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  1. Math

    In the sequence below, each shaded triangle, after the first is 1/4 the area of the preceding shaded triangle. What is the ratio for the shaded area of the 5th triangle?
  2. Physics - force and pressure

    A force of 2000N acts on an area of 4m^2, what is the pressure? What would be the pressure if the same force acted on half the area?
  3. Math

    In the figure below, the area of the larger square is 50 square centimeters and the area of the smaller sqaure is 18 square centimeters. What is x, in centimeters? |-------| | |---| | | | | | | |-------|
  4. physics

    At a certain location, the solar power per unit area reaching Earth's surface is 200 W/m^2, averaged over a 24-hour day.If the average power requirement in your home is 2.8 kW and you can convert solar power to electric power with 8.0 % efficiency, how
  5. physics

    At a certain location, the solar power per unit area reaching Earth's surface is 200 W/m^2, averaged over a 24-hour day.If the average power requirement in your home is 2.8 kW and you can convert solar power to electric power with 8.0 % efficiency, how
  6. math

    32: The trapezoids are similar. The area of the smaller trapezoid is 711 m². Find the area of the larger trapezoid to the nearest whole number. The one trapezoid has a base of 27 m and the larger one has a base of 39 m. 39: Find the circumference. Leave
  7. Maths Mensuration

    The length and breadth of a park in the ratio 2:1 and its perimeter is 240 m. A path 2m wide runs inside it,along its boundary.Find the cost of paving the path at Rs 80 per square metre?
  8. college math

    Calculate the perimeter of the Hoyt-Clagwell auto parts manufacturing plant. The plant is in the shape of a rectangle that measures 49.6 ft long by 37.7 ft wide. Would the formula be P= (2x 49.6 + 2 x 37.7) the answer 174.6 ft
  9. 3rd grade math

    mrs. lens wants to put a ribbon around the edge of a pillow. which tool and unit should she use to measure the perimeter of the pillow? measuring tape or ruler or yard stick?
  10. calculus

    A container company is tasked to make an open-top rectangular box with a square base. The box must have a volume of 108cm^(3). let the length of the sides of the square base be x cm and the height h cm. (1) what value of x will produce the minimum outer
  11. Math

    Find the total surface area if q solid cube of volume 98 cm cube. An open water tank with length 20 cm and width 15 cm holds 4.8 liters of water. Calculate the height of the water level in tank and the total sitface area of the cuboid in contact with
  12. For Hannah

    Re Sorry to have caused confusion for you Hannah. In your original post, you had 3 different problems, the first two were "volume" questions. When I did the third one, which was simply finding an area, I
  13. Geometri euclid

    The small circle and the large circle have the same center O. Chord AB is tangent to the smaller circle at C. Prove that the area between the large and small circle is the same as the area of the circle that has AB as a diameter
  14. Algebra

    The back of Tom's property is a creek. Tom would like to enclose a rectangular area, using the creek as one side and fencing for the other three sides, to create a corral. If there is 100 feet of fencing available, what is the maximum possible area of the
  15. math( surface area )

    The height of a rectangular prism is 20 centimeters. It has a surface area of 2,400 square centimeters. What are two possible sets of lengths and widths? Find one set of dimensions with l and w equal in length as well as a set of dimensions that are not
  16. Math

    Surface area of a square pyramid 11in 13in and 9in 11 height 13 slant height 9 base edge I keep getting the wrong answer its not 328.62 or 294.93 Square area of a cone 15 slant height 12 height 6 base
  17. 6th Grade Geometry Help and A.S.A.P!!

    I forgot so, when calculating a circle's circumference, and area do you measure the circle in inches or centimeters? Also, calculating a rectangular prism's surface area and volume do you use inches or centimeters to measure it? Thanks. Please answer as
  18. Math

    Which of the following would require finding the area? A. Determining the number of sugar cubes in a box B. Determining the amount of paper needed to cover a bulletin board C. Determining the length of trim needed to go around the edge of a bulletin board
  19. math

    In 2 minutes, a conveyor belt moves 300 pounds of recyclable aluminum from the delivery truck to a storage area. A smaller belt moves the same quantity of cans the same distance in 6 minutes. If both belts are used, find how long it takes to move the cans
  20. Physics

    Consider eight, eight-cubic centimeter (8 cm3) sugar cubes stacked so that they form a single 2 x 2 x 2 cube. How does the surface area of the single, large cube compare to the total surface area of the individual eight cubes? Report your answer as a
  21. physics

