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  1. trig

    lx - 2l - lx + 2l > x The absolute value of x - 2 minus the absolute value of x + 2 greater than x. What is the Answer Please Help!
  2. trig

    Find sin è/2 for sin è = 1/4 and è lies in Quadrant I.
  3. trig

  4. trig

  5. Trig

    solve sin(2 theta)< cos( theta)
  6. trig

    How do I solve this? If cos x= 3/5, find the exact value of cos 2x
  7. Trig please help!

    sin^6 x + cos^6 x=1 - (3/4)sin^2 2x work on one side only!
  8. trig

    1. if sin 2A = Psin2B, prove that tan(A+B)/tan(A-B)=P+1/P-1.
  9. Trig

    True or false? tan x = tan(x-6pi)
  10. trig

    trying to find lowest term: cos^2 è-1/4 cos è -1
  11. Trigonometry

    What is -6i in standard form? It is originally in trig form.
  12. trig

    4cos^2 theta = 3 where 0 degrees < theta< 360
  13. Trig

    Given sin x = 5/13 and 0 < x < pi/2 find the value of sin(π − x). 12/13 5/13 -12/13 -5/13
  14. trig

    If theta =( -7pi )/( 3) , then sec(theta) equals...?
  15. Trig

    I need help, I don't remember what to do. Find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2pi]. (2cosè+sqrt3)(cscè+1)=0 Write your answer in radians in terms of pi. If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas.
  16. TRIG

    1) Find an angle that makes the statement true: costheta =sin(3theta+10degrees) 2) Verify this proof: sec(Pie -x)= -secx Can someone show me how to solve for these. Very much appreciated!
  17. pre calc

    The terminal side of an angle in standard position goes through the poin (-2,5). Find the values of the 6 trig function sin cos tan csc sec cot
  18. trig

    A plane ascends at a 40° angle. When it reaches an altitude of one hundred feet, how much ground distance has it covered? To solve, use the trigonometric chart. Round the answer to the nearest tenth.
  19. College Algebra and Trig

    a rancher has 12,000 feet of fence to enclose 5 adjacent pens. determine the outer rectangular dimensions that result the maximum enclosed area.
  20. Trig

    mercury rotates around the sun in approx. 89 earth days (or 7,689,600 s. use a calculator to approximate its angular speed. choices: 4.09x10^-7 0.035 0.071 8.17x10^-7
  21. ALG

    Solve. Write the solution set using interval notation. x2 + 16x + 64 > 0 Solve. Write the solution set using interval notation. x − 4/ (x + 1)(x − 1) ≤ 0
  22. trig

    ABC is rightangled triangle. AD is the bisector of angle BAC. Angle DAC=15 degrees. X=CD. Find X. I know the answer is 7.1 but do not know how to do the actual sum. Can you please help.
  23. trig

    Let µ be an angle in standard position that contains the point with co- ordinates (-5;-12) on its terminal side. Determine the values of the six trigono- metric functions of angle µ.
  24. trig

    1. The sides of a triangle, in centimetres, are given by 3n-4, 3n+9, 4n+5. Draw a diagram to show the information. If the perimeter of the triangle is 114 cm, find the length of each side.
  25. trig

    my question is find all angles of theta and 2pi whose reference angle is alpha = pi/12. Give exact answers. i cannot for the live of me find this

    I don't understand how to convert -3-4i to polar coordinates. I need to know how so I am ready for my trig final next year. Can someone please show me step by step how to solve this? Thanks
  27. trig

    Given that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side contains the given point, provide the exact value of the indicated function. (-2, -3) Find sec θ.
  28. Trig help

    How would I state the phase shift of y=cos(θ-pi/3) & then graph it? Step by step would be awesome, I was out sick and needed to do a worksheet to catch up!
  29. trig

    The angle relative to the horizontal from the top of a tree to a point 12 feet from its base(on flat ground) is 30*. Find the height of the tree.
  30. Trig

    Write the equation of the sine function with an amplitude of 1/7, a period of 2pi, a phase shift of 6pi, and a vertical shift of 10 units up ?
  31. trig

    a plane flying 33,000 ft is 130 miles from the airport when it begins to descend if the angle of descent is constant find this angle
  32. math- pre calc/trig

    Find the length of each side of a square if the diagonal is 7(square root 2)? How do I solve or set up this problem?
  33. trig

