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  1. Trig

    Simplify:::: sin (teta) cot (teta) = cos (teta)
  2. trig

    tan theta= -4/3 and sec theta<0 find sin (theta = pi/6)
  3. Physics

    In a coordinate system, a vector is oriented at angle theta with respect to the x-axis. They y component of the vector equals the vector's magnitude multiplied by which trig function? ... please explain
  4. trig

    Find all solutions of the equation. Leave answers in trigonometric form. x^5-1024=0 I got 4(cos tehta + i sin tehta), tehta = 0, 2pi/5, 4pi/5, 6pi/5, 8pi/5 is this right
  5. trig

    Two circles of radii 5 and 3 cm, respectively, intersect at two points. At either point of intersection, the tangent lines to the circles form a 60◦ angle, as in Figure 2.2.4 above. Find the distance between the centers of the circles
  6. Physics

    In a coordinate system, a vector is oriented at angle theta with respect to the x-axis. They y component of the vector equals the vector's magnitude multiplied by which trig function? ... please explain
  7. Trig

    Find all values of theta in the interval 0 <= theta < 360 that satisfy the equation 3cos(2theta)=7cos(theta). Express answers to the nearest ten minutes.
  8. trig

    The cross section of a television antenna dish is a parabola. A dish has a receiver that is located at the focus, 4 ft. above the vertex. Find the equation. (which I did) -- x^2 = 8y If the dish is 8 feet wide, how deep is it?
  9. trig

    Prove that cos4x=8cos^4x-8cos^2x+1 so I'm guessing you begin with the left side cos4x=cos2(2x) then im kinda lost
  10. Trig

    2 vectors act on a bolt. vector 1(1200/70 degrees) vector 2(900/205 degrees) then E = ? must show work!
  11. Trigonometry

    Help trig question involving discriminant? a)Find the value of the discriminant. b)Use any method to find the real roots of the equation if they exist. 2x^2+7x=0
  12. trig

    a 30 foot ladder leans against a wall at a 71 degree angle of elevztion find the distance of a ladder's base to the wall
  13. trig

    A population of wolves in a country is represented by the equation P(t)= 80(0.98)^t, where t is the number of years since 1998. predict the number in the population in the year.
  14. trig

    How do you express in terms of angles less than 90 degrees? sin 120 degrees cos 150 degrees tan 280 degrees
  15. Algebra 2/Trig

    A 5'6" person is standing near a light post that is 18' above the ground. How long is the man's shadow when he is 5' from the base of the light post?
  16. Geometry/trig

    A ladder, 17 feet long, leans against a wall at a 49 degree angle to the ground. How far up the wall does the ladder reach?
  17. Trig

    suppose that the angle theta is in the second quadrant, and that sin(theta)=1/3. Find exact values for cos (theta) and csc (theta)
  18. trig

    suppose theta is in the interval (90,180 degrees) find the sign of csc(-theta) is it positive or negative = positive???
  19. TRIG

    Triangle FGH has vertices F(0, 10), G(10, 0), and HR(1, -1). After rotating triangle FGH counterclockwise about the origin 75º, the coordinates of G' to the nearest hundredth are (2.59, ?).
  20. trig

    A pilot is flying at 10,000 feet and wants to take the plane up to 20,000 feet over the next 50 miles. What should be his angle of elevation to the nearest tenth?
  21. trig

    If tan A = 2 and A belongs to [pie,3pie/2] then the expression cos A divided by sin cubed A +cos cubed A is equal to what?
  22. trig

    If a ship leaves port at 9:00 a.m. and sails due north for 3 hours at 12 knots, then turns N 30° E for another hour, how far from port is the ship?
  23. trig

    Find the component form of v given its magnitude and the angle it makes with the positive x-axis. Sketch v. Magnitude Angle ||v||= 7/2 45 degrees v=( , )
  24. trig

    which ser of lenths will form a triangle with greater area? 6ft,8ft, 10ft or 6ft,8ft,12ft...
  25. Trig

    A 12-foot ladder reaches 9 ft 6 in up a wall. How far up would a 20-foot ladder reach when placed at the same angle? Write the answer in feet with inches.
  26. trig

    tanx = 5/12 and sinx<0 Find sin2x and cos2x How to get the answers of sin2x = 120/169 and cos 2x = 119/169?
  27. Pre-Calculus-Trig

    A road rises 140 feet per horizontal mile. What angle does the road make with the horizontal?
  28. Trig

