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  1. chemistry

    what is the pH of .10 M NH4CL?
  2. chemistry

    Fe+O2+H2o - ??????????/
  3. chemistry

    wh at is prtoplam
  4. chemistry

    i just need help w a question can anybody help
  5. chemistry

  6. Chemistry

    What are some uses for radioisotopes?
  7. Chemistry

    How many possible orbitals are there for n= 4?
  8. Chemistry

    Name a few pharmacopoeias.
  9. chemistry

    What is sulute
  10. chemistry

    how many protons does se-2 have 32 34 36 2
  11. Chemistry

    [H^+] = 2.7 x 10^-3 Calculate for [OH^-] [OH^-] = ? M
  12. Chemistry

    When pH Value less than 0 or negative value ,it mean what? Because known pH value is b/n 0-14.
  13. chemistry

    What does RMM mean?
  14. chemistry

    V1 = 0.55 L, P1 = 740 mm Hg, V2 = 0.79 L, P2 = ?
  15. chemistry

  16. chemistry

    how many electrons does se-2 have 32 34 36 2
  17. Chemistry..

    60.0 g O2=___________molecules O2

  19. chemistry

    What is iron
  20. Chemistry

    What is NaOH?
  21. Chemistry II

    What is the ^S for NaCl (l)?
  22. chemistry

    0.600 mL= L
  23. chemistry

    what is thiosulphate
  24. chemistry

    2 NO(g) + 1 O2(g) <==> 2 NO2(g)
  25. chemistry

    50 compound
  26. chemistry

    If the pH of a particular solution is 2.08, then the [OH -] must be:
  27. MTI

    what is chemistry
  28. Chemistry

    How do you convert 25.0 mg/mL to cc?
  29. chemistry

    Your percent
  30. chemistry

    What is valance
  31. chemistry

    how to simplify ((x^3)-x)/(x-1)
  32. Chemistry

    Which are within 10% of 4.63mins? 4.13 5.28 5.02 4.23
  33. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution with a [OH-] of 10^-2
  34. chemistry

    how would one do this problem.. 2y^-3 = 4e^(-x/2)/(1+e(-x/2))
  35. chemistry

    which of the following are paramagnetic: O2, O2(-), O2(2-) and why?
  36. Chemistry

    If 1 mg = 10^-3g and 1 Mg = 10^6g, how many milligrams are there in 0.25 Mg?
  37. science

    chemistry help
  38. chemistry

    pH of 1.0 x 10-8 M RbOH
  39. chemistry

    what is equillibrium?
  40. chemistry

    what is a pi bond?
  41. Chemistry

    Dr Bob!! Need your help!!
  42. chemistry

    what is Ph of [H+] = 0.00010M?
  43. chemistry

    what is the pH of a 0.10 M HC2H3O2
  44. chemistry

    2L of 6M HCl
  45. Chemistry..

    What is the name of ZnCl2O6?
  46. chemistry

    what is AL(MnO4)3
  47. chem

    need help on chemistry below
  48. Chemistry

  49. chemistry

    does anyone know any uses of isotopes?
  50. chemistry

    what is the pH of 0.15 M NaF?
  51. chemistry

    how to simplify (x 3-x)/(x-1)?
  52. chemistry

    when do we have pka=ph
  53. Chemistry AS

  54. Chemistry

    what is the pH of a 0.10 M NH3???
  55. chemistry

    what is mass

  57. chemistry

    what is a positron
  58. chemistry

    what is the oxidation no of I3-
  59. chemistry

    I say unsaturated. Am I right?
  60. Chemistry

    what are the products of Ca +H +OH-->?
  61. chemistry

    1.00 mole H2
  62. chemistry

  63. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution with a [H+]=10^-8?
  64. Chemistry

    A 35g sample of Fe is dropped into 80g of water at 20 degrees Celsius. What is the final (equilibrium) temperature of the iron/water? This isn't really a chemistry problem. There will be no chemical reaction. It is a heat capacity (physics) problem. Use
  65. Chemistry

    This is a problem I got on my Mastering Chemistry homework: Consider the following reaction: H2(g)+I2(g)⇌2HI(g) A reaction mixture at equilibrium at 175 K contains PH2=0.958atm, PI2=0.877atm, and PHI=0.020atm. A second reaction mixture, also at 175
  66. Chemistry

    I recently performed an experiment in which magnesium oxide formed. I have to find out the simplest whole number ratio of Mg atoms to O atoms. How do I go about doing this? * Chemistry - DrBob222, Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 11:19pm Mass MgO - mass Mg
  67. Chemistry

    How do you prepare 600.0mL of 0.48M Al(NO3)3*9H2O? Is this correct? 1. Measure out 71g of solution 2. Put approx. 300.0mL of water into container 3. Add the 71g of solution to the water and mix 4. Add more water until 600.0mL of solution is obtained 5. Mix
  68. Chemistry

    I wrote an introduction for a lab report for the first time, and I was given no samples (my teacher said "feel free to ask your friends who had chemistry last semester if you can see their introductions... none of my friends took it last semester, so I

