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  1. Physics - Urgent

    Which characteristic of matter does the Standard Model not deal with? (hint: it does deal with charge, for example)
  2. Urgent Math

    Integrate it in step by step applying integration by partial fraction. ∫(x^3)/(x^2+1)dx
  3. Prime Factorization - Urgent Please

    Use the prime factorizations of 24 and 28 to find their least common multiple. My answer is 2. Is that correct?
  4. math need help urgent

    find the domain f(x)=x/x-8,g(x)=-7/x solve the following exponential equation equation exact answers only 3e x-1 = 2+e^x-1
  5. Precalculus(URGENT)

    g(x)=1-5x if the domain of the function of g is {x-3 is less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to 2} what is the smallest value of the range show work please
  6. biology

    Small molecules are combined to form large molecules by the life function of... please help!! URGENT!
  7. Math (URGENT)

    How to graph this: Step 0: y=x(x-4) Step 1: y=x^2-4x What's next? Calculator shows vertex at (2,-4) I asked before, but I'm still stuck. Please help. thanks.
  8. Algebra 2 URGENT

    How much water must be evaporated from a 300 L tank of 2% salt solution to obtain a 5% solution?
  9. fractions URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is 2/3 the smallest out of 1/3? Are you asking if 2/3 is smaller than 1/3? If that's your question, the answer is no. If that's not your question, please rephrase so teachers will understand. Thanks. =)
  10. CALCULUS-URGENT- no one will respond!!!

    find the radius and interval of convergence for the series the series from n=0 to infinity of ((-1)^n*x^n)/(n+1)
  11. french

    i want to learn this language. Please write some french sentences and also translate them into english. Please earlier, its very urgent.
  12. z scores URGENT

    The whole class averaged 12 on their assignments with astandard deviation of 3. If Jade averaged 6, then her z- score was
  13. Biology - very urgent

    Is respiratory control more sensitive to small changes in arterial PO2 or in arterial PCO2?
  14. urgent (physics)

    A certain planet is located 3.54 x 10^11 m from its sun. If its orbital period is 4.9 x 10^7 s, find the mass of its sun.

    Which of the following functions have a derivative at x=0? I. y= absolute value(x^3-3x^2) II y= square root(x^2+.01)- absolute value (x-1) III y= e^x/cosx
  16. Physics - urgent help needed

    Explain using an example how to charge an object positively using only a negatively charged object.
  17. Urgent math

    If f(x, y, z)=sin(3x-yz), where x=e^(t-1), y=t^3, z=t-2, what's df/dt(1)? x(1)=1 y(1)=1 z(1)=-1 df/dt=(3cos(3x-yz))(e^(t-1))+(cos(3x-z))(3t^2)+(cos(3x-y))(1) I seriously need help on this and tell me the answer and show your work through steps. Thanks.
  18. Physics URGENT!!!

    two charges attract each other with a force of 2.5 N. What will be the force if the distance between them is reduced to one-ninth its orginal value?
  19. MATH - URGENT!!!

    There are 5 boys and 4 girls in my class. In how many ways can they be seated in a row of 9 chairs such that at least 3 girls are all next to each other?
  20. math need help urgent

    find the domain f(x)=x/x-8,g(x)=-7/x solve the following exponential equation equation exact answers only 3e x-1 = 2+e^x-1
  21. programming urgent

    so i have two arrays . I need to figure outh how to multiply each value of the first array by each value in the second array. how doy ou do thtisT? thanks
  22. history

    I need urgent help finding good history websites for information on government during the turn of the century

    The prime factorization of 243 is 3*3*3*3*3. Write 243 as the product of two powers of 3 in as many ways as possible. Thank you
  24. Chemistry - Electroplating - URGENT

    "To save on production costs, most automobile bumpers are never coated with more than 200 g of chromium. Determine how much time a standard bumper should be immersed in a chromium vat." This is what I have so far- 96,485 coulombs are required to plate 1
  25. chemistry URGENT...30 min left

    Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons of various chain lengths, ranging from 5-carbon chains to 10-carbon chains. One of the hydrocarbons we often hear about is the 8-carbon chain, octane. Octane combusts with oxygen as given by the balanced equation:
  26. Chemistry (URGENT)

    In order to analyze the waste water containing Co^2+ from a manufacturing process, 1.0L of water was evaporated to 10.0mL, then placed in a spectrophotometer tube. The absorbance was found to be 0.20. Using your calibration curve, calculate the number of
  27. English

