chemistry! URGENT

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  1. Math- Urgent

    15=y+24 What does y equal? Please show all work.
  2. Math-urgent-

    What's 11/12 divided by 3/4 in repeated subtraction?
  3. Math! URGENT

    Solve the inequality -5p>-30 A. p>6 B. p<6 C. p>-35 D. p<35 Is the answer B?
  4. Pre-calc-urgent

    How do you find a formula for f(x) and g(x) if h(x)=f[g(x)] h(x)=(2x^3-5)^4
  5. Maths (URGENT!!!)

    2).Find the sum to n terms of 1/(1.2.3) + 3/(2.3.4) + 5/(3.4.5) + 7/(4.5.6)
  6. Science! NEED HELP URGENT

    What effect does amplitude have on velocity?
  7. adv functions urgent

    any math teachers around?
  8. English - Very urgent

    How does pearls represent hope?
  9. math plz its urgent

    what values of the function y=-2x -4 for x= 0, 1, 2, and 3? A. 0,-6,-8,-10 B.-4,-6,-8,-10 it think its this one? C -4,-2,0,2 D. 0,6,8,10
  10. Math- urgent

    How can -2.65 be written as the ratio of two integers?
  11. Math - Urgent

    2/3x+1/2x=5/6+2x What does x equal? Please show all work.
  12. Algebra II

    What is the sum of the geometric series 12 E 2(1/2)^x x=0 4 0 2 3 PLEASE HELP Urgent
  13. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Simplify: x+2/x^2+x-2/2x Please Show All Work!
  14. Chemistry -pls help urgent

    1) How do I prepare 2M nitric acid from 65% concentrated nitric acid? 2) How do I prepare 17% ammonia from 25% concentrated ammonia? Please show calculation steps. Thanks.
  15. URGENT Chemistry question

    a chemist wanted to make 100 grams of SO2. She had only 12 grams of sulfur and 4 grams of oxygen. Unfortunately, the amounts of reactants were not enough to make the desired product. How much S and O2 would she need in order to obtain the desired grams of
  16. Chemistry (URGENT)

    Calculate the molarity of the Co^2+ ion in each of the solutions 1-5. The new molarity is given by the molarity of the stock solution multiplied by the dilution factor. Solution: Co(NO3)2 Original molarity: 0.160 Dilution #1: none D#2: 12mL to 16mL D#3:
  17. Chemistry URGENT

    I need someone to check to make sure that I balanced my equations correctly. I have to add a (g) or (s) to indicate gases and precipitates. I am having a hard time figuring out the ions and how to add them, if any of these reactions need a ion could you
  18. Math (Urgent)

    Label exact values for all x and y intercepts. Q1: f(x)=x^3-2x^2-5x+10 f(x)=X^2(x-2)-5(x-2) f(x)=(x-2)(x^2-5) f(x)=(x-2)(???) Q2: f(x)=x^4-5x^2 f(x)=x^2(x^2-5) f(x)=??? please help and thank you
  19. Science(URGENT)

    How is solar energy used in space? (for what purpose?)
  20. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Simplify: 2x+5/4x^2+2x-5/10x Please Show All Work!
  21. math urgent

    Prove : Tan20+4Tan20=√3
  22. Chem Urgent!

    What is the number of grams for 1 mol lead?
  23. grammar

    can someone proofread my homework? is just 5 pages.pleaseee is urgent

    FACTOR: 36x^2+132xy+121y^2
  25. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Solve each open sentence. x-5/9<or=to2x/15-2/5
  26. differential equation urgent !

    using method of undetermined coefficients d^2y/dx^2 -5 dy/dx+6y=xe^x
  27. urgent!

    What is the approximate size of an amino acid's backbone?
  28. math question 3- very urgent !

    Find x* on [0, 2] such that f(x*) equals the average value of f(x) = 5x + 9 over [0, 2].
  29. calculus urgent

    If you are given a graph of a function, how do you draw the derivative?
  30. math urgent help

    If F (x)= 2x^2-5x-3 Determine f (-4) F (-4)=2 (-4)^2-5 (-4)-3 (I'm confused like do I use bedmas to solve this? ) F (-4)= 16-(-20)-3 F (-4)=36-3 F (-4)=33 Is that right?
  31. please help urgent