    I really need to have this paragraph checked to see if there is any mistakes!! My tutor has been sick all week! Thank you! Montreal est une ville exceptionnel que vous aimeriez. Si vous aviez le temps, vous ne regretteriez pas votre decision. Montreal est
  70. Chemistry

    Really hard Chemistry question that I need help with. Any assistance would be really helpful.? When 0.5963g of a sample containing NaNO2 and some inert material is allowed to react with excess HSO3NH2, the volume of N2 gas produced is measured. The volume
  71. Chemistry

    Atom-Particle that cannont be divided in half becasue it is in its smallest form. Reactants-Substances that exist before the reaction begins. Endothermic Reaction-take in, or absorb heat energy. Exothermic Reaction- Release Heat energy Inhibitor-makes a
  72. Chemistry

    Take a look at the following uses of the term entropy by several historical figures: Anton Chekhov considered by some as being one of the greatest short story writers said, "Only entropy comes easy." Vaclav Havel, playwright and the first president of the
  73. chemistry

    At room temperature pure water has a density of 1.00 g/ mL. What mass of water (in grams) will fit into a container if 1.00 lb. of mercury completely fills the container? Okay, here is what I solved so far. Let's say H2o equals water and Hg equals mercury=
  74. Chemistry

    My chemistry is bad. I know these are very easy but I cannot solve them . 1. a) Prepare 200 ml of 2 M HCl solution from stock bottle containing 37% w/w HCl and d = 1.2 (g/ml). MWHCl = 36.5 g b) Calculate M of 37% w/w HCl solution? d= 1.2, then solve the
  75. Physics Urgent!!!!!

    Mars orbits the Sun at a mean distance of 228 million km, in a period of 687 days. The Earth orbits at a mean distance of 149.6 million km in a period of 365.26 days. All answers should be in the range (0, 2pi) a) Suppose Earth and Mars are positioned such
  76. math111

    in a science class,65 student study physics while 40 study chemistry.if there are 93 student in the class,how many student study both physics and chemistry?
  77. Chemistry

    Nitric oxide (NO) reacts with molecular oxygen as follows: 2NO(g) + O2(g) ¨ 2NO2(g) Initially NO and O2 are separated as shown below. When the valve is opened, the reaction quickly goes to completion. Determine what gases remain at the end of the
  78. Chemistry

    is 2 physical? what's 3? I didn't quite get that right. It should be extensive and intensive properties. It is true that density is a physical property but I don't think that is 2. It is EITHER an intensive physical propery or an extensive physical
  79. Science

    List all of the things that are physical property. You will find some listed here. There are very many others, but they would require a lot of effort to explain what they mean. Isn't
  80. science URGENT!!

    The diagram that was given was really confusing. I need help with the following questions: 1)Polar Easterlies in the Northern Hemisphere blow from? a.)west to east b.)east to west c.)north to south d.)south to north 2) Westerlies in the Northern Hemisphere
  81. chemistry

    please can u help i need to a structure of a polymer and i dentify the monomer unit and include three monomer units,from the compound CH2=CH-CH-OH CH3 AND STATE THE POLYMERIZATION INVOLVED IN FORMING THE POLYMER,please help i have tried ,but i cant make
  82. Chemistry

    General Chemistry 111 11/28/11 Chapter 9 Extra Credit Quiz Name: _____________________________ Section #______________________ Tetrahedral geometry has a bond angle of about 109.5 °. Given that a tetrahedron is made up of 4 equilateral triangles each of
  83. Chem

    A carless chemistry student pours 200 grams of methanol, a flammable substance into the sink. Another careless chemistry student causes the bad situation to get even worse by dropping a lit match into the sink. The metanol burns completely with 300 grams
  84. chemistry

    I have a question. For Fe|Fe^+2 (1M)| Cu|Cu^+2 (1M why did you use Fe^2+ ==> Fe^3+ + e Eo = -0.771 ? instead of: Fe ---> Fe^+2 + 2e ? thank you..
  85. Chemistry

    How many moles are there in 0.7g of CFC's
  86. Chemistry

    How many cm3 are there in 1.0 litre?
  87. chemistry

    why does evaporation cause cooling?
  88. chemistry

  89. chemistry

    What is a saturated solution?
  90. chemistry

    what is particle movement?
  91. Chemistry

    What is the chemical formula and name for: Na+1 and Na-3?
  92. Chemistry: Check

    1. The amou
  93. chemistry

    What is the [SO42-] in 0.45 M of H2SO4?
  94. chemistry

    what is the shape of p-orbital.........
  95. Please Help

    Can someone please help with the chemistry problems? I need them to study.
  96. chemistry

    what is the hybridization of BrO2+
  97. Chemistry

    Why is the use of tin limited?
  98. Chemistry

    What is the mass of 5mole of li(li=7)
  99. Chemistry

    Starting with S = kB * ln W Derive S = (U(T) - U(0)) / T + N * kB * ln q(T)
  100. Chemistry