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  1. Physics... URGENT !!!!

    A 66.7-kN car is travelling at 66.5 mph when the driver decides to exit the freeway by going up a ramp. After coasting 418 m along the exit ramp the car\'s speed is 28.9 mph, and it is h = 13.1 m above the freeway. What is the magnitude of the average drag
  2. Math plz help me!!! URGENT!!

    Find the volume of a cone with a radius of 10 mm and a height of 6 mm. 628 mm3 600 mm3 1,884 mm3 1,254 mm3*** Find the lateral area of a cone with a radius of 7 ft. and a slant height of 13 ft. Use 3.14 for π and round to the nearest whole number. 439
  3. Physics (please help!!!!)

    Sorry to repost this, again, but I still don't understand. Newton’s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as F(r) = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be
  4. Physics (please help!!!!)

    Sorry to repost this, again, but I still don't understand. Newton’s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as F(r) = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be
  5. help!!!Urgent english

    I have a question.If you have employment,are you looking for work? Pleaase answer quicky........It is due on 22/06/05. Sandy You can have employment but still be looking for another job or advancement in the same area. On the other hand, you can be
  6. English (URGENT)

    How many paragraphs does a literary review have? This is a writing assignment for Grade 12 English. I need to write literary review on an article I find on the internet. I have an identification paragraph that talks about the author's credentials. Then I
  7. Urgent 1 Math question

    Elaine has a customer who needs a box with a volume of 12 cubic inches. Th e customer wants to know what size box is the least expensive to buy. • Th e price will be based on surface area. Th e supplier charges _ 21_ cent per square inch. • Th e
  8. Maths Income Tax

    1) A man with an income of $7500 and allowance of $1800, paid $1824 in tax. What is the rate of taxation? 2) Mr Green earns $95 per week and has allowances of $ 2450. Mrs Patel earns $19400 per annum and has allowances of $3680. They both pay all their tax
  9. English- Urgent

    Can someone extend this paragraph. Rewording and extending please.. I would not let him disgrace us, disgrace himself, disgrace you. You see Annie, dear sweet Annie, My younger sister, he told me he was leaving me for someone, younger, sweeter, kinder than
  10. math(urgent)

    A 7%,6O day note was discounted at 15 days before the maturity date. If the discount rate was 5.5% and the proceeds received were $ 997,77,find a)the amount of discount that was charged b)the discount date if maturity date of the note is 26 october 1991
  11. Math Urgent!

    A manufacturer has recorded the profit P (in dollars) when there is a monthly advertising expenditure of A dollars. The data is recorded in the following table. A 200 500 800 1100 1300 P 8030 14,480 14,630 8480 860 (a) Find a quadratic model for pro fit as
  12. Physics Urgent please help

    A physical pendulum consists of a body of mass contained in the xy-plane. The moment of inertia of the object about an axis perpendicular to the plane and passing through the object's center of mass is I_cm . The object oscillates in the xy-plane about the
  13. Science URGENT!!!

    Mulitple choice: why is it uncommon to draw lewis diagrams for ionic compounds? A.) Lewis diagrams can only illustrate covalent bonding B.) ionic compounds cannot be represented by Lewis diagrams C.) ionic compounds involve electron transfer not electron
  14. math urgent please

    A fish tank in the shape of a cuboid has length 320 cm. Its length is twice that of its width. To enhance viewing, the area of the four vertical faces should be maximized. Find the optimum "viewing area" of a fish tank that is fixed to the wall so that the
  15. English

    Could you please check these few sentences? Thank you. It's urgent! 1) Though you are not a qualified Spanish teacher, I'll be happy to have conversation classes with you during my stay in Madrid. 2) I hope we can meet around 5 p.m. every day starting from
  16. Chemistry

    Can you recommend an easily accessed site for chemistry topics for engineers. (Preferrably with topics of crystallization and inorganic chemistry)
  17. Chemistry

    In polymer chemistry, it is often said that obtaining a polymer with certain desired physical properties is often more a problem of engineering than of chemistry. Why is this the case? bgfhftghgfgfnhgf
  18. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    A piece of wire 14 m long is cut into two pieces. One piece is bent into a square and the other is bent into an equilateral triangle. (a) How much wire should be used for the square in order to maximize the total area? 14 m this one I got right (b) How
  19. chem please help urgent due tomorrow

