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  1. alg

    how much money is invested at 5% compounded continuously for 3 years will yield $820?
  2. alg

    find the domain of the composite function f of g. f(x)=x^2+9;g(x)=sqrtx-7 please show work
  3. Alg I

    12r^2 + ____ + 6 How do I solve this ax^2 + bx + c problem. Please explain in detail. I simply do not get it. Thanks.
  4. Alg III

    Solve each absolute value equation. 3 + |x| = 5 My work: 3 + x = 5 or 3 + x = -5 x = 2 or x = -8 The book says that I am wrong. I do not know why.
  5. trig

    Prove the following trig identity: 1 + sinx = sinx(1+cscx)
  6. algebra/trig

    1.Find the domain f(x)=ã(x^(2)-9) 2. Find all six trig functions for (-3,4)
  7. Trig

    Prove the trig identity cos(4x)=2-sec^2(2x)/sec^2(2x)
  8. trig

    prove the trig identity cos(4x) = 2-sec^2(2x)/sec^2(2x)
  9. Trig

    Prove the trig identity cos(4x)=2-sec^2(2x)/sec^2(2x)
  10. graphing trig functions

    for graphing basic trig functions such as y=2sinx or y=1/3cosx, how do you know what the points are to graph with out using a calculator?
  11. alg 2

    Provide an example of an arithmetic series which totals zero. Using complete sentences, explain how you created the example.
  12. alg 2 check?

    1.)solve for n:-7n-21=-63 my answer: n=3 is this correct? please explain 2.)identify the x and y int for te equation 3x-4y=12.
  13. college alg

    the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 find the inverse and check answer f^-1(x)=? please show work
  14. alg 2

    write an exponential function whose graph passes throught the given points... (0,3)and (1,15)...(0,-5)and(-3,-135)...(0,-0.3)and(5,-9.6)
  15. college alg

    the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 find the inverse and check answer f^-1(x)=? please show work
  16. college alg

    the function f(x)=6x+9/3x-7 is one to one. find its inverse and check your answer. f^-1(x)=? please show work
  17. ALG 2

    Determine the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through (-6,6) and (3,-2). My slope is -8/9 Y=mx+b -2=-8/9(3) + b SOLVING FOR b -2=-24/9 + b WHAT DO I DO NOW
  18. Alg 2

    Solve the equation. Check for extraneous solutions. 10 ln 100x - 3 = 117 Thank you in advanced
  19. Alg

    .Write an algebraic expressoin for4 times the sum of q and p HELPPP PLZZZ :)
  20. ALG 2

    What is the first term of a geometic series with a summation of 800, 4 terms and a common ratio of 3?
  21. Alg. I

    I've just begun to study Exponential functions: When you make a table starting with: -2 -4^x What are my coordinates? -1 0 1 2
  22. alg

    In a permutation a) the selections are independent b) some items will never be used c) the order matters d) there must be at least 3 things to choose from
  23. Trig/Pre-Calc

    Need help with current Trig problem for tomorrow: Solve the logarithmic equation algebraically. Approximate the result to three decimal places. 6log3(0.5x)=11 I know to start off the equation you divide by 6. I know the answer is 14.988. I just am puzzled
  24. Trig

    A ramp 38' long rises to a platform. The bottom of the platform is 20' from the foot of the ramp. Find x , the angle of elevation of the ramp. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of a degree. After this question I'm done with TRIG!!! Thanks
  25. alg.

    write your answer in standard form with integer coefficients. 2x+3y=30; (2,-5) i don't understand how to do this, im not quiet sure i know what its asking.
  26. alg 2 first final study guide

    f (x) =2X^3 + 2x^2 - 3x + 2 please help me set up to find all the real number zeros of the function
  27. College Alg

    Use synthetic division and the Remainder Theorem to evaluate P(c). P(x) = 5x5 + 10x3 + x + 1, c = −2 p(-2)=
  28. Alg 1

    I'm doing quadratic equations x^2 +bx+c =0.I'm supposed to factor each polynomial. I know how to questions like x^2 +8x +12 =0 but this one says, j^2-9jk-10k^2. I'm confused
  29. Alg 1

    Operations with radical expressions: Simplify each quotient 7/sq rt 2 - sq rt 3 Please solve and explain how you did it. What do you do when the denominator is a negative?
  30. Alg

    describe the end behavior of the graph of the polynomial function. Then evaluate the fucntion for x=-4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. I'm confused on this. Help.
  31. math ALG 2!

