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  1. 30-60-90

    The shorter leg of a 30-60-90 triangle is 5.4 feet long. Find the perimeter
  2. algebra

    The perimeter of a square field is yards. How long is each side?
  3. geometry

    the perimeter of parallelogram QRST is 26cm. If ST=e 6cm what is the length of RS
  4. Math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 60cm. It's length is 6cm. What is its width?
  5. Geometry

    Find the perimeter of a square with sides 10 feet long?
  6. geometery

    if the perimeter of a parallelogram is 132cm the longest possible length of a diagonal is less then ?
  7. algebraa

    perimeter= 30 5cm 12cm the lenght of the third side of the triangle is?
  8. Math

    Find the perimeter of KRN if K(2,9), R(-5,3), and N(0,-7). round to the nearest tenth.
  9. Math

    If the length of a square garden is five and seven eighths long, then what is the perimeter?
  10. math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 26cm. It's width is 5cm. What is the length?
  11. math

    if the perimeter of an equilateral is 24 inches find a side of the triangular
  12. algebra

    A pentagon has a perimeter of 630 inches.What is the length of its sides?
  13. math

    The perimeter of a rectangular blanket is 18 feet.What could be it's length and width?
  14. Math

    Find the perimeter of a square if the diagonal measurement is 36 inches.
  15. math

  16. maths

    find the perimeter of an isosceles right angled triangle having 5000m
  17. 3rd grade math

    show me the perimeter using grip paper
  18. maths

    find the perimeter of an equilateral triangle whose sides are:4 x rays to 2 -3y+8.
  19. geometry

    How do you find the perimeter of a regular dodecagon whose side is 12cm
  20. geometry

    Find the approximate perimeter of triangle abc with vertices a(0,8 b(6,-2 c(-4,4
  21. math

    how to you find the perimeter of a octagon with side length 7.2cm
  22. 5th grade

    If I have a perimeter of 28 inches, how many rectangles can I draw and what are the dimensions?
  23. geometry

    if a painting has a perimeter of 36 in, and the length of the picture is 8 inches. then what is the width?
  24. centimeter dot grid

    I have to draw rectangles with a perimeter of 16 cm and I don't know how to do it.
  25. Algebra 2

    The sides of a triangle are on the ration of 3:4:5. What is the length of each side of the perimeter
  26. Math

    The width is 2/3x+10 and the height is 1/3x+5 and the next question asks if the perimeter was 90 what would x represent?
  27. Maths

    How would the perimeter be affected if the side of the rectangle were increased by a factor
  28. algebra

    The lengths of the sides of a triangle are x,2x+1,5x+4inches. If the perimeter is 53inches, what is the value of x?
  29. Math

    Find the perimeter of a 30°-60°-90° triangle whose shorter leg is 16cm
  30. Math

    The perimeter of the door is 5.30cm. The width is 1cm. What is the length?
  31. maths

    the net of a cube has an edge of 5cm. calculate the perimeter
  32. math

    The perimeter of a triangle is 226 inches. The length exceeds
  33. algebra

    what is a simplified expression for the perimeter of the given rectangle? length=2L-5 width=L
  34. Math

    A rectangle has sides of 3x+5 and 5x-2. Give the polynomial that represents its perimeter.
  35. math

    A rectangle has sides of 3x – 4 and 7x + 10. Find the expression that represents its perimeter.
  36. math

    Find the perimeter of a right triangle with legs of 20 cm, and 21 cm. a.882 b.82 c.70 d.47 I have no clue what to do. Can somebody help me with this please?
  37. Math

    Find the perimeter of the equilateral triangle whose side 3x square +4x +8
  38. Math

    What is the perimeter of a 30 60 90 triangle whose shorter leg is 5 inches long?
  39. Maths

    Triangle AB is 12cm & BC is 15cm find length AC&perimeter
  40. Math

    If the perimeter of a rectangle is 70 feet what is the height to length of a ratio of 4:5
  41. math

    A rectangle has sides of 4x – 4 and 8x + 10. Find the expression that represents its perimeter
  42. Maths

    If the perimeter rectangle is 250cm and its breadth is 50cm, it length will be?
  43. Grade 6 math

