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  1. trig

    how do i find the amplitude, period, phase shift of y=2 cos(-4t-(-4 pi/3))
  2. trig help again i cant get any of these

    sin^4cos^2x=(1/16)(1-cos 2x)(1-cos4x) work one 1 side only!
  3. Math (trigonometry)

    Find the value of each of the remaining trig functions. Cscè=-4, ð<è<3ð/2
  4. Trig

    verify following trigonometric identities. 1/sec0tan0 = csc0 = sin0
  5. Trig

    evaluate exactly(without calculator): 1. sec(pi/4) 2.3sin4pi 3. tan240(degrees)
  6. Trig

    Verify that each equation is an identity. cos^2x+tan^2xcos^2x=1
  7. math

    how would you solve for x: (3)^.5sin(2x)-2cos(2x)+2sin^2(x)=1 using trig identites. please help
  8. trig

    Given that cos A = 5/13 and A and B are both acute angles, calculate the value of Sin2A and Cos2A
  9. trig

    simplify the expression. (sin^2x+cos^2x) - (csc^2x-cot^2x)
  10. trig

    Find all angles è between 0° and 180° satisfying the given equation. cos è = 1/9
  11. Math: Solving