    Linear and angular speed Find w for each of the following: 1. the minute hand of a clock 2. the second hand of a clock The answer to #1 should be pi/30, but I do not understand how to solve these.
  29. Trig

    assume a pulley has a radius of 12.96 cm. If it takes 18 seconds for 56 cm of belt to go around the pulley, find the angular velocity in radians per seconds
  30. calc.- trig substitution

    s- integral s 1/ [ (x^4) sq.rt(x^2+9)] i know x=3tanx sq.rt(x^2+9)= 3 secx dx= 3/[cos^2(x)] so far i know: = 1/ (3tan^4(x)) 3secx cos^2(x)) dx =1/ 81 [ (sin^4 (x)/cos^4 (x)) (1/cosx) (cos^2(x))] then i'm not really sure what to do next
  31. trig

    a 725 pound trailer is sitting on a ramp inclined at 36 degrees. how much force is required to keep the trailer from rolling down the ramp??
  32. Trig

    2 vectors act on a bolt. vector 1(1200/70 degrees) vector 2(900/205 degrees) then E = ? must show work!
  33. trig

    A 15 ft. ladder makes a 35o angle with the side of a house. To the nearest tenth of a foot how high up on the house does the ladder come?
  34. Trig Question

    Given that tan x= -3/4 and x is in the second quadrant. Find sin 2x, cos 2x, and tan 2x (Exact, no decimals). Please show step-by-step, thank you!
  35. trig

    How do I get exact measures? cosine 270 degrees sin 90 degrees tan 360 degrees csc 45 degrees no calculator!
  36. trig identites

    since sin2x+√3cos2x=2sin(2x+60) find the general solution for the equation sin2x+√3cosx=0 thank you
  37. Math Trig

    use a double-angle formula to find the exact value of cos2u when sinu=5/13 , where pi/2<u<pi So far I went cos2u=1-sin^2 =1-2(25/169) =1-(50/169)
  38. Calculus

    integral of cscx^(2/3)(cot^3)x i know that cot^2x is csc^2(x)-1, but i just don't understand how to solve the cscx^(2/3), any help? i also know that its trig integrals/substitution...
  39. Trig math

    PLEASEE HELPPMEEE!!!! cot2x+sec2x=tan2x+csc2x and 1+2sinxcosx/sinx+cosx=sinx + cosx
  40. math(trig)

    i need to figure out how to write the formula for the following question In a right triangle a = 30 yds and t5an A = 2. Find b and c. I have the answers but do not know how to write the formula. Can you help me ?
  41. trig

    solve each equation for è, giving a general formula for all of the solutions: 6. tanè=-1 7. sin(è/2)=1/2 Please show step by step on how to solve these. Im not sure on how to do them. Thank you for your help!
  42. trig

    To the nearest degree, all of the following angles are solutions of the equation 2sin x + 4 cos 2x =3 except: (1) 40 degrees (2) 150 degrees (3) 166 degrees (4) 194 degrees
  43. trig

    The rectangular coordinates of a point are given (0,-6). Find polar coordinates of the point such that r greater than 0 and 0 less than or equals theta less than 2pi. how to solve this damon please help me
  44. trig

    in proving trigonometric identities if sec theta - tan theta sin theta is equal to cos theta. what is the correct answer?
  45. Math - Trig

    The equation y = 20sin(0.5θ - 2) + 40 models the monthly temp for a certain city. Use the equation to predict the temperature in the city during December. Thanks
  46. Trig

    The point (-5/12) is on the terminal side of an angle theta in standard position. Find Sin theta, cos theta and tan theta Thank You!
  47. Math Trig

    Let theta be an angle in quad III such that sec theta = -13/5. Find the exact values of cot theta and sin theta? Thank you!!!
  48. Alge2/trig

    Should the triangle be solved beginning with Laws of Sines or Laws of Cosines. Then solve the triangle and round to the nearest tenth. a=16, b=13, c=10
  49. trig

    if (0,-7) lies on the terminal side of angle theta in standard position, find each value sec(theta) , cot(theta) and sin(theta)
  50. trig

    A plane is flying due south at a speed of 192 mph. a wind is blowing in at 53 degrees at 13 mph. what is the bearing of the plane?
  51. alg2\trig

    a colony of 300 bacteria doubles each day. write an explicit formula to determine how many bacteria there would be on the nth day. how would you do this?
  52. Trig Help Please!!!

