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  1. Urgent Math

    The price of oil decreased from $54 per barrel to $50 per barrel. What is the percent decrease in oil prices?
  2. French Cuisine (URGENT)

    I need to find 5 foods (dishes/meals) from before the french revolution. I've searched and can't find anything. Can someone help me please? Thank you very much
  3. Urgent ..!Math

    If a car covers 82.5km in 5.5 liters of petrol, how much distance will it cover in 13.2 liters of petrol?

    Triangle ACE is a circumscribed triangle. Points B, D and F are the points of tangency. If AC= 16 and AE is 9 cm and CE = 15 cm . Find AD, FE and CD HELP PLEASE VERY URGENT
  5. Math! URGENT

    Describe the number of solutions for the equation. -2(x-1)=2x-2 A. Infinite solutions B. One solution C. No solution Is the answer B?
  6. Math. Urgent please help

    ABC is an isosceles triangle. If AB =AC =16, BC=8. D is the midpoint of side AC , and G is the centroid of triangle ABC , find BD .
  7. math help please urgent

    the difference of two numbers is 27. the first number is equal to one more than twice the value of the second number. find both numbers. please show work.

    In each fruit hamper there were 7 oranges and 5 apples. 9 hampers were sold. How many pieces of fruit were sold together?
  9. Urgent Calc Help!!! Thanks!

    Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum values of f on the given interval. f(x) = xe^((−x^2)/98), [−6, 14]
  10. Math! URGENT

    Describe the number of solutions for the equation. 5(x-9)=5x A. No solution B. One solution C. Infinite solutions Is the answer B? Thank You for any help.
  11. math question 4- very urgent !

    Find the average value of f(x) = x^3 + 3 for 0 ≤ x ≤ 2 and find all values of x* described in the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals.
  12. Sign language

    if you write with your left hand you are said to be left handed in asl which would be your non dominant hand? Urgent!!!
  13. Social Studies-URGENT

    I'm doing a project for social studies, and I want to know if the African Queen Lily grows in Sudan. Please help!
  14. linear algebra urgent

    For the orthogonal matrix A = 1/sqrt(2) -1/sqrt(2) -1/(sqrt(2)) -1/sqrt(2) verify that (Ax,Ay)=(x,y) for any vectors x and y in R2. Can someone please explain this
  15. Urgent math

    5x + 2.8(480-x) = 2.68(480
  16. MATH URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    SIMPLIFY: s^2+4s-4 SIMPLIFY: x^2-4x-3
  17. Urgent please help! matrices

    solve using matrices x+3y-3z=12 3x-y+4z=0 -x+2y-z=1
  18. Math Urgent

    (square rt. 5) +(square rt. 20)=
  19. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Sally invested a total of $4500, some at 9% per year and the rest at 6% per year. The return from the 9% investment exceeds that from the 6% investment by $180. How much did she invest at each rate?
  20. math(urgent)

    What is the value of the variable cost ? If the break even point is $ 130, the fixed cost is $ 330, selling price per unit is $ 25,and unit of sell is $50. (3 marks)
  21. maths-urgent

    a man has 3 unique coins such that the probability of obtaining a head when the coin is flipped is 1 10 , 2 10 and 3 10 , respectively. If he flips each of the 3 coins once, the probability that at least 1 heads appears is p . What is the value of 1000 p ?
  22. Math (URGENT)

    write a formula that gives you the number of regions formed when x points are placed on a circle and all possible chords are drawn. ex. 2pts has 2 regions, 3pts has 4 regions, 5pts has 17 regions
  23. Physics URGENT!!!

    A hockey puck is hit on a frozen lake and starts moving with a speed of 9.7 m/s. 4.1 seconds later, its speed is 7.2 m/s. (c) How far does the puck travel during the time interval?

    Two forces are exerted on an object. A 32 N force acts at 220° and a 53 N force acts at 315°. What are the magnitude and direction of the equilibrant? ___N ___°
  25. urgent help!

