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  1. chemistry

    How many moles of S are there 350 g of H2SO4?
  2. Chemistry

    Why do atoms display spectra?
  3. chemistry

    the # of electrons in an atom of Iron-56 is
  4. chemistry

    why do you use Na2Co3 extract of anions
  5. Chemistry

    What do you think cause H2O2 to decompose rapidly
  6. chemistry

    If the ground state is 4S^2 , what is the name of the element
  7. chemistry

    How would you find moles of aluminum used?
  8. Chemistry

    hOW can I convert 75.0 cmHg to atm? thanks
  9. chemistry

    the weight and charge of and electron is respectively o and -1 1 and 0 1 and -1 0 and +1
  10. Chemistry

    Is 50.0 mL of 1.0 M HF and 25.0 mL of 1.0 M NaOH a buffer with an approximate pH of 3? I say yes. Right?
  11. chemistry

    the # of protons in an atom of sodium-23 is
  12. Chemistry

    why is barium more reactive than magnesium?
  13. chemistry

    give electron configuration for a> Na b) Na+ c) O d)O ^2-
  14. chemistry

    define a chemical bond
  15. Chemistry

    What is the uncertainty (+/- ?) of molar concentration (M)?
  16. chemistry

    does a solution have to involve a liquid?
  17. chemistry

    how to make 400 ml of 5% w/w h2so4
  18. Chemistry

    How can i find the abundance of an isotope?
  19. chemistry

    sulphur+iron filings
  20. Organic chemistry

    Nitrobenzene + KOH >>>>> ???
  21. Chemistry

    How do you figure out hydrate formulas?
  22. chemistry

    how do i change 2866.0 J to kJ/mol? can someone please help me?
  23. chemistry

    Balance point of HCL
  24. Chemistry

    What is uncertainty and how can I calculate it ? For example, 0.001 +/- ?
  25. Chemistry

    pressure of Ne in sealed container
  26. Chemistry

    Which reaction below represents the second ionization of Lr?
  27. chemistry

    ? [H3O+] in 0.15 M C2H2H8 and 0.35 M C2H2H9Cl
  28. chemistry

    you have 333 ml of alkaline solution at pH=11.1
  29. chemistry

    How many valence electrons are there in BrF3?
  30. Chemistry

    What is the value of [h3o] in a solution where [oh]=4.20x10^-6
  31. Chemistry

    Is xylose a pentose or a hexose?
  32. chemistry

    two ways to measure matter?
  33. chemistry

    why is platinum more expensive than gold??
  34. chemistry

    How many moles of chloroethylene contain 5.47×10^26 molecules?
  35. Chemistry

    What happens to the temperature of a gas when it is compressed?

    Grams/mole benzene
  37. chemistry

    What is the equilibrium constant for the following reaction? 3A + 2B <---> 2C
  38. chemistry

    what is the general formula for a hydrate?
  39. Chemistry

    At 40 c,the value of Kw is 2.92 10-14.calculate the [H+] and [OH-] of pure water at 40 c.
  40. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.36% by mass HCl?(density=1.0 g/mL)
  41. chemistry

    describe global warming
  42. Chemistry

    Balance KCLO3 ---> KCl + O2
  43. Chemistry

    Is the formula for benzene : C6H6 ?

  45. Chemistry

    concentration of hydrogen ion is 3.8*10^-3M.what is its pH?
  46. Chemistry

    What is saponification (soap making) ?
  47. chemistry

    Prove : Gr degree = 383 kj
  48. Chemistry

    Is esterification a condensation reaction?
  49. Chemistry

    Is esterification a condensation reaction?
  50. chemistry

    Calculate the percentages of C,H,and O in C24H44O22.
  51. Chemistry

    How many moles are in 51 g of (NH4)2SO4
  52. chemistry

    Volume of 0.185 mol . L-1 and 0.74 M
  53. Chemistry

    which of the following has the largest radius A. CI- B. S2- C. K+ D. Ar E. Ca2+
  54. chemistry