    Find the indicated angle è. (Use either the Law of Sines or the Law of Cosines, as appropriate. Assume a = 95 and c = 137(angle B=38). Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  53. trig

    Find the indicated roots. Write the answer in trigonometric form. Fourth roots of 256(cos 220° + i sin 220°)
  54. trig

    ok I'm trying to solve for an angle knowing adjacent and opposite of a triangle so I do tangent by definition tan theta = a^-1 o how do I algebraically solve for theta
  55. Trig.

    Find to the nearest degree, all values of ө less than 360˚ that satisfy the equation 2tan^2θ-2tanθ=3
  56. Trig

    Find secx if sinx = -4/5 and 270 < x < 360. tan^2x+1=sec^2x (-4/5)^2+1=sec^2x 16/25+1=sec^2x 17/25=sec^2x sqrt 17/5 I don't know if it should be positive or negative.
  57. algebra 2 and trig (math)

    Find the value of x in the interval 0 is less than or equal to x and 360 is greater than or equal to x which satisfies the equation cos x - 2 cos x sin x.
  58. Please help trig proof

    ((cotx+cscx)/(sinx+tanx))=cotxcscx Please prove left side equal to right side, only doing doing work on the left.
  59. Trig

    Two rays with common endpoint O form a 30 degree angle. Point A lies on one ray, point B on the other ray, and AB=1. What is the maximum possible length of OB?
  60. Advanced Functions

    Consider the trig equation: 4sinxcos2x + 4cosxsin2x - 1 = 0 in the Interval [0, 2 pi] Either show that there is no solution to the equation in this domain, or determine the smallest possible solution.
  61. Math Pre-Calc/Trig

    If 11 square meters of tile are available to make a rectangle whose width must be 6 meters less than its length, what would be the dimensions of the rectangle?
  62. Trig sum please help

    Write the augmented matrix, and then solve the system, using Gauss Jordan elimination on the augmented matrix. x + 2y - z = 4 -2x + y - 4z = -6 4x - 3y + 2z = -10
  63. trig/ellipse equation

    Find an equation of an ellipse satisfying the given conditions: Vertices: (-1, -8) and (-1, 4); and the length of the minor axis is 10.
  64. Trig

    The number of values in the interval –π ≤ x ≤ π that satisfy the equation sin x = 2 cos x is 1 2 3 4 0
  65. Trig

    Give: a=alpha B=beta csc a= 2 pi/2<a<pi secB=-3 pi/2<B<pi 1)find sin(a+B) 2)find tan(a-B) 3)cos B/2 4)sin a/2
  66. trig

    in triangle QRS, q=10.2m, r=20.5m, s12.8m..Solvetriangle QRS by determining the measurements of each degree to the nearest tenth of a degree
  67. Trig

    Show that the following statement is an identity by transforming the left side into the right side. sinθ(cscθ − sinθ)= cos^2 θ
  68. Geometry/Trig

    A plane is flying and show an air speed of 130 mi/h. However, there is a 20 mi/hr crosswind. What is the resulting speed of the plane.
  69. Trig

    Find the coterminal angles: one positive one negative angle. 55° and (9(3.14)/5) answer degrees in radians and radians in degrees
  70. trig

    the pendulum of a grandfather clock is 1.3m long. Determine the length of the arc through which the pendulum moves if it moves through an angle of 15
  71. trig

    The rectangular coordinates of a point are given (-5,-5root3). Find polar coordinates of the point. Express theta in radians.
  72. Trig

    A tire is rotating 600 times per minute. Through how many degrees does a point on the edge of the tire move in 1 minute?
  73. trig

    (cotxsec2x - cotx)/ (sinxtanx + cosx) = sinx prove. i keep getting (if i start from the left side) = cosx instead of sinx please help!
  74. Trig

    How would I do this problem? Verify that each equation is an identity. cos^2x+tan^2xcos^2x=1 the ^2 is just saying squared. ex.- cos^2x is cosine squared x
  75. Algebra2/trig

    Hi, I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do on this problem. Could someone help? Thanks. Find the coefficient of a of the term in the expansion of the binomial. Binomial (x^2+3)^12 Term ax^8
  76. trig

    Prove that tan4x=(4tanx-tan^3x)/(1-6tan^2 x+tan^4 x) *note: the exponents are just numbers. there are no variables in the exponents.
  77. trig

    Solve the equation sinθ=0.3 to the nearest tenth. Use the restrictions 90°≤θ≤180°.
  78. Trig/Math

