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  1. Math-Urgent help please.

    Two cards are selected, without replacing the first card, from a standard deck. Find the probability of selecting an ace (A), and then selecting a 4 (B): (choose 2) 0.603% 0.592 0.592% They are dependent events. 0.00592
  2. 5th grade math urgent

    Okay look: 00-01-$7586 01-02-$8022 02-03-$8502 03-04-$9249 04-05-$9877 Jason started college during the 2001-2002 year and graduated during the 04-05 year. How much did Jason's education cost? How do you do it????
  3. Physics 2 (URGENT)

    Which of the following has an acceleration in the same direction as the object's motion? 1. Vi=3.5m/s [east]; Vf=7.5m/s [east] 2. Vi=45km/h [north]; Vf=60km/h [north] 3. Vi=15m/s [right]; Vf=10m/s [left] Textbook Ans: 1 and 2 Can someone explain why? Cause
  4. Geography

    Jared Diamond’s theory that geography was the principal factor in determining how Europeans came to dominate the world can also be seen as an explanation of how particular systems have formed and clashed throughout history. Explain. I NEED AN ANSWER
  5. Honors Biology - URGENT!!!

    Without oxygen, cellular respiration grinds to a standstill, although glycolysis can continue to make some ATP anaerobically for a short time. When oxygen runs out, why does electron transport stop? Why do you thing the Krebs cycle stops?
  6. math-college URGENT**

    in sentence form using one variable and one equation/inequality solve: sue makes $15/hour tutoring and averages $10/hour waitressing. Out of 30 hrs working time, what is the minimum # of hours she should tutor if she is to make at least $475?
  7. Physics URGENT

    5uC charges are at the base vertices of an equilateral triangle 0.4m on a side. What is the electric field at the third vertice? im not completely sure how to start that.. don't i need the force to calculate the x&y components? NO. Figure E directly from a

    A) NaOH(s) > NaOH(aq) B) NaOH(s) + HCl(aq) > NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) C) NaOH(aq) + HCl(aq) > NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) Examine the 3 reaction equations, and determine the relationship between them. Demonstrate this relationship by combining the equations in a
  9. Chemistry - bobpursley pls help

    Posted by candy on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 3:12pm. Yes, my NaOH is granular. Why 7ml of 10M HCl? Do I add 7ml of 10M HCl 1st slowly in ice bath, then slowly adjust the pH to 7 using 10M HCl? Then to dilute to 15ml in a graduated cylinder? Thanks
  10. AD Analysis (URGENT)

    I have to do an ad analysis on alcohol and I've decided to use a GREY GOOSE vodka ad. Here's the question I'm having trouble with. Why do you think the person who created this ad has presented substance use in this way? I don't know how to answer it. All I
  11. algebra..urgent!!!!

    MArta has $6000 to invest. She puts x dollars of this money into a savings account that earns 2% interest per year. With the rest, she buys a certificate of deposit that earns 4% per year. i need 2 different equations. [using a=prt and/or a=p(1+r/n)^nt]
  12. Physics - urgent, please help!

    10pm. I asked "Show mathematically that to produce an image that is the same size as the object in a concave mirror, the object needs to be at twice the focal length from the mirror." and bobpursley answered: "1/o + 1/o=1/f 1/2f + 1/i=1/f 1/i=1/2f i=2f
  13. physics help needed very urgent !!!

    The figure shows four penguins that are being playfully pulled along very slippery (frictionless) ice by a curator. The masses of three penguins and the tension in two of the cords are m1 = 10.5 kg, m3 = 14.7 kg, m4 = 22.05 kg, T2 = 120 N, and T4 = 236 N.
  14. maths urgent please

    Hi, a particle is moving in simple harmonic motion such that a = -4x. ( x in metres, t in seconds) Find the maximum speed at which the particle is travelling. Velocity = 6cos2t. My teacher said to put t = 0 and sub it into velocity equation above, but I
  15. Physics Derivation URGENT!!

