1. Math

    A ladder is needed to reach the top of a second floor window, A distance of 20 feet above the (level) ground. According to the directions on the ladder, the distance between the bottom of a leaning ladder and the base of the (vertical) wall it is leaning
  2. LA new

    identify partciple and word participle that it modifies 1)TAKEN for Granted by most of us, paper is an seesantial part of our lives 2)The PAPER Used today has developed over many centuries 8)Modern paper, however,started with a chineses INVENTOR Serving
  3. code of ethics

    I am working on a paper about ethics in professional healthcare/medicine. It is difficult for me to word it properly, but here goes: Is "the right to die, or assisted suicide a question of ethics-or a moral dillema that healthcare professionals face?
  4. English

    1. Who wrote this letter? Who is this letter for? Bora wrote this letter. This letter is for Ms. Kim. Bora wrote this letter to Ms. Kim her teacher from last year. (Are the two answers correct?) 2. Bora's school begins at 8:30 a.m. My school begins at 8:30
  5. trig

    The average depth of water at the end of a dock is 6 ft. This varies 2 ft in both directions with the ride. Suppose there is a high tide at 4 am. If the tide goes from low to high every 6 hours, write a cosine function describing the depth of the water as
  6. Chemistry

    Need help on how to balance equations. Here are a few of the problems. First let me supply the w/s directions: Predict the products of the reactions below. Then, write the balanced equation and clasify the reactions. Here are examples of a few of the
  7. English

    Consider the following sentence: "Adam believes that Julio drives a red car" How many subjects does this sentence contain? List them. How many direct objects does this sentence contain? List them. --- I think there are two subjects, Adam and Julio. As for
  8. Psy/355

    I need help with my research paper please. 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the concept of motivation. „h Address the following items: o Define motivation. o Identify at least two sources of motivation. o Explain the relationship between
  9. Physics

    A certain meter stick is calibrated in millimeters (the distance between two consecutive marks is ONE mm). A student measured the longest edge of a book and found that it was greater than 364 mm and less than 365 mm, but it was CLOSER to 365 mm than 364
  10. English

    I need to correct the verb in this sentence. If we would have had the engine tuned, I'm sure we would not be stranded on the highway now. Is this correct? If we had had the engine tuned, I'm sure we would not be stranded on the highway now.
  11. Alg2

    Help w/Word Prob: LAW ENFORCEMENT A police accident investigator can use the formula s=2√5l to estimate the speed=s of a car in miles per hour based on the length=l in feet of the skid marks it left. How fast was a car traveling that left skid marks 120
  12. English Comma splices and run on sentences

    The recipe says to stir together flour, salt, and baking soda _______ add to butter, eggs, and vanilla mixture and stir to blend. add the word and insert a question mark insert a comma insert a period and make two separate sentences my answer insert comma
  13. math

    So I think I have got these down I just really want to double check the answers to these two word questions. Thanks How long will it take for $9500 to grow to $36,300 at an interest rate of 12.4% if the interest is compounded continuously? Round the number
  14. business

    2. Scaling Study Develop a short questionnaire (five to ten questions) and distribute it to at least ten people. Use at least two different types of questions in the survey. Analyze the responses and comment on the validity and reliability of your
  15. reading

    is the word penguin a metaphor?? please answer bye. It could be, depending on how it is used. Metaphors are totally dependent on usage and how they are compared. The men were penguins for the dinner, waddling to and fro. ya but could i use it as a metaphor
  16. I need 2 fix these prob. b4 they get 2me on test!

    A father gives his son a ride by pulling a sled across the rough snow. The father runs across the snow with a constant acceleration while pulling the sled at F = 75.0 N, at 30 deg. above the horizontal. The combined mass the sled and son is 30.0 kg. The
  17. Quick English check

    Please check to if see if the vocab words are paired with the right sentences. The sentences are supposed to explain the vocab word. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. (SUSCEPTIBLE) 2. I
  18. English check

