1. english

    Eliminate five letters from the word below to find one familiar word in the English language: FHIEVLEILCEOTPTTEERRS
  2. Gr. 12 Data MAnagement

    In how many ways can the letter of the word SECTION be arranged if the consonants must always be in the order in which they occur in the word itself?
  3. ELA

    13.   Which of the following statements about connecting paragraphs is correct? A. Two paragraphs may be joined by an action verb. B. A good connection between two paragraphs is an implied transition. C. You can use a pointing word that that refers to
  4. Grammar and Composition

    i have to write a five-sentence paragraph with varied sentence beginnings on a topic. topic: place you would like to visit: Dubai it can either be descriptive, narrative, expository, or persuasive. i think i'm doing descriptive Part 1--Brainstorm List
  5. English

    Write the correct singular possesive, plural form and plural possessive for each word: Witness Attorney Agency Child Notary Public
  6. English

    As it sailed south,Lord Nelson's great ship,Victory,met the Spanish fleet near Trafalgar. complete predicate of the sentence begain with what word? whats the simple subject of the sentence?
  7. english

    A prepositional phrase modifies a word and relates that word to the preposition's _____.
  8. check 1 easy question

    Which word is most similar to the word intuition? refinement principles reasoning insight
  9. 4th grade

    What is an open word? A closed word? Have to put vocabulary words into categories?????
  10. English

    change general into a word that means make bigger... the word starts with an e.
  11. math

    find the number of distinguishable permuations in the word mississippi then the word hippopotamus
  12. greek vocab.

    which word did not originate from the word of the arts? 1. maudlin 2. martyr 3. character 4. colossal
  13. French

    Is there a French word for "a facial" like the treatment of the face. I'm trying to use it in my paragraph and I can't find the word for it.
  14. Science

    (microscope crossword puzzle)What is a 6-letter word for eyepiece and the word begins with an "O?"
  15. Poetry

    a direct comparison between unlike things that does not use a signal word What's the word to this Definition
  16. English

    1) is real-life one word? My teacher considered it to be. 2) then would Spanish-Americans be one word?
  17. math

    suppose square was not a word used in mathematics. How would you descibe the shape that the word represents?
  18. correction

    One of people’s favorite hobbies is to listen to music. is there another word to say for people. it sounds too informal for an essay. Many people have a hobby of listening to music. The favorite hobby of many people is to listen to music. Listening to
  19. 8th grade language arts

    4.)Which word or phrase is closest in meaning to the word unanimous? a.)justifies b.)in agreement
  20. Art

    What is it called when you use one word to draw a picture of that word. The letters must be all the same way? I know Ive seen pictures like this in like Dentist office?
  21. English

    One of the proverbs I have to explain "a word is sufficient for a wise man." Does this mean people shouldn't go on and on and on when talking if one word will do?
  22. english

    whats a good word for a quality that someone has i cant think of the right word. like if someone was brave or courageous, the courage that that person ______ ??
  23. English

    4.)Which word or phrase is closest in meaning to the word unanimous? a.)justifies b.)in agreement
  24. MATH

    Find the number of words which can be formed by using the letters of the word EQUATION if each word has to start with a vowel.
  25. Science

    Trying to complete a word search. What is a 6-letter word for "State of water that is most common on Earth's surface"
  26. English

    4.)Which word or phrase is closest in meaning to the word unanimous? a.)justifies b.)in agreement
  27. Language Arts

    Which word is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word ponderous? A. Light B. Strong C. Awkward D. Thoughtful Is the answer A? Thank you
  28. Tech

    Okay, so I don't have Microsoft Word for mac, but my school usually uses word documents. I can access them, but I can't read comments or anything else. Please help?
  29. readability formulas

    readabilty formulas can any one explain to me what i need to do to find a readaiblty formulas to this scenario: The trip scheduled for mexico during spring break has been canceled due to the bankruptcy of the bus company. you must tell 25 of your
  30. Writing

    use the word legendary in a sentence
  31. vocab cultures & dev

    a sentence with the word communist in it
  32. english

    Sentence for word duke.
  33. English

    What is a sentence with the word brothers
  34. 10th grade

    how would you use the word civility in a sentence
  35. English

    What is a sentence with the word uncles.
  36. English

    What is a sentence with the word sisters'?
  37. 2nd grade

    i need a sentence with the word slid
  38. sentences

    what is a sentence I can use using the word unyielding
  39. English (vocabulary)