    Can someone please show me how to derive this...I am going crazy I have tried everyhthing that I can think of with this equation..even the Range Equation and that doesnt work! So please! I am dying and aahaha! How does this work in terms of mass and L? I
  16. linear algebra-urgent

    1)let w=[3;4] and u=[1;2] a) find the projection p of u onto w. I found this to be p=[1.32;1.76] b) find a scalar k for which the vector kp has a norm that is equal to one. k=? d)find a vector that is orthogonal to span{w} s=? how do I do this
  17. math

    A cubical water tank has each edge 5m long. Find the volume of water in the tank if 1/5th of the tank is empty. Pls help... Urgent***
  18. Precalculus(URGENT)

    write the parabola in y squared=4ax or x squared =4ax form where x equals the distance between the foci and the centerpoint y= -(x+3)squared +4 i have no idea how to do this can you tell me how you got the solution
  19. 8th grade math HELP URGENT!!!

    Solve Each equation by first dividing each side of the equation by the number outside the parentheses. When would you recommend using this method to solve an equation? Explain. A. 9(x-4)=72. B. 8(x+5)=60
  20. alg 2+urgent please.

    2/the 6th root of 81 the answer gave an answer of "2 3rd root of 3/3" sorry i didn't type the root signs, i dunno how. can you show me how to work this?
  21. history urgent please!

    The most dominant merchant and traders of the Indian Ocean Trade network were Chinese merchants Muslim and Arab merchants African merchants Australian and Oceania merchants European Merchants
  22. Economics

    Present value equivalent for geometrically increasing series when the first year base of 4,000 increasing at 4% per year to year 15 at an interest rate 17% compounded continuously? urgent Help please
  23. MATH - URGENT!!!

    In how many ways can you spell the word COOL in the grid below? You can start on any letter, then on each step you can step one letter in any direction (up, down, left, right, or diagonal). You cannot visit the same letter twice. C C C C C L O O O L L O O

    What shold an artist do first in order to draw a two-point perspective image? A. Use orthogonal lines. B. Use value changes C. Draw all vertical lines D. Draw a horisan line C?
  25. Earth Science to Ms.Sue (urgent )

    18.   The Cenozoic Era is also referred to as the  A. Age of Dinosaurs. B. Age of Mammals. C. Age of Fish. D. First Era. B???
  26. Physics URGENT! PLEASE

    An object in equilibrium has three forces exerted on it. A 36 N force acts at 90° from the x axis and a 42 N force acts at 60°. What are the magnitude and direction of the third force?
  27. Honors Biology - URGENT!!!

    ATP is used to power the movement of your muscles as you turn the pages of a book. Where did the energy in the ATP come from? Trace the energy in the ATP molecule back to the sun.
  28. Algebra (urgent!)

    A line has the equation x = my + b for some real nonzero constants m and b. a. In terms of m and/or b, what is the x-intercept of this line? b. In terms of m and/pr b, what is the slope of this line? I have no idea how to solve this, so please walk me
  29. Physics URGENT

    I did a lab on DC circuits, and we calculated the resistance of multiple resistors in parallel. Resistance of Resistor 1 & 2 = 1000 +/- 5% so R1 =1000+/- 50 R2= 1000 +/1 50 i need to calculate R using the equation... R= 1/R1 + 1/R2 I am confused as to what
  30. plz urgent!

    An accounting report that shows the changes in capital during the accounting period is: a.) a balance sheet. b.) an income statement. c.) a statement of owner's equity. d.) All of these answers are correct.
  31. Physics Urgent!!!!! I really need help with this

    Sorry to repost this, again, but I still don't understand. Newton’s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as F(r) = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational constant G can be
  32. Physics (urgent please)

    Using the approximation formula for the doppler shift, fo=fs(1+Vrel/c), one finds that a source is moving aways at 0.60c. What result would the exact formula yield for the recession speed? I have not idea how to figure this one out. Help please.
  33. Physics Urgent!!!!!

