chemistry! URGENT

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  1. Chemistry..please help!

    Write the equation of lime n balance it!
  2. Chemistry

    How many moles are in 2.3 grams of oxygen gas.
  3. chemistry

    what's the lewis dot diagram for methanol?
  4. chemistry

    How much energy is absorbed to change 7.25 g of ice at -3 C to 25.5C?
  5. Chemistry

    Find the Density of xenon of STP
  6. Chemistry

    How do I convert the following quantity to moles? 44.0g of H2O
  7. chemistry

    how does the temperature affect the density of an object?
  8. Chemistry

    What's the molar mass of AuCl3 x 2H20?
  9. chemistry

    What would happen if NaOH was added to CuSO4
  10. chemistry

    What reaction would you get if you added sodium to water ?
  11. chemistry

    What is the net charge on Phe-Asp at each pH? a. pH 1 b. pH 7 c. pH 14
  12. Chemistry!!

    Calculate the pH of 10.00 mL of 0.40 mol/L of hydrochloric acid.
  13. Chemistry

    what is the pH of 0.80 M NaCN? What is the concentration of HCN in the solution?

    find kb or ka value for ZnCl2 show work! Thanks!
  15. Chemistry

    What is the total number of orbitals having n = 5 and ℓ = 3? A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 9 E. 10
  16. chemistry

    how would you prepare 300 ml of a 10% CaCl2 solution (w/w)?
  17. chemistry

    why is it necessary to make up to the 250 ml mark while during dilution?
  18. chemistry

    when we make CH3MgCl,we have to calculate its!
  19. chemistry

    what is the mass of an empty 75 mm test tube?
  20. chemistry

    What is 1.384 kg multiplied by 5.4 square meters?
  21. Chemistry

    Why can some borax also dissolve at room temperature?
  22. Chemistry

    Do either maleic or fumaric acids have dipolemoment?
  23. chemistry

    why are there only certain colours in an atomic emission spectra?
  24. chemistry

    what mass of water can be obtained from 4.0g of H2 and 16g of O2?
  25. Chemistry

    What is the specific gravity of alcohol having a density of .79 g/mL?
  26. chemistry

    which is the more active metal Co+Cr(NO3) reaction
  27. Chemistry

    Name the element that has a density of 4.700 g/mL at STP
  28. chemistry

    how many atoms are in 0.320 moles of aluminum?
  29. Chemistry

    What is the formula mass for (NH4)3PO4
  30. Chemistry

    is H2S2O7 or H2SO4 a stronger acid?
  31. chemistry

    What is the rate of reaction when N2O5 equal 2.60×10^-2?
  32. chemistry

    what is the osmolarity of 0.35M KBr? how to set it up.
  33. Chemistry

    What is the percent zinc in Zn(NO)3 2xZn/189.41]=34.52% am I right
  34. chemistry

    how many moles of N2 (g) re present in 1.00 of N2 (g) at 100 c and 1 atm?
  35. Chemistry

    Why organic compound are volatile in nature
  36. Chemistry

    how do you find PH of 0.010 M HNO3 solution?
  37. Chemistry

    what are the relative strengths of the different intermolecular forces?
  38. Chemistry

    What is the percentage of potassium chloride to oxygen?
  39. Chemistry

    How do “chemical” salts form? Thank you in advance.
  40. Chemistry

    Which gas diffuses most rapidly at STP? Ar, Kr, N2, or O2? Why?
  41. Chemistry

    the number of moles in 6.2g of sodium oxide

  43. chemistry 1

    A ^H corresponds to an process is it negative, endothermic
  44. chemistry

    which of the following is not a driving force for a chemical reaction?
  45. Chemistry

    I would i calculate the E.F of nitrogen 21% hydrogen 7.48% chlorine 66.35%
  46. chemistry

    what chemical is produced by habers process
  47. Chemistry

    how do you finish the equation for Al(NO3)3 + KOH
  48. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of Mg needed to produce ~40 mL of H2. how do I do this?
  49. chemistry