    Find three consecutive integers such that the sum of the second and the third is 17. Which equation would be used to solve this word problem? a.) x + (x + 1) + (x + 2) = 17 b.)(x + 1) + (x + 2) = 17 c.)x + (x + 2) + (x + 4) = 17 d.) 2(x + 2) + 3(x + 4) =
  32. alg 2

    2 questions: 1. Find "a" if (-3,7) is a solution of 2x+ay=26 2. solve system using substitution, linear combination, and graphing: 3x-2y=3 5x+4y=16
  33. trig

    FInd the exact value pf the 6 trig function of alpha Given: point (-2,-6) on the terminal side of the angle in standard position sin alpha cos alpha tan alpha sec alpha csc alpha cot alpha
  34. trig

    if 10 students enter projects in the art show, how many different ways can they come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place? would you go 10^3 OR 10TIMES 3? This is not a trig question. Neither of those answers is correct. After making one of ten possible choices for
  35. trig

    Write the expression and evaluate. There should only be one answer which should match the range of the inverse trig function. Sec^-1(-2) sec^-1(-sqrt2) Cos^-1((-sqrt3)/2) Tan^-1(-sqrt3) Could someone explain how to get the answer as well please.
  36. Alg 2

    If I were to graph it, the vertex would be (3,-7) so what would my other point be? Write this equation : y =4(x-3)^2 -7 in standard form . answer: y=4x^2 -24x +29 idk if this is right?
  37. Alg 2 (HS)

    Solve 4^(x+2)= 160 use a cal and round your answer to the nearest hundredth How would I work out this problem? I'm a little confused with this one.
  38. ALG 2!!!

    Write an equation of a line that passes through (9,-5) and (3,-5). Hint: To answer this question, first find the slope using these 2 points.
  39. Math (Alg 2)

    The following expression represents the value of which variable in the solution of the system of equations below? |2 -1 1| |1 2 6| |3 -1 2| ___________ |2 -1 -2| |1 2 3| |3 -1 -1| 2X-Y+Z=-2 X+2Y+6Z=3 3X-Y+2Z=-1 A. Z B. Y C. X D. NONE OF THE VARIABLES ARE

    use the transformations to identify the graph of the function. then determine its domain, range, and horizontal asymptote. f(x)=4+3^X/3
  41. alg 2

    Use the definitions and theorems of this section to evaluate and simplify the following expression. Be sure to express answers with positive exponents. (m . n)-1 =
  42. Alg 1 -Further explanation PLEASE

    Suppose f(x)=|P(x)|. Determine the range of f (1,-3), (4,1), (3,3), (2,4), (-2,4), (-3,5), (-1,6) Algebra 1 - Damon today at 10:12am Nothing can be negative. No y can be different from x Can you explain further please
  43. Alg 2

    Is there another way to find the roots of 3rd degree and higher polynomials instead of using trial and error (using synthetic division)?
  44. trig

    Write the expression and evaluate. There is only one answer whIch should match the range of the inverse trig function. Sec^-1(-2) Sec^-1(-sqrt2) Tan^-1(-sqrt3) Tan^-1(sqrt3)
  45. Trig

    How do i set this trig problem up? PLEASE help me. Find tan (s + t) given that sin s = 1/4, with s in quadrant 2, and sin t = -1/2, with t in quadrant 4.
  46. trig

    The displacement (in centimeters) of a particle moving back and forth along a straight line is given by the equation of motion s= 2 sin pi t + 3 cos pi t, where t is measured in seconds. (a) Find the average velocity during each time period: (i)[1,2] (ii)
  47. trig

    let P be a point in Q1 such that the slope of the line connecting P to the origin is sq. root of 2 and the distance from P to the origin is 3 units. Find the coordinates of P, state all trig values for angle formed by the line and the positive x-axis, and
  48. Alg2

    i am realy lost as to how to do this alg 2 problem: find the two real-number solutions of each equation: x^2=100 Can you please explain how to do it? Thanks!:)
  49. alg

    rationalize the denominator of the expression assume that all variables are positive ^3ã7/^3ã10 i cant get that sign on my pc its 2nd x2 on a graphing calc
  50. ALG II