    OK, I know, I'm postin this way too many times but I'm halfway there now.... Newton’s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as F(r) = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational
  34. Physics Urgent!!!!!

    OK, I know, I'm postin this way too many times but I'm halfway there now.... Newton’s Law of Gravity specifies the magnitude of the interaction force between two point masses, m1 and m2, separated by the distance r as F(r) = Gm1m2/r^2. The gravitational
  35. math help urgent

    what di di do wrong in this??? the question is: x-8y=18 -16x+16y=-8 i did : first multiplied the first equation with 2 then 2x-16y=36 -16+16y=-8 ----------- -14x=28 x=28/-14 x=-2 now x-8y=18 (-2)-8y=18 -8y=18+2 -8y=20 y=20/-8 y= 2.5 plz help me what did i
  36. Social Studies Urgent

    under a socialist government, who make the decisions? can citizens take part in the decisions? or the government makes all the decisions please help and thank you
  37. science

    i need to solve this : 1. we should show the chemical structure of oligosaccharide which contains 2 galactoses and 1 saccharose. 2. compare the difference in physical features og dicarboxylic acids and glucose beta chain 3. determine the calorific value of
  38. Physics - urgent

    A pipe 0.14 meters long and capped at one end exists in a room where the speed of sound is 350 m/s. Determine the three lowest frequencies that will resonate within the tube. [Enter the frequencies in order from lowest to highest.]
  39. Physics(urgent)

    A ball is thrown horizontally from the roof of a building 58.5 m tall and lands 38.7 m from the base. What was the ball's initial speed in m/s? Hint: Find the horizontal velocity by calculating the time of flight and using the horizontal distance.
  40. Physics Urgent please help

    A disc has charge distribution sigma and radius R . What is the Electric Field in N/C at a point P , located a distance x directly above the center of the disc?Write your answer in terms of sigma, R ,x , k, and pi (type "pi"). Indicate multiplication with
  41. Algebraic word problem damon or steve plz interven it urgent

    precious father is 5times older than his daughter precious and precious is twice as old as his brother two year time the sum of there age wil 58 how old is precious nw
  42. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Simplify: 4s raised to the negative 2 power - (4t)raised to the -2 power
  43. Science

    URGENT! How is Miami's summer solstice different from Singapore's summer solstice?
  44. Technology

    Which of the following is an example of a recent development in technology Need help urgent Please whats the answer and the right answer
  45. math-urgent

    show that if A= A inverse, then det(A) = +/- 1 if A(transpose) = A(inverse), what is det(A)?
  46. Math, URGENT!

    What is the decimal equivalent of 1,932% and how do you get the answer to the decimal equivalent?
  47. Algebra 2 URGENT

    simplify: x+2 __ x to the second power + x-2 _____ 2x X+2 divided by x to the second power plus x-2 divided by 2x

    The values for x when f(x) = 0 are: x=-2 and x=3 My question is: The function f(x) can be written in the form of a(x-p)(x-q)(x-r) Write down one possible set of values for p, q, and r? Now Ive got the correct answer x = -3, 2 and 2 Could you show me
  49. URGENT: Please help with Physics

    Suppose the mass of each of two spherical objects is doubled, and the distance between their centers is three times as large. How is the magnitude of the force of gravity between them affected? (Points : 5) It is 4/9 as large. It is 4/3 as large. It is 2/9
  50. Math (urgent)

    the equation x^2+y^=25 describes a circle with center at the origin and radius 5. The line y=x-1 passes through the circle. Using the substitution method, find the points at which the circle and line intersect. a) (4,3) and (-4,-3) b) (3,4) and (-3,-4) c)
  51. URGENT

