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    What is oxygen extensive properties?
  2. Chemistry

    What si the pH of a solution of 10^-8 M HCl in H2O?
  3. chemistry

    If you have 156g of SO2, how many molecules do you have?
  4. chemistry

    a radioisotope is called a tracer when it is used to
  5. chemistry

    Why an atom is electrically neutral ?
  6. chemistry

    what is the ph of a solution formed by dissoving
  7. college chemistry

    density of sulphur
  8. Chemistry

    calculate the kb of ammonia if the ph of .5M solution is 11.48
  9. Chemistry

    What are the products for the combustion of a a hydrocarbon.
  10. Chemistry

    How many moles of SiO2 will contain 48 g of oxygen?
  11. AP Chemistry

    What is the equation for Pour A Rainbow?
  12. Chemistry

    Where did lip gloss originate from?
  13. Chemistry

    Convert 33°c and 43°c to Kelvin scale
  14. chemistry

    what happens when iron is reacted with iodine
  15. chemistry

    1) You have 300 g of H2O how many molecules do you have?
  16. chemistry

    balanced chemical equation for m(s) + n^(x+) (aq) ---> M^(y+)(aq) + N(s)
  17. chemistry

    what is the relationship between pH and H+ and how do i show examples?

    Why is I- a stronger reducing agent than F-?
  19. chemistry

    how may grams are in 6.1 moles of AIN
  20. Chemistry

    How do you determine the polarity of a substance? Example?
  21. chemistry

    How would you find moles of aluminum used?
  22. Chemistry

    Can pi bonds be made from d-orbitals?
  23. chemistry

    How many moles of Oh- do you need to make .1M H3PO4 have a pH of 7
  24. Chemistry

    235.over.92U + 1.over.n ---> 90.over.38Sr + 3 1.over.n + ??
  25. chemistry

    What is the mass of 5.00 moles of Pb(CH3COO)2?
  26. chemistry

    how can i find pH using scientific notation? 1*10^1 1*10^2
  27. chemistry

    what happens when a acid is added to a carbonate
  28. science

    write aout chemistry
  29. Chemistry

    Why is the second not defined by length of the day?
  30. Chemistry

    How many significant figure in 4.297*10^4
  31. Chemistry

    concentration of hydrogen ion is 3.8*10^-3M.what is its pH?
  32. chemistry

    what's the formula for specific heat
  33. Chemistry

    How can i find the abundance of an isotope?
  34. Chemistry

    What is the pH when 25 mL of .20 M CH3COOH has been titrated with 35 mL of .10 M NaOH?
  35. Chemistry

    Is the molecular weight of O2 15.999u or 32?
  36. Chemistry - Naming

    What would be the name of this compound? Si4Br8
  37. Chemistry

    What does a high Boltzmann Distribution value indicate??
  38. chemistry

    why do gases mix in any proportion?
  39. Chemistry

    What is the formula for measuring turbidity?
  40. chemistry

    What is the equilibrium constant for the following reaction? 3A + 2B <---> 2C
  41. chemistry

    How many grams are there in 2 moles of sodium?

    What do you think happens to mass when chages take place?
  43. Chemistry

    Can pi bonds be made from d-orbitals?
  44. Chemistry

    What is Anta basic substance?
  45. chemistry

    222g of oxygen contains how many moles?
  46. Chemistry

    NaC2H3O2 (aq) + HCl (aq) = NaCl (aq) + ?
  47. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 5.20 10-3 M solution of H2SO4.
  48. chemistry

    what is the cation and anion of Na3PO4? thanks
  49. chemistry

    How many grams equal 6.3 mol of N2?
  50. chemistry

    Plz Help or give a highlight
  51. chemistry

    how do you do electron dot diagrams?
  52. chemistry

    you have 333 ml of alkaline solution at pH=11.1
  53. Chemistry

    What are the types and benefits of phytochemicals?
  54. chemistry

    . Which of the following is not a way an atom can achieve stability?
  55. chemistry

    What is the pH if the hydrogen-ion concentration is 6.8 x 10^-7 M?
  56. chemistry

    why does ammonia reacts with acid?
  57. chemistry

    Why vaporization is a cooling process ?
  58. chemistry

    45.0 ml of 9.0x10 the negative 2m hno3
  59. chemistry

    chemical technology definition
  60. chemistry

    chemical technology definition
  61. chemistry

    Atomic nature of glucose
  62. Chemistry

    If 30 ml of 02 M HCL with 45 ml what is the molarity of NaOH
  63. chemistry

    please me,,,what is the structural formula of endosulfan?
  64. Chemistry

    Balance the solutions of Fe2+
  65. chemistry

    how to calculate PH and POH {OH-) = 1.0 *10 to -11 power M?
  66. chemistry

    intermolecular forces in caffeine
  67. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of 0.18M NH4Cl.
  68. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of 0.18M NH4Cl.
  69. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of 0.18M NH4Cl.
  70. Chemistry

    How to find the coefficient of Fe^2+ from ClO3^- + Fe^2+ --> Cl^- + Fe^3+
  71. chemistry

    the oxidation number of Mo in Na2MoO4 is what?
  72. chemistry

    under rate of reactions Fe^2+ + Cr2o7^2- » Cr^3+ +Fe^3+

    What is the oxiden number of NO2?
  74. chemistry

    how to balance chemical equations
  75. Chemistry

    What happens when soda ash is heated?
  76. chemistry

    what is the lewis dot structure for BN
  77. Chemistry

    What happens to the temperature of a gas when it is compressed?
  78. chemistry

    A 14.0g of N2 occupies what volume atSTP
  79. Chemistry

    Is xylose a pentose or a hexose?
  80. chemistry

    What is the pH of an aqueous solution at 25°C in which [H+] is 0.025 M?
  81. Intro Chemistry

    What is the name of NH4CNO? is it ammonium something? Thank you
  82. Chemistry

    What are vinyllic organohalides? How would you be able to identify them? Thanks
  83. Chemistry

    Are there any disadvantages of a mass spectrometer
  84. chemistry

    If the ground state is 4S^2 , what is the name of the element
  85. Chemistry

    Determine the [H+] when [OH-] is 2.0 times 10^-2
  86. chemistry

    what is the 'big idea of energy'???!
  87. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of 0.18M NH4Cl.
  88. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of potassium nitrate?
  89. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of 30.0 mL of 0.025 M NaOH
  90. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of .100M of HClO2.
  91. ChemIstry

    How any grams are there in 3.69 moles of sliver?
  92. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of 30.0 mL of 0.025 M NaOH
  93. Chemistry

    What is the chemical formula and name when the following are added: 1. Na+1 Na-3 2. Na+1 Br-1 3. Na+1 O-2
  94. Chemistry

    How to convert 1.08g/ml to volume in ml?
  95. Chemistry 101

    How many kg of chlorine are in 23 kg of CF_2Cl_2?
  96. chemistry help~Please!!!

    What are the Ka and/or Kb value for 1M ZnCl2 Show work please!!!
  97. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of 0.18M NH4Cl.
  98. chemistry

    why we not use HNO3 and HCl in iodometry
  99. Chemistry

    At the equivalence point for CH3COOH, the pH will be?
  100. Chemistry

    Calculate the normality of 5 M HCl