    Draw a hexagon and a rectangle that have the same perimeter as the triangle.
  44. Math

    What is the perimeter of a 30 60 90 triangle whose shorter leg is 5 inches long?
  45. algebra

    Find the perimeter of the triangle whose vertices are the following specified points in the plane? (0,-3), (-2,1) and (-4,6)
  46. Math

    A rectangular swimming pool is 6 meters longer than the width of the pool. A pool deck (sidewalk) that surrounds the pool is 4 meters wide (all the way around the pool). The combined area of the pool deck and pool together (outer rectangle) has an area of
  47. math

    Find the area of the partial circle, use 22/7 for pi. 1.) radius = 27 cm find the area of 1/5 of the circle 2.) diameter = 29 ft find the area of 1/3 of the circle. Help!! Please!! Thanks!! :D
  48. math...

    We had to find the surface area of various rectangular prisms. I did most of them easily, but there are two that I need a little help with... The first one is: The length is 13m The width is 5m The height is 4m So what is the surface area? The second one
  49. Physics University

    If a completely cylindrical bar with a mass of 5000kg is flung into a wall with a surface area of 500un^2 and is morphed into a square at 50NMC/m at 40 degrees tangent to the area of initial impact. What is the length of the sides?
  50. math

    a leach-free area for dogs is to be created in a field behind a recreation centre. what length of fencing will be required, if the plans show an irregular pentagonal area with vertices at (2,0), (1,6), (8,9), (10,7), and (6,0)?( one unit represents 10m).
  51. Math

    1. A gardener has 140 feet of fencing to fence in a rectangular vegetable garden. Find the dimensions of the largest area he can fence. Find the possible rectangular area he can enclose. 2. Suppose a farmer has a large piece of land and he wants to make a
  52. math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is given by P = 2W + 2L where W is the width and L is the length. The length of a rectangle is 3 more than twice its width. The perimeter of the rectangle is 66 meters. What is the length and width of the rectangle?
  53. algebra

    Mike's family wants to build a rectangular fenced backyard area for their dog. They have a 20-meter length of wire fence and four posts. They can also use the 20-meter straight length of the back of their house as a side of the enclosure, but the fence
  54. 9th grade Algebra

    A spinner has 3 three sections, each with different point values and areas. -The 1-point section is 2/3 the area of the spinner. -The 2 point section is 1/4 the area of the spinner. -The 3 point section is 1/12 the area of the spinner. To the nearest tenth
  55. calculus

    Approximate the area in the first quadrant between the x-axis, the y-axis, the line x = 3, and the function f(x) = x^2+1 For this approximation, you must use 6 rectangles of equal width, and this must be a lower sum. In your answer, you must include
  56. 8 math

    Population density is described as the average number of people per square kilometre. The population density of Canada is approximately 3.5 persons/km2. Use the data in the table. Name a province or territory that has: a) A population density closest to
  57. Math

    A rectengular area is to be enclosed on three sides by fencing, an existing hedge forming the fourth side. Find the greatest area of the rectangle and its dimensions if 140mof fencing is available.
  58. geometry

    Use formulas to find the lateral area and surface area of the given prism. The base of the prism is the rectangle with sides of length 13m and 5m. Show your answer to the nearest whole number.
  59. math

    The Floor To Be Tiled Is A Rectangle I want To Know The Approximate Area Of The Bathroom Floor i Have String Handy And i Know That The Length of my tennis shoe is about 1 foot how can i find another way to describe the area of my room ?.
  60. order pair and relations

    Henry is building a fence in his backyard for his new puppy. he has 36 feet of fencing and wants a fence in a rectangular area. what is one set of whole number dimension of the fenced in area?
  61. 7th Grade Math

    I do know how to find the area of a square and rectangle, but how do you fing the area of a rhombus. (that is at least what it looks like.) The shape I'm talking about is like a rectangle but it looks like one side got stretched to the left. (sorry if I
  62. Calculus

    A gardener has a rectangular plot of land bordered on one side by a brick wall. If she has 32 feet of edging, what is the maximum area that can be enclosed? What are the dimensions of the plot that yield this area?
  63. Algebra 1B

