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  1. chemistry help!

    I have a chemistry test tomorrow and I'm trying to study but none of these questions in the book make sense to me:( Help! 1. Commericially available concentrated sulfuric acid is 95% H2SO4 by mass and has a density of 1.84g/mL. How many milliliters of this
  2. Math *URGENT

    Please give the answers and solutions for each. 1.If the second term is 2 and the seventh term of a geometric sequence is 64, find the 12th term. 2. Which term if the geometric sequence 18,54,162,486,... is 3,188,646? 3. Determine the geometric mean of 8

    wHAT IS THE SYMBOL FOR THE ION WITH 13 PROTONS AND TEN ELECTRONS? CAN U EXPLAIN HOW TO GET YOUR ANSWER, AND CAN YOU GIVE ME A WEBSITE THAT HELPS ME WITH CHEMISTRY 13 protons will be element with atomic number of 13. Look on the periodic table and see
  4. Chemistry

    I need serious help with 3 different chemistry problems: 1. If coal is assumed to be all carbon, carbon has a molecular weight of 12 lb-mass/lb-mol, and oxgyen (diatomic) has a molecular weight of 32 lb-mass/lb-mol, how much carbon dioxide (lb-mass/day) is
  5. Chemistry

    Hi, This is a challenge question for my intro chemistry class and I'd really like to do it. Its in 2 parts. 1. Consider a 2790-lb automobile clocked by law-enforcement radar at a speed of 85.5 mph (miles/hour). If the position of the car is known to within
  6. chemistry

    Determine the number of bromide ions in solution when 4.23 g of magnesium bromide and 1.21 g of potassium bromide are dissolved in 120mL of water. Please explain not sure how to even start this problem, thanks! chemistry - DrBob222, Wednesday, December 8,
  7. mathematics

    in a class of 60 students, the number of students who passed biology is 6 more the number of student who passed chemistry. Every student passed at least 1 subject and 8 passed both subject. How many passed chemistry
  8. Chemistry

    A student finds a medallion which could be made of pure platinium or silver. IN order to find out what the medallion is made of the student takes the medallion to a chemistry lab. The student measures the density of the medallion as follows. The medallion

    I just took a chemistry midterm and our teacher let us keep the exam. I was wondering if you could let me know if I was right or wrong for the following questions. I can ask my professor later for details. Which of the following are best described as
  10. Chemistry

    2.36 x 10^4 s= ? days
  11. Chemistry

    What is a enantiomer?
  12. chemistry

    what is saponication
  13. chemistry

    what is mmHg?
  14. chemistry

    2.35*10^-4M,,Mg(OH)2 what is the pH of this solution
  15. chemistry

    For n = 2, one of the values of l is 0
  16. chemistry

  17. chemistry

    WHat is a precipitate?
  18. Chemistry 12

    The [OH-] of a solution with a PH 5.75 is is it 5.6*10-9M?
  19. Chemistry

  20. chemistry

    about thermodynamics
  21. chemistry

    28.06 mL to grams
  22. chemistry

    What is the pH of 6.6 X 10^4 M HCL?
  23. chemistry

    What are the uses of azomethine?
  24. chemistry

    1000 mm = how many km
  25. chemistry

    .001 Ml= how many mL
  26. Chemistry

  27. chemistry

  28. chemistry

  29. Chemistry

  30. chemistry

    how many electrons can n=4 l=1 have?
  31. chemistry

    what is nitrolim and is uses?
  32. AP Chemistry

    what does pv/nRT tell you?
  33. chemistry

  34. Chemistry

    How many different f orbitals are there?
  35. chemistry

    what is 1.79 x 10^-20 in kJ/mol?
  36. chemistry

  37. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution if [H+] = 2.3 x 10–5 M?
  38. chemistry

    I got kc to be 0 but that has got be wrong
  39. chemistry

    what is an atom
  40. AP Chemistry

    The pH of a solution of Sr(OH)2 is 12.42. What is its (OH^-)
  41. Chemistry

    How do i solve [A]=[A]0 x e^-kt for k
  42. chemistry

    what is molality ?
  43. chemistry

    what is molality ?
  44. chemistry

    Al is the symbol for
  45. Chemistry

    If §¤= 1, what can you deduce about n? n=1 n>1 n¡Ã1 n<1 n¡1 If m§¤ = 3, what can you say about §¤? §¤=3 §¤>3 §¤¡Ã3 §¤<3 §¤¡3
  46. chemistry

    How does pH = 8.75 give (H^+) = 1.77 x 10^-9
  47. chemistry

    how would I name the compund Ca(OH)2
  48. Chemistry

    Find the Ph: of 7.01 x 10-5 M Ba(OH)2 thanks:)
  49. chemistry

  50. chemistry

    name 2 alkalis
  51. chemistry?

    why does Si-28 contain 14 neutrons?
  52. chemistry

    1228g/l to g/ml
  53. chemistry

    Ba Ba2+
  54. Chemistry

    What is C2H5OH?
  55. sammy

  56. Chemistry

    What is a supernatant
  57. chemistry

    AMU ?
  58. chemistry

    DOES Mg(OH)2 HAVE A pH greater than 7 or less than 7
  59. chemistry

    I say unsaturated. Am I right?
  60. chemistry

    Fe + K2CO3
  61. chemistry

    reinforcement??????????????????? help
  62. chemistry

    What is H+(aq) + –OH(aq) H2O(l)
  63. chemistry

    convert 3.0m to yd
  64. chemistry

  65. chemistry

  66. Chemistry

    Define a.m.u?
  67. chemistry

    what is cryogenetics
  68. chemistry

    i think I am not doing this part right (1/n5^2 - 1/n1^2)
  69. chemistry

  70. Chemistry

    what are dipoles?
  71. chemistry

    what's malleability
  72. chemistry

    What's an example of suspensionn?
  73. chemistry

  74. chemistry 12

    what is the relationship between ka and kb? Kw=ka*kb
  75. chemistry

    how do you know that Al(OH)3(s) is a base?
  76. Chemistry

  77. chemistry

    1.what are the functions of pH?
  78. chemistry

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for the help I got from everybody :)
  79. chemistry

    How does pH = 8.75 give (H^+) = 1.77 x 10^-9.

  81. chemistry

    What is periodicity.
  82. Chemistry

    Define a.m.u?

    The [OH1-] with a pH of 5 is
  84. chemistry

    what is fe+s+hcl=
  85. chemistry

  86. Chemistry

    What is 6.35 g divided by 6.02 x 10^23
  87. Chemistry

    When n=3, the possible values of l are: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and/or 0? How do you know?
  88. chemistry

    what is a catalyst
  89. chemistry

    why cant Na be used to prepare H2?
  90. chemistry

    When is there a need to determine G? A. When H > 0 and S < 0 B. When H > 0 and S = 0 C. When H > 0 and S > 0 D. When H = 0 and S < 0
  91. chemistry

  92. chemistry

    what is a mole
  93. chemistry

    0.600 mL= L
  94. Chemistry

    How would you name the compound P4?
  95. Chemistry

    What is Enthalpy?
  96. chemistry

  97. chemistry

    How many moles are there in 23.6g Ag?
  98. chemistry

    what is a compuond?
  99. chemistry

  100. chemistry

    what are isotopes???