    I am having trouble on this please help Indicate which of these statements is true? For those that are false,.explain why a) addition reactions always involve compounds with multiple bonds b) all addition reactions produce polymers, but not all polymers
  20. Statistics - Urgent

    If there were two groups: One group who saw a yardstick before estimating its length Another group who did not see a yardstick before estimating its length Would this be a matched pairs design (a person from both groups estimates at the same time, then the
  21. Chemistry

    I'm having a hard time getting started studying for my chemistry midterm. i'm kind of overwhelmed. my teacher gave me a brief study guide, but where would be the best place to start? are notecards effective for studying chemistry?
  22. Urgent help Ms sue

    Education researchers believe that a new approach to tackling truancy may help to reduce truancy levels. They wish to carry out a trial to compare the efficacy of the new approach with an existing approach. It is known that some schools have lower truancy
  23. URGENT! Due soon and I used 8 of 10 attempts

    Archaeologists can determine the age of artifacts made of wood or bone by measuring the amount of the radioactive isotope 14C present in the object. The amount of isotope decreases in a first-order process. If 14.5% of the original amount of 14C is present

    The figure below (a) shows a sphere with a radius of r = 157 mm (density ñ = 1.24 g/cm³) suspended in water by a string. The ball is completely submerged in the water and the string is attached from the bottom of the water tank to the bottom of the
  25. Urgent Help needed in PHYSICS!

    A spherical balloon is inflated to a diameter of 20.0 cm. Assume that the gas in the balloon is of atmospheric pressure (101.3 kPa) and is at a temperature of 20.0 ¡ãC. It is then taken by a diver 15.0 m under the sea. The temperature of the seawater at
  26. math

    triangle ABC has vertices A(3,4), B(4,-3) and C(-4,-1). a. draw a sketch of the triangle b. draw the altitude from vertex A c. find the slope of side BC which is =-1/4 d. find the slope of the altitude from A which is 4 e. find the equation of the line
  27. urgent -plsee

    the cost of 6 cows are same as cost of 8 goats. if cost of 9 cows and twice numbered goats is rs. 9000, then find the cost of 3 cows and 6 goats?
  28. maths(urgent answer pls)

    1).Find the sum of the n terms of the series Sn=1^2 + 3^2 +5^2+...+(2n-1)^2 2).Find the sum to n terms of 1/(1.2.3) + 3/(2.3.4) + 5/(3.4.5) + 7/(4.5.6) +.... 3) Sum to n terms,the series 1.3.5 + 2.4.6 + 3.5.7 +.
  29. Urgent math

    A couple needs a mortgage of $300,000. Their mortgage broker presents them with two options: a 30-year mortgage at 8 1/2% interest or a 15-year mortgage at 7 3/4% interest. (Round your answers to the nearest cent.) (a) Find the monthly payment on the
  30. VERY URGENT math question

    Owen was stacking popcorn balls on a table. He put sixteen balls on the table. He added three more layers. Each layer had four fewer balls than the previous layer. How many popcorn balls in all did Owen put on the table?
  31. Algebra (urgent!)

    I am a bit confused about conjugates in algebra. I am supposed to multiply 8/(the square root of two + 4) by the square root of 2 -4. My math book then goes on to simplify this to (8 times the square root of two minus 32) divided by (2-4 times the square
  32. Spanish #2 (URGENT)

    Can someone check my work? Create a sport skit/presentation using commands and actions. Escuchanos! Vamos a enseñar cómo jugar al futbol. Pon en los zapatos de fútbol. Trae un balón de fútbol. Va al campo. Golfea el balon con el pie. Corre al balon y
  33. calc urgent

    Note that f is continuous on (−∞, 6) and (6, ∞). For the function to be continuous on (−∞, ∞), we need to ensure that as x approaches 6, the left and right limits match. First we find the left limit. lim x→6−
  34. math urgent please help

    Mrs Buttler bought 1,800 shares of Stairwell Mutual Fund At an offer price of $3.00 per share. She later sold the shares at a net asset value of $4.60m per share. During the time Mrs Buttler owned the shares, Stairwell Mutual paid adividend of $0.80 per
  35. Chemistry