    An urn contains a total of 9 marbles out of which 2 are red, 3 are white, and the remaining are blue. Two marbles are drawn out of the urn in succession. What is the probability that both marbles are the same color if: a. Replacement is allowed? b.The

    if answers are wrong tell me the correct ones please. Thank you! which description fits the limerick about the fellow named Hall? A) a poem about something funny with five lines. B) a serious poem without rhyme<--- C)a poem about nature with three
  53. MATHS HELP URGENT.pleasee

    The area of a triangle ABC is 126 AC=13 cm , BC = 21 cm, what is the length of AB? where, triangle ABC is a scalene triangle
  54. Drug Abuse (URGENT)

    What are some non physical effects of marijuana use? I've found lots of physical but I can't seem to find any non physical effects. Can someone help me please. Thanks very much.
  55. Urgent--Spanish help! :(

    6. Which Spanish city is known for the fact that people of three different religions peacefully lived there together? Avila Madrid Segovia Toledo 7. How would you express your agreement with the following statement? No me gusta equiar. Pues, me gusta
  56. Economics

    Hi, would anyone please help me with this question for economics. It for an assignment due in several days, and it is very urgent, because I cant information about it, and our school teacher in absent until the day it is due. thank you Trade unions and
  57. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Solve the problem. Round answer to the nearest hundredth. Please Show All Work! Suppose a pool has dimensions 12 ft. by 30 ft. A sidewalk of uniform width around the pool has an area of 200 square feet. What is the width of the walkway?
  58. calculas(URGENT..... PLEASE....)

    1) A region is bounded by the line y = x and the parabola y = x2 - 6x + 10. What is the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region about the x-axis? would u please give the explanation with a detailed steps to the answer because i am not able to
  59. Math College Algebra (urgent before 2hours)

    Find the zeros of the following USE ALL THE THREE METHODS FOR EACH NUMBER ( Factoring, Completing the Squares and Quadratic Formula) 1.f(x) =3x+5 2.g(y)=y^2-3y+2 3.s(xl= -6x^2-13x+5 Please help me I need this before 2 hours to come. Please help me hpw to
  60. Math

    URGENT! an artist intends to paint a 60-square-foot mural on a large wall that is 18 ft wide and 11 ft tall. find the dimensions of the mural if the artist leaves a border of uniform width around it. Pls show me how'd you get your answer
  61. Chemistry (URGENT)

    I have a test soon. If you can help me with these questions, that would be great. 1. Define and describe the following. a)Alkaline - metal - base b)Corrosive - burn/eat away - acid c)Caustic - harsh - both? (acid + base) d)Low pH - 0-6.99 - acid Please
  62. business/math

    what is the answer to: you obtain a margin loan of 18000 to puchase some stock. the effective intrest rate on the loan is much intrest will you pay if you repay the loan in 3 month. urgent respone needed
  63. physics urgent

    a metal sample carrying a current along X-axis with density Jx is subjected to a magnetis field Bz(along z-axis). the electric field Ey developed along Y-axis is directly proportional to Jx as well as Bz. the constant of propotionality has SI unit. 1.
  64. Math Help in need of urgent assistance

    A tower casts a 235-foot-long shadow. If the angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the tower is 66.3°, how high is the tower? (Round your answer to one decimal place.)
  65. Urgent math

    A man gets a job with a salary of $40,000 a year. He is promised a $1900 raise each subsequent year. Find his total earnings for a 10-year period. I got 59,000 and it is wrong what it the correct answer?
  66. Social Studies URGENT

    1. Why was the bison hunt so important to the Metis? Because the bison provided food for the Metis and clothes were made from the hides. 2. Activities/Lifestyle of Metis? ??? Can someone please check #1 and assist me with #2. Help is greatly appreciated.

    How do the following terms relate to one another with respect to a single genetic locus? - Wild Type Allele(s) - Mutant Allele(s) - Gene Product(s) - Population - Genotype - Phenotype - Dominant Allele - Recessive Allele - Individual - Number of different
  68. VERY URGENT Language arts

    “First of all I dismembered the corpse. I cut off the head and the arms and the legs? What kind of context clues helps you determine the meaning of dismembered? Characteristics Contrasting words Examples Explanatory words and phrases*** Am I correct?
  69. Math - Urgent!