    How does the spin of an electron affect its energy?
  50. Chemistry

    Which of the following ions is paramagnetic in the ground state: Na+ Zn+2 Ti+2 Sr+2
  51. chemistry

    what is the major product of dehydration of an acohol?
  52. chemistry

    which is more stable: methyl cyclopropane or cyclobutane and why?
  53. Chemistry

    what pH values can be assigned to acids and bases respectively?
  54. Chemistry

    How does the process of chromium electroplating work?
  55. chemistry

    How many kilocalories are required to produce 12.7g of aluminum?
  56. Chemistry

    What is the pOH of the solution in the question I asked before this one?
  57. Chemistry

    Convert 10.3 g x cm3/second2 to kg x m3/hour2
  58. chemistry

    What mass of CO2 can be absorbed by 36 g of LiOH?
  59. Science, Chemistry

    What is the volume of 75.65 grams of zinc
  60. chemistry

    explain why hexane is a non polar molecule? thanks
  61. Chemistry

    Which halogen has the lowest electron affinity?
  62. chemistry

    in balancing I3- --- I- + IO3- wat is reduced to what
  63. chemistry

    In the compound BACO3, what is the strongest IMF?
  64. Chemistry

    How does the molecular wight of the gas affect the k-value?
  65. chemistry

    in balancing I3- --- I- + IO3- wat is reduced to what
  66. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of 5.35 mol of iodine
  67. Chemistry

    What is the Lewis structure of the Pb2+ion?
  68. chemistry

    What is the hybridization of trioxo nitrate v ions ?
  69. chemistry

    calculation of molarity for RMgX after repair it.
  70. Chemistry

    How does the process of chromium electroplating work?
  71. chemistry

    does a low dipole indicate a strong acid
  72. Chemistry

    Complete the reaction- 2F2(g)+2H2O(l)=?
  73. chemistry

    is calcium carbonate a base? (whats its ph?)
  74. Chemistry

    What mass of CO2 could be absorbed by 1.34 g of CaO?
  75. chemistry

    What is the property of Potassium aluminium fluoride ? What are it's uses ?
  76. college chemistry

    What si the pH of a solution of 10^-8 M HCl in H2O?
  77. chemistry

    a magnesium (Mg) atom with a mass number of 25 contains ?
  78. Chemistry

    How do atoms bond to form molecules?
  79. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of 1.60 in milliliters that contains 6.00 of solute.
  80. chemistry

    How many grams of Na2CO3 are required to Na2S2O3
  81. chemistry

    what is the molecular structure around oxygen in water?
  82. chemistry

    calculate the delta G rxn O2(g)+2 H2o(l)+2 Cu(s)--> 4 OH-(aq)+2 Cu^2+(aq)
  83. Chemistry

    Why is the carbonate solution boiled before titrating?
  84. Chemistry

    Provide the units for each of the terms of q=mCp^T Thanks!
  85. Chemistry

    what is the PH of a solution of .1 M NAN3 that disassociates into HN3
  86. chemistry

    How do I give a name for the following? K2CO3 Fe2O3 PbCrO4
  87. Chemistry

    how many atoms of oxygen are present in 30 g of glucose
  88. Chemistry 2 Ap

    Thats CaCo3 is equal to 1.838 grams. **sorry!
  89. organic chemistry

    is it anything other to form isopentyl propionate
  90. Chemistry

    What is the density of NH3 at 800torr and 25 Celsius?
  91. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution of 0.1 M silver hydroxide, which is only 10% ionized?
  92. Chemistry

    Calculate the pOH of a 0.410 M Ba(OH) solution.
  93. chemistry

    How many grams of Na2CO3 are required to Na2S2O3
  94. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of H+ in a solution containing 73.0 g of HCl in 0.5 L of water?
  95. Chemistry

    If an element has 12 protons and 17 neutrons, how many electrons must it have?
  96. Chemistry

    How many moles of N2 can be in a balloon with a volume of 6.00 L at STP?
  97. Chemistry

    Is Methyl Propyl Ether CH3OCH2CH2CH3?
  98. chemistry

    If 30.0 mL of 4.8 10-2 M HBr is added to 21.5 mL of 3.6 10-2 M NaOH, what is the pH of the solution?
  99. chemistry

    write the products of these combination reactions: K + O2 ---> Ca + S ---> F2 + Al --->
  100. Chemistry

    Which group of elements is most likely to not form ions?