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  1. Trig

    Find all the solutions in the interval [0,2pi). 2sin2x - sqrt(2) = 0 sin2x = sqrt(2)/2 I'm confused by the double angle. Please help.
  2. Maths - trig

    Solve 3cos2x - 7cosx = 0, when 0<=x<=360 And also, find the exact values for x when 0<=x<=360 if 3tan^2x=1 Thankyou!
  3. trig

    y = sin(-3x + 3) Amplitude = Period = Two x- intercepts = y - intercept = Domain = Range = Shift along x = Shift along y = Kind of reflection =
  4. trig

    find to the nearesr degree, all values of x between 0 degrees and 360 degrees that satisfy the equation 2sinx + 4 cos 2x =3
  5. Trig help

    Can someone help me find ALL solutions in the interval [0,2π) for the given equations. Please show work. 1) sin2x = sin2x 2) tan2x +tanx = 0
  6. trig

    two intersecting sides are 250ft and 170ft, angle between is 55 degrees. use the 250ft side as the base, what is the height of the triangle
  7. Math Trig

    Find the Cartesian form of the parametric equation. x = (2a)(cot T) y = (2a)(sin^2 T) how? lol here's what i got y = (sin^2 T) y = (2a)y^2 y = 2a then? do the same for X? i'm stuck there
  8. trig

    y= sin x/2, 0 less than equal to x less than equal to 4pi... the question says state the amplitude and period for each equation and graph it over the indicated interval
  9. algebra-trig help asap

    An isosceles triangle has a base 22 cm long and a base angle of 72 degrees. Find its perimeter.
  10. Trig help

    Find the cos(Θ) of an angle in standard position if the terminal side passes through the point (4, -8). -2 -2/sqrt5 1/sqrt5 2 I think it is C but I am not so sure.
  11. trig

    Find the component form for vector v with the given amplitude and direction angle theta. |v|=20.6, theta=102.5deg
  12. trig

    Solve the triginometric equation analytically. Use values of x for 0 less then or equal to x less then 2pi The equation for this question is sin2x + cos2x = 0
  13. trig

    if 5cos A plus 3=0 and 180<A<360..without using a calculator and with the aid of a diagram,determine the value of 1.1 sinA plus cosA 1.2 tanA *sinA
  14. trig

    {Given: cos(A)=\frac: sqrt{203}/{18} {Find: tan(A) Find the positive value of the above in simplest radical form.
  15. trig

    I don't understand the question... (This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by
  16. trig

    determine a set of parametric equations to represent the line segment that begins at the point(-2,6) and ends at the point (10,-4)
  17. precalc/trig

    Find the trigonometric form of the number. (Round any angles to two decimal places.) −8 − i
  18. alg2/trig

    To the nearest minute, what is the approximate size of the smallest angle of a triangle whose sides are 4,5, and 8? How do I find the angle?
  19. Trig

    solve over the indicated interval expressed in degrees to 2 decimal places. sec(theta/2)=1.4275, 0<theta<360degrees
  20. trig please

    I have no idea how to do this Find the value of the angle theta in degrees rounded to the neartest tenth of a degree. I have no idea were to start... h t t p : / / i m g 6 . i m a g e s h a c k . u s / i m g 6 / 5 8 9 9 / a d s f a s d f a s d f a d s f s
  21. MATH: TRIG

  22. trig

    find the angle (theta) using cofunction identites sin(3theta-17degrees)=cos(theta+43degrees)
  23. Trig/Math

    To find an angle where you have the opposite and adjacent which formula do you use? Sine, Cosine, Tan? and how do you find the inverse?
  24. Trig.