    Which of the following is the best estimate of the correlation coefficient for the data shown below? (1, 18), (2, 12), (3, 20), (4, 16), (5, 22), (6, 30), (7, 28), (8, 40), (9, 34), (10, 29), (11, 33), (12, 39), (13, 44), (14, 39), (15, 28) A 0.1 B. 0.3 C.
  32. math! URGENT!!!!!

    can someone please help me and show me how to work out percent change from $1.55 to $2.60
  33. Math Please help urgent answer

    What is the maximum value for 5sin(5t-pie)
  34. Pre-Algebra(URGENT)

    I need three ordered pairs for the following equation: y= 3 - x/2 Thanks -MC
  35. Career Urgent

    I read it but still couldn't figure out why do you business?
  36. maths- urgent

    show that √Π+1 is irrational
  37. URGENT MATH help

  38. urgent precal

    What is cosx/ (secx-1) not in fractional form?
  39. Quick Question

    Who is the founder of Quantum Physics? Please help. Urgent.
  40. VERY, VERY URGENT 4TH GRADE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is 44 divided by 7 with a remainder?
  41. urgent heeeelp!

    Divide: -39x^4 by underroot13 multiplied by x^2
  42. Algebra 2 URGENT PLEASE HELP

    Simplify cubed root of 135
  43. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Simplify cubed root of 135
  44. Math (Need help Urgent)

    1. Graph the solution to the inequality y ≤ -2(x - 2)2 - 2 ?
  45. Algebra, URGENT!! HELP!

    Rewrite the following as a perfect square: 144b^18
  46. geology (urgent)

    when was Mauna Loa last eruption? please help and thanky you
  47. Maths(URGENT pls!!!)

    Find the sum to n terms of 1/(1.2.3) + 3/(2.3.4) + 5/(3.4.5) + 7/(4.5.6)
  48. Mathw(URGENT pls)

    Find the sum to n terms of 1/(1.2.3) + 3/(2.3.4) + 5/(3.4.5) + 7/(4.5.6)
  49. math VERY URGENT

    Are there any websites where i can make a 3d shape and see the net for it?
  50. simultaneous equation very dificult need help itz urgent

    A-C=B/2 A-B=C/6 B+C=32 find A,B,C
  51. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Simplify: 2x+5/4x^2+2x-5/10x Please Show All Work!
  52. chemistry final-urgent

    Choose the element with the highest ionization energy element: Na, Mg, Al, P, S In my book: ionization energy increase from left to right and bottom to top. Na<Mg<Al<P<S S is highest ionization energy? my instructor review this problem and his
  53. URGENT -- Chemistry

    When 0.500 g of an unknown compound was dissolved in 15.0 g benzene, the freezing point depression was determined to be 0320C. The molar mass of the unknown compound is ?? g/mol. (The freezing point depression constant for benzene is 5.12C kgmol. I really
  54. Math Help (URGENT X10)

    This is really urgent so please please please help. The height(H) of an object that has been dropped or thrown in the air is given by: H(t)=-4.9t^2+vt+h t=time in seconds(s) v=initial velocity in meters per second (m/s) h=initial height in meters(m)
  55. Chemistry

    Rank the following solutions in order of increasing acidity. 1 M phenol 1 M boric acid 1 M cyanic acid 1 M formic acid 1 M hydrochloric acid 2. Rank the following solutions in order of increasing basicity. 1 M C3H5O3Na 1 M KF 1 M KOCN 1 M KOCl All I know
  56. URGENT! chemistry- percentage yield

    heating an ore of antimony sulfide in the presence of iron gives th element antimony and iron(2) sulfide. when 15.0 antimony sulfide reacts with an excess of iron, 9.84 g antimony is produced. what is the percent yield of this reaction?
  57. chemistry--URGENT, PLEASE HELP

    What concentration of silver chromate (Ksp = 9.0 x 10-12) will dissolve to make a saturated solution in water? *For this one the formula is Ag2CrO4, which is [Ag]^2[CrO4]. I plugged x in for CrO4, so x^3 is equal to Ksp. I then got that x = 2.0e-4.
  58. science urgent!

    What are the organic and inorganic properties of soil, Describe.
  59. Biochemistry

    Calculate the deltaG0 for the oxidation of ethanol by NAD+. Urgent Thank You
  60. maths- urgent

    show that √Π+1 is irrational if there is any proof
  61. maths -urgent

    Find SP, if market price= Rs. 70 and commission =10 percent
  62. Math (Calculus AB)

    An equation to the graph of y=x^3+3x^2+2 at its point of inflection is: a) y=-3x+1 b)y=-3x-7 c)y=x+5 d)y=3x+1 e)y=3x+7 Please help. I am in urgent need.
  63. Calculus(URGENT PLS!!!)