    ASAP help please. Choose one destination that is represented by a flag. Write a paragraph about the effects of climate change in that destination. I do not know what to choose for this just give me ideas plz.
  26. MATH

    this basic recipe for split pea soup serves 8 people. Find the amount of each ingredient that serves 32 people. I CANT FIGURE IT OUT URGENT QUESTION
  27. urgent math

    find the equilibrium point for the demand and supply functions D(p)=79-8p and S(p)=37+6p, where p is the price, in dollars, D(p) is the number of units demanded, and S(p) is the number of units supplied.
  28. Math (URGENT)

    solve for x, 0 ¡Ü x < 360 tan2x+1=0 My answers: 22.5, 157.5, 202.5, 337.5 Textbook: 67.5, 157.5, 247.5, 337.5 I don't understand. Am I wrong? Thanks for your help.
  29. Calculus Urgent

    graph y=cos(pi*x/2) and y=1-x^2 and use integration to find the area in between the curve. Okay, so when I graph these two I see that they like overlap during the [-1,1] x interval. But maybe there is still a small gap in between? But I'm not sure if the
  30. Math URGENT!!!

    Jason bought 10 of the 30 raffle tickets for a drawing. What is the probability that Jason will win all 3 of the prizes if once a raffle ticket wins a prize it is thrown away?
  31. Math (urgent) hw due tommorow!

    The speed of a stream is 3 km/h. A boat travels 25 km upstream in the same time it takes to travel 35 km downstream. What is the speed of the boat in still water?
  32. URGENT - Vectors

    Two vectors, A and B, are added by means of vector addition to give a resultant vector R. The magnitudes of A and B are 9 m and 8 m, respectively, and they can have any orientation. What are the maximum and minimum possible values for the magnitude of R?
  33. Science (urgent)

    Suppose 13.7kJ of heat are removed from 33.5g liquid sample of ethanol at 26.8^oC. When all this heatis removed from the substance, at what temperature and in what states will you find the substance?
  34. Math please help urgent!!

    2. If m<1=43, what is m <4? 53 43****** 37 27 3. If m <1=43, what is m <5? 50**** 40 35 25 <=the angle sign Unfortunately i can not link the graph. But it is horizontal and a vertical crossing line then a diagonal line drawn through each

    a. Solve a – 9 = 20 b. Solve b – 9 > 20 c. How is solving the equation in (a) similar to solving the inequality in (b)? d. How are the solutions different? I don't know how to do this i forgot ... could u help (Steve, or Mrs.Sue, or Writeteacher plz
  36. physics

    a rod is having a positive charge and a point charge is placed at a distance 'd' from it making angle 45 degree with one end and 37 degree with the other.calculate field. plz answer its urgent.
  37. English

    Write the derivative. Urgent care doctors use a variety of methods to determine a patient's ______. (sentient) Choices: sentient or sentience Answer: sentience
  38. History, Urgent

    Settlements in America were not sponsored by: London Company Raleigh De Soto Dutch West India Company Its for a friend, 8th grade history

    Doing something wrong. Write an equation of the line containing the given point and perpendicular to the given line. (4,5;)4x+y=8; I tried this. y = -4x+8. The slope is the reciprocal of -4 so 1/4. Then (y - y^1=m(x-x^1). y -4 = 1/4(x-4). I then multiplied
  40. Grade 8 math urgent

    The question is : Jason took 3/8 of his savings on a shopping trip. He used 1/4 of the money to buy a new coat. What fraction of his savings did he spend on the coat? My answer is 3/28. Am I correct?
  41. math (urgent )

    13.875-0.1875(56.375)/8-2 (1/8+27.125/300.875 the answer is 1.1908 but when i calculate use calculator i cant get the answer.we need solve value in the bracket first then multipe by first value or how ? pls
  42. chemistry

    URGENT!! You wish to prepare 1 L of a 0.02 M potassium iodate solution. You require that the final concentration be within 1% of 0.02 M and that the concentration must be known accurately to the fourth decimal place. How would you prepare this solution?
  43. calculus!URGENT

    Show that the tangent line to the curve y=x^3 at the point x=a also hits the curve at the point x=-2a. Any help?! PLEASE!
  44. Biology Research Paper--Urgent