    How can you use the word 'malice' in a sentence?
  40. vocab

    what is a sentence if it has the word aburdity?
  41. vocab

    how would you use the word civility in a sentence
  42. english

    I need a sentence with the word duke
  43. English

    What is an example of a question sentence using the word no?
  44. sentence

    use this word in a sentence .salutary
  45. english

    sentence for the word longevity
  46. English! URGENT PLEASE HELP!

    Sentence for the word BEATIFICALLY?!?
  47. spelling

    I need a sentence with the word squib
  48. 9th grade

    how can i use the word acquaintance in a sentence?
  49. sentences

    what sentence can i use using the word "monk''
  50. social studies

    How can you use the word league in a sentence
  51. Spelling

    I need a sentence for the word fury?
  52. sentence help :D

    how do you use the word "PROMINENT" in a sentence?
  53. vocabulary

    How do I use the word prevailing in a sentence?
  54. writing

    use the word girls in a sentence
  55. Reading

    What does the word distinct mean and can you use it in a sentence?
  56. 4th grade English

    what is a sentence using the word sacred?
  57. spelling

    i need a sentence with a word duke
  58. spelling

    sentence using word lawyer
  59. english

    sentence using the word 'perennial'
  60. ELA

    How could I use the word 'precede' in a sentence?
  61. history

    how do I use the word succor in a sentence?
  62. Language

    use the word "impregnable in a sentence.
  63. Vocabulary

    How could I use the word calligrapher in a sentence?
  64. Social Studies

    Can I have a sentence for the word sectionalism? thank you.
  65. english

    Can you start a sentence off with the word because?
  66. health

    what is a sentence with the word nutrition
  67. english

    how do you use the word halves in a sentence ?
  68. enlish

    how would I use the word turbid in a sentence
  69. English

    I need a sentence with the word tree
  70. voc.

    i need the word asunder use in a sentence!
  71. English

    Hi, I'm having trouble understanding this sentence... "It comes upon one with new force in the pauses of the night that the Chaldeans were a desert-bred people." I don't know understandy why the last part of the sentence starts with "that" is in there,
  72. Spanish

    .What can you eat? a.una manzana b. un cuento c.una fiecha d.un bosque 2.Which of the following is a person? a.arbol b. chimenea c. nariz d.servidor 3.Which of the following is the best response to "Como se siente"? a.Manana volvere b. Me siento bien
  73. Spanish

    Please correct my work please: This is what I'm working on: Command form(imperative mood)negative familiar/polite. I have to change the following affirmative commands to the negative form. (write the word no, the object pronoun(s), and the negative command
  74. English/ 11th grade

    Analyze the sentence to select the adverb clause, subordinating conjunction, and the word(s) modified in the appropriate boxes below... 1)When you obey your parents, you please the Lord. Adverb clause: When you obey your parents Subordinating conjunction:
  75. English

    e.g. Can you repeat what he said? 1. Can you repeat the thing which he said? (what =relative pronoun) 2. Can you repeat___? + What did he say? (what=interrogative pronoun) (What does the example sentence mean? Does it mean #1 or #2? Is 'what' a relative
  76. Spanish

    How exactly will I do this? I seriously need help yet,I can't even attempt this. My teacher hasn't taught me this stuff as yet. So help would be appreciated. This is what I'm working on: Command form(imperative mood)negative familiar/polite. I have to
  77. Languege

    Which sentence uses coordinates adjectives? Mario gazes at the large painting of the beautiful lake. Mario gazed at the lake and the beautiful painting. Mario gazed at the large, beautiful painting. Mario gazed at the beauty of the large painting. 2.Which
  78. English

