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  1. chemistry

    What happens to p- toluidine at 225 degres?
  2. Chemistry

    Why are some substances not able to dissolve in water?
  3. chemistry

    Which conducts better, BeCl MgCl2
  4. Chemistry

    What is the heat of fusion of water?
  5. chemistry

    how to prepare 0.216M of 37%benzaldehyde
  6. Chemistry

    What is the value of [h3o] in a solution where [oh]=4.20x10^-6
  7. chemistry

    how to make 400 ml of 5% w/w h2so4
  8. Chemistry

    What is Daltons atomic model look like?
  9. chemistry

    convert 0.75 kilograms to milligrams
  10. chemistry

    what is produced when methane is burned ?
  11. Chemistry

    What Holds the metals together in a solid?
  12. chemistry

    What happens when you mix an acid and a base?
  13. chemistry

    What is the oxidation number of Ga in Ga(NO2)3? is it O?
  14. chemistry

    Prove : Gr degree = 383 kj
  15. chemistry

    when will a displacement reaction not occur?
  16. chemistry

    Three oxyacids of phosphorus nd its structure
  17. chemistry

    1.4602 cm x 2.488 cm x 10.399 cm =??
  18. chemistry

    How to equation 7.9 = 7.21+log((0.105 -4.2x)/4.2x) ? What is the value of x?
  19. Chemistry

    Hydrocinnamoyl chloride + AlCl3 --> ??
  20. Chemistry help

  21. chemistry

    what is the geometry around the carbon in dichloromethane?
  22. Chemistry

    How many molecules are there in 6.8 grams of CO2
  23. Chemistry

    Which reaction below represents the second ionization of Lr?
  24. chemistry

  25. Chemistry

    Which is the anode and which is the cathode when doing the electrochemistry: Zn or I2/I- Cu or I2/I- Fe or I2/I- Ni or I2/I-
  26. chemistry

    Given that PVnR=T, solve for n if P = 36.0, V = 8.6, R = 0.08, and T = 200
  27. Chemistry

    can u calculate the number of moles 0.5g of H?
  28. chemistry

    What are the total grams of iron
  29. chemistry - chromatography

    Hello, can you tell me why different colors have different rf values
  30. Chemistry

    (x)/(.00125-x)(.00000025-x)=Kc How do I solve for x or Kc?
  31. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of each of the following? 44.3 mol Xe
  32. Chemistry 105

    How many mL of O2 will form from 55.2g KClO3?
  33. chemistry

    how to find percent yield
  34. chemistry

    Which is more ionic LiF or NaF and why
  35. chemistry

    what are characteristics of ionic compounds?

  37. chemistry

    draw amino acid.
  38. chemistry

    explain the fire symbol
  39. Chemistry

    why is MgCI salt likely to not exist?
  40. Chemistry

    How Many Molecules are contained in 0.25 moles of Fe?
  41. Chemistry

    How many kilograms of chlorine are in 26 kg of C2F3CL3?
  42. Chemistry

    How many kilograms of chlorine are in 26 kg of C2F3CL3?
  43. chemistry

    what happens when oil goes in the ocean. and what are the different effects
  44. Chemistry

    what precipitate (if any) will form? Al(NO3)3 (aq) + Ba(OH)2 (aq)
  45. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.20 M HF solution that is 5.8% ionized at 25 Celsius ? A.4.45 b.0.70 C.1.93 D.1.23 E.1.40
  46. chemistry

    Suppose 5 ∫ f(x)dx=6 ∫ 2 3 ∫ f(x)dx=1 ∫ 2 5 ∫ f(x)dx=4 ∫ 4 4 ∫ (6f(x)−1)dx= ? ∫ 3 help, please? I got the answer of 5, but it says its wrong
  47. Chemistry

    What is saponification (soap making) ?
  48. chemistry

    What is the Na+ concentration of 2.85 M sodium sulfate?
  49. chemistry

    V1= 38.8 n1= 1.60*10^-3 V2= 49.9 n2= ? How do we solve for n2 using avogadro's law?
  50. Chemistry