    Please check to if see if the vocab words are paired with the right sentences. The sentences are supposed to explain the vocab word. Correct me if I'm wrong. 1. The all circumstantial but it definitely does not look good for the suspect. (SUSCEPTIBLE) 2. I
  19. math 4

    at the 6th grade school dance, there are 132 boys, 89 girls, and 14 adults. A. write a ratio of number of boys to girls. b. write the same ration using another form (A:B vs A to B) c. write the ratio of number of boys to number of adults. d. write the same
  20. Algebra-please check

    Please check these: 1.When the fraction 2/3 is used as exponent, wht role does the denominator 3 play in evaluating expression? I think it indicates cube root of the base,correct? 2.sqrt of (2^4x/4^-2x) is equilvalent to 2^4x, correct? 3.Simplify
  21. English

    Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics. Riding the Orient Express toward Istanbul, Tom read the novels of Mark Twain. a. Orient Express b. Istanbul c. Mark Twain d. none***
  22. language

    Select the word or words that the italicized phrase modifies or describes. According to this map, the smallest region in the UNITED STATES IS NEW ENGLAND. a) map b) smallest c) region d) United States
  23. Math

    The word problem is: Nancy's quiz average is a 74. Her quiz average is 1/4 of her grade. The test average is 3/4 of the total grade. What test average does she need to get at least an 88? Would you be able to set up an equation, and explain how the answer
  24. Easy English

    In the novel; Twelfth Night A quote is stated: "And thus a whiligig if time brings in his revenges" I am to write an essay on this. I have put some ideas together, yet I am unable to create an intro. Could you help by giving me a few hints on how to start
  25. math problem check

    would some one please see if I am correct with these problems 1.Add. write the answer in simpliest form. 3/11 + 9/11 + 1/11= 13/11= 1 1/2 2. Subtract write the answer in lowest term. 19/24 - 7/24= 12/24 = 1/2 3. Victor owned 9/10 of a family business he
  26. English

    Hi! 3. Choose the answer that best matches the word in quotation marks. John offered his wife a red rose as a sign of "appeasement" for their earlier disagreement. This means he wants (1 point) a) to demonstrate the disagreement is unresolved. b) to please
  27. FRENCH!

    Can someone check if my sentences for my story are written correctly.. (punctuation, word placings. everything..) 1. Cette semaine, j'ai regarde deux films. (This week, I watched two films.) 2.) L'un des films s'appelle Insurgent. (One of the film is
  28. Foreign languages

    I left out this sentence. Thank you. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the past simple, past perfect or past continuous.
  29. ms.sue

    the hard part is wording the words to a child about judaism . I can explain it or describe theconcept but then to word it to a kid. its the difficult part. because they will be in blank. is there a website for kids on judaism by any chance. These two sites
  30. English

    I had to choose exaggeration and irony examples from The Rape of the Lock I wanted someone to check to make sure I am right ! Are these quotes exaggeration? " Then flashed the living lightning from her eyes." "And swells her breast with conquests yet to
  31. chemistry

    For each of the following chemical reactions: a.)classify the reaction as combination, decomposition,single replacement, or double replacement. b.)complete the word equation. c.)using the formulas for both reactants and products, balance the chemical
  32. Math

    Jim bought 3 1/2 pounds of apples, 2 3/4 pounds of oranges, 1 1/4 pounds of grapes, and 2 5/8 pounds of bananas. If Jim gives Bill 1/5 of the fruit, how many pounds of fruit will Bill receive? This is a word problem for multiplication of fractions, and I
  33. HSM 270

    I really need someone to explain this question to me please! Brainstorm ideas for alternative funding for the program you selected from Appendix B. Search the Internet or contact local human services organizations for ideas on obtaining nontraditional
  34. ~*Math Probability*~

    Which expression would you use to figure out the number of ways you can arrange the letters in the word equation? (1 point) 8! 8P4 4P8 4! Five friends are having their picture taken. How many ways can the photographer arrange the friends in a row? (1
  35. IT 221

    Create a 200- to 300-word response to the following scenario: During the implementation phase of a project, as a project manager you are facing many team issues (such as family issues and interpersonal conflicts) and these issues are creating risks that
  36. math

    if the ratio of interior angle of triangle are 4:11:3.Find the greater angle.* i am confused about the word greater does the question need the angle with 11 ratio or 4 ratio?
  37. English