    Urgent. Please remove thread asap. English Sam, Monday, October 21, 2013 at 5:50pm Thank you
  28. Re:Social Studies Urgent

    socialist government: who is eligible to vote i've been searching this forever well most of all the socialist question need help on. please help and thank you
  29. math **urgent**

    using 100 ft of fence material and building a regular octagon garden, what is the area of the garden?
  30. math urgent

    let V=R^3 and S={u1,u2,u3}=[1;2;0],[1;0;0],[1;0;1] These are three vectors 1 by 3 use gschmidt to obtain an orthogonal basis and then find the coordinates of x=[1;2;3] relative to this basis.
  31. Calculus (Urgent!!)

    Hello everyone, I need help with the following problems. Find the partial derivative of the following: 1) f(X1, X2) = X1^1/2*X2^3/4 2) f(x1,x2,x3) = ln(x1)x2 + 3x3 3) f(x,y) = 3x + 4y 4) f(x,y) = x^1/2 +x/y + y/x Find the maximum of the following function:
  32. maths -urgent

    The sum of two opposite angles of a parallelogram is 150 degree .find the measure of each of its angles.
  33. History Help: Urgent Please

    What personality traits did the coureurs de bois exhibit that were similar to traits of later French immigrants?
  34. Art

    PLEASE HELP! URGENT! I need to find an example of where buddhist art can be found today like an example of it.. a statue, temple, etc. I need one so i can write about it. Thank you soo much!
  35. Linear Algebra - urgent!

    A is a diagonalizable matrix. It has the characteristic polynomial det(lambda*I-A)=(lambda-c)^n. Prove that A=cI.
  36. Urgent!

    A hospital nursery has 3 boys and some girls. A child was selected at random what is the probability that the child is a boy?

    need urgent help with an epigram for a biography about the Wright Brothers- an epigram is like a quote or saying that is at the start of a piece of text.
  38. Physics Urgent!!!!!!

    We consider an ideal gas of molar mass M = 16 g/mol at +10oC. What is the pressure of the gas if its density is 1.16 kg/m3 ?
  39. math URGENT!!

    a rectangular box measures 4 by 5 by 2 meters. what is the length of the longest pole that can fit into the box?

    Write the calculator key sequence you would use to evaluate each expression. Then evaluate. A.) (1-3)^4/4 B.) (-2)^0+4*17^0 C.) 16-9 (2^3)+(-4)^2 Thank you and I pleeeeese explain how to do this
  41. Math Question

    A bread recipe calls for 1/3 cup of butter. You want to make 1/2 of a batch. How much butter do you need? A 1/6 B)2/3 C)1/3 d) 1 1/2 Please help Its urgent!! Thanks!
  42. math URGENT

    Find all values of x such that sin 2x = sin x and 0 x 2π. (List the answers in increasing order.) x= x= x= x= x=
  43. Solving trig functions! urgent please help!

    1.2sinxtanx + tanx-2sinx-1=0 2.6tan^2x-4sin^2x=1 Both functions is for 0<x<2pi thank you!
  44. Ecology*Urgent*

    Why is Biochar an efficient way to store carbon? *Biochar is basically rich soil with charcoal*

    Only one of the following reactions occurs. HCl + F HF + Cl For the one that does occur which side is favoured? Explain WHY the other reaction will not occur.
  46. Math urgent homework

    A book is advertised at $500 with an inclusive 5% GST. What is the original price of the book?
  47. Pre-Cal(urgent)

    Find u X v, where Q is the angle between u and v. magnitude of u =4 magnitude of v=10 Q=2pi/3 The Q is the part that is throwing me off. I do not know where to start.

    If a cube with edges of 1.000 cm weighs 25.68 g, what would the mass of a cube of the same material with sides 2.63 cm in length be?
  49. URGENT math rate of change

    What is the horizontal change between the points (-2, 5) and (4, 10)?
  50. Math(Urgent!!!)

    sin x / 1-cosx is equivalent to: sin x / 1 + cos x Is this right?
  51. 7/8 Math URGENT!!! PLZ HELP!! ANYONE????

    The $42 shirt came to $45.87 after tax. What is the tax rate? (%)
  52. French Cuisine (urgent)

    What was food like before and after the French Revoltuion. And why did it change? can someone help me please? thank you.