    In polymer chemistry, it is often said that obtaining a polymer with certain desired physical properties is often more a problem of engineering than of chemistry. Why is this the case?
  36. algebra 1...urgent

    a high school wrestling mat must be square with 38-foot sides and contain two circles as shown. suppose the inner circle has a radius of "s" feet and the outer circle's radius is nine feet longer than the inner circle. *write an expression for the area of
  37. Physics URGENT

    A speeder passes a parked car at 35.0 m/s. The police car starts from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2.41 m/s^2. A.) How much time passes before the speeder is overtaken by the police car? B.) How far does the speeder get before being overtaken by the
  38. math

    The large red equilateral triangle has sides of 8x units. The midpoints of the red triangle are joined to form the blue triangle. The midpoints of the blue triangle ate joined to form the green triangle. The process of joining midpoints to form new
  39. College Algebra (Urgent)

    The demand equation for a product is p = 60 – 0.0004x, where p is the price per unit and x is the number of units sold. The total revenue for selling x units is shown below. Revenue = xp = x(40 – 0.0004x) How many units must be sold to produce a
  40. Courses *URGENT*

    I have to complete a course selection form for school but I'm having some trouble understanding some of the courses. Can someone please help me please? Science and Technology: This is a science course provided to meet the needs of students requiring a
  41. Plz someone Chem Urgent Help

    The overall energy involved in the formation of CsCl from Cs(s) and Cl2 (g)is - 443 kj/mol. Given the following information: •heat of sublimation for Cs is +76 kj/mol, •bond dissociation energy for ½ Cl2is +121 kj/mol, •E(11) for Cs is +376 kj/mol,
  42. accounting 2 urgent please help

    part 2 thank you Prepare a statement of cash flows, using the indirect method of presenting cash flows from operating activities a.Equipment and land were acquired for cash b.There were no disposal of equipment during the year c.The investments were sold
  43. Physics Urgent!!

    A day on Mars is 24.6 Earth hours long. A year on Mars is 687 Earth days long. How do the angular velocities of Mars’ rotation and orbit compare to the angular velocities of Earth’s rotation and orbit? w(M)/w(E)= and w(My)/w(Ey)= w is what I used to
  44. urgent mc biology

    After the blood in is the left heart you would next find it (a)entering the lungs. (b)entering the tissues, like muscles. (c)entering the right heart. (d)leaving the lungs. (e)leaving the tissues, like the muscles. Please help
  45. Physics - URGENT

    Four forces are acting on an object in static equilibrium: Force 1 has a magnitude of 46.0 N and is acting at an angle of 52 degrees above the positive x-axis. Force 2 has a magnitude of 29 N and is acting along the positive x-axis. Force 3 has a magnitude
  46. US History-- URGENT

    2. Which original political party appeared to have the broader or more democratic base of support? I said the Democratic-Republicans had a broader base of support bc they wanted protection of their basic rights for the common people. There were more common
  47. physics(URGENT)

    A small object of mass m= 30 kg slides down a spherical dome of radius R=12 m without any friction. It starts off at the top (polar angle θ=0) at zero speed. Use g=10 m/s2. What is the magnitude of the force (in Newton) exerted by the dome on the mass

    so i have this french test tomorrow on imparitive, and subjonctif. i have had a lot of trouble remembering them, and telling them apart. can anyone help!? that would be fantastic! thank you so much! its urgent! Imperative (note spelling) means giving a
  49. English

    Can someone check my post? It's urgent. Thank you very much in advance! I like the urban look the most/the worst because it is so cool. These clothes are baggy and comfortable enough to wear anywhere/for work/for school/at parties/to go out. I like to wear
  50. Pre-Algebra [repost]

    I'm sorry I had to repost, but this is urgent and i need it done by today!! Can someone please show me how to do these problems? I've been trying but I'm having a hard time... 1.Simplify the expressions on each side of the equation to obtain an equivalent
  51. MATH URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tara is researching the stork population living in a bird reserve. On her first day, she captures and tags 37 birds. Two weeks later, she captures 48 birds and finds that 30 are not tagged. Estimate the actual number of storks in the bird reserve. 27. In a
  52. physics(URGENT!!!!!)