    In a right triangle the hypotenuse is 100meters,and alpha, the angle adjacent to the shorter leg. If cos alpha=1/2, find the measures of the two legs.
  34. Trig

    Find the derivative using the product rule. {sqrt(x+8)}*(x^2+20x) (x+8)^1/2(2x+20) minus (1/2)(x+8)^-1/2(x^2+20x) I'm not feeling confident I am on the right track and I have a quiz tomorrow over this.
  35. trig

    A missile is fired at an angle of 85 from the horizontal. At one point, its speed was 1,000 mph. Find its horizontal velocity in miles per minute
  36. trig

    I need help setting this problem up. A force of 36lb is required to hold a 70lb toolbox on an incline. What angle does the incline make with the horizontal?
  37. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Complete the following for each system that involves one or more quadratic equations: Solve the system algebraically 7y^2-5x^2+20x=3 5x^2+21y^2=209
  38. Math (trig)

    A force of 35lb is required to hold a 72lb toolbox on an incline. What angle does the incline make with the horizontal? Please help me set this up.
  39. Math- Trig please help!

    A tire with a diameter of 100 cm rotates 20 times in 3 seconds. a) determine the angular velocity b) how far the tire has travelled? c) what is the speed in km/h?
  40. trig

    From a tower 57 ft high two objects in a straight line from it are sighted at angles of depression of 27degrees and 40degrees5' respectively. Find the distance between the two objects.
  41. trig

    A roadway rises 55ft in horizontal distance of 1/2 mile (1mile=5280ft) Find the tangent of the angle that it makes with the horizontal.
  42. trig

    ABC is rightangled triangle. AD is the bisector of angle BAC. Angle DAC=15 degrees. X=CD. Find X. I know the answer is 7.1 but do not know how to do the actual sum. Can you please help AB = 23 CM
  43. trig

    draw the graph of 4sin(x+30) and 2+tanx for values of x from 0 degree to 360degree and obtain the solution within the range of the equation 4sin(x+30)-tan x=2
  44. Trig

    the angle of elevation to the sun is 65 degrees. A building casts a shadow 16m long. What is the height of the building to the nearest meter?
  45. trig

    A gear with a radius of 32 centimeters is turning at pi/9 radians/sec. What is the linear speed (velocity) at a point on the outer edge of the gear?
  46. Trig

    Express 10sin(ƒÖ.t+ƒÎ€4) in the form AsinƒÖ.t + BcosƒÖ.t Your symbols are illegible, with things like Euros and capital O-umlauts. Can you possible retype with different symbols?
  47. Trig

    what is the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift of each equation? 1. y= A cos(B(x-3))+4 2. y=-2sin(2piX/3) 3. y=4cos(3pi(x+3)) 4. y= -3cos(2(x-pi/4))+0.4 thank you so much!
  48. trig

    the scores on a 100 pt test are normally distributed with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 6. a student's score places him between the 69th and 70th percentile. what is his score?
  49. TRIG

    Solve this equation on the interval 0 θ < 2π. Round your answer(s) to two decimal places. 2 sin θ + 3 = 2 (smaller value) (larger value)
  50. Math/Trig

    Write the sine function with an amplitude of 1/4, a period of 3pi, phase shift of pi4 to the right, and a vertical shift of 4 units down.

    I really need help on this problem. A sector has area of 15 in^2 and central angle of 0.2 radians. Find the radius of the circle and arc length of the sector
  52. Trig

    There is a right triangle with a left side of six, a bottom side of 10, and a hypoteneuse 11.66. How do you find the other two angles? I tried the inverse of tangent 6/11.66, but my calculator said that's invalid. What do you properly do?
  53. Trig/Math

    Write the equation of the cosine function with an amplitude of 1, a period of 3pi/7, a phase shift of -pi/5, and a vertical shift of 2 units down.
  54. trig

    Is y equal to cotx, tanx, cosx, or sinx if its graph is periodic with a period of 2pi, an amplitude equal to 1, and it passes through the origin?
  55. trig

    If theta is an angle in standard position, state in what quadrants its terminal side can lie if theta is equal to -415 degrees?
  56. alg 1