    How's the rule go on evaluating compositions of functions? Is it that sine is positive in first and second quadrants, while cos/tan are positive in the first and the fourth?
  25. College Preparation

    I'm trying to major in history or journalism. Should I take trigonometry, or do you think that's not needed? I know it varies from school to school, but overall, do you think I'll be fine without trig?
  26. trig

    bike tires are 22 inches in diameter and has an angular speed of 5 miles per second, how fast is the bike traveling in mph
  27. Trig identity inverses

    Find the exact value of cos[cot^-1 (-√3) + sin^-1 (-1/2)]. I'm having trouble with inverses. Please help by showing work.
  28. Trig

    the graph of an inverse trigonometric function passes through the point (1,pi/2). which of the following could be the equation of the function Y=Cos^-1 x Y=cot^-1 x Y=Sin^-1 x Y=Tan^-1 x
  29. Trig

    a road is inclined at an angle of 45degrees. After driving 300 feet along this road, find the driver's increase in altitude.
  30. trig

    Determine the period, amplitude and phase shift for each given function: A)y = -4 cos 3x + 5 B)y = 2/3 sin (30x-90degrees)-10 c)y = -0.38 tan (x/3+pi/3) d)y = pi cos(2x)+ pi
  31. Trig Identities

    Why does cos^2(x)= 1/2cos(2x)+1/2? I am trying to integrate, but the answer key says to first rewrite the expression like the above. I don't get how to change cos^2(x) into that. Explain?
  32. trig

    Find the value of secant theta for angle theta in standard position if a point with coordinates (-3/4) lies on its terminal side
  33. trig

    Points X, Y, and Z are on the circumference of a circle with radius 2 such that <YXZ = 45 degrees and <XZY = 60 degrees. Find the area of triangle XYZ.
  34. trig

    Find the value of secant theta for angle theta in standard position if a point with coordinates (-3/4) lies on its terminal side
  35. Trig

    I've done this one multiply times yet it never seems to work out, I'm supposed to simplify yet it never works out tan(csc^-1(x/x-1)) my first step; sin/cos(1/sin(x/x-1))
  36. algebra 2 and trig

    The scores on a chemistry test are normally distributed. Approximately 95 percent of the scores fell between 78 and 92. What is the standard deviation for this distribution?
  37. trig

    Find the indicated trigonometric function, given that è is an angle in standard position with the terminal side passing through the given point. 2) (15, 20); Find csc è. A) 5/3 B) 3/4 C) 5/4 D) 4/3
  38. Trig Identities

    Explain why Sin of theta= -The square root of 1-cos^2 theta is not an identity, using either graphical or numerical reasoning.
  39. Math/Trig

    Period: Asymptotes: Range: a) y= 2 sec (x) + 1 b) y= -2 csc (x - pi/2) c) y= 1 + tan (x + pi/4) d) y= 1/2 + csc (x - pi) + 1 e) y= cot (3x + pi) + 2 Any tips on drawing the graph?
  40. trig

    Give the measure of the acute angle with each given value to the nearest tenth of a degree. cos A = 0.1 (84.3 degrees) sec D = 1.8 (65.3 degrees) That is all it gives :( How would I go about solving this?
  41. trig

    find, to the nearest minute, the solution set of 4 cos x + 5 = 6 sec x over the domain 0 degrees which is less than or eaual to x which is less than 360 degrees
  42. trig

    Solve the equation for cos(3theta/2).tan(3theta/2)for greater than or egual to zero but less than 2pi. Write your answer as a multiple of pi.
  43. math

    Use Green's Theorem to evaluate F(x, y) = y cos x − xy sin x, xy + x cos x , C is the triangle from (0, 0) to (0, 4) to (2, 0) to (0, 0) I kind of understand how to do this , but I am having trouble with the trig
  44. trig

    A wheelchair ramp has an angle of inclination of 10 degrees and rises to a height of 3ft. Determine the length of the ramp in feet.
  45. Geometry/Trig.