    How do I make parenthetical references of a website throughout my research paper? Thanks -MC
  45. Interview/Questions (URGENT)

    Okay, I have to interview my partner for this assignment. What would be 10 good questions that I could ask him? What would you want to know about a person? Thank you very much for your assistance.
  46. Urgent math

    A quadratic function is given. f(x) = x2 − 8x + 8 (a) Express the quadratic function in standard form.
  47. Urgent Math

    Let f"(x)=4x^3-2x and let f(x) have critical values -1, 0, and 1. Determine which critical values give a relative maximum. A)-1 B)0 C)1 D)-1 and 1 E) none of these
  48. Enlightenment- Mary Wollstonecraft

    Can anyone give me a website detailing the education of Mary Wollstonecraft? It's urgent.
  49. Grade 8 FRENCH plz ppl its urgent

    How do you say I am half scottish and half irish in french?thanks :)
  50. URGENT- need help about stage diagrams

    When I do my diagram of the stage, should I do it based on the audience's right and left or the actors' right and left?
  51. College Algebra

    Solve the logarithmic equation for x. log(base 3)(x+6) - log(base 3)(x+1)=1 urgent! help!
  52. TO M--urgent

    I named that compound as cis and it should be trans. The I atoms are on opposite sides and that's trans, not cis.
  53. math-urgent

    Sample space ={1,2,3,4,5} p(1)=0.1, p(2)=0.2 and p(3)=p(4)=0.05. Assume that A={1,3,5} and B={2,3,4}. Find p(5). Find p(A^c). I need help with this question. It is a probability question. please help.
  54. Urgent- Science

    Dalton theorized that matter is made of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms. In what way did the theories of each of these scientists support or differ from Dalton’s theory? K/U (a) J. J. Thomson (b) Ernest Rutherford (c) James Chadwick
  55. Math (URGENT)

    Use calculator - answer correct to 3 places. a. 3sqrt17 + 2sqrt15 / 5sqrt7 = 10.644 b. 2sqrt11 - 3sqrt2 + 15sqrt10 + 5sqrt5 = 61.005 c. 4.3sqrt6.9 / 1.7sqrt57 = 50.163 Can someone check my answers? I keep getting the feeling these are not the right
  56. math (urgent!)

    I was given a graph and told to find an equation for the temperature T in terms of the time t in the form T(t) = a sin(kt-c)+d where a, k, c and d are constants. The max was 32.9 and the min 21.1 I determined that amplitude = 5.9 vertical = 27 period =
  57. Math(Urgent)

    Compute the maximum product for two positive numbers x and y with the property that the sum of the first plus five times the second is 5000. 1) Indicate the objective equation 2) Indicate the constraint equation I put x+5y=5000. Is this correct.
  58. Finance: Urgent Please help

    Describe the goals of financial management. The description should include how earnings are valued, how shareholder wealth can be maximized, and how management decisions affect stockholder wealth.
  59. History (urgent!!)

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone could give me specific links to information about Medieval princess/nobility dress...I need to draw a picture and write specific facts about certain parts of the dress. Thanks (:
  60. Science

    PLEASE HELP ITS URGENT contact lenses improve your lives. contact lenses are example of an______? A.skeptical B.experiment C.invention D.evidence E.inference F.prototype G.biased I.hypothesis
  61. Math Urgent

    A rectangle of length 4cm and width 3cm has one vertex at the origin of a system of axes and another vertex on a quarter of a circle whose center is also at the origin. Solve for the area
  62. Reaearch - URGENT PLZ HELP

    Hi An pdf file called RUssian COllectivisation was written by a George Beers. I cant find any info on the date of publication or on the author, George Beers HELP!
  63. british Lit-URGENT

    The speaker in Ted Hughes's poem "Hawk Roosting" is the hawk. What figure of speech is this? A)simile B)metaphor C)personification D)hyperbole. I feel is is personification but am not sure.
  64. Science quick question urgent check my answer

    bacterial structures which could survive unfavorable conditions are called? Spores Flagella Cysts Granuless My answer: spores?
  65. chem urgent!!