    RST is a triangle with right angle S. If s- 21.3 Angstroms and t=8.71 Angstroms, find the measure of the larger acute angle.
  79. Trig

    find the exact value of the expression using the provided information. Find Tan (S+T) given that cos s=1/3 with s in quad I and sin T= -1/2 with T in quad IV
  80. Trig

    find the exact value of the expression using the provided information. Find Tan (S+T) given that cos s=1/3 with s in quad I and sin T= -1/2 with T in quad IV
  81. Trig

    Consider a triangle ABC like the one below. Suppose that A=45 degress, B=34 degress, and a= 70. Solve the triangle. Round your answers to the nearest tenth.
  82. Trig- Check my answer Please

    Find the unit vector in the direction of <-1,-2>. Do not approximate any numbers in your answer. I get (-1/sqrt10) and (-3/sqrt10)
  83. trig

    Verify the trigonometric identity. Please show all steps. tanx-cotx/tanx+cotx=sin^2x-cos^2x
  84. trig

    AB = 8 cm, AC = 6 cm, AD = 7 cm, CD = 2.82 and CAB=50° (a) the length BC (b) The size of angle ABC; (c) The size of angle CAD (d) The area of triangle ACD
  85. trig

    Establish the trigonometric identity (Hint: Use sum to product) cos(5x)+cos(3x)/sin(5x)-sin(3x)=cot(x)
  86. Trig

    Find the amplitude, if it exists, and the period of: y=tan1/4x. no amplitude I got confused, is the period 4pi? And is that the same as saying 360 degrees?
  87. math trig identities

    a)cos4x-sin4xcot2x=-1 b)1+sinx+cosx/1+sinx-cosx=cot(x/2) i tried to ask my teacher but she doesnt know please help me!
  88. Trig

    Let (theta) be an angle in quadrant II such that sec(theta) -4/3 . Find the exact values of cot (theta) and sin (theta).
  89. trig

    rules of logarithms: can someone please explain how to do these problems? I understand the rules I just don't understand how they apply 1. e^(3lnx) 2. e^(1+2lnx) thanks!
  90. Math Trig

    Suppose that X is an angle in standard position and that X' is it's reference angle. If cosX = -4/ squareroot of 17. find the exact value of cosX' is it 4/square root of 17?
  91. trig

    A wheel with a 24-inch diameter is turning at the rate of 32 revolutions per minute. To the nearest inch per minute, what is the linear velocity of a point on the rim?
  92. Trig

    give the missing value: sin 54.2=? -->i think its 0.811 but i might be wrong. sec 23.2=? --->i think its 1.08, but again, i could be wrong and i have NO idea how to do these: cot ? =-0.500 sec ?= 1.000 csc ?= 0.732
  93. trig

    how do you find algebraically the measure of the obtuse angle, to the nearest degree, that satisfies the equation 3 sec theta = 5 is it sec theta = 5/3 and then cos -1 (5/8) = 0.4
  94. math/trig

    A 16 ft ladder casts a shadow 44 ft with the sun angle of elevation is 60.5 degrees. Find the height of the flagpole and at what angle is the shadow twice as long?
  95. trig/pre -calc

    hello, i don't quite understand how to do this type of problem: 1. find the exact value of sin (pi/3). even more confusing is 2. find the exact value of csc^-1 (1). i would appreciate any kind of help! thank you!
  96. Trig

    If sinx = 1/4 Find the exact value of cos2x I used the formula for double angle identities : cos2x = 1-2sin^2x and got the answer 1/2 The book says the answer is 7/8 How would they get to that conclusion?
  97. Trig-Value of angle degree

    For the angle degree 0, i don't understand how for sin it's 0 and then for cos it's 1 and then for csc it's undefined. How would I get that algebraically? wouldn't it be just a line so how would I get the different values?
  98. trig

    write y=sinx-cosx in the form y=ksin (x+a), where the measure of a is in radians. answers: sqrt2sin (x+3pi/4), sqrt2sin (x+5pi/4), sqrt2sin (x+pi/4), or sqrt2sin (x+7pi/4) ...?
  99. trig

    a 7 foot tall man is standing 65 feet away from a tower. if the angle of elevation is 35 degrees. what is the height of the tower to nearest tenth of a foot?
  100. trig identities

    cos94 degrees cos18 degrees+ sin94 degrees sin18 degrees. write the expression as the sine, cosine, or tangent of an angle.


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