    Let angle A be and acute angle in a right triangle. Approximate the measure of andgle A to the nearest tenth of a degree. cos A = 0.11
  46. Trig

    Proving Identities: 2 columns (tan + cot)^2 = sec^2 + csc^2 I'm having trouble breaking down the left side to = the right side.. Any help please
  47. Math (trigonometry)

    How do you solve this trig identity problem without factoring? I just used @ to represent theta: sin^4@ + 2sin^2@cos^2@ + cos^4@ = 1
  48. Trig

    I'm trying to find out which quadrant some trigonometric functions lie in. The problem is one of them is equal to zero, and zero is neither positive or negative. How do I determine which quadrant it belongs in then???
  49. Precalculus

    Rewrite as single trig function: sin(8x)cosx-cos(8x)sinx I know I can simplify sin(8x) into 4sin2xcos2xcos4x, but I'm stuck after that
  50. trig

    A car travels around a circular track at 185 miles per hour. Is this a linear velocity or an angular velocity? Explain.
  51. algebra-trig help asap

    An isosceles triangle has a base 36 cm long and a base of 65 degrees. Find its perimeter. I'm not sure if this is right but my answer is 1250.4 in^2
  52. trig

    if the balloon is currently floating 60 feet in the air (measure from the bottom of the basket) , what is the approximate angle of depression of the person in the basket?
  53. Trig- Check my answer Please

    Find the reference angle for -144 degrees. I'm coming up with 504 degrees, but I think I'm missing a step.
  54. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Am i correct? It is possible for a system of linear equations to have no solutions. True <-- False i think it's true, if the lines are parallel?

    find, to the nearest minute, the solution set of 1- sin x = 3 cos^2 x over the domain 0 degrees to 360 degrees
  56. trig

    A triangle T has vertices P, Q and R. The length of the edge between P and Q is 10, and the angles at P and Q are 60degree and 45degree respectively. What is the area of T? (A) 50p3/(1 +p3) (B) 10p3/(1 +p3) (C) 50/(3 + 3p3) (D) 10/(3 + 3p3)(E) None of the
  57. trig

    y = 3sec3x Amplitude =_________ Period = __________ Shift along x = ____________ Shift along y = _____________ Kind of reflection = ______________
  58. Trig

    A parabola has its vertex on the graph of the line y=3x+1 and passes through (1,10). If it is the same size,? shape, and direction as the graph of y=3x^2, find the equation (s) of all possible parabolas Thanks!!!
  59. Trig

    A fan makes 3 revolutions per second. The blades are 21 inches long. How do I find the angular velocity of a fan blade? in radians per second
  60. algebra 2 and trig (math)

    Find the positive acute angle that satisfies the equation tan(squared) minus tan = 0.
  61. trig

    solve the equation 2 tan C-3=3 tan X-4 algebraically for all values of C in the interval odegrees lessthan or equal C lessthan360 degrees.
  62. Trig/Math

    Find all the points having an x coordinate of 2 whose distance from the point (-1,-5) is 5. so far i have 5=sqrt((-1-2)^2+(-2-y)^2) 5=(-3)^2 how do i simplify the rest of the equation so i can find x. do i foil it out? thanks.
  63. Trigonometry

    find the value for the indicated trig function for ø, if ø is an angle in standard position with the terminal side defined by the given point. (18,24); find cos ø
  64. Math: Trig

    What is Arcsec(-2) equal to and how can you find the correct answer? I got 2pi/3 but it was marked wrong on my test and I'm not sure why it's wrong. Can you please explain this to me? Thanks!
  65. trig

    I need help on these problems: Find the exact value of tan(23pi/6) also, Find the reference angle in radians and degrees for (34pi/18) please help walk me through these.
  66. Pre-Cal (verifying trig identities)

    How would you verify the identity? sin^1/2x-cosx-sin^5/2xcosx=cos^3xradsinx
  67. trig

    the 40ft. pole is braced by , a wire from its top in a point 60ft. from its base up, snd 18° slope. how long is the wire?
  68. trig/math

    Determine the period, amplitude and phase shift for each given function: A)y = -4 cos 3x + 5 B)y = 2/3 sin (30x-90)-10 c)y = -0.38 tan (x/3+pi/3) d)y = pi cos(2x)+ pi
  69. Calculus