    What is the pH of the solution created by combining 12.00 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH(aq) with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HCl(aq)? with 8.00 mL of the 0.10 M HC2H3O2(aq)? i need to find the ph with HCL and then with hc2h3o2. i got 1.30 as my anser but this was wrong
  66. speech

    You are concerned about the high rate of school droupouts in your community and have recentky addressed the youth at a local secondary school who were thinking of dropping out of school and look for job.please help me its urgent the task is needed tomorrow
  67. physics..... please....urgent....

    A 1.0 kg mass is attached to the end of a vertical ideal spring with a force constant of 400 N/m. The mass is set in simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 10 cm. What is the speed of the 1.0 kg mass at the equilibrium position?
  68. Chemistry URGENT

    Could someone let me know if I answered these questions? 1. How do you classify the liquid pair mineral oil -- H2O, miscible or immiscible? I believe the answer is immiscible because oil and water do not mix. 2. what would be the Molarity of a solution
  69. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Find a formula for a curve of the form y=e^((−(x−a)^2)/b) for b greater than 0 with a local maximum at x=−5 and points of inflection at x=−8 and x=−2.
  70. Calculus (urgent!!)

    Find a formula for a curve of the form y=e^((−(x−a)^2)/b) for b greater than 0 with a local maximum at x=−5 and points of inflection at x=−8 and x=−2.
  71. Biology URGENT

    What are Chroobacteria, Hormogoneae, and cleeobacteria? Spelling suggestions are welcome. Chromobacteria, Hormogonia are the spellings. I don't know about the others. Thank you. Do you know where i could find some info on them? wikpedia Thanks but no
  72. Literature- Urgent 2

    "When the wars over the'll be traveling to mars and back." Thanks Ms. Sue.. but I have no idea what it means?.. Maybe it means that they'll grow up soon and will be experiencing the strange feeling of not being scared abotu the beast anymore.. If anyone
  73. Physics Help Please!!!! Urgent!!

    In an experiment, a boar (2600 kg) slows down from 11 m/s to 8 m/s in 5 sec when the engine is stopped. a) Determine the drag force. b) Using this information, what is a good approximation of the forward thrust force needed to keep the boat cruising at a
  74. Calculus URGENT

    Find the number c that satisfies the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem on the given interval. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = √x [0, 9] c=? I've tried quite a few different answers
  75. physics - URGENT

    Two blocks are connected by a heavy uniform rope with a mass of 4.00 . The topblock is 6.00kg, the bottom block is 5.00kg with an applied upwardforce of 200 N. What is the tension at the midpoint of the rope?
  76. urgent math

  77. AP Environmental Science (URGENT)

    Strontium-90 is a radioactive waste product from nuclear reactors. It has a half-life of 29 years. How many years will it take for a quantity of strontium-90 to decay to 1/16 (one-sixteenth) of its original mass?
  78. Calculus Help Please Urgent!!!

    find the limit algebraically. Use L'Hospital's Rule where appropriate. If there is a moare elementary method, consider using it. If L'Hospital's Rule doesn't apply, explain why lim -> 0 (cot(x)-(1/x)) show work please!!!
  79. Physics URGENT!!!

    Two boxes of fruit on a frictionless horizontal surface are connected by a light string as in the figures below, where m1 = 15 kg and m2 = 17 kg. A force of 58 N is applied to the 17 kg box. (a1) Determine the acceleration of the boxes (b) the tension of

    Madison is standing on the roof of a building that is 350 feet above the floor. She throws a ball straight up with a velocity of 20 feet per second. How long will the ball be in the air before it hits the ground?
  81. Physics URGENT!!!