    A painter can use the formula A=2/3bh to estimate the Area of space under the parabola, where b is the length of the base and h is the height from the base to the vertex. Calculate the area, in square feet under each arch.
  64. Pre-Algerbra

    Someone help explain? Justin wants to use 188 ft of fencing to fence off the greatest possible rectangular area for a garden. What dimensions should he use? What will be the area of the garden? ~ A. 89 ´ 99 ; 8811 ft B. 92 ´ 96 ; 8832 ft C. 94 ´ 94 ;
  65. Geometry

    The second-largest state in the US is Texas, covering 268,580 square miles (including water). What is the approximate radius of a sphere with the same surface area as the area of Texas?
  66. MATHS

    Hi Just checking The area of one face of a cube is 64cm squared What it the total surface area of the cube? DO we do 64 times 6 and the answer is 384 cm cubed? Also it askes what is the volume I do 64 cubed which is 262144 cm cubed ? AM I right ? yes- the
  67. More Algebra - Dividing Radicals!

    A hotel wants to put a fence around a circular spa. The radius of the spa is 5/(√2-1)feet. If the fence is built along the immediate edge of the spa, what is the perimeter of the fence? (Recall that the perimeter of a circle is 2πr, where r is
  68. geometry

    The figure shown is a rectangle. the green shape in the figure is a square. The blue and white figures are rectangles, and the area of the blue rectangle is 24 square inches. a. write an expression for the area of the entire figure that includes an
  69. Calculus!!! please email me at 969e221 at g mail. com here is the question: Find the trapezoid of largest area that can be inscribed in the upper half of the ellipse x2/9 + y2/4 = 1 where the lower base of the trapezoid is on the x-axis and is 6 units
  70. Chemistry

    I have an assignment. It has two boxes to model the particles of the same gas at different temperature (18 and 45 degrees Celsius). I have to write two or three sentences relating the temperature, the average kinetic energy, and the motion of the particles
  71. chemistry

    How do you solve this problem? In a certain industrial process involving a heterogeneous catalyst, the volume of the catalyst (in the shape of a shpere) is 10.0cm^3. Calculate the surface area of the catalyst. IF the sphere is broken down into eight
  72. Math

    Soybean meal is 18% protein; cornmeal is 9% protein. how many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 360lb mixture that is 11% protein? How many pounds of the cornmeal should be in the mixture? How many pounds of the soybeans meal should
  73. Technology

    Please do an e.g for me by Calculate the force required to move a small piston that has an area of 2m,if the force of a large piston is 20N with an area of 4m? Using this formula:force of small piston over area of small piston =force of large piston over
  74. Applied Math- Gr.11

    A farmer wants to enclose three sides of a rectangular pasture unsing 1000 yards of fencing. The fourth side does not require fencing because it borders a river. What dimensions (length and width) should the farmer choose in order to enclose the greatest
  75. programming

    Java Programming Build 3 methods(no arguments) that will do the work (input, calculations and output) for each of the 3 different figures. Then in the 3 “if” statements (or Switch stmt) that you have to determine which figure was selected, you should
  76. algebra 1

    A high school wrestling mat must be a square with 38-foot sides and contain 2 circles. Suppose the inner circle has a radius of s feet, and the outer circle's radius is 9 feet longer than the inner circle. What is an expression for the area of the square
  77. science

    You would expect that an injection of an opiate drug into the __________ would activate dopamine neurons in the nucleus accumbens. A. ventral tegmental area B. medial septal region C. periaqueductal gray matter D. preoptic area My choice is C
  78. water & climate

    We have a catchment with a total area of 9.0 km2, where the runtime principle applies. The area is subdivided in 5 regions (A1 to A5) in such a way that every individual area has a runtime of 30 minutes. The areas drain sequentially. A5 is at the top of
  79. water & climate

    We have a catchment with a total area of 9.0 km2, where the runtime principle applies. The area is subdivided in 5 regions (A1 to A5) in such a way that every individual area has a runtime of 30 minutes. The areas drain sequentially. A5 is at the top of
  80. brief calc