    Suppose 5 ∫ f(x)dx=6 ∫ 2 3 ∫ f(x)dx=1 ∫ 2 5 ∫ f(x)dx=4 ∫ 4 4 ∫ (6f(x)−1)dx= ? ∫ 3 help, please? I got the answer of 5, but it says its wrong
  55. Chemistry

    Will ph value of water be same at temp 25°C & 4°C? Justify it.
  56. chemistry

    how many grams are in 2.4 moles of sulfur?
  57. Chemistry

    How do you find molar mass?
  58. chemistry

    Give the ph value to get anatase tio2
  59. Chemistry

    Will ph value of water be same at temp 25°C & 4°C? Justify it.
  60. chemistry

  61. DrBob222

    I really need help on these chemistry problems. Can you please help me work them. Please?
  62. Chemistry

    How many isomers does bromoethane (C2H5Br)??
  63. Chemistry

    calculate the kb of ammonia if the ph of .5M solution is 11.48
  64. Chemistry

    calculate the kb of ammonia if the ph of .5M solution is 11.48
  65. chemistry

    You have 10.0 g each of Na, C, Pb, Cu and Ne. Which contains the smallest number of moles?
  66. chemistry

    how many CO molecules do you need to react with water
  67. chemistry

    what is the anion and cation of Na2CrO4
  68. chemistry

    what is average kinetic energy?
  69. chemistry

    what is the anion and cation of Na2CrO4
  70. Chemistry

    Balance the equation: Br2 +KI=
  71. Chemistry

    how do you balance equations to get the formula?
  72. Chemistry

    Will ph value of water be same at temp 25°C & 4°C? Justify it.
  73. chemistry

    what is the normality of a. above if the density of the solution is 1.02 g/mL
  74. chemistry.

    The mass % of C in methane (CH4) is?...Can any one help me????
  75. chemistry

    What is the formula for barium chloride
  76. chemistry

    what is the electron configuration for carbon
  77. Chemistry

    What is the percentage of nitrogen in N2O?
  78. chemistry

    Which is more ionic LiF or NaF and why
  79. Chemistry

    calculate the pH of 0.10 M HCI solution?
  80. Chemistry

    Given 1 cc of Zinc and 1 cc of Cr What is the mass difference?
  81. chemistry

    a radioisotope is called a tracer when it is used to
  82. Chemistry

    What are some errors that can be made in colorimetry?
  83. chemistry

    Draw 1- fluoro 2- iodobenzene
  84. chemistry

    How many electrons are actually in the composite band for Fe ?
  85. AP Chemistry

    what is the oxidation state of iron in K4[Fe(CN)6]?
  86. chemistry

    what happens in a condensation polymerization reaction?
  87. Chemistry

    How would I determine the electronegativity of Ethanol?
  88. AP Chemistry

    How do I calculate orbital hybridization?
  89. chemistry

    How to convert centimeters into grams
  90. chemistry

    Why are water molecules polar?
  91. Chemistry

    If 5.05 L of a gas has a mass of 7.58 mg, what is its density in g/L?
  92. chemistry

    what is the element with the electron arrangement 2 8 7
  93. Chemistry

    What is the percent by mass of Ca3N2?
  94. chemistry

    How do I make a Smoke Bomb
  95. chemistry

    FeCI3(aq)t koh(aq) fe(oh)3(s) t kci(aq)
  96. chemistry

    how to calculate PH and POH {OH-) = 1.0 *10 to -11 power M?
  97. Chemistry

    The pH of a 1.0 x 10^-3 M Ba(OH)2 solution at 25 degrees C is how can 11.3 be the right answer.
  98. chemistry

    is it possible to fine moles when you are only given the volume ?
  99. chemistry

    how do I convert 17.4 cubic ft into liters?
  100. chemistry

    What four guidelines are useful in balancing an equation