    Works needed for assignment: "Students" by Tom Wayman and "Crow Lake" by Mary Lawson. I am trying to properly state my thesis but cant word it properly. "Both pieces originate from the same lack of motivation that leads to conflict, but the views and
  38. English

    This is new to me if someone could please explain how to do this it would be great. Sentence Patterns:draw vertical lines to identify the slot boundaries in the following sentences; label each slot with its form and function. In parentheses at the end of
  39. general knowledge

    I am a 7 letter word (an animal) Remove the first 4 letter the remaining is a feminine gender Remove the last 4 letter the remaining is the part of cooker Remove the last 3 letter the remaining is a costume (dress) Pls answer me immediately
  40. 7th grade math

    How does functions in math relate to what you put into it is what you get out of it? Can you explain for me? i'm thinking it doesn't really? one example if you can like in sports or goverment? Don't know.
  41. physics

    A 1300 sports car accelerates from rest to 95KM/H in 7.0S .What is the average power delivered by the engine?
  42. PE

    Decide which of the following sports can be the most beneficial in achieving cardiovascular fitness. a. soccer** b. baseball c. football d. golf
  43. physics

    a 1000 kg sports car accelerates from 0-30 m/s in 5.0 s. What is tge average power delivered by the automobile engine?
  44. Language

    What are some cool facts baout Quebec City in the Winter and what are the main sports people play?
  45. social studies

    i need help in choosing a topic for my social studies fair, i am in the 6th grade i love sports, football especially.
  46. writing

    How do performance-enhancing drugs cheapen sports and provide bad role models for our youth?
  47. English

    Be sure to bring your skates in before the rain starts. 2.The boy clasped the money tightly in his hand. 3.What do you think you'd find over the rainbow? 4.High above the mountain, the hawks wheeled in lazy circles. 5.A fire blazed inside, welcoming the
  48. english

    I have a test review and i need to know if i got these right. test is tommorrow so thanks for any help i can get. ........................ 1. Which of the following is a run-on sentence? A. The house was owned by the mayor. B. Mike joined the army, and he
  49. algebra word problem

    A small company produces both dollhouses and sets of doll furniture. The dollhouses take 3 hours of labor to produce, and the furniture sets take 8 hours. The labor available is limited to 400 hours per week, and the total production capacity is 100 items
  50. accounting

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper, using APA guidelines, based on the scenario below. You want to start your own business. You found an investment group that is willing to give you the capital needed for the first year of your business, but only if you can
  51. Hayden

    Proofread the following sentences for errors in the use of possessive pronoun forms. 1. Is anybodys opinion the same as your’s? 2. It’s just got to be everybody elses’ best chance. 1.anybody's 2. else's
  52. English1 Pre-Ap

    SO I got this Pretest: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement packet and it's like 7 pages long front and back and I have no I idea what im doing.
  53. english

    Which of the following parts of speech is most often used with a noun to create a descriptive phrase? A. pronoun B. preposition C. averb D. conjunction
  54. english

    Which of the following parts of speech is most often used with a noun to create a descriptive phrase? A. pronoun B. preposition C. adverb D. conjunction
  55. Grammar

    state of being ________ simply shows that something exists. A) adjective B) adverb C) noun D) pronoun E) verb I say it could be E
  56. spanish

    Which pronouns would Alberto Yáñez, a professor from Spain, use to address or talk about the following people? In the spaces provided below, write the most appropriate pronoun. ¡OJO! Remember that Alberto is from Spain, which affects the pronouns he
  57. grammar

    My teacher corrected a sentence, but wants me to explain why she is correct. I wrote: "Franklin acknowledges how difficult achieving perfection is, and how many have failed at it just like him." She corrected it to read: "Franklin acknowledges how
  58. math

    fred got a score of 84 on the test.write a division sentence using negative numbers where the quotient represents the number of questions fred answered incorrectly
  59. math

    Rebecca walked 0.25 mile on Tuesday and 1.6 miles on Wednesday. How many miles did she walk altogether? Write a vertical math sentence to solve the problem
  60. English - repost for "saam"

    english - saam, Friday, October 12, 2007 at 11:56am Write a narrative paragraph using fanboys, supporting sentence, the paragraph should have chronological style.......
  61. Spanish 8th grade