    In the expression -7x-3x^2+5 what is the coefficient of x? i don't understand what does coefficient is can you help?
  54. Urgent Math Help

    Solve for x: 1.) ln√x-8=5 2.) log2x+log2(x+2)=log2(x+6)
  55. Math! URGENT

    -9-6(w+5) Simplify this expression A. -15w+5 B. -15w+30 C. -6w-39 D. -6w+21 Is the answer C?
  56. Math

    x is to 6 as 0.8 is to 1.5 How do I write a proportion with that? (proportion such as eg. 14/105=x/315) is it x/6=0.8/1.5 or is it x/0.8=6/1.5 Urgent!!
  57. Urgent physics help

    Can you add a displacement vector and a velocity vector?
  58. Algebra; URGENT

    How can you tell the difference between a vertical strecth and a vertical shrink?
  59. Math- URGENT

    find the value of x or y so that the line through the points has the given slope. (12,y) and (15,-8); slope: 2/3
  60. world history

    Three grandsons of the Emperor Charlemagne Became ruler of territories that would include all of the following modern day states except A England B Italy C Germany D France please help im in urgent need f an answer
  61. 12 Biology! URGENT!

    How is photosynthesis affected if photosystem I is not functional? No website, or text book seems to be providing me with a proper explanation; I seem to be missing the concepts of the photosystems :(. Thanks to whomever helps me!
  62. plz help..its urgent

    What art period was Vincent Van Gogh part of? According to this article, VanGogh was a post impressionist.
  63. Urgent Math

    Suppose the area under y = -x^2+1 between x = 0 and x = 1 is rotated around the x-axis. Find the volume by using Disk method and shell method.
  64. urgent maths

    91 5-digit number are written on the board, how do u PROVE that there are 3 numbers on the board that the sum of the digits are equal?
  65. Math 111 URGENT

    Find the vertical asymptotes of the following function: f(x)={x-3}/{(x-3)(x^2-4)}. The equation(s) of the vertical asymptote(s) of f is/are___ & ____
  66. Math-SPSS

    hello! i need some help urgent! does anyone know how to work with SPSS? we need to calcualte the frequency of the most and least used language learning strategies in correlation with grade.any help?
  67. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    Use the Midpoint Rule with the given value of n to approximate the integral. Round the answer to four decimal places. integral from o to pi/2 (2cos^3(x))dx , n = 4 M4 = ?????? Thanks!!!
  68. ***Latin Urgent***

    As I'm studying these prepositions to be used in the ablative case, I had a question. How do you know when to use a (with a macron) verus ab? What about e (with a macron) versus ex? Thanks for your explantion!
  69. Biology (urgent)

    Sexual reproduction in trees. How does pollen transport in trees differ from flowers. Please help me!!! I can't find an answer for this. thank you very much.

    By making the substitution u=7^x and using part a, derive a hidden quadratic equation 7^(2x-1) +4×7^(x-1) -1/14 =0 and hence find all of the solutions to the above equation.

    Appreciate if you could help me answering the following questions! thank you!! How would you prepare a 20% homogenate from a 2.0g of liver using 0.25M sucrose? why is it necessary to cool the homogenate during homogenization?
  72. Maths (URGENT)

    FIND THE POSITION AND NATURE OF THE STATIONARY POINT ON THE CURVE Y = 3x^5 - 10x^3 +15x Can you find dy/dx and can you simplify it please.
  73. Mechanics....Urgent!!

    Find the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant of two forces, one being horizontal pull of 18 N and the other a pull of 23 N at 50 degrees to the 12 N force.
  74. Another Algebra (urgent!)

    Find A if the graph of the equation Ax + 3y = 5 is parallel to the graph of 5x - 2y = 4 I tried to solve the problem, but I couldn't really get a good answer. Thanks!
  75. 12 Biology! URGENT!