    Consider eight two-cubic centimeter (2 cm3) sugar cubes stacked so that they form a single 2 x 2 x 2 cube. How does the surface area of the single, large cube compare to the total surface area of the individual eight cubes? Report your answer as a ratio.
  22. Calculus

    A festivals being planned. The planners need to enclose to adjacent 200 M^2 areas with fencing. They have budgeted $1000 for fencing. Fencing currently cost $10/meter. The diagram of the area is as follows: (The diagram is 2 adjacent squares, the areas of
  23. physics

    Determine the fraction of the energy radiated by the sun in the visible region of the spectrum (350 nm to 700 nm). (Assume the sun's surface temperature is 5800 K.) any help is always appreciated thanks Solve by integrating the 5800 K blackbody function
  24. Algebra I - Answer check

    2. a) 7^12/7^4 = 7^8 b)x^11/x^5 = x^6 c)12x^5/3x^2 = 4x^3 d)7x^6y^3/14x^3y = .5x^3y^2 5. a) (2x)^3(3x^2)^4 = 648x^11 b)(5x)^7/(5x)^4 = 25x^2 c)(2x)^5/-8x^3 = -4x^2 d)(4x^2y^5)(-3xy^3)^3 = -12xy^4 6. How long does it take light to travel from the Sun to
  25. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please check

    #1 Write the ratio in the simplest form. 30 : 6 15 : 3 6 : 6 5 : 1 2 :3 #2 Write the ratio in the simplest form. 96 : 12 1 : 8 48 : 6 32 : 4 8 : 1 #3 Solve the proportion. x/3 = 4/6 x = 2 x = 4 x = 6 x = 8 #4 Solve the proportion. 2/y = 3/12 x = 2 x = 4 x
  26. Calculus

    A spherical balloon is being inflated and the radius is increasing at a constant rate of 2 cm per minute. At what rates are the volume and surface area of the balloon increasing when the radius is 5 cm? For this problem do I plug in the 5 cm into the
  27. Math: Calculus

    Estimate the area under the graph of f(x)=3x^3+5 from x=-1 to x=4, first using 5 approximating rectangles and right endpoints, and then improving your estimate using 10 approximating rectangles and right endpoints. I'm having problem with using the
  28. Geometry

    If a central angle of 90 degrees defines an arc on circle R that has the same length as the arc on circle W defined by a 60-degree central angle, what is the ratio of the area of circle R to the area of circle W? Express your answer as a common fraction.
  29. Word Problem

    The surface area of a balloon is given by S(r) = 4(pie)r^2, where r is the radius of the balloon. If the radius is increasing with time t, as the balloon is being blown up, according to the formula r(t)=4/5t^3,t>=0, find the surface area S as a function
  30. math, scale drawing

    charlies swimming pool is rectangular. it has an area of 120ft2. charlie drew a scale drawing of the pool using the scale 3/2 centimeters= 2 feet. what was the area of the scale drawing?
  31. Formulas

    What is the volume of a pyramid if the area of its base is 64 cm2 The volume of any shape that comes to a point such as a pyramid or cone is 1/3 * area of the base * height. You did not give the height, so the volume can't be found. (we could say Vol =
  32. math

    Suppose I use a scale on my map where every 3 inches on my map represents 5 miles. If a region on my map has an area of 45 square inches, what is the area of the actual region it represents? hi I need help with this question, I don't know what to do.
  33. maths

    a cylindrical cake with radius 12cm and height 10cm has a slice cut out. The shape of the top of the slice is a sector of the circle that forms the top of the cake. Exluding the sliced piece, the angle is 320 degrees. a) Calculate the area on top of the
  34. maths

    a cylindrical cake with radius 12cm and height 10cm has a slice cut out. The shape of the top of the slice is a sector of the circle that forms the top of the cake. Exluding the sliced piece, the angle is 320 degrees. a) Calculate the area on top of the
  35. Pre Calculus

    He needs two adjacent rectangular enclosures - he has 300 feet of fencing. a. find a function that models the total area of enclosures with respect to the width of the enclosures. b. write your function in vertex form using the vertex formula. c. what is
  36. calculus

    I got half of this problem wrong and I DO NOT know where and how to fix. I cannot use my calculator and have to show my work. Question: You have a 500 metre roll of fencing and a large field. You want to construct a rectangular playground area. a.) using
  37. math