    I have to write a sentence saying that I feel like doing some activity say playing baseball of football-it doesn't matter. We are suppose to use the tener form so I'm really confused. Thanks for helping. I thought it would Me gustaria(accent over i) jugar
  62. english

    Identify the INCORRECT sentence. a. Amanda worked diligently on her algebra. b. Trudy bought a American-made car. c. My sister angrily slammed the door. d. You should concentrate closely on whatever you write.
  63. Business Law - Partnership

    Question: Bright is a partner in a firm of accountants. Without consulting the others, he orders a word processor, though the price exceeds the figure for which agreement of all partners is required by the partnership agreement. He appoints a new clerk
  64. need an answer checked - algebra

    Given a quadratic equation y = ax^2 + bx + c, (i) What is the effect of changing the value of the number c on the parabola? In other word, if two parabolas have the same coefficients a, and b, but different values for c, how will their graphs differ? My
  65. need an answer checked - algebra

    Given a quadratic equation y = ax^2 + bx + c, (i) What is the effect of changing the value of the number c on the parabola? In other word, if two parabolas have the same coefficients a, and b, but different values for c, how will their graphs differ? My
  66. English

    He is the very person that the boy has been looking for. ---------------------------- What is the antecedent of the 'that clause'? Is the antecedent 'person' or 'the very person'? Is an antecedent composed of 'one word'?
  67. BCIS

    What are two ways to open a document? What are two ways to create a new document in Word? What are two ways to save a document?
  68. com 140

    Explain the steps for double spacing and inserting a Header in Word. Which guideline in Chapter 1 of the Axia Writing Style Handbook was the most surprising to you? Why do you think it is a rule? o What are the main formatting differences between a
  69. ENGLISH Literature

    In the poem " Disembarking at Quebec " what does I am a word in a foreign language means. Here are my thoughts: To me it means that I will be a stranger in a place that I don't know or don't belong. Thanks Much. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help
  70. business

    • Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you define the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling). In your paper, include an explanation of how each function relates to your own organization. • Cite at least two
  71. Chemistry

    Consider a modified crown ether in which all oxygen atoms are replace with sulfur. Would this ligand favor K+ or Ag+? Explain
  72. history

    Which system of Spanish government did haciendas replace? A. the encomienda B. popular sovereignty C. socialism D. coalitions
  73. SCI 275

    What are some alternatives to destroying tropical rain forests, which may be reducing nature’s ability to replace its species?
  74. mecs101

    discuss a modern middle eastern country's attempt to either codify or replace shariah law.
  75. Math

    Given P (x) = x-1/ 2x-3, Find P (-2) The notation P(-2) for your given P(x) means that wherever you see an x, replace it with -2, then evaluate so P(-2) = (-2-1)/-4-3) = -3/-7 = 3/7 (The way you wrote your expression, according to the order of operation,
  76. English

    Could you please check these sentences I'm not sure of? Thank you. 1)Who (amont you) gets the best marks in both English and science? Who achieves the best results in both English and science? We are going to choose high achievers who get the best/highest
  77. sci

    200- to 300-word description of the three branches and three systems of geology. Review Nebular Theory by clicking the Nebular Theory link on this week’s aXcess page. Respond to the following: According to the Nebular Theory, how did the solar system
  78. Education technology

    Which of the following rules is most likely to be used in an A.U.P.? A. Communication should be civil and respectful of one another •• B. Private files can be viewed without permission from the owner C. Proper credit to the source is not necessary if
  79. french

    can someone check to see if this sentence is grammatically correct? "Je ne serai pas à l'école jeudi, alors puis-je passer l'interro vendredi matin?" *Should translate to "I will not be at school Thursday, so can I take the quiz friday morning? Merci
  80. English

    Will you please make sure that I have picked out the correct preposition in each sentence? 1. Parts of wrecked ships filled one room. (of) 2. A museum guide spoke to us. (to) 3. During a storm sailors work very hard. (During) 4. Clippers traded with China
  81. english

