chemistry! URGENT

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  1. chemistry

    the number of orbital of the d shell is
  2. chemistry

    what is the substance in a solution that gets dissolved
  3. chemistry

    would NBr3O be polar or nonpolar?
  4. chemistry

    examples of suspension and solution
  5. Chemistry

    How do you find a reaction order?
  6. chemistry

    What is the molar mass of one LA monomer?
  7. chemistry

    how to caculate moles with only molarmass
  8. Chemistry

    What is the three dimensional structure of methane? Why?
  9. chemistry

    what is not viewed with an electron microscope
  10. Chemistry

    Why is benzene much less reactive than 1, 3, 5-cyclohexatriene?
  11. chemistry

    A 14.0g of N2 occupies what volume atSTP
  12. chemistry

    How did dalton discover the atom?
  13. Chemistry

    What is the purpose of a nuclear reactor?
  14. Chemistry

    What quantum numbers specify these subshells? 2s n= l= 3p n= t= 6d n= l=
  15. chemistry

    lewis structure of HOCH2S-
  16. chemistry

    which orbitals have centre of symmetry
  17. Chemistry

    What does it mean when we say that KHC8H4O4 is not hygroscopic ? thank for helping~
  18. Chemistry

    what is the formula to change the temperature of K to C
  19. Chemistry

    Zn + I2 ---> Zn ^+2 + 2I- will this reaction occur spontaneously?
  20. Chemistry

    Hydrocinnamoyl chloride + AlCl3 --> ??
  21. Chemistry

    Why does molarity depend on temperature?
  22. chemistry

    What is the mass in grams of 14.6 amu?
  23. Chemistry

    Can I know the molarity of acid rain?
  24. chemistry

    Le Chatelier's principle lab
  25. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.20 M HF solution that is 5.8% ionized at 25 Celsius ? A.4.45 b.0.70 C.1.93 D.1.23 E.1.40
  26. Chemistry

    how many mols of gas will occupy 6.75 m^3 at 65°C and 3.28 x 10^5 Pa?
  27. Chemistry

    How many molecules are in 2.6 grams of H2O?
  28. chemistry

    Why vaporization is a cooling process ?
  29. College Chemistry

  30. chemistry

    Convert 1.01 x 10-8 seconds to nanoseconds
  31. chemistry help~Please!!!

    What are the Ka and/or Kb value for 1M ZnCl2 Show work please!!!
  32. Chemistry

    Is there a difference between SiO2(aq) and H4SiO4?
  33. chemistry

    ho electrons are there in a silicon atoms?
  34. chemistry

    define organic compound?
  35. chemistry


    Why does hydrogen electrode have 0.00 V ? or assumed that has 0.00 V ?
  37. Chemistry

    How would you prepare 100 ml of 0.9% w/v saline?
  38. chemistry

    what happens when iron reacts with steam
  39. chemistry

    complete and balance Co(OH)3(aq)+Na2CO3(aq)
  40. chemistry

    what happens when a acid is added to a carbonate
  41. chemistry

    how do you determine if a measurement is an outlier?
  42. Chemistry

    ph balance of NaOH + H2O
  43. chemistry

    How many moles of NH3 are produced from 48.5 g of H2?
  44. chemistry

    STP conditions are considered to be
  45. chemistry

    how many atoms in 8.87g of silver
  46. chemistry

    2.05g k x___x___x___=____gkcl
  47. chemistry

    what is the bond order for BeF2?
  48. Chemistry

    Calculate pH of NH4OH which is 1%ionized
  49. Chemistry 105

    How many mL of O2 will form from 55.2g KClO3?
  50. Chemistry

    What is the oxidation state of V in VO2?
  51. Chemistry

    HNO3(aq)+Li2S(aq) produces ?
  52. chemistry

    industrial use of sodium carbonate
  53. chemistry

    Reaction between H2O2 +2NaOH
  54. chemistry

    1 atmosphere of pressure is equivalent to
  55. chemistry

    What is the pH of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) 0.5N
  56. Chemistry

    how do I calculate theoretical yield?
  57. chemistry

    Why an atom is electrically neutral ?
  58. Chemistry

    How many moles of H2 can be produced? (2.14 mol)
  59. Chemistry

    Why is a beehive used in the preparation of hydrogen
  60. Chemistry

    how many electrons are in 3.70 x 10^23 atoms of carbon 13?
  61. chemistry

    How many grams are there in 2 moles of sodium?
  62. Chemistry

    if you have 100 mg of CaCl2, how many moles of Cl do you have
  63. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.200 M solution of HNO3? a. 0.70 b. 1.31 c. 6.18 d. 8.53
  64. Chemistry

    Most of the earth is made of what? Is it helium?
  65. Chemistry

    Is fermentation an irreversible reaction?
  66. Chemistry

    NaC2H3O2 (aq) + HCl (aq) = NaCl (aq) + ?
  67. chemistry

    1) You have 300 g of H2O how many molecules do you have?
  68. science

    write aout chemistry
  69. Chemistry 2

    How many orbitals in an atom can have each of the following designations? (a) 3p (b) n=1
  70. Chemistry

    What is the Oxidation number of O8O4?
  71. chemistry

    1) You have 300 g of H2O how many molecules do you have?
  72. chemistry

    what is evidence of exothermic rection?
  73. chemistry

    medicine you would find in your house?
  74. chemistry

    what does 1M solution of sugar stands for?
  75. Chemistry

    How many d electrons are there in MnO4-? please explain.
  76. Chemistry

    How many molecules are there in 6.8 grams of CO2
  77. chemistry

    What is the wavelength of radiation whose frequency is 5.93 x 10^14 s-1
  78. Chemistry

    What is saponification (soap making) ?
  79. Chemistry

    What are the products for the combustion of a a hydrocarbon.
  80. Chemistry

    How is limestone used to make mortar?
  81. Chemistry

    what is the empirical formula for a compund with 26.2 g N, 7.5 g H, and 66.3 g Cl?
  82. chemistry

    If there are 35 drops in 1 mL, how many microliters are there per drop?
  83. chemistry

    what is the lewis dot structure for BN
  84. chemistry

    balanced chemical equation for m(s) + n^(x+) (aq) ---> M^(y+)(aq) + N(s)
  85. Chemistry

    Is DrBob222 available tonight? Please let me know, I need some chem help.
  86. Chemistry

    What is the pH for a solution with a hydrogen concentration of 1.00 x 10^6?
  87. chemistry

    explain the fire symbol
  88. chemistry

    Given that PVnR=T, solve for n if P = 36.0, V = 8.6, R = 0.08, and T = 200
  89. chemistry

    What groups would be ionized in a solution of pH 12
  90. Chemistry- Dr. Bob

    Why doesn't Rb react with N2?
  91. chemistry

    What is the percent composition of O in C8H8O3
  92. chemistry

    How do you figure out the molecular weight?
  93. chemistry

    How many grams of calcium nitrate,
  94. Chemistry

    What is the oxidation states for K2CrO4
  95. chemistry

    how can spectra be used in chemical analysis?
  96. Chemistry

    What do you think cause H2O2 to decompose rapidly
  97. chemistry

    how do i come up with POEM about significant digits please help
  98. chemistry

    What is the Na+ concentration of 2.85 M sodium sulfate?
  99. chemistry

    what is the ionic equation for 2HNO3(aq)+Ba(OH)2(aq)
  100. chemistry

    the oxidation number of Mo in Na2MoO4 is what?