    Find the integral of (e^cosx)sinx
  64. Math - Very urgent.

    Use multiples to find the LCD for each pair of fractions. a) 1/2, 1/3 b) 1/4, 1/5
  65. Math (Urgent)

    Use the Midpoint Rule to approximate the integral (–10x+7x^2) from 10 to 17 with n=3
  66. Urgent for Chem!

    need help in balancing equation for NO2 + O2 -> NO + O3 Please help it may look balance but it is not. This is a tricky one
  67. Math- Urgent

    Solving Equations 3=r/16+4 What does r equal? Please show all work.
  68. Commerce (URGENT!!!)

    Name one right and one responsibily. Suggest some examples of these rights and responsibilities.
  69. english(URGENT)

    What is the message of the heart and soul of Harper Lee?

    find the average rate of change between f(-4) and f(-1) in the function f(x)= x^2+2x-8
  71. Math (URGENT)

    How to graph: y=x(x-4) Calculator shows the vertex at (2,-4) Can someone explain why? Thanks.
  72. science .. urgent

    what are some conditions on Earth that make it possible to live and survive?
  73. math URGENT

    Multiply.Express each answer in its simplest form. what is 1/3 x 1/2
  74. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Solve the problem using the "z" method. Please Show All Work! u^4+6=-5u^2
  75. math urgent!

    find the values of x and y that solve te following system of equations 3x+2y=-22 5x-9y=25
  76. differential equation urgent !

    using Method of variation of parameter y''+y = tan^2 t
  77. Urgent math

    Express the repeating decimal as a fraction. 0.156156156...
  78. math(urgent)

    Find the sum to n terms of 1/(1.2.3) + 3/(2.3.4) + 5/(3.4.5) + 7/(4.5.6) +.... Answer this Question
  79. Urgent math help!!

    What is the value of sinθ given that (−3,4) is a point on the terminal side of θ ? −3/5 3/5 4/5 <my answer −4/5

    find the area enclosed by the curves y=absolute value of x and y=x^2+2

    What are some problems children face at school and in general as students
  82. Urgent math help!

    What is 66 2/3% of 891? PLEASE show me the steps on how you got the answer to this question...
  83. Maths Urgent

    I have worked out the gradient funtion. If dy/dx = 8x - 3x^2 , then how you show that dy/dx is postive when 0<x<8/3

    CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE NO CLUE WAT TO DO AND I AM SO CONFUSED HELP ANYONE PLEASE 4x-5y=-19 2x+17=y what is the solution of the system?
  85. Maths(URGENT ANSWER please :

    Find the sum to infinity of the series 1 + 4/3! + 6/4! + 8/5!
  86. Maths(URGENT ANSWER please )

    Find the sum to infinity of the series 1 + 4/3! + 6/4! + 8/5!
  87. Math

    I need some urgent help with two simultaneous equations urgently please...Show working. 3a-b=9 2a+2b=14
  88. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Solve by using the quadratic formula. Please Show All Work! 4x(x+3)=15
  89. URGENT math rate of change

    The points (-1,2) & (4,y) have a slope of -4/5. What is the y coordinate for (4,y).?

    What is produced at each electrode in the electrolysis of NaBr(aq) and AgF(aq)?
  91. science physics

    describewhat is an importance of microscope to mankind it's urgent please help?

    what is 6 minus 2 and one half? please explain answer
  93. english

    When was Gullivers travels written? please help me i have looked everywhere i need this answer it is urgent !!!
  94. Algebra URGENT

    Write an equation of a line perpendicular to y=2x+3 and passes through (3,4).
  95. physics- urgent

    an object travels at a rate of 48.5 km/sec. how many cm/min would that be
  96. earth science - urgent

    What are the differences between asteroids and meteoroids? What are the similarities?
  97. Chem Also Urgent!

    How do I determine the number of grams for the following substance: 2.40 mol O2?
  98. Math- urgent

    How do you find the sine, cosine, and tangent of a triangle?
  99. Socials Studies (URGENT)

    Why would the Metis have so many rules regarding the Buffalo Hunt? Thank you.
  100. Math- Urgent

    Solving Equations -7+b/15=-6 What does b equal? Please show all work.