    . Choose the correct sentence. a. Us kids are to blame for the mess in the kitchen. b. Don’t talk to we teenagers about curfews. c. Cheryl, Doug, and myself went to the beach on Independence Day. d. He corrected himself immediately. e. The manager and
  82. English

    1. My school begins at 8:30 a.m. like Bora's school. 2. Our school begins at 8:30 a.m. like Bors'a school. (Which one is correct? Are both OK, my school and our school?) 3. My school and Bora's school are the same as follows. School begins at 8:30 a.m.
  83. Verb tense

    As of December 1, Ira and Sandy will have been going together for three years. If you mean last December, then it should read "As of December 1, Ira and Sandy have been going together for three years." If you mean the next time we get to December 1 (in the
  84. english

    Out of the following ten sentences, 5 of them are correct in their use of apostrophes. Simply write the numbers of the five sentences that are correct. . The five sentences that I choose were correct were 3,4,6,7, and 8 Is this correct? Canada’s mens’
  85. math urgent :(

    1.)A number decreased by 32 is -58. Find the number. The number is ____. (Give only the value of the number as your answer. 2.)The product of 14 and n is -28. Write the algebraic equation 3.)A blue bike is $14 less than a red bike. The sum of their prices
  86. math ALG 2!

    1.)A number decreased by 32 is -58. Find the number. The number is ____. (Give only the value of the number as your answer. 2.)The product of 14 and n is -28. Write the algebraic equation 3.)A blue bike is $14 less than a red bike. The sum of their prices
  87. math ALG 2!

    1.)A number decreased by 32 is -58. Find the number. The number is ____. (Give only the value of the number as your answer. 2.)The product of 14 and n is -28. Write the algebraic equation 3.)A blue bike is $14 less than a red bike. The sum of their prices
  88. eth/125

    ·Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay in which you answer the following questions: Conduct research to determine if the ethnic group colonized or if it immigrated to the United States. What country did they originate from and why did they enter the U. S.? Did
  89. social studies

    I need to research on this sentence: Canadians are providing aid in the area of education. But I can't find a good website for this sentence. I've also tried typing this sentence on google but it's not giving me a good site. Please help me find a good site
  90. GT LA

    How does the phrase studying grammar function in sentence 4? Sentence 4: I hated studying grammar when I was in school. A) main verb Eliminate B) direct object C) subject complement D) subject of the sentence. subject My answer: D
  91. eth 125

    Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human interactions in your community have been racialized. For the
  92. World History

    The second bullet struck the Archduke close to the heart. He uttered only one word, "Sofia"- a call to his stricken wife. The his head fell back and he collapsed. He died almost instantly. -Borijove Jevtic, co-conspirator Which of the following was the
  93. ELA

    Mikes was running quickly. Mike won the race. Which sentence best combines the two sentences using a participal phrase? What is the infinitive phrase in this sentence? If you were to watch a new movie, which one would you choose? Her brother lives near the
  94. english

    I need help in figuring out the topic sentence I think that the topic sentence is I have never understood my mom's obsession with the holiday season Is this correct? The main idea is about the holidays and everyone gets along and the decorations Is this
  95. Math

    In how many ways can the word INITIAL be arranged? I know that if all the letters were different (aka ABCDEFG) then the answer would be 7!, and I think if two of the letters were the same (aka AABCDEF) then the answer for be 7!/2! (or maybe 7!/2?), but I'm
  96. French

    What is the French word for "fashion designer"? There are many words for "designer" in French, but I'm not clear on which one is specifically "fashion designer". Thanks!
  97. math

    many of the health fads were actually healthful. what does the word ''healthful'' mean? a- not healthy b- full of health c- cause to be healthy d- a state of health
  98. written communication

    Can someone check to see if these are correct and give me some ideas Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. To enter your answer, click next to the number and begin typing. If the sentence is already
  99. Algebra Homework

    On my homework it says to write 324 in scientific notation. For my answer I got 3.24 x 10^2 Would this be correct?
  100. math 3rd grade

    Input X Output Y 1 1 3 9 5 25 write a rule for each function table 8x - 15 is this correct??? HELP