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  1. chemisrty

    Ag+(aq) + e- ----> help me finish it.
  2. Chemisrty

    formula for silicon dioxide?
  3. chemisrty

    what is sulfur and what are the uses please make it simple as possible:D
  4. Chemisrty

    How many grams of KClO3 must react to form 42.0 mL?
  5. chemisrty

    what is the balance equation of CH3COOH(aq)+NH3(aq)
  6. Chemisrty

    How can I test for catalase in a carrot using an experiment?
  7. Chemisrty

    What is the pH of a 0.20 M solution of NH4Cl? [Kb(NH3) = 1.8 × 10−5]
  8. Chemisrty

    I need help on what exactly to put on 10-12 slides on a pwoerpoint of anders celsius?? (for 2m)
  9. chemisrty ASAP

    name and give the formula for six diatomic elements.
  10. Chemisrty

    What is the weight of 6.14×10^21atoms of phosphorus?Answer in units of g.
  11. cHEMISRTY 101

    (A) What is the mass of 150 mL of a liquid with a density of 1.4 g/mL
  12. Chemisrty

    would anyone be able to help me with mertic conversions? A table would be useful. would you be able to show me an example of how to convert units? please help! thank you so much!!
  13. chemisrty

    Why do gases deviate from ideal behavior at very high pressures?
  14. College Chemisrty

    There are 140 g of H2SO4 in 400 mL of a solution. What is the molarity?
  15. chemisrty

    could freezing point depression be used for substances not soluble in water?
  16. chemisrty

    Calculate the density of Argon (Ar) gas at 400.0K and 1.23 atm.
  17. chemisrty

    What is ΔGo at 1000 oC for the following reaction? CaCO3 (s) CaO (s) + CO2 (g)
  18. chemisrty

    how many ml of a .1M HCl are required to react completely with 1 gm mixture of Na2CO3 ?
  19. chemisrty

    how many grams of cai2 are present in 3.28 moles? Can someone explaine how to do this question as well?
  20. Chemisrty

    How many kilojoules of heat are absorbed when 40.7g of MgO(s) is decomposed into Mg(s) and O2 (g) at constant pressure?
  21. chemisrty

    565 g block of aluminum metal is cooled from 243 c to 100 c is what?
  22. chemisrty

    Under what conditions of temperature and pressure do you think that the gas laws would work best? Please be specific
  23. chemisrty

    calculate the delta H when 0.150 mmol of AgCl dissolves in water?
  24. Chemisrty

    How many L of carbon dioxide gas will be produced from the decomposition of 5.0g of sodium hydrogen cardonate?
  25. Chemisrty

    as you move left to right across period 3 from mg to cl, the energy needed to remove an electron from the atom does what?
  26. Chemisrty

    what mass of sodium phosphate is required to make 250mL of 0.10mol/L solution?
  27. chemisrty

    how can you calculate the net charge of an ion if you know the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons it contains?
  28. chemisrty

    Which one of the following compounds will NOT be soluble in water? A) NaOH B) Na2S C) K2SO4 D) LiNO3 E) PbO
  29. chemisrty

    calculate the percent by mass of carbon(c) in the amino acid arginine,C6H16N4.
  30. chemisrty

    what is the final concentration of a solution if 100mL of water is added to a 25mL of 5.0 M NaCl?
  31. chemisrty

    volumeof oxygen produced if 130.0g of water is completely decomposed at STP?

    Calculate the energy required to raise the temperature of 160.0 g Ag from 273 K to 295 K.
  33. Chemisrty

    What volume of oxygen, measured at STP, can be prepared by heating 2.16g HgO?
  34. Chemisrty

    What volume of 0.740 M , HCl in milliliters, is required to titrate 2.05 g of Na2CO3 to the equivalence point?
  35. chemisrty

    What is the ratio of the average velocity of hydrogen molecules to that of neon atoms at the same temperature and pressure?
  36. Chemisrty

    calculate the final Celsuis Temp when 5.0 L of Flourine gas at 50 is cooled to give a volume of 3.75?
  37. college Chemisrty

    at what kelvin temperature will 25.2 of xe occupy a volume of 645 L at pressure of 732 torr?
  38. chemisrty

    what is the concentration of [H+} in molars, millimolars, and micromolars for a solution of pH 5? In case you need this information: milli= 10^-3 micro=10^-6 Thank you.
  39. Chemisrty