    A lap pool is going to be built that is 20 times long as it is wide. The builder has 150 feet of decorative tile to place along the perimeter of the pool. What are the dimensions of the pool?
  38. math 115

    1. a bedroom is 10ft. by 11ft. what is the perimeter? = 21ft. is this correct? 2. Find the prime factorization of the number 40 = 2X2X2X5= 40 is this correct? 3. perform the indicated operatio. 6 2/9 + 1 3/4 - 3 5/6 = 4 5/36 is this correct?
  39. math

    there's a circle inside of a square like this: donlehmanjrcom/Tai%20Chi/Tai%20Chi%20Newsletters/excerpts11%20images/image001.png (add the period before the com) the circle has a radius of 2 in and an area of 12.56 in^2 how do i find the area of the space
  40. math

    Complete the indirect proof. Given: Rectangle JKLM has an area of 36 square centimeters. Side is at least 4 centimeters long. Prove: KL ≤ 9 centimeters Assume that a. ____. Then the area of rectangle JKLM is greater than b. _____ , which contradicts the
  41. Chemistry

    I have to chane the barometric pressure in my area to ATM. We have to look at the U.S. Weather map that gives the barometric pressure. I live in an area that has shows 1016 for barometric pressure. First is 1016 in millibars or what and secondly how do I
  42. AP Statistics

    A certain density curve looks like an interverted letter V. The first segment goes fro the point (0,0.6) to the point (0.5,1.4). The segment goes from ( to (1,0.6). (a) Sketch the curve. Verify that the area under the curve is 1, so that it is a
  43. Math

    VWXYZ is a rectangle-based pyramid where WX = 66 cm and XY = 32 cm. The vertex is vertically above the center of the base. GIven that the slant heights of VA and VB are 56 cm and 63 cm respectively, find the total surfact area of the pyramid. Additionally,
  44. Math

    A 10m by 20m pool is to be surrounded by a deck of uniform width. The area of the deck is twice the area of the pool, what is the width of the deck?
  45. Math

    they have 25 feet of fencing to build the compost bin what is the area of the largest bin they can build? what are the dimensions of the bin with the largest area
  46. math

    on a map of scale 1:20,000 the area of forest is 50cm^2 .on another map the area of forest is 8cm^2.find the scale of the second map.
  47. MATHS - AREA

    The wall around a playground is 410m. If one wall along the length is 80m long, what is the length of the wall along the breadth? What is the area of the playground?
  48. math

    A 4'' diameter round pizza with area As and a 12'' diameter round pizza with area Ab. What is the ratio Ab/As? How many times bigger is the larger pizza?
  49. math

    A trapezoid has a height of 7 inches and bases of 11 inches and 4 inches. What is the area of the trapezoid? When finding the area of a trapezoid, does it matter which base is b1 and wich base is b2? explain
  50. Math please help

    A square is constructed using the hypotenuse line AC of right triangle ABC as a side, as shown below. Find the area of the square if AB = 5 and BC = 9. I tried to approach this by finding the hypotenuse, which i found was 10, then i used that to find the
  51. Math

    consider a triangle with vertices (a,b), (c,d), (e,f), with the area of the triangle b/2 a = area of an equilateral triangle with side length b c = length of diagonal of a cube with side length b a/c = the positive asymptote of the conic equation
  52. math 7 grd

    you have to design a space station (model) that has a 120 cm3 volume, and it has to have the possible smallest surface area. it must contain 3 different shapes. (cone and sphere surface are was not covered, only their volume, so they are out....we can
  53. Earth Science PLZ HELP

    Based on what you have discovered, which of the following conditions would lead to the formation of clouds? 1. Moist air moves up as it encounters a mountain range. 2. High pressure is moving into an area. 3. The air over a large parking lot is warmer in
  54. math

    will anyone explain to me how to solve two step inequalities? it would be most appreciated. they are called two step inequalities. ill give you an example -40<5+5x that makes no sense to me I don't know :( SOLVING AN ABSOLUTE INEQUALITY lET X BE A
  55. Math

    Rose's garden is in the shape of a trapezoid. If the height of the trapezoid is 16m, one base is 20m and the area is 224m2, what is the length of the other base? The area of a trapezoid is: A= (1/2) h (b1 + b2) ...where h = height and b1, b2 are the bases.
  56. math

