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  1. Chemistry

    0.70 M KOH find the pH
  2. Chemistry

    Calculate OH and H pH= 12 How to set this up
  3. Chemistry

    Why should you use only clean glassware?
  4. Dr.Bob Chemistry

    Is HOET associated with E1 or E2? I think it is E2.
  5. Chemistry

    What are the n,l,ml,and ms values for the last electron in Be?
  6. chemistry

    Please convert 5005 mL to L. Thank you.
  7. chemistry

    Suppose f′′(x)=−36sin(6x) and f′(0)=−5, and f(0)=−3 f(π/3)=?
  8. Chemistry

    H2S+Is >2HI+S
  9. chemistry

    how many moles are in 25 g of NaCl?
  10. Chemistry

    Which has the higher [H+], 0.40 M RbOH or 0.20 M Ca(OH)2?
  11. chemistry

    what is an example of a solid hydrocarbon
  12. chemistry

    What is avogadro's law
  13. chemistry

    number of 32.0 grams Br^2
  14. Chemistry

    Equation of Mg(OH)2 (aq) + KOH (aq) gives you what ?
  15. chemistry

    preparation of N/10 NaoH
  16. chemistry

    what is Hydrogen Bonding?
  17. chemistry

    I have a question. For Fe|Fe^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (1M why did you use Fe^2+ ==> Fe^3+ + e Eo = -0.771 ? instead of: Fe ---> Fe^+2 + 2e ? thank you..
  18. Chemistry

    What is the bond order of BN-
  19. chemistry

    how to do a research paper
  20. chemistry

    Pl help...what are the isomers of chlorodibromobenzene
  21. Chemistry

    What are induced dipoles?

  23. chemistry

    what are the isomers of chlorodibromobenzene
  24. Chemistry

    What are the isomers of chlorobromobenzene
  25. chemistry

    What are the element in leaf ?
  26. chemistry

    Cu(NO3)2 (aq) + H2O===> ?
  27. chemistry

    how do you balance equations?
  28. Chemistry

    x+y=9.0 0.50x+0.20y=3.90 What is the value of x and y?
  29. chemistry

    what is real gas ?
  30. chemistry

    The Ka value for HCN is 4.9x10^-10. What is the value of Kb for CN-?
  31. Chemistry

    100.0cm3 of
  32. chemistry

    Please help what is the molecule CH3CH2CHCHCH3
  33. chemistry

    Al(NO3)3 + NH3 --> ?
  34. Chemistry

    What is the numerical value of one mole?
  35. chemistry

    Al(NO3)3 + NH3 --> ?
  36. chemistry

    a 5.0 g sample of KBr at 25.0
  37. Chemistry

    What is the correct name for NO2-?
  38. chemistry

    19.0 kg /0.036 m(3)(cube)=??
  39. Chemistry

    What is the proper name for Co2o3?
  40. chemistry

    why does evaporation cause cooling?
  41. chemistry

    the Ksp of CaSO4 is
  42. chemistry

    what is the value of [OH-] in a 0.730 M solution of Sr(OH)2?
  43. chemistry

    What is empericle formul
  44. ap chemistry

    How many grams of ammonium
  45. chemistry

    What is a disadvantage of using pH indicators?

  47. Chemistry

    name the ions: Ag+ and P-3... and it's not silver..
  48. chemistry

    give 30 example of solute
  49. chemistry

    how methane is produced or where it comes from?
  50. chemistry

    what is particle movement?
  51. Chemistry

    what is the symbol for gold
  52. Chemistry

    Calculate the ph of 10^-8 M (HCL).
  53. chemistry

  54. Chemistry

    What is gaseous state?
  55. Chemistry

    what is the mass of Cu from 5.80 kg of CuFeS2?
  56. Chemistry

  57. chemistry

  58. chemistry

    what is the name of the compound C2H4?
  59. chemistry

    325*f to kelvin
  60. Chemistry

    how would i find the pH of this? 1.0 M NH3 (Kb = 1.8 x 10-5)
  61. Chemistry

    Pb + S yield FeS
  62. chemistry

    which of the following would have the largest radius Al(3+) K (+) P S (2-) Se (2-)
  63. Please Help

    Can someone please help with the chemistry problems? I need them to study.
  64. Chemistry Help Please

    What is the OH- concentration of a solution that has a pH of 9.66?
  65. Chemistry,Math

    Thank you tutors!!
  66. Chemistry

    Is it possible for an electron to have n=2 l=1 m=-2? EXPLAIN PLEASE
  67. chemistry

    what is shorthanded configuration of Mg and Cl
  68. chemistry

    what is a strong acid
  69. chemistry

    what is qualitative measurement?
  70. chemistry

    what is the % ab for managese isotopes # 55
  71. chemistry

    15. How many molecules are in 6H2O?
  72. chemistry

    Na2CO3 NaCl
  73. Chemistry

    what happens to a battery when it is "recharged"
  74. Chemistry

  75. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution of NaOH 10^-12 M?
  76. chemistry

    What amount is a mol?
  77. Chemistry

    How can you measure 20 mg. of salt?
  78. chemistry

    Please convert 8240 lb to kg.
  79. Chemistry

    Is [PF5Cl]- polar?
  80. chemistry

    What is brownian motionand example
  81. Chemistry

    How do I decide whether something is polar or not?

  83. chemistry

    .592grams of na2so4
  84. chemistry

    what is the electron configuration for S?
  85. chemistry

    Please, convert 5005 mL to L
  86. chemistry

    How many mililmeters(mL) are in a sample with 2.0L?
  87. Chemistry

    Give an example of a disaccharide
  88. chemistry

    how to calculate persenteil
  89. chemistry

    how to change mg/mL into mmol/L?
  90. chemistry

    why NaOH must be standardized?
  91. chemistry

    are these two statements true? (a/b)^x = a^x - b^x and (x^a + x^a+b) / (1+x^b) = x^a
  92. chemistry

    explain that f+2 means
  93. 9th grade chemistry

    what is the

  95. chemistry

    K(s)+NH3(g)→ ?
  96. chemistry

    What is the ph of 0.25 M tartaric acid? Ka=2.5*10^-5M
  97. chemistry

    sorry Ksp of PbCl2 is 1.6 x 10-5
  98. Chemistry

    DrBob, if you're still on...what do I do for NaCl??
  99. chemistry

    is CaO soluble
  100. Chemistry

    Does Pb(NO3)2 + Cu has a reaction? if so, what will it be?