    A meteorite of mass m= 2 ×104 kg is approaching head-on a planet of mass M= 7 ×1029 kg and radius R= 5 ×104 km. Assume that the meteorite is initially at a very large distance from the planet where it has a speed v0= 5 ×102 km/s. Take
  53. 5th Grade Math - Urgent Part II

    Sorry my question got cut off. 2 to the 6th power times 5 to the 6th power equals 1,000,000. Is there another number that has the prime factorization 2 to the 6th power times 5 to the 6th power? Are you saying the other number that has the same
  54. Biology--Urgent

    Need help with this: 'Social bees survive by collecting nectar or pollen from flowers, pollinating the flower in the process. They must keep their hives at a constant temperature, moisture, and oxygen content for their larvae to develop. One way they do
  55. Geo...Help plz. Urgent.

    It is 11:00am at 68W. Using Standard time, calculate the Line of Longitude at 6:00pm.. Help plz. Thanks so much At 11 AM at longitude 68W (in Eastern Maritime Canada's Atlantic Time Zone), at 6 PM you would be 7 time zones (or about 105 degrees) to the

    related rates: the base of a pyramid-shaped tank is a square with sides of length 12 meters, and the vertex pyramid is 13 meters above the base. the tank is filled to a depth of 5 meters, and water is flowing into the tank at the rate of 2 cubic meters er
  57. Chem Help URGENT

    Could someone help me with these molecular formulas, i don't know what im doing wrong. For this example, i did it like this and it says its incorrect. Could you solve the the equations below your way and i match it to mines? Thank you so much Fe (s) +
  58. Urgent math pls

    The noise from a power mower was measured at 108 dB. The noise level at a rock concert was measured at 119 dB. Find the ratio of the intensity of the rock music to that of the power mower. (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) I tried by 108-119
  59. maths pls help urgent

    A supermarket had an equal number of bottles of shampoo and conditioner. After selling 82 bottles of shampoo and 178 bottles of conditioner, the no. of bottles of conditioner was 1/5 of the bottles of shampoo left. How many bottles of shampoo were left?
  60. Math URGENT HELP

    Find the next three terms in the sequen 1. 30, 22, 14, 6... -3, -12, -21**** -1, -8, -15 -1, -2, 3 -2, -10, -18 4. Find the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression. 4. 3n+5 5,8,11,14 8,11,14,17 3,6,9,12 0,8,11,14 (idk about this
  61. math urgent

    2 rainstorms occurred in one week in a certain area in the first storm, 15ml of rain fell per hour, and in the second storm, 20ml of rain fell per hour. rain lasted for a total of 40 hours, resulting in a total rain of 675ml. how long was each storm. 1st
  62. urgent physics ?

    I have drawn my force body diagrams, but I need help making forming the equation for this problem. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! A 60 kg block slides along the top of a 100 kg block. The lighter block has an acceleration of 3.8 m/s2 when a
  63. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Consider the function f(x)=12x^5+60x^4−100x^3+4. For this function there are four important intervals: (−INF,A], [A,B] ,[B,C] , and [C,INF) where A, B, and C are the critical numbers. Find A, B, and C. At each critical number A, B, and C does
  64. Chem- REALLY URGENT!!!

    2. Methane (CH4), ammonia (NH3), and oxygen (O2) can react to form hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and water according to this equation: CH4 + NH3 + O2  HCN + H2O You have 8 g of methane and 10 g of ammonia in excess oxygen. Answer the following questions:
  65. Quadratic Relations, Algebra, Math

    URGENT!! PLEASE HELP In a volleyball match. Jenny serves the volleyball at 14m/s, from a height of 2.5m above the court. The height o the ball in flight can be estimated using the equation h=-4.9t^2+14t+2.5, where h is the height, in meters, and t is the
  66. maths(urgent....please...)

    A ball is hit at an angle of 36 degrees to the horizontal from 14 feet above the ground. If it hits the ground 26 feet away (in horizontal distance), what was the initial velocity? Assume there is no air resistance. math - Henry, Friday, April 8, 2011 at
  67. sociology

    How about -- class structure in your town or school? prejudice about a particular ethnic group? classroom group projects? perceptions about authority figures? sorry i wrote in dat language i need to do a project in sociology for 20 marks and i am not able
  68. Physics URGENT!!!