    I have a graph that shows a ---- kind of 3 line above the solid line for x & y. My assignment is as follows. Whe have graphed the boundary line for the liear inequality. Determine the correct half-plane. y >3 First how do I solve and 2 how do I graph
  57. Math

    the triangle ABC., BC = 12cm, ABC = 80 degree and ACB = 30 degree Calculate the area of triangle ABC. asked by Kd today at 3:06pm angle BAC = 180-80-30 = .... now find AB using the Sine Law. Area of triangle = (1/2)(AB)(BC)sin80° = .... you do the
  58. math

    a. A rectangular pen is built with one side against a barn. 1200 m of fencing are used for the other three sides of the pen. What dimensions maximize the area of the​ pen? b. A rancher plans to make four identical and adjacent rectangular pens
  59. physics

    A circular conducting hoop of wire has a constant magnetic field |~B | = 1.7 Tesla passing through it so that the field direction is perpendicular to the plane of the hoop. There is an EMF induced in the hoop with magnitude 2.6 Volts because the hoops area
  60. Math

    A rug covers 1/4 of floor. The area of the rug is 10 ft.2. What is the area of the floor?
  61. Math

    A circle whose area is 4 has a radius of x. Find the area of a circle whose radius is 3x.
  62. HELP!!! Math

    The volume of a pyramid varies jointly as its height and the area of its base. A pyramid with a height of 12 feet and a base with area of 23 square feet has a volume of 92 cubic feet. Find the volume of a pyramid with a height of 17 and a base with an area
  63. Math

    When baking a cake, you have a choice of the following pans: a round cake pan that is 2 inches deep and has a 7 inch diameter a 6 inch × 9 inch rectangular cake pan that is 2 inches deep a. Which of these pans has the larger volume? Justify your answer.
  64. Maths

    A monument is to be constructed in the form of a pyramid with base ABC in which AB = AC = 15M and BC = 20m. The vertex,v is 12m vertically above A Calculate the area of triangle VAB Calculate the area of triangle VBC Special bricks for the outer faces are
  65. geometry

    The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 37 in. The lengths of the two equal legs are 6 in. less than 3 times the length of the base. Find the lengths of the three sides. 37=2L+2W W=3W-6 do i have this equation wrote right when i try to solve it the
  66. math 7th grade

    The area of the original is 4x that of the reduced photo.The area of the reduced photo is 1/4 that of the original. She sent a 4 cm-by-6 cm photo to each team member.If the photo were enlarged to 150% of its original size, what would be it's new
  67. Calculus

    The area A of the region S that lies under the graph of the continuous function is the limit of the sum of the areas of approximating rectangles. A = lim n → ∞ [f(x1)Δx + f(x2)Δx + . . . + f(xn)Δx] Use this definition to find an
  68. Calculus

    Marty wants to make a replacement part for a aeration machine that he is working on. He decides to take a rectangular sheet of metal with perimeter of 46cm and dimensions x cm nd y cm and roll it into a right circular cylinder as shown below. What values
  69. Pre-Calculus

    A rectangle is bounded by the x-axis and the semicircle y = √36 – x2, as shown in the figure below. Write the area A of the rectangle as a function of x, and determine the domain of the area function. A = all real numbers except x = 36 all real
  70. calculus

    use differentials to determine by approximately how many centimeters does the diagonal of a square table increase if its area is increased from 50 square centimeters to 54.45 square centimeters? Area= s^2 Diagonal= sqrt(2s^2) so, D= sqrt(2A) dD=A^(-1/2) dA
  71. geometry

    what is the perimeter of a triangle whose sides measure 7 3/4 inches,9 1/4 inches,and 10 1/2 inches,respectively?
  72. Algebra

    The perimeter of the triangle is 49 units. Find the value of y. Side A: y+3 Side B: 4y-2 Side C: 3y
  73. Algebra

    Perimeter of a triangle is 24 feet. One side is: (x+4) Another side is: 4x The last side is: 10(x-1) What does x equal?
  74. Math

    what is the perimeter of an rectangle that has a 7 inches height and a 2 inches width. I think it is 18 inches
  75. math

    Find the length of each side when the perimeter of the rectangle is 72 cm. one side is X and the other side is 2x+3
  76. Math

    What is the perimeter in meters of a rectangle that is 13 meters long and 10 meters wide
  77. algebra

    Which has a larger perimeter ,a 20-inch by 32-inch rectangle or a 28-inch square
  78. psychology