    What element is in the second period in Group 4A?
  51. chemistry 111

    How many moles are in 6.35 g of NaOH

    how many elements in (NH4)2SO4
  53. Chemistry

    How many atoms of C are contained in 45.6g of C6H6?
  54. Chemistry

    What happens to particles in thermal expansion?
  55. chemistry

    How do you figure out the molecular weight?
  56. chemistry

    Which of the isotopes of hydrogen is radioactive
  57. chemistry

    is it possible to fine moles when you are only given the volume ?
  58. Chemistry

    What happens to the pH of an acidic solution when it is heated
  59. chemistry need it proofread..

    and we had to round this was the question
  60. Chemistry

    How many grams of are required to react with 29.0?
  61. chemistry

    how do you find how many hydrogens there would be in 2,5,6 trimethylnonane?
  62. chemistry

    how many hydrogens would there be in 2,5,6 trimethylnonane and how do you find them
  63. Chemistry

    what is the lewis structure for CH3?
  64. Chemistry

    How many mole of fe2o3 will be formed?
  65. chemistry

    What is the hydroxide concentration if the hydronium is .03 M?
  66. Chemistry

    What is electron configuration of Bi5+?
  67. chemistry

    What is the pH of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 0.5N
  68. chemistry

    industrial use of sodium carbonate
  69. chemistry

    Why isn't sucrose an electrolyte
  70. chemistry

    the weight and charge of and electron is respectively o and -1 1 and 0 1 and -1 0 and +1
  71. chemistry

    how to find mass percentage
  72. Chemistry

    what would the product be of HNO3 is heated
  73. chemistry

    Hi everyone, Why are metals more reactive in acids? Thanks
  74. chemistry

    What is the hamiltonian for a Lithium atom?
  75. Chemistry

    How many moles are there in a 4.3 mole of tungsten?
  76. Chemistry

    Why is radius of Fe2+ less than that of Mn2+ ?
  77. chemistry

    how many significant figures in 200600
  78. chemistry

    difference between cations and anions
  79. Chemistry

    1.25 x10^-5g/ 0.75 moles = Not sure what the ^ stands for
  80. Chemistry

    pressure of Ne in sealed container
  81. Chemistry

    How many valance electrons are there in [(C2H5)4N]+ ?
  82. Chemistry

    How many protons, nuetrons, and electrons are in 18 2- O 8
  83. Chemistry

    What is saponification (soap making) ?
  84. Chemistry

    What does it mean when we say that KHC8H4O4 is not hygroscopic ? thank for helping~
  85. chemistry

    lewis structure of HOCH2S-
  86. chemistry

    what is the anion and cation of Na2CrO4
  87. chemistry

    what is the anion and cation of Na2CrO4
  88. Chemistry

    What is the boiling point of heaxane?
  89. Chemistry

    How many moles are there in a 4.3 mole of tungsten?
  90. Organic chemistry

    Nitrobenzene + KOH >>>>> ???
  91. Chemistry

    Is DrBob222 available tonight? Please let me know, I need some chem help.
  92. chemistry

    how many moles of platinum are equivalent to 1.20 x 10^24
  93. chemistry

    what is the formula for magnesium with Nitrogen
  94. Chemistry

    What happens to the beta particle when stopped
  95. chemistry

    pH of HF 5.3*10^-2 M Since HF is a weak acid, I'm not sure which formula to use.
  96. Chemistry

    Why can Copper have both a +1 and +2 oxidation state?
  97. chemistry

    how many grams are in 5.2*10^15 atoms of nickel
  98. chemistry

    what does the spectrum of hydrogen tell us about its electrons?
  99. chemistry

    What is the pH of 14g of Ca(OH)2 dissolved to 350ml
  100. Chemistry

    What is the hybridization of both carbons in: C=CH2 ?