    Can you show that you can share a square pizza equally between two people by cutting it four times using vertical, horizontal and diagonal (45 degree cuts) through any point inside the square? If you could give an explanation as well as an answer I'd be
  70. calculus

    Find the dimensions of the right circular cylinder of greatest volume which can be inscribe in a right circular cone with radius of 5 inches and a hieght of 12 inches(hint:use similar triangle property).also draw a label diagram....plz answer its too
  71. URGENT Physics help

    An attractive force of 7.2 N occurs between two point charges that are 0.10 m apart. If one charge is 4.0 µC, what is the other charge? (µC = 1.0 × 106 C) (Points : 3) 1.0 µC 2.0 µC +1.0 µC +2.0 µC Which substance is most easily grounded? (Points :
  72. Math, HELP!! URGENT!

    Please Simplify: (1/8)(40v−24y)−(1/7)(21v−35y+9)−(1/6) (1/11)(55x−22)−(1/2)(18x−2v)
  73. Calculus (Urgent Help)

    The graph of y=cos x * ln cos^2x has seven horizontal tangent lines on the interval [0,2pi]. Find the x-coordinate of all points at which these tangent lines occur.

    Convert 8.6 x 10^13 Hz to nanometers. Assuming this is a light wave, Frequency*wavelength= speed oflight jiko like question jiko know all. ;.)
  75. Urgent Math

    Solve it step by step! Find the area below f(x) =-x^2 + 4x +3 and above g(x) = -x^3 +7x^2-10x + 5 over the interval of [1 ≤ x ≤ 2]. Show the overlap or shaded area of the graph.
  76. Geometry(Very Urgent!!!)

    Triangle NQP is an equilateral triangle with the measure of angle N=5x-2y and the measure of angle P=x+2y. Find the values of x and y. Show all work to receive credit.
  77. English II(urgent)

    to a person who can delete posts....can you please delete my essay assignment that I posted yesterday? it is under one of my "English III" posts. I don't want it on the site anymore ya know? THANK YOU
  78. Calculus (Urgent Help)

    The graph of y=cos x * ln cos^2x has seven horizontal tangent lines on the interval [0,2pi]. Find the x-coordinate of all points at which these tangent lines occur.
  79. chem urgent!!

    At a temperature of 35 °C, fluorine gas effuses through a pinhole at a rate of 8.7 L s−1. What is the speed of the fluorine as it effuses through the pinhole? i no u use the eq. 3rt/M ^.5 but i get 20 for the answer but it is really 450.
  80. Maths (URGENT)

    The values for x when f(x) = 0 are: x=-2 and x=3 My question is: The function f(x) can be written in the form of a(x-p)(x-q)(x-r) Write down one possible set of values for p, q, and r? Now Ive got the correct answer x = -3, 2 and 2 Could you show me step
  81. URGENT Statistics

    In performing two-tailed hypothesis test with v=20, you obtain a t-statistic of 2.41. The p-value is: Between 2% and 5%. I need help understanding how this range was gotten. I know that the t-statistic is between t.025 and t.01 and since this is a 2-tailed
  82. Science Help Urgent!!!!!

    A particular neutral uranium atom has 92 protons, 143 neutrons, and an atomic mass of 235. How many electons does the atom have? a. 92 b. 143 c. 235 d. 337 Is the answer A?