    Can anyone please explain how LH affects estrogen and progesterone? I tried searching the internet and I don't understand, so can someone EXPLAIN it to me in words? THANKS!! THANKS!
  76. linear algebra urgent

    Use the Gram-Schmidt process to transform the basis 1 1 1 , 0 1 1 , 2 4 3 for the Euclidean space R3 into an orthonormal basis for R3.

    you put 5,000 in an account that is compounded quarterly. the annual interest rate ,r, is 4%. how much will be in the account after 10 years?
  78. Calculus - urgent

    Find the dimensions of the largest cylinder that can be inscribed in a cone of fixed height H and fixed radius R
  79. math

    A newspaper vendor sells newspapers at a commission of 6%. He earns rs 75 per day. what is the cost of newspapers? /////////***vvvv.urgent****////////
  80. math

    A newspaper vendor sells newspapers at a commission of 6%. He earns rs 75 per day. what is the cost of newspapers? /////////***vvvv.urgent****////////
  81. Math

    This isn't very urgent but can you please break this down to me step by step? I really don't understand. I get that I'm supposed to use the order of operations but I still get lost. 2[4(9-7)+1]/3

    If you were a muckraker, would you want to expose, uncover, or examine the issue? Do you feel that issue still exists today, perhaps in a different form?
  83. urgent pls education

    Assuming in your class,you have noticed that a particular child who is an adolescent has suddenly become withdrawn,discuss how you are going to help such a child???
  84. Chemistry URGENT

    I am not good with math problems. I need help with these two problems. I'm not sure what equations to use. please help. A student heated a hydrated salt sample with an initial mass of 4.9702 g. After the first heating, the mass had decreased to 3.0662g. 1.
  85. Chemistry URGENT

    Could someone let me know if I have balanced these equations correctly. balanced equation of the reaction of iron and oxygen to produce iron(ii)oxide. 2Fe + O2 = 2FeO Also if the balanced equation of the reaction of iron and oxygen to produce
  86. help needed ....urgent

    Around the time of the Roman Empire the terms inch, foot and yard were refined. What was the length of a foot based on?
  87. Very Urgent Help Here (Math)

    Area under y = -x^2 + 1 between x = 0 and x = 1 is rotated around x-axis. Find the volume by shell method. (Please solve it using step by step solution).
  88. physics(URGENT!!!!!)

    EDXers!!! Plz help with MITx 8.01x I don't know how to solve HW8 Problem 3 Question c) Can anybody help me???? Explain Plz
  89. chem

    I have a really urgent question. I am wondering wheter or not esters are polar and what types of intermolular forces they have. can anybody answer this question nvm
  90. algebra URGENT HELP

    analyze the graph of the following function solve R(x)=x(x-16)^2 /(x+11) solve the following inequality write solution in interval notation x+14/x-8 less than or equal to 1
  91. math - very urgent !

    Verify that f(x) = x^3 − 2x + 6 satisfies the hypothesis of the Mean-Value Theorem over the interval [-2, 3] and find all values of C that satisfy the conclusion of the theorem.
  92. stats - URGENT!!!!

    the following sample observations were randomly selected: x: 2,5,6,8,9,11,15 y: 22,23,16,18,19,13,12 a)calculate the correlation coefficient, r b) determine the regression equation c) determine the value of Y when X=20
  93. Math(Urgent)

    Find the exact values of the vertical asymptotes for o is less than or equal to Q is less than or equal to pi for the function y= cot(3Q) I need to show my work for this one but I do not know how to do this.
  94. Math (URGENT)

    Expand and simplify. 12-2(3y-2)(3y+2)-(2y+5)(2y+5) Textbook Answer: -22y^2-20y-5 I don't know how to get that. Can someone show me the step by step process? thank you very much.
  95. Math

    3. The rectangle has an area of 1 square unit. What is the value of x? The length of the rectangle is (3)/(x+2) The width is (2)/(x-3) I can't seem to figure this out, could some please help me? I'm in urgent need of help as this assignment is due
  96. stats - URGENT!!!!

    the following sample observations were randomly selected: x: 2,5,6,8,9,11,15 y: 22,23,16,18,19,13,12 a)calculate the correlation coefficient, r b) determine the regression equation c) determine the value of Y when X=20
  97. stats - URGENT!!!!

    the following sample observations were randomly selected: x: 2,5,6,8,9,11,15 y: 22,23,16,18,19,13,12 a)calculate the correlation coefficient, r b) determine the regression equation c) determine the value of Y when X=20
  98. math VERY URGENT

    Mrs. Black has one begonia plant. If she buys two begonia plants each year for every one she has, how many will she have in four years? Please explain the answer.
  99. math

    pls,this is very urgent.can anyone solve this within 10 mins.. 0.000143 over 1940000 equals k*10powern,where 1 greaterthan equals to k greater10 and n are whole number.The value of k and n are......
  100. Calculators- memory?

    For the TI-84 plus edition calculators do the programs you created and notes you put on there get deleted once you change the batteries? this is a very urgent question. thank you.