    1. Select the sentence in which all pronouns are used correctly. A. Just between you and I, I am not impressed by our new manager. B. Be sure to divide all income from the suburban property between he and I. C. I sat between him and her during the sales
  79. Question

    Fill in the blank with the correct word. 1.Regardless of what others say,I would advise you to_________ to George's judgement. (defer,differ) 2.All things considered_______ not a bad day,since morale is excellent. (it's, its) The apostrophe means it's is a
  80. English -Part of speech

    Can someone please help? I have a list word I need to know the part of speech, and the punctuation: Forid - which meansflowery ,showy. We were given that meaning but can find the word anywhere.
  81. Math

    Thanks Steve, but can anyone else help? Start with the word dinner change one letter at a time to form new until you have the word coffee Thank soooooooo much to everybody.
  82. English

    1. Which of the following is a specific word as opposed to a general word? (1 point) mammal praying mantis *** reptile amphibian
  83. reading

    clue using these unscramble letter: UNGGGIEMANM answer the clue question NASTY FACIAL EXPRSSION. The answer has two words. First word has four letters and the second word has seven letter. Two word answer.
  84. English

    if I have a quote that starts at the beginning of a sentence would I leave it as a capital letter OR lowercase letter? Ex: On ....,"He saw ...." OR On ....,"he saw ...." in the source where i'm quoting it from: "He" would be the first word in the sentence
  85. english

    I need 2 words out of these letters aalsimekats. They have to be a 5letter word and 6 letter word.
  86. history

    Trying to unscramble word related to irish history. Word is nMaewy Help
  87. spelling

    I need help with unscambling a word.The word is suit,fret,tell,pliers can you help me with the words please
  88. Spanish

    What is UOLSRRSEDELO unscrambled? The word is a spanish word and is written as: _ _ _(space) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thanks!
  89. English

    What is another word for "other characters" like in a book? I tried using the thesaurus but still can't find a good word.
  90. language

    in which word does able mean the same as it does in the word disagreeable ? a) timetable b) adjustable c) tablet d) stable
  91. ELA

    how would you use the word generate in a sentence? i'm confused on how to put it in a sentence. I know that generate means cause (something, esp. an emotion or situation) to arise or come about.
  92. english

    I am looking for all VERBS both "Action" and "Be" verbs identified in the sentence. In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. There is one verb in that sentence. Which word do you think it is? ??
  93. English

    Can you put this sentence into completely every word in present tense and still make this sentence make sense. Humans are never satisfied
  94. Words

    I had a conversation with the boss of a building firm who were working at our property. I was complaining of shoddy workmanship etc and he said he would have a word with them although he said he would have to careful as they are ??????? and are likely to
  95. Sports

    Researching events that occured in the world of sports on August 22, 1988 locally, statewide, nationwide, worldwide, in high school sports, college sports, professional sports, and olympics.
  96. English

    What, if anything,is wrong with the following sentence? a. Properly constructed sentence. b. Comma splice c. Lacks parallel parts d. Unclear pronoun Please type the sentence. Also, indicate what you think is wrong with the sentence.
  97. English

    In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. "You" really should apologize to her. B. I would like you to listen to "me". C. I gave "her" a gift for her birthday. D. We returned "our" books to the library. Note: the
  98. english

    7. In which of the following sentences is the underlined word an object pronoun? A. I would like you to listen to me. B. You really should apologize to her. C. We returned our books to the library. D. I gave her a gift for her birthday. i think the answer
  99. religion

    am i understanding this word correctly. Its under the Hindu RELGION FOR THE TERM: Guru: what i understood a guru is like a teacher or a spiritual guide that teaches others to follow them as becoming the guide just like a teacher for others. What means
  100. Language Arts

    Which answer choice lists ALL of the common nouns in the following sentence? A few days before the race, Shauna met the girls on the street. days, race, Squeaky days, race, street days, race, Squeaky, girls days, race, girls, street ***?? In which sentence