve? a}recession b}decline c}progress d}retrogression p.s.ive been working on this same question for 1 month todaysthe last day i have can some1 plz just give me the answer plzzz lol btw:who likes boxing?0_o

    I went to the car show this weekend and that is what I saw: Every red car was a sport car, but I found it odd that half of all the blue were sports cars. A salesman told me that half of all the sports car were red. I counted 40 blue cars and 30 red cars.
  86. College

    Case Eastern Junior College awarded 26 varsity letters in crew, 15 in swimming, and 16 in soccer. If awards went to 46 students and only 2 lettered in all sports, how many students lettered in two of the three sports?
  87. Tech Ed

    How can simulations be used in education? A.They allow people to touch a real item through the computer B.They provide a realistic experience that students may not get in real life C.They substitute games for learning D.They make games real My answer B?
  88. educational and tecnology

    how can simulations be used in education A( they allow people to touch a real item through the computer B( they provide a realistic experience that students may not get in real life C( they substitute games for learning D( they make games real
  89. social studies

    Understandindg word meanings. Drop in the bucket. Some nations elect a president, other (countries, cities, states) have rules insted.
  90. human services mamagement

    in a 750 word paper,in APA format, evaluate the eligibility rules for the Department of Economic security in Arizona
  91. grammar

    Indicate whether each of the following pronouns (in parentheses) is demonstrative, interrogative, indefinites, or relative. 1. Was Macduff the one (who) discovered the murdered king? relative 2. (Who) else went to the king's chamber? interrogative 3.
  92. pronoun

    When he arrive at the cafe', Zach started preparing the scones, cookies,and muffins. While bread for sandwiches was purchased from a nearby bakery, he made these himself. Anybody looking for a stale pastry would have to try Starbucks next door. Quality was
  93. physics

    What are the different physics application in the following sports: 1.baseball: 2.basketball: 3.bowling: 4.cycling: 5.golf: 6.gymnastics: 7.ice hockey 8.swimming Please help me , i really don't have any idea about this. Thank you !! :)
  94. Grammar

    Is "about" capitalized in a sentence when it is the second word in the sentence?
  95. 3 grade english

    write each sentence. use the past form of the verb in () to complete each sentence. we have (saw,seen) many creatures in the desert. my son wrote- we have seen many creatures in the desert. the gila monster (gone,went) toward the cactus. my son wrote- the
  96. math

    Jerome has 1/4 of the group’s video games at his house. Mario has 2/5 of the group’s video games at his house. What fraction of the group’s video games is either at Jerome’s house or Mario’s house? So I'd have to find the LCM, 20. 1/4 = 5/20 2/5
  97. English expression

    Is this your mother? Yes, It is. In the short dialogue. "This your" is pronounced as a linking sound just like one word. Look at the short answer. "It is' is pronounced as a linking sound as well. It is pronounced like one word. Repeat after me.
  98. English

    Is this word correct in this sentence. although he had heard about his grandmother's aches and pains a million times, Dennis feigned interest whenever she complained to him. The four choices are Feigned, Condoned Mediated Reconiciled
  99. English

    Choose the best word to complete each sentence. My brother Luke _____ a computer genius. are am is*** were Sarah and her sister _____ to this city many times in the past year. has gone has been have been*** have went Are my answers correct?
  100. Urgent! PLZZ HHEELLPP!!

    12.) Which of the following sentences uses a pronoun in the objective case? A. He just did an amazing magic trick. B. His sister said the solution is a secret. C. Please tell me how Mike did the trick! D. I wish I were as good a magician as Mike!**** 13.)