    Write each rational expression in simplest form and list the values of the variables for which the fraction is undefined. 1. x^2-7x+12/x^2+2x-15 2. 5y^2-20/y^2+4y+4 3. -7+7a/21a^2-21 4. 5(1-b)+15/b^2-16
  51. trig

    How do I prove these trig identities? secx-cosx/tanx =sinx And 1+sinx/cosx+ cox/ 1+sinx=2secx
  52. trig

    use trig identities to rewrite: (1/(1-cos4v))-(1/(1+cos4v))
  53. trig

    how do i find six trig functions for cos(pi over 2-x)=3/5, cos x=4/5?
  54. math (trig)

    i have some problems doing trig the first one is: Show that cos(x/2) sin(3x/2) = ½(sinx + sin2x) i know that you are supposed to substitute all those trig function things in it but i kind of forgot how to the only that i can see substituting in is the
  55. college alg

    use the transformations to identify the graph of the function. then determine its domain, range, and horizontal asymptote. f(x)=4+3^X/3 please show work
  56. Alg. 2

    Hello so I'm suppose to Determine whether the given binoial is a factor of the polymonial P(x) and here's the question (2x-4); P(x)=2x5-4x4+2x2-2x-4 I keep going over and over it and end up with ridiculous numbers -_- please help! thank you
  57. trig

    1st-the reason i keep change my name because some of my friends are using my computer by their own name to asked questions. we are having a hard time solving each trig problems 2nd- if sin theta=0.6 and 90 degree <theta < 180 degree, find the exact
  58. trig

    find the exact values of the six trig functions of the angle. -750 sin(-750)= cos(-750)= tan(-750)= csc(-750)= sec(-750)= cot(-750)= I've tried this question over and over again and i cannot get it right. i believe -750 is in the fourth quadrant but I'm
  59. trig

    how would you verify this trig identity (1+cos(x) / 1-cos(x)) - (1-cos(x) / 1+cos(x)) = 4cot(x)csc(x) ? help please!
  60. Trig

    Solve the trig equation exactly over the indicated interval. tanθ = 0, all real numbers I know the answer is πn, but I don't understand how they got this. I get that tanθ = 0 on π and 2π on the unit circle, so did they just put n
  61. math/trig

    A ship sailed on a bearing 140 degrees. It was then 90 km south of its orignal position. a) draw a diagram to show the ship's journey b) how far east of its original position is it? what ratio would i need? (sine,cosine or tangent) i know that all trig
  62. Alg I

    Factoring ax^2 + bx + c Find two different values that complete each expression so that the trinomial can be factored into the product of two binomials. Factor your trimonials. 4n^2+ __n - 3 Please explain and solve.
  63. Trigonometry

    Hi, I need help with this question: Use the addition and subtraction formulas ti fubd the exact values of the trigonometric ratios: cos(-7pi/12) Okay, I'm just having trouble with a rather basic part of the question... I wrote cos(pi/4 + pi/3), but now I
  64. Math/Trig

    How would I evaluate these trig functions without using a calculator? U: sin(-13π/6) cot 11π/6 cot(-14π/4) sec 23π/6 Thanks in advance ^^; and if you'd tell me step by step on how to do problems like these I'd be grateful :D
  65. Alg: Please Help

    Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer bought a condonminium for $75,000. Assuming that it value will appreciate 6% a year, how much will the condo be worth iin five years when the Sawyers are ready to move? Steps please.
  66. trig

    If cos(t)=(-7/8) where pi<t<(3pi/2), find the values of the following trig functions. cos(2t)=? sin(2t)=? cos(t/2)=? sin(t/2)=?
  67. math ALG 2!

    Write the following value in scientific notation. 23,000,000 i don't understand
  68. college alg

    solve the following logarithm equation log (4x+7)=1+log(x-6) x=? please show work
  69. Alg

    How would you evaluate this n^(log(n lowered)3)? I don't know how to make the n lower than the log. What would the answer be?
  70. Alg 1

    The formula for the perimeter P of a rectangle is P=2l +2w. What is the result when correctly solving the formula for the variable w?
  71. Alg

    I have to simplify this: (y^(1/4)*Z^4)^(-4/5) My answer: (2z)^(1/2)/4z^4 Correct? Simplify (3-2SQRT2)(SQRT6-5) I have no idea how to foil this one.
  72. Alg !