    It takes a florist 3 hour and 15 minutes to make 3 small centerpieces and 3 large centerpieces. It takes 6 hours and 20 minutes to make 4 small centerpieces and 7 large centerpieces. How long does it take to make each small centerpiece and each large
  57. Alg II

    I have a rectangle whose sides are in the proportion b:a, where b is the longer side. I draw a line parallel to a inside the rectangle in order to break it up into a square with sides of length a and a second rectangle. Amazingly, the sides of the new
  58. trigonometric functions

    im compeletely lost with the trigonometric functions...can anyone explain clearly to me? Are you lost on the definitions?...where is the problem. You need to be able to draw and label all the parts of a triangle, the hypotenuse and legs. Then be able to
  59. trig

    estimate the components of the vector. Round to one decimal place. [v] = 33.9, θ = 65.9° Find the horizontal and vertical components of v, and write in component form.
  60. trig

    Please help me solve this problem. I have a test tomorrow and I do not understand at all. Determine all solutions of the equations in radians. Find cos x/2, given that cos x = 1/4 and x terminates in 0 < x < π/2.
  61. trig.

    A 2000 pound car is parked on a street that make an angle of 12 degrees with the horizontal figure Find the force perpendicular to the street.
  62. Trig

    Solve the multiple-angle equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let n be any integer. Enter your response in radians.) sec 9x = 2
  63. Trig

    In still air, an airplane is flying at 100 mph. It encounters a wind blowing toward the west at 50 mph. What should be the plane's compass heading for its course to be N30ºW?
  64. trig

    In a regular octagon, AB is a diagonal and CD joins the midpoints of two opposite sides. The side length of the octagon is 4 cm. To the nearest tenth of a cm. find a)AB and b)CD. I'm stumped.
  65. pre calc

    express the followinf trig functions in terms of an acute angle. (a) cos 143 degrees (b) tan 192 degrees
  66. trig

    A tree casts a shadow of 27 meters when the angle of elevation of the sun is 26 degrees. Find the height of the tree to the nearest meter. a. 24 m b. 15 m c. 320 m d. 13 m
  67. Algebra 2 / Trig

    Here is the problem that I'm having trouble with: Rewrite each series in a sigma notation and find its sum. 1+.09+.81+... I have no idea how I find the common difference or ratio in that one.
  68. trig

    Both circles have the same center and radius of the larger cirlce is R. if the radius of the msaller circle is 3 units less than R, whic of the following represent the area of the shaded region?
  69. trig

    Write the expression as the sine, cosine, or tangent of a double angle. Then find the exact value of the expression. 2tan 2pi/3 / 1-tan^2 2pu/3
  70. trig

    the terminal side of an angle theta in standard position coincides with the line y=5x and lies in quadrant 3. find the six trigonometric functions of theta.
  71. trig

    A 100 kg box slides with constant velocity down a ramp inclined at 20 degrees, with the horizontal. Find the frictional force acting on the box.
  72. Math - Trig please help!

    State two intervals in which the function y=7sin(1/5x)+2 has an average rate of change that is: a) zero b)a negative value c)a positive value Please explain how to get the intervals! Thanks a lot in advance!
  73. algebra2/ trig

    The figure at the right shows three circular pipes all with 12inch diameters the have been strapped together by a metal band.What is the lenght of the band? I don't even know where to start , please help?
  74. Trig

    The diameter of the wheels on your car (including the tires) is 25 inches. You are going to drive 305 miles today. Each of your wheels is going to turn by an angle of how many degrees.
  75. trig

    a vertical pole 3 meters tall casts a shadow 1.8 meters long. what is the angle of the elevation of rhe sun to the nearest minute?
  76. trig

    I am doing a similar assignment as Anaa please help! y = 3cos(x-1) Amplitude: Period: Two x - intercepts: y-intercept: Domain: Range: Shift along x: Shift along y: Kind of reflection Thank you so much!
  77. trig question

    Hi, my question is attached to the web below (picture), because I can't draw the diagram on here. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please help and thanks. imageshack . us/photo/my-images / 845 / img0043gx . jpg/
  78. trig

    Suppose that the point P(13,-30) is on the terminal side of the angle theta in standard position. What is sin(theta)? Give your answer to the nearest thousandth
  79. college Trig

    Solve this equation on the interval 0 θ < 2π. Round your answer(s) to two decimal places. 2 sin θ + 3 = 2 (smaller value) (larger value)
  80. trig