    Am I allowed to multiply an entire integral (on the inside AND the outside) by negative 1? I have a potential trig identity in the integral that will only work if it's multiplied by -1...
  70. Trig

    Find all x and y between 0 and 2pi so that the equation is ture -2 cosx -i sin y = 2 sinx +i i am also having trouble with this one Simplify the power of i i to the 39th power
  71. (pls help) Trig

    point P and Q are respectively 24m north and 7m east of point R. What is bearing of Q and P to the nearest whole degree.(a)52(b)164(c)134(d)159
  72. Trig

    A pulley with a diameter of 24 inches is driven by a belt which is moving 1045 ft/min. How many revolutions per minute are made by the pulley?
  73. trig

    A triangle T has vertices P, Q and R. The length of the edge between P and Q is 10, and the angles at P and Q are 60degree and 45degree respectively. What is the radian measure of the angle at R? (A) 5pi/24 (B) 5/24 (C) 5pi/12 (D) 5/12 (E) None of the
  74. Trig. Math

    A circle of radius 2 inscribed in a right triangle. Find the simplest expression possible for the triangle's area as a function of its hypotenuse.
  75. trig

    If θ is an angle in standard position and its terminal side passes through the point (20,-21), find the exact value of sec(θ).
  76. trig

    y = cos(4x/3 minus 1) amplitude? Period? Two x - intercepts? y-intercept? Domain? Range? Shift along x? Shift along y? Kind of reflection?
  77. Trig

    the height of a flagpole if a student stands 37 feet from it and determines the angle of elevation to be 34 degrees and her eyes are 5.3 feet from the ground.
  78. trig

    A mountain road makes an angle θ = 8.4° with the horizontal direction. If the road has a total length of 3.4 km, how much does it climb? That is, find h.
  79. trig

    Express sin 3x sin 7x as a sum or difference
  80. trig

    In triangle XYZ, angle X = 90°, angle Y = 38°, and z = 4'5". Find y
  81. Trig

    If the period of a cosine function is 1/3 what is the frequency of the function?
  82. trig

    if sin theta equals 3/7, what is tan theta?
  83. trig

    Find all angles of a right triangle triangle RST given that r = 18 cm and s = 20 cm
  84. trig

    prove 1-cosB divided by 1+cosB= tan^2B/2
  85. trig

    choose the expression that is equivalent to the given expression. 2 cos^2 4x-1
  86. Trig

    If tan x = -sq rt3/3 and cos x = -sq rt3/2, the measure of <x is?
  87. trig

    Find sin è/2 for sin è = - 3/5 and è lies in Quadrant IV
  88. trig

    prove: tan*2x-sin*2x=sin*2xtan*2x
  89. trig

    cscx+1/cscx cosx = secx+tanx
  90. Trig 3

    Why does 1 - COS2(Squared) _________________ COS2 = tan2
  91. trig

    prove: tan*2x-sin*2x=sin*2xtan*2x
  92. trig

    Prove the identity sin (3 pi/2 + x) + sin (3 pi/2 -x) = -2 cos x
  93. trig

    Quadrant I tan terminal= 2 what is csc terminal
  94. Trig

    find (s+t) given that cos s=1/3 with s in quad I and sin T=-1/2 with t in quad IV
  95. trig

    Graph the following from X = 0 to x = 2 pi 2cos 6x cos4x + 2 sin 6x sin 4x
  96. trig

    if cot(- theta) = 7.89, find tan(theta- pi/2)
  97. trig

    Solve (1+tan square A)(1-sinA)(1+ sinA)
  98. Trig Function Question

    The y-intercept of the function g(x)=2sin2pi(x-1)+1 is what?
  99. trig

    how do you find the limits of : lim sinx/x where x->0 and lim 1/x-3 where x-> 3
  100. trig

    y = 3cos(x-1) Shift along x: Shift along y: Kind of reflection:


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