    Assuming equal concentrations, rank these solutions by pH: hclo4 caoh2 NH3 koh hbro
  40. chemisrty

    what voule of 12M hydrochloric acid must be diluted with distilled water to prepare 5.0L of 0.10M HCl?
  41. chemisrty

    The molar mass of Fe(OH)3 is 106.87 g/mol. How many moles of H2SO4 are needed to react completely with 5.419 g of Fe(OH)3?
  42. chemisrty

    put in decreasing freezing point 0.10m Na3PO4,0.35m NaCl,0.20 m MgCl2, 0.15 m C6H12O6,0.15 m CH3COOH
  43. Chemisrty

    Calculate the work done when 60.0 g of tin dissolves in excess acid at 1.00 atm and 20°C. Assume ideal gas behavior.
  44. Chemisrty

    When 7.76 grams of magnesium bicarbonate are mixed with 300. mL of 0.10 M hydrocyanic acid, how many liters of gas are evolved at STP?
  45. ap chemisrty

    When heated, cyclopropane is converted to propene. Rate constants for this reaction at 470°C and 510°C are k = 1.10 10-4 s-1 and k = 1.02 10-3 s-1, respectively. Determine the activation energy, Ea, from these data.
  46. Chemisrty

    If the water temperature was 30.0C and the atmospheric pressure was 753 torr. What volume of hydrogen gas would you expect to collect if you reacted 0.083g of Ca metal with HCl?
  47. chemisrty

    an object has a mass of 123 g and volume of 17cm3. calculate the density of the object
  48. Chemisrty

    Calculate the moles of aluminum ions present in 250.0 g aluminum oxide
  49. chemisrty

    A 853 solution is diluted to a volume of 1.50 and a concentration of 7.00 . What was the initial concentration? PLEASE HELP
  50. Chemisrty

    How many milliliters of a 2.0M NaOH solution are needed to neutralize 20.0 ml of a 2.5M CH3COOH solution? How do I begin to figure this out?
  51. Chemisrty

    Calculate the amount of solute needed to make the solution .50kg of a 18% (m/m) KOH solution
  52. chemisrty

    how many liters of oxygen can be produced at stp from the decomp. of .25 liters of 3M H2O2 ACCORDING TO THE REACTION 2H2O-2 H2O+O2

    How many liters of H2O will form when excess O2 reacts with 100 liters of H2 according to the gas phase reaction:
  54. organic chemisrty

    between butane,cis-2-butane,2-butyne,ethane and trans-2-butene which one has higher melting
  55. chemisrty

    Find e/m for electrons in an experiment in which H=2.68 gauss, S=5.00 cm, E=6.3x10^10 volts/cm, and 0=0.100 radian. the 0 in 0=0.100 is a zero with a line through it
  56. Chemisrty 1

    If ou knew the density of an unknown metal, do you think you could accurately determine the identity of the metal based on that property?
  57. Chemisrty

    How many grams of lithium metal would be produced if 0.500g of magnesium was added to a solution of lithium chloride?
  58. chemisrty

    what volume of hydrogen gas at STP can be produced by reacting 15.0 grams of uluminum with sulfuric acid? the equation is: 2Al+ 3H2SO4---> Al2(SO4)3+ 3H2
  59. Chemisrty

    To what volume must 1.0 l of a 6.0 m solution of hcl be diluted in order to prepare a 0.2 m solution? I just need to find wht steps i need to take to get the answer
  60. chemisrty

    The molar heat capacity of silver is 25.35j/mol C . How much energy would it take to raise the temperature of 9.30 grams of silver by 12.0 C?
  61. chemisrty

    Explain why water (H2O) boils at 100 oC whereas H2S boils at -61 oC, even though sulfur has a higher atomic weight than oxygen.
  62. chemisrty

    a 445 g sample of ice at -58 degrees celcious untill its temperature reaches -29 degrees celcius. find the change in heat content system
  63. Chemisrty

    How do you solve this: if 24.0 L of O2 burns completely a sample of carbon disulfide, how many grams of sulfur dioxide will be produced at 15 degrees celcius at a pressure of 1.3 atm? (the answer is 45.7 g). CS2 + 3CO2 -> CO2 + 2SO2
  64. chemisrty