    A 41.8 kg girl is standing on a 142. kg plank. The plank, originally at rest, is free to slide on a frozen lake, which is a flat, frictionless surface. The girl begins to walk along the plank at a constant velocity of 1.40 m/s to the right relative to the

    A stationary police car emits a sound of frequency 1200 Hz that bounces off of a car on the highway and returns to the police car with a frequency of 1250 Hz. The police car is right next to the highway, so the moving car is traveling either directly
  70. Art

    Thank you very much. I still need you to check a few urgent things, Writeacher. 1)The line is engaged. Would you hold? Would you like to hold the line? Would you like to hang on/hold on? Which are possible? 2)You needn't have bought the milk; there was
  71. Science URGENT

    Write down the number of hydrogen and oxygen atoms of the following H2O 3H2O 5H2O Write down the number of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms: C6H12O6 2C6H12O6 10C6H12O6 Write down the number of molybdenum, oxygen and hydrogen atoms: Mo(OH)4 3Mo(OH)4
  72. music

    IS THERE ANY MUSIC TEACHERS THAT CAN HELP ME PLEAS??? ITS REALLY URGENT yes do you know what singing points are please? Ok, try this. A point can be defined as the subject of a fugue. In the piece you're analyzing, is there a part that more than one voice
  73. PHYSICS Urgent help please

    A red ball is thrown up off the edge of a building 10 m tall with an initial speed of 4 m/s. A) how long does it take for the red ball to strike the ground below? B) If a black ball is dropped off the edge of the same building, how many seconds after the
  74. Language Arts URGENT!

    2. Which of the following from "Take the Junk Out of Marketing Food for Kids" is an example of semantic slanting? (1 point) "food pyramid" "food manufacturers" "food police" 3. Which of the following testimonials would be MOST appropriate to support the
  75. English

    Can you help me express the following ideas in a letter? It is really urgent and I don't want to be misunderstood. Thank you. 1) We're looking for a double room plus extra bed for my six-year-old child for 15 nights from 4 August to 19 August. 2) In
  76. physics (urgent)

    A car of mass 1000kg is travelling along a straight flat road at a constant speed of 30.0ms^-1. It then accelerates with constant acceleration of 3.00ms^-2 for 10.0s, after which it continues to travels at a constant speed. Determine: (a) The final speed

    Find the next three terms in the sequen 1. 30, 22, 14, 6... -3, -12, -21 -1, -8, -15 -1, -2, 3 -2, -10, -18**** 4. Find the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression. 4. 3n+5 5,8,11,14 8,11,14,17 3,6,9,12 0,8,11,14 (idk about this
  78. Math Please Urgent

    Here are the questions I need help with, please help. [(1/4)^-3 divide sign (1/4)^2]^-2 I got (1/4)^10 but I got it wrong (3^1/2)^3 _______ I got 1/216 9 (-56r^2)divide sign (-7r^2)= I got 8r x(y)(x)(2y) (12) (10xy^3) (3x^2y^2) (5x) (2y) simplify sqaure
  79. Health and Physical Education 8 - It's urgent!

    Please check my answers because I need to do good at this. 1. When consuming fats the healthiest choice is foods high in? A. saturated fats B. unsaturated fats * C. trans fat D. cholesterol 2. The body's main energy source should come from what essential
  80. Urgent gr11 trig!!!

    A tidal wave reaches low tide at 3:00AM and high tide at 3:00PM. The tide can rise and fall 10m from the sea level. If at low tide the water level is 2m above the seabed (bottom of the sea) a) determine an equation to model the sea level above the sea bed
  81. Calc- Urgent Please

    An open box (has a bottom but no top) needs to be constructed which has a volume of 500 cu. in. The bottom of the box is to be a square. Let x be one of the sides of the bottom. Express the area of the four sides and bottom of box as a function of x alone.
  82. Urgent Chem help plz

    is answer +103 KJ.. plz chk Plz explain in detail.... i tried to search on internet but i am confused with co-efficents.. how to set up the equaiton .. plz help me ??? Bond enthalpy is the energy required to break a mole of a certain type of bond. O=O =
  83. Help! Urgent!

    You know tangentTheta=h/4 take the derivative sec^2 Theta * dTheta/dt= 1/4 dh/dt you know dtheta/dt solving for dh/dt You know sec Theta from the right triangle: sec theta = sqrt(h^2 +16) /h check me. Georgina: in the future, please put the title in the
  84. Science Geology (URGENT)

    WHICH OF THE FOLLIWING BEST DESCRIBES THE FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT OF SUPERPOSITION 1. Strata with fossils are generally deposited on strata with no fossils 2. older strata generally are deposited on younger strata without intervening,intermediate age strata 3.
  85. MATH URGENT!!!!