    Calculate the total area of the region described. Do not count area beneath the x-axis as negative. Bounded by the curve y = square root of x the x-axis, and the lines x = 0 and x = 16 This is under Integrals, i don't know what i'm doing wrong, please help
  81. geometry

    In a circle centered at point O, the ratio of the area of sector AOB to the area of the circle is . What is the approximate measure, in radians, of the central angle corresponding to ? Round the answer to two decimal places
  82. sheridan

    A car dealership fences in a rectangular area behind their building to secure unsold vehicles. One length will be the back wall of the dealership. What is the maximum parking area that can be created if they have 2 km of fencing to use?
  83. Algebra

    Which must be a whole number? A. The time it takes to drive 300 miles at 55 mph B. The area of a circle with a radius of 5 feet C. The area of a triangle with base of 15 and height of 9 D. The number of books in 12 bookstores
  84. mathssssSsssss

    1.Determine the area of a parallelogram in which 2 adjacent sides are 10cm and 13cm and the angle between them is 55 degrees? 2.If the area of triangle ABC is 5000m squared with a=150m and b=70m what are the two possible sizes of angle C?
  85. math

    1. Find the area of a circle whose diameter is 5.1 centimeters (cm). Use 3.14 for ƒàƒnand round your answer to the nearest tenth of a square centimeter. 2.A triangle has base 13 feet (ft) and an altitude of 6 ft. Find its area
  86. 8th grade math

    The area of Manhattan Island is 641, 000,000 square feet. According to legend, the Indians sold it to the Dutch for $24. Estimate the area that was purchased for one cent.
  87. statistics

    A new restaurant with 123 seats is being planned. Studies show that 63% of the customers demand a smoke free area. How many seats sould be in the non-smoking area in order to be very sure (mean+3StandardDeviation) of having enough seating there?
  88. dressmaking

    When preparing patterns,the chest measurement is make horizontally at A) the largest part of the bust B) the widest part of the back C) an area under the arm C) an area between shoulderline and bustline I'm thinking it could be either C or D
  89. Math-Algebra 2

    The surface area of a golf ball is 8.92 in ^2. The surface area of a softball is 53.78 in ^2. Find the ratio of the volumes of a golf ball to a softball. Surface Area = 4π r^2 and Volume = 4/3π r^3 I'm not sure if I did this problem right, but I
  90. Chemistry

    One atmosphere of pressure will push a column of mercury to a height of 760 mm when the closs sectional area of the column is 1.00 cm.what would be the height of the column of mercury supported by the atmosphere if its cross sectional area were 0.500cm?
  91. math

    In any triangle the sum of the measures of the angles is 180. In triangle ABC, A is three times as large as B and also 16 larger than C. Find the measures of each angle. I also would like to know how to solve these problems: In isosceles trapezoid ABCD,
  92. calculus

    A format for textbook page layouts is to be chosen so that each printed page has a 4-cm margin at the top and at the bottom and a 2-cm margin on the left and right sides. The rectangular region of printed matter is to have an area of 800 sq. cm. Find the
  93. Math

    The diagram: it is a large triangle labelled ACD(AC a line horizontal, then AD and CD joining at the tip going down-so the triangle is "upside down" with the base up) with a line drawn that connects point E, which intersects segment CD at the middle(a
  94. math

    If the area of the parallelogram ABCD is 4 square feet and OP"=5OP, what is the area of the parallelogram A"B"C"D"?
  95. Geometry

    What is the surface area and lateral surface area for a cylinder with 12 as its diameter and 18 as its height
  96. algebra

    write an expression for the area of sidewalk using subtraction, overall area is 10 ft by 12 ft. sidewalk is 4ft by 12 ft.
  97. Geometry

    I really need help with this. Explain how the formula for the area of a triangle can be determined by using the formula for the area of a parallelogram.
  98. math

    If the area of the parallelogram ABCD is 4 square feet and 2OPOPŒ=, what is the area of the parallelogram?
  99. Math: Surface Area

    How would you find the area of the curved surface between the top and bottom of a can?
  100. Calculus

    Use 5 right rectangles to estimate the area of the area under the graph of 25−x 2 from x = 0 to x = 5 using 5 left rectangles?