    Two boxes of fruit on a frictionless horizontal surface are connected by a light string as in the figures below, where m1 = 15 kg and m2 = 17 kg. A force of 58 N is applied to the 17 kg box. The acceleration of the boxes is 1.8. Find the tension in the

    Can someone please give me a link for a website or websites that provide shsat student handbooks-other than 2011-2012 and 2010-2011. thank soo much in advance i only have a few more weeks to study and have no resouces please.
  83. Chemistry (URGENT)

    How many Al atoms thick is the aluminum foil if it is 0.00157cm thick. 1 Al atom = 286pm Convert pm to m 286pm = 2.86*10^-10m Convert m to cm 2.86*10^-10m = 2.9*10^-8cm Divide aluminum thickness and Al atom thickness 1.57*10^-3 / 2.9*10^-10 = 54138 So the
  84. Opt math URGENT

    prove that : cos^3(θ)sin^2(θ)=1/16[2cos(θ)-3cos(θ)-5cos(θ)]
  85. math urgent help needed

    the question is: -3x-2z-7 if x=3 and z= -1 i did the the question and got the answer - 14 ....but the answer key that i got say -20....can anyone help me... with this plz....

    If vector |a| = 12 cm, |b| = 13 cm, and the angle between them when placed tail to tail is 35°, find |a × b| to the nearest centimetre.
  87. math urgent

    what number has the prime factorization of 2 to the 6th power and 5 to the 6th power
  88. maths-urgent

    If the sums of n terms of 2 A.P. are in ratio (3n+5)/(5n+7), then find their nth terms ratio
  89. Science 8A

    Umm, can someone give me an example of a stable system? Also, how were you able to determine whether or not this system is stable? Please help! Urgent!

    The formula for the circumference of a circle is C = 2(pi)r , where r is the radius of the circle. What is the formula when solved for r?
  91. urgent -plsee

    Let a,b,c be positive integers such that a divides b^2 , b divides c^2 and c divides a^2 . Prove that abc divides (a + b + c)7 .
  92. math help urgent

    From the graph find the maximum δ>0 which is such that if 0<|x-4|<δ , then |x-2|<0.8 The graph is of f(x)=√x
  93. urgent chem help ( dr bob plz)

    A particular household ammonia solution (d= 0.97g/mL) is 6.8% NH3 by mass. How many milliliters of this solution should be diluted with water to produce 650 mL of a solution with pH = 11.55? ------------------------- i am gettig 5.3 x 10^-10 is that rite

    1. 3w – 10w (1 point) 13w –7w –7 7w 2. y + 2y +3z (1 point) 2y + 3z 3y + 3z 2y2 + 3z 6yz 3. 6r + r – 5r (1 point) 2r 1r + r 0r 7r – 5r 4. 5x + 2(x + 6) (1 point) 7x + 6 7x2 + 12 7x + 12 7x (x + 6) 5. –3m + 3(m + 6) (1 point) 6 –6m + 6 6m + 18
  95. Physics

    A force of 9.0N is applied to a body at rest on a smooth horizontal surface. If the body has a mass of 18.0kg and it moves in the direction of the force, find the work done in. a. The first four second. b. The fourth second ? Urgent answers pls
  96. math/algebra

    if a doctor prescribes 30 units of insulin in 500 ml to be administered over 2 hours, how many drops per minute should be administered if the set is calibrated to deliver 20 drops per ml? i don't know how to get it and i need to show work... this is urgent
  97. Math-Urgent help please.

    Two cards are selected, without replacing the first card, from a standard deck. Find the probability of selecting an ace (A), and then selecting a 4 (B): (choose 2) 0.603% 0.592 0.592% They are dependent events. 0.00592
  98. Math urgent help please!!

    You have 500 cm² of material available to cover different shapes. what is the maximum volume of each object that you could make with this amount of material? A.) a cube B.) a sphere I've been stuck on this for so long, please show me how to do this step
  99. Physics 2 (URGENT)

    Which of the following has an acceleration in the same direction as the object's motion? 1. Vi=3.5m/s [east]; Vf=7.5m/s [east] 2. Vi=45km/h [north]; Vf=60km/h [north] 3. Vi=15m/s [right]; Vf=10m/s [left] Textbook Ans: 1 and 2 Can someone explain why? Cause
  100. maths-urgent

    rewrite the addition sum given below using digits. Each letter is used for a different digit. Answer the questions given below i) Which digit did you find first? ii) How did you find R and U? ........F.O.U.R ...........O.N.E ....T.H.R.E.E ....T.H.R.E.E