    Solve sin θ = -0.204 for 90º < θ < 270º. Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a degree. Honestly have no idea how to do this.
  81. trig

    Use a table of trigonometric values to find the angle θ in the right triangle in the following problem. Round to the nearest degree, if necessary. cos θ = 0.9659 A = ? H = 20
  82. Trig

    How do I prove the following Identity? sec x(sec x-cos x)=tan^2x If there is a certain website or suggestion to help with these type of equations I would greatly appreciate it. I've been studying these for a while but still get pretty confused.
  83. Trig

    Find the value of the six trigonometric functions. t = 7(pi)/4 Can you show me step by step so I can see how this is solved? Also, do I need to graph this first in order to understand or begin the problem? I am trying to self teach - but having problems.
  84. Math (Trig Review)

    Evaluate the expression without using a calculator (Make a sketch of a right triangle) tan(arccot 2) Thanks in advance! I'm trying to refresh my memory of these kinds of problems and I'm having trouble on how to solve this problem
  85. Math:Trig.!!!!

    You (safely) bungee jump from a 200-feet tall bridge in your town. Your distance above the water's surface depends on the time since you jumped. Sketch a reasonable graph.
  86. Trig

    Two planes leave an airport at the same time, one flying at 300 km/h and the other at 420 km/h The angle between their flight paths is 75 degrees. Aftar three hours, how far apart are they ? i guss i have to use the equation D= b.h but i cant fit the
  87. trig

    If a triangle has an area of 50 square units and has angles that measure 15, 65, and 100 degress, find the length of the shortest side to the nearest tenth. Do not round till the final answer.
  88. trig

    If a triangle has an area of 50 square units and has angles that measure 15, 65, and 100 degress, find the length of the shortest side to the nearest tenth. Do not round till the final answer.
  89. Trig

    Use the equation mg sin A = umg cos A to determine the angle at which a waxed wood block on an inclined plane of wet snow begins to slide. Assume the coefficient of friction, u, is 0.17.
  90. Math: Calculus

    Find the smallest positive value of which satisfies -- x=4.100cos(2.800x) Give the answer to four places of accuracy._________ Remember to calculate the trig functions in radian mode.
  91. trig

    Use an addition or subtraction formula to write the expression as a trigonometric function of one number: tan75degrees-tan15degrees/1+tan75tan15=tanAdegrees =square root B Its asking for the value of A and B. I know A =60 degrees, what I can't figure out
  92. trig

    Find the values of sin 0, cos 0, and tan 0ƒáif the angle 0ƒáis in standard position and its terminal side passes through the point (¡V15, 8). Give answers as fractions.
  93. Alg I

    One type of decorative ribbon regularly costs $3.59 per yard. When the ribbon is on sale, it cost $2.19 per yard. Which is the closest to the difference in the cost per inch for the ribbon when it on sale compared to its regular price? A. 1.9 cents per
  94. help please trig

    According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, a ramp can rise no more than 1 ft for every 12 ft of horizontal distance. To the nearest tenth degree what is the maximum angle that the ramp can form with the ground?
  95. trig

    How do I dertermine the measure of theta for the equation 4cos theta - sqrt 12 = 0. My answer was 2pi/3,4pi/3 I'm told it's wrong could you please show me how to do this type of question
  96. trig

    The lengths of 2 adjacent sides of a parallelogram are 42 cm and 36cm. an angle of the parallelogram is 4o degrees. Find the measure of the longest diagonal to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
  97. trig

    A passenger airplane flying at an altitude of 1.8 km starts its final airport approach by descending at an angle of depression of 6°. How far along the ground is the airplane from its landing point
  98. Trig/Pre-Calc

    The demand equation for a microwave oven is given by: p=500-0.5(e^0.004x) Find the demand x for a price of (a) p=$600 and (b) p=$300 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  99. trig/math

    A stained glass window is composed of 20 triangular sections, each with sides 6, 8, and 7inches. Find the total are of the window( to the nearest square inch).
  100. Trig

    I need help solving the two problems below. Thanks For each equation, determine whether its graph is symmetric with respect to the -axis, the -axis, and the origin. Check all symmetries that apply. 1. y=-ã(4-x^(2)) 2. 34x^(2)+12y^(2)=18


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