    What is the sum of the first 4 terms of the arithmetic sequence in which the 6th term is 8 and the 10th term is 13?
  73. Math-Alg

    2. Find the equation of the line which perpendicular to the line -2x + 3y = 32 and passes through the point (-4,-8).
  74. Alg 2

    By what amount does the sum of the roots exceed the product of the roots of the equation (x-7)(x+3)=0? I have no idea what to do!
  75. alg 1

    the perimeter of a rectangle is 24 m. the width is 30 m less than five times the length. find the dimentions of the rectangle.
  76. alg 2.

    how would i condense this... 3lnxy-2ln2y. whenever i condense i get ln(xy^3/2y2). but my teacher has ln(x^3y/4). can someone please show me how to get that answer thanks!
  77. alg 2

    given that one of the zeros of the funiction f(x)=x^3-8x^2+11x+20 is -1, find the sum of the other zeros. hwo do i do this?
  78. Alg. I

    (-5d^-5) (6d^2) -30d^-3 I know that d^-3 goes on the bottom to make it positive;however,does -30 go on the bottom as well? Please explain the rule(s) for this. Thanks
  79. Math (alg 2)

    The ratio of two numbers is 3 to 2 and the difference of their squares is 20. Find the numbers.
  80. Pre-Alg

    write a translation rule that maps point d(7 -3) onto point d'(2 5)
  81. Alg I

    when translating the verbal expression "five more than d" into an algebraic expression, is the answer 5+d or d+5? Aren't they the same?
  82. Alg 2

    What is the sum of a 12-term arithmetic sequence where the last term is 13 and the common difference is -10?
  83. ALG 2!!!

    5 to the second power minus 4 times 4 plus 5 to the second power equals what? it should look like this kinda 5^(2)- 4 x 4+5^(2) please solve
  84. alg 2 review

    write the following absolute value expressions as piecewise expressions: y= abs(2x-4)
  85. Math (alg 2)

    The ratio of two numbers is 3 to 2 and the difference of their squares is 20. Find the numbers.
  86. college alg

    find the equation of a line that is perpendicular to line y=1/6x+6 and contains point (-7,0) y=? please show work so i can see how its done
  87. alg 2

    does the graph of the solution to the inequality 4x-7 > -5 have a closed circle at 3 and is shaded to the right? the (>) is suppose to be on top of the (-) I got 3 and shaded to the right?
  88. Alg 3

    Put the following equations in standard form. State the center and the radius. x^2-5x+y^2+4y=-3 I get how to end up with (-2.5,2), what is the radius?
  89. alg

    if n+5-n+3 over n-3-n-5=16 what is the value of n this is an SAT question and i just cant seem to figure it out..even with pluggin in the numbers it never = help pls..what is the quickest way in solving this for the SAt's
  90. Math - Alg

    How much water must be added to an 80% acid solution to make a mixture of 50mL which is 70% acid?
  91. alg

    change the logarithmic expression to an equivalent expression involving an exponent. 4^16=x log (base4)16=x is it x=e^2?
  92. Alg 1

    Solve the proportion: 4/x = (radical sign over 11, not -1) 11 - 1/3 Please solve and explain. My answer does not match any of my choices.
  93. ALG 2

    What is the lat term, in a series of 10 terms with a common ratio of 2, a first term (a1) if 1 and a summation of 1023
  94. alg 2

    Given the following functions, perform the indicated operation and state the domain. f(x) * g(x) 3X^1/2*6X^1/3. I got 18X^5/6. But without using a calculator how do i find the domain?????? Thanks:)
  95. Pre alg

    find 2 numbers of the 2nd number if the second number is 11 less than 3 times the first and the sum of 153?
  96. pre-alg Answer Check

    Use the proportion to find the missing length in the following similar figures. x/2 9/4 4.5 18 (My Answer) 8 2.25
  97. alg 2

    a rectangle is to be inscribed in a isosceles triangle of height 8 and base 10. Find the greatest area of such rectangle.
  98. Alg 2 HELP!

    Identify the x-intercepts, local maximum, and local minimum of the graph of f(x)=x^3+2x^2-13x+10 I am confused on where to begin.
  99. ALG- timed

    Find the equation of the circle that passes through the point P(1, 7) and whose center is the point C(4, 3). Then sketch its graph.
  100. alg readiness

    "Express the mixed# as the addition of a whole # and fraction.Then find the value as a single fraction." *i don't understand what it is asking me?!