    Is this the stuctual formula for hydolosis of tocainide CH3 NHCOCH^2N(C^2H^3)^2 CH3 WITH THE HEXAGON LINKING THE 2 X CH3
  65. chemisrty

    Nitric acid,HNO3, is available ata a concentration of 16 M. how much would react with 5.58 g of KOH acording to the following equation? HNO3+KOH-H2O+KNO3
  66. chemisrty

    Q2) If 0.327 moles of H2S effuses in 462 seconds, how many seconds would it take for the same number of moles of CH3Cl to effuse?
  67. chemisrty

    Suppose that 0.490 mol of methane, CH4(g), is reacted with 0.640 mol of fluorine, F2(g), forming CF4(g) and HF(g) as sole products. Assuming that the reaction occurs at constant pressure, how much heat is released?

  69. chemisrty

    how would i draw a structual formula of the products of the complete hyrolosis of tocainide O CH3-N-C-CH-NH2 CH3 H CH IM told this is tocainide please can anybody help a distressed student the O should be over the C atom
  70. chemisrty

    If 55.0 grams of KCIO3 is decomposed by the following equation, how many grams of oxygen can be produced? 2 KCIO3 > 2 KCL + 3 O2
  71. chemisrty

    The graph below shows two conductivity curves with respect to temperature of a germanium semiconductor. In one case, there is dopant added to the sample, and in the other there is none. Using some or all of the labels below, please drag and drop the labels
  72. chemisrty

    When a substance changes from one phase to another, which of the following occurs? the substance loses or gains heat the average kenetic energy of the substance changes the temperature of a substance changes the molecular motion of a substance changes
  73. Chemisrty

    Calculate the grams of substance from the moles of substance given.... 2 moles C6H10O5. Please help I am lost!
  74. chemisrty

    Will 1,1,2, trichloro ethane rotate polarized light if it is cooled to low temperature and trapped in its lowest energy position? Yes, under all circumstances. Yes, but only if it is chiral. No, it will never rotate light. No, there is a racemic mixture
  75. chemisrty

    A 21.00 sample of 0.3254M Hcl solution requires 26.09 ml of NaOH solution for complete neutralization. Calculate the volume of NaOH solution in liters, required for the titration.
  76. Chemisrty

    Using information from the periodic table, how can you find out which chemical element another (Uuh) resembles? It resembles those elements in the same group. So Uuh should have similar chemical properties to Se, Te, Po,etc
  77. Chemisrty

    what is the molality of a 0.075m of ethyl alcohol in water at 25 degrees celcius. Assume the density of the solution at such low concentration is equal to that of water at 25 degrees celcius, 0.997g/ml
  78. chemisrty

    I took 6.22 g of potassium hypochlorite and dissolved it up in a 100.0 mL flask. I then added 8.00 mL of 2.00 M nitric acid. The solution should be able to buffer that addition. How much more (mLs) of the nitric acid can the system take before it is no
  79. chemisrty

    When 50.0 ml of 1.00 M KOH is reacted with 50.0 ml of 1.00 M HCL, the temperature rose from 20.0 degrees celsius to 28.7 degrees celsius. What is the heat generated by this neutralization? (Assume that the density of the two 1 M solutions is 1.00 g/ml and
  80. chemisrty

    the ph of a 4.0 mol/L solution of hydrogen fluoric acid is 3.0 is this a concentrated or diluted explain I believe it is concentrated because 3.0 is higher then 0.5 mol/L but it can also be diluted
  81. chemisrty

    how to prepare 40% of Nitric acid from 70% of the Nitric acid solution
  82. Chemisrty

    A 10.0 g sample of ice at -14.0°C is mixed with 124.0 g of water at 81.0°C. Calculate the final temperature of the mixture assuming no heat loss to the surroundings. The heat capacities of H2O(s) and H2O(l) are 2.08 and 4.18 J/g°C, respectively, and the
  83. Chemisrty

    if electricity of sufficient voltage is passed into a solution of potassium iodide in water, a reaction takes place in which elemental hydrogen gas and elemental iodine are produced, leaving a solution of potassium hydroxide. what is the unbalanced
  84. Chemisrty