    I had posted these questions before but no one helped me so ill repeat the questions: Please Help Me :) 1. would karyotypes from the same family look similar? Explain. 2. Provide one reason as to why it would be useful to compare karyotypes of family
  84. maths urgent

    1/5 of J's money is equal to 1/3 of S's money. The difference in their amount is 1/2 of A's money. If Adam gives $120 to S, S will have the same amount of money as J. How much do the 3 people have altogether?(please show me a model method, not algebra)
  85. math URGENT

    okay i need to find the domain and range of this z(x) = ãx^2 - 100 (everything is in the square root) so i think i found the domain i got [-10,10] but i don't know about the range i solved for x and got stuck here x=ãy^2 + 100 helppp pleaseee :)

    find the radius and interval of convergence for the series the series from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^(n+1)*x^n)/n! I did the ratio test so I had the Lim as n approaches infinity of -x/(n+1), but this is 0, giving no radius, so I think I did something
  87. Maths Calculus Derivative Integral - Urgent Please

    Use 2nd Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find derivative of f(x) = integral of 2x^2 (at the top) to x-5 (at the bottom) of square root of Sin(x)dx
  88. Calculus(urgent please help)

    Consider the following function f(x)=x^2/[x^2-9] f(x) is increasing on the interval(s) f(x) is decreasing on the interval(s) f(x) has 2 vertical asymptotes x= f(x) is concave up on the interval(s) f(x) concave down on the interval(s) I've been stuck on
  89. URGENT-economics

    How do you find the equilibrium price & level of output give Demand Data: P & Quantity Demanded Cost Data: Output & Total cost
  90. Chem please help urgent

    why is the formation of a condensation polymer impossible in these cases ? A) ethanoic acid + NH2CH2CH2CH2CH2NH2 B) ethanoic acid+CH3CH2NH2 C) HOOC-CH2-COOH + CH3CH2NH2
  91. Image Search (URGENT)

    Can someone please tell me how I would be able to find 19th century (1815-1901) pictures of canadian landscapes such as: architecture (houses, churches, towns, cities) transportation (roads, cars, rails, bridges) farms native villages industry recreational
  92. Chem Urgent Help Please!!!!

    Chromatography is a powerful analytical technique for separating complex mixtures into their components. Do you think it would be practical to use it on a large scale for preparative purposes? Consider the problems this would involve. You have a product
  93. science-VERY URGENT

    I think it's A or C, but I need to know because it's due in an hour. Please help thank you, it's my last question on the homework. A flower is red, has a long tube formed by fusion of petals, has nectar at the bottom of the tube, has no landing platform,
  94. English

    Can you briefly chech these few sentences, please? Thank you very much. They are urgent. 1) Dorian's wish for eternal beauty and youth could be connected to Goethe's Faust. 2) The portrait returns beautiful as original (or as it originally was?) 3) I
  95. physics urgent

    I need help with this problem. I know the answer is (2.1630342940) but I have no idea how to get there. I know i need to sum the forces for each. Block m1( 6 kg ), lies on an incline plane with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.15. m1 is connected to
  96. CALCULUS-URGENT- no one will respond!!!

    find the radius and interval of convergence for the series the series from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^(n+1)*x^n)/n! I did the ratio test so I had the Lim as n approaches infinity of -x/(n+1), but this is 0, giving no radius, so I think I did something
  97. Physics Urgent please help

    In addition to the Mg nucleus at x = 3 cm, another 3e charge is situated on the y-axis,3cm away from the origin in the +y direction.What is the magnitude of the Electric Field halfway between the Magnesium nucleus and the 3e charge on the y axis in N/C ?
  98. science...URGENT

    How are well developed soils similar to young soils? How are they different? Please help... i don't knoiw anything about it. pleae don't ask me to refer to my book... i don't have it with me...i googled it but i don't get any specific answer....plz help
  99. History (urgent!)

    Hi, I was wondering what a princess's job in the community was...I would prefer specific links to sites--that would be very helpful! Also, I need to know why a princess's job is important to the community. Thank you so much!! :)
  100. URGENT physics

    M1 is a spherical mass (38.6 kg) at the origin. M2 is also a spherical mass (10.3 kg) and is located on the x-axis at x = 59.8 m. At what value of x would a third mass with a 20.0 kg mass experience no net gravitational force due to M1 and M2?