    A researcher predicts that listening to music while solving math problems will make a particular brain area more active. To test this, a research participant has her brain scanned while listening to music and solving math problems, and the brain area of
  79. math

    Iam not able to get this one.sides of a rectangular plot of land are measured correct to nearest metre.measurement s given as 20m by what is upper bound of the plot length?,the least possible perimeter of the plot?
  80. geometric problem-math

    in triangle ABC,side AB IS 2cm. shorter than side AC, while side BC is 1cm. if the perimeter is 62 find the lenght of three sides? i need the answer tomorrow pls... help me
  81. math: advanced geometry

    if the surface area of a sphere equals the surface area of a cube, what is the ratio of the volume of the sphere to the volume of the cube?
  82. geometry

    what is the area of the base of a rectangular pyramid with a length of 2.75 inches and a width of 2.75 inches? Also what is the area of a face (lateral) with a length of 2.75 inches and a width of 2.75 inches?
  83. science

    5. Which of the following causes clouds to form ? a) air cooling to its dew point b) water vapor condensing as it rises into cooler air c) air pressure rising above normal d) air pressure falling below normal 6. Which of these is least liekly to influence
  84. Physics Help Please

    a) On the Acme W&W company production line, parts have to be transported 100 m by conveyor belt to a machine area. The parts move at a constant speed of 2.5 m/s. How much time does it take to move a part 100 m? b) On the same conveyor belt as described in
  85. physics

    At high noon, the Sun delivers 1000W to each square meter of a blacktop road. If the hot asphalt loses energy only by radiation, what is its equilibrium temperature? so I know that the formula to find the RATE OF RADIATION= the constant (5.6696 x 10^-8
  86. math

    Is this correct. Graph each of the following inequalities. 4x + y (greater than or equal to) 4 My answer: y= -4x + 4 Y= mx + b For b = (0,4) For x = (-4 , 0) The line will be a straight line across the positive codent to the negative crodant In the first
  87. physics

    A single circular loop of wire of radius r = 2.5cm rotates at a frequency of 60 Hz in a constant magnetic field of magnitude B = 1.8 T. Use this to design a generator that produces an induced emf of 430 V. Hint: You must choose values for the number of
  88. English

    Hello. I have a sentence that needs to be clarified. "In that country which begins at the foot of the east slope of the Sierras and spreads out by less and less lofty hill ranges toward the Great Basin, it is possible to live with great zest, to have red
  89. Government US

    The laws applicable to a case a. reveal the relevant circumstances of the case, and are determined solely by trial courts. b. are more important than the facts of a case, and supersede the facts when the two conflict. c. constrain the judiciary, because
  90. physics help

    The femur is a bone in the leg whose minimum cross-sectional area is about 3.60 10-4 m2. A compressional force in excess of 6.90 104 N will fracture this bone. (a) Find the maximum stress that this bone can withstand. (b) What is the strain that exists
  91. math

    the figure represents a building in the shape of a regular hexagon. using the scale 1cm=177m, what is the perimeter of the building 1.1cm?
  92. math

    the figure represents a building in the shap of a regular hexagon. using th e scale 1cm=177m, what is the perimeter of the building 1.1cm?
  93. linear equations

    length of a rectangle is twice its breadth. if ratio of the perimeter of the rctangle and 6 times its length is 1:2. find the dimensions of the rectangle
  94. Math

    A carpenter was creating a fence around his back yard the rectangular yard measured 4 1/2 feet by 8 2/3 feet what is the perimeter of the backyard
  95. Math

    One side of a triangular banner is 1 ½ times longer than the second side and 2 cm shorter than the third side. The perimeter of the triangle is 98 cm. How long is the shortest side?
  96. Math

    the top of a rectangular table has a length that is two times it's width. The perimeter of the tabletop is 144 inches. What is the width of the tabletop?
  97. algebra

    The perimeter of a collrge athletic field is 104 meters and the length is 18m more than the width.Find the length and width.
  98. algebra 1

    The length of a rectangle is 5mm longer than it's width. It's perimeter is more than 30mm. Let w equal the width of the rectangle.. What could be a equation to support this??
  99. Algebra

    Perimeter of traffic sign is 140 inches. The length is 14 inches longer than the width. Find the dimensions of the sign.
  100. math

    the figure represents a building in the shape of a regular hexagon. using the scale 1cm=177m, what is the perimeter of the building 1.1cm?