    An investigator was interested in studying the effect of taking a course in child development on attitudes toward childrearing. At the end of the semester, the researcher distributed a questionnaire to students who had taken the child development course.
  86. biology urgent

    Glucose is transported into a cell through a process of co-transport, where it is moved against its concentration gradient through a membrane channel. Moving any molecule against its concentration gradient requires energy, but these glucose channels do not
  87. urgent!!!words questions dued tomorrow

    Each phase is an anagram of a country and it's capital city. 1.CHEESE GARNET 2.OSSARIUM COWS 3.RARE NAUTICAL ARABS 4.SAVE UNITARIAN 5.ROYAL ITEM If don't know all still tell me what you know.HURRYHURRYHURRY... The first and last are in southern Europe,
  88. English

    The sentence "Like a boil that can never be cured as long as it is covered up but must be opened with all its pus-flowing ugliness to the natural medicines of air and light, injustice must likewise be exposed" communicates a(n) __________ tone. A. Urgent
  89. Contracts URGENT!

    I have a question on Contracts, Janice bought a gym membership at a local fitness club. Does the Sale of Goods Act govern this contract? Provide a statutory reference. This is my answer: Yes, Sale of Goods Act does govern this contract. The Sale of Goods
  90. URGENT HELP: calculus - limits at inifinity

    1.The efficiency of an internal combustion engine is: efficiency (%) = 100 [1 - (1/(x/y)^c)] where x/y is the ratio of the uncompressed gas to the compressed gas and C is a positive constant dependent on the engine design. Find the LIMIT of the efficiency
  91. Ecomonics(Urgent,please respond)

    The table below shows the market basket quantities and prices for the base year (year 1) Base year 1 Price in price Quantity base year yr 2 Product Pizza 15 $3 $3.75 t-shirts 4 $10 $9 rent 1 $500 $550 In year 1 the CPI was? In year 2 the CPI was? I know
  92. algebra (urgent help needed)

    1. a chemical compound requires 8 ounces of chemical a and 12 ounces of chemical b. a mixture contains 24 ounces of chemical a and 30 ounces of chemical b. how can you fix the mixture to make the chemical compound?
  93. maths-urgent

    Arjun spent Rs.12 to purchase some pens and pencils.The cost of a pen and pencil are in the ratio 3:2. the total cost of a pen and a pencil is Rs. 3. if the total number of pens and pencils he purchased is7, find the number of pens he purchased.
  94. Algebra, URGENT!!!

    1) Mio can build a large shed in 15 days less than Yuuko can. If they build it together, it would take them 18 days. How long would it take each of them working alone? 2) If Kamina can do a job in 29 hours and Simon and Kamina working together can do the
  95. Maths proportions

    1) Nine milk bottles contain 4.5 litres of milk between them.How much do five bottles hold? 2) A shopkeeper can buy 36 toys for $20.52. What will he pay for 120 toys? 3) Three men can build a wall in 10 hours. How many men would be needed to build the wall
  96. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me. It's really urgent. 1) Our science teachers are enthusiastic about your proposal of holding our first meeting in Italy. 2)However, prior to our meeting, the head of our science department would like to discuss
  97. science-plz help this is so urgent!

    8. a) after the oceans, where is the next largest reserve of water found? b) does this reserve contain salt water or fresh water? Fresh water lakes on the surface. Glaciers and icecaps account for a greater amount of water than lakes swamps and rivers if
  98. Physics Help Please!!!! Urgent!!

    1) A 10 kg lead brick rests on a wooden table. if a force of 46N is required to slide the brick across the table at a constant velocity, what is the coefficient of friction? 2) A horizontal force of 100N is applied to a 200 kg refrigerator sitting on a
  99. Chemistry

    Chemistry and engineering topics how chemistry relates to engineering for my 10 page research paper
  100. Physics Help Urgent

    On a dare, you decide to try bungee jumping. You fall freely you are moving at 15 m/s downward. At that point the cord begins to stretch. The cord slows you to a stop as it stretches, then pulls you back upwards. When the cord is no longer pulling on you,