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    Calculate OH and H pH= 12 How to set this up
  2. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution of NaOH 10^-12 M?
  3. chemistry

    convert 5.98 x 10 to the 24th kg. to mg.
  4. chemistry

    can u tell me a slogan for flourine?
  5. Chemistry

    how did you get (that's 0.17M x 1/2 = 0.085M)
  6. Chemistry

    How many orbitals are in the l = 4 subshell?
  7. Chemistry

    How do you calculate Cwater?
  8. Chemistry

    What is the second electron affinity of Se? I believe the first is... Se- -> Se + e- The second.... Se -> Se+ + e-
  9. chemistry

    what is the name of the compound C2H4?
  10. chemistry

    What amount is a mol?
  11. chemistry

  12. Chemistry

    5.00 g is equal to how many pounds?
  13. chemistry

    preparation of N/10 NaoH
  14. chemistry

    What is electrolysis, and how does it work?
  15. Chemistry

    what does excited states mean?
  16. chemistry

    is heat matter
  17. chemistry

    what is the duet rule?
  18. chemistry

    How many cm does it take to make 500ml
  19. chemistry

  20. chemistry

    MgO + HNO3 =
  21. chemistry

    what is the [h3o+] in a 9.93 x 10^-6 M Ba(OH)2 solution?
  22. chemistry

    How many cm does it take to make 500ml
  23. Chemistry

    Convert 9.45 μm to inches.
  24. chemistry

    1/10^-8 in scientific notation. I need help please.
  25. chemistry

    C6H5NO2+? = C6H5N2Cl
  26. chemistry

    what is a sigma bond
  27. chemistry

    16.3g equals how many cg? someone helllllllllllp
  28. chemistry

    How many mililmeters(mL) are in a sample with 2.0L?
  29. chemistry

    What is empericle formul
  30. chemistry

    What is the shape of H3C+ ?
  31. chemistry

    is CH3COCH3 NOT h-bond because the o is far from an H?
  32. chemistry

    6.3E10 cm converted to ft would be

    NH4OH + H2O =
  34. chemistry

    What is partial pressure?
  35. chemistry

    why is it good to be a csi
  36. chemistry

    what are the examples of suspension
  37. Chemistry

    What are some cons of becoming a pharmacologist?
  38. chemistry

    is rbi2 an ion?
  39. Chemistry

    a 2.0M solution of Hbr will have what pH?
  40. chemistry

    If we have a concentration of H+ at 5 x 10-2 mol/L, what is the pH value?
  41. chemistry

    SOCl2 + C4H6CaO4 ¨
  42. Chemistry

  43. Chemistry

  44. chemistry


  46. Chemistry

    What is the OH- concentration of a solution whose pH is 12.40?
  47. Chemistry

    What does equivalence point mean?
  48. Chemistry

    How (in g/L) of Ar at 32 degrees C and 342 mm Hg?
  49. chemistry

    explain that f+2 means
  50. chemistry

    if I have 0.0899 g/L what would it be for grams per mL?
  51. chemistry

    what do you use a pipestem triangle for
  52. chemistry

    14.6 103 kJ to Cal
  53. chemistry

    what is organic matare
  54. chemistry

    how many moles are in Fe2O3
  55. chemistry

    When does a chemical become a drug?
  56. chemistry

    what is the electron geometry of F^2, HF ?
  57. chemistry

    What is the pH, pOH and [OH-] of 0.06 mol/L HI(aq)?
  58. chemistry

    how to draw 1,2 - diethyclyclohexane?
  59. chemistry

    55 gm laughng gas contains ---------gm N.
  60. Chemistry

    HBrO3 has a Ka of 3.6 x 10^-6. What is the pH of a 2.0M solution?
  61. chemistry

    What are [H+] and [OH-] for 0.01 M perchloric acid
  62. Chemistry

    Calculate the ph of 10^-8 M (HCL).
  63. chemistry

    Can somebody please answer my question.
  64. Chemistry

    Why do you believe electrons exist?
  65. chemistry

    What are [H+] and [OH-] for 0.01 M perchloric acid?
  66. chemistry

    667.3298 mg = ? g
  67. chemistry

    A solution with a pH of 7 has a [OH1-] of
  68. chemistry

    How do you tell what dyes are more polar than others?
  69. chemistry

    how many moles of N are in 78.0g of N2O
  70. chemistry

    frame 20 hcl
  71. Chemistry

    Why do ions form?
  72. chemistry

    is Li3As a semiconductor
  73. Chemistry

    Can I call someone and talk to them
  74. chemistry

    what is a atom??? i get confused
  75. Chemistry

    349 kJ to joules
  76. chemistry

    1/10^-8 in scientific notation
  77. chemistry

    so is is set up like 356.2J=25.0g(36.5C-22.0C) ?
  78. Chemistry!

    Are hydrocarbons always nonpolar??
  79. chemistry

    241 kJ to Calories how do i do this?
  80. chemistry

    how to calculate persenteil
  81. chemistry

    What is a disadvantage of using pH indicators?
  82. chemistry

    Ph of 10^(-8)M aqs.h2so4
  83. Chemistry

    solve Ka for HX => H^+ + X^- given 0.1M LiX at pH=8.9
  84. chemistry

    a pressure vessel
  85. chemistry

    what is the name for the compound Al2I3??
  86. chemistry

    What is equlibrium position
  87. chemistry

    What is avogadro's law
  88. chemistry

    Drbob222 that does not help. got anything else up ur sleeve?
  89. Chemistry

    Is optimum ph for enzyme 7-14?
  90. Chemistry

    what is the symbol of the element with 4d^4?
  91. Chemistry

    NaHCO3 (s) + HC2H3O2 (aq) ---> ?
  92. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of 1.7M of KCl
  93. Chemistry

    1 NHzSO4 is what molarity
  94. chemistry

    What is the bonding continuum?
  95. chemistry

    What are two colligative properties?
  96. chemistry

    How many moles of Pb is 9.3 x 10^15 atoms of Pb?
  97. chemistry

    Al(NO3)3+ NaCl
  98. chemistry

    16 years = ? seconds
  99. chemistry

    An ideal gas CANNOT be what?
  100. Chemistry

    Q: How is boiling different from sublimation?