    A mixture of 0.100 mol of N2 and 0.200 mol of O2 is collected over H2O at an atmospheric pressure of 750. mm Hg and a temperature of 22 ºC. What is the partial pressure (in mmHg) of O2 in this mixture? (Vapor pressure of water @ 22 ºC is 22 mm Hg)
  85. Chemisrty

    Kate has 35 grams of xenon gas in a 15 liter tank at 11 degrees celsius and 250 atmospheres. If she heats the gas in the tank up to 2500 degrees celsius, what will its pressure be, in Kilopascals?
  86. Chemisrty

    If you were balancing a chemical equation that contained the substance sodium nitrate, NaNO3, composed of a sodium ion, Na+1, and a nitrate ion, (NO3)-1, what number or numbers could you change in order to balance the equation?
  87. chemisrty

    Q5) The reaction for the combustion of propane is as follows: C3H8 + 5O2 ---->>3CO2 + 4H2O 1. If 20.0 g of C3H8 and 20.0 g of O2 are reacted, which is the limiting reactant? 2. How many grams of H2O can be produced? 3. How many grams of the excess
  88. chemisrty

    Consider the reaction between sodium metal and chlorine gas to form sodium chloride (table salt). 2Na(s) + Cl2(g) 2NaCl(s) If 3.6 moles of chlorine react with sufficient sodium, how many grams of sodium chloride will be formed?
  89. chemisrty

    have been asked to write how i got this equation but i cant put it in words can you help me Al2 Se3 +6 H2O ==> 2Al (OH)3 +3H2Se i can do this but like i said putting it into words i just cannot make it coherant The answer you should give is you found it
  90. Chemisrty

    the freezing point of water is -1.86 degree Cm, if 5.00 g Na2SO4 is desolve at 45.0g H2o the freezing point is changed by -3.82 degree C. Calculate the Van't Hoff Factor for Na2SO4
  91. chemisrty

    A solid acid is dissolved in enough water to make 200 ml of a solution. 40.0ml of the solution is titrated to a phenolphthalein en point with an NaOH solution. The neutralized solution and the remainder of the acid solution are then mixed and the PH of the
  92. Chemisrty

    You wish to make a 0.195 M hydrochloric acid solution from a stock solution of 6.00 M hydrochloric acid. How much concentrated acid must you add to obtain a total volume of 50.0 mL of the dilute solution?
  93. chemisrty

    i don't get how to do molar conversions? I hope this helps. 1.) Go to google. 2.) Type in molar conversions 3.) Click on the first link. This link has examples and the answers to the practice problems. To get better at these. Remember to keep practicing.
  94. chemisrty

    can anybody explain why and how a copper based catalyst helps in methonal production and the impact it would have on mass production many thanks A catalyst lowers the activitation energy needed for a reaction and allows reactants to produce more products
  95. chemisrty

    The N-N bond energy is difficult to measure. Given the values of 190 kJ/mol for the N-Cl bond energy and 240 kJ/mol for the Cl-Cl bond energy, determine the maximum de Broglie wavelength of an electron capable of breaking the N-N bond.
  96. chemisrty

    A 50.0 mL solution of 1.2 M HCl at 24.1C is mixed with 50.0 mL of 1.3 M NaOH, also at 24.1C, in a coffee-cup calorimeter. After the reaction occurs, the temperature of the resulting mixture is 29.8C. The density of the final solution is 1.05 g/mL.
  97. chemisrty

    hello how would i draw a monomer CH2-CHCH=CH2 I have to draw three monomer units can anyone help
  98. Chemisrty

    Why does ionization energy tend to increase as you move across a period? As you move across a period, you add a proton in the nucleus and an electron in the outer shell. Ther greater number of protons causes a stronger pull on the electrons. The electrons
  99. chemisrty

    The ionic compound sometimes called uranium yellow is used to produce colored glazes for ceramics. It is 7.252% sodium, 75.084% uranium, and 17.664% oxygen. What is the empirical formula for this compound? This compound has a molecular mass of 1268.06
  100. Chemisrty

    Determine which law is appropriate for solving the following problem. What volume will 1.56 liters of a gas at 27°C and 745 mmHg of pressure occupy at 100°C and 700 mmHg of pressure? Law used: Boyle's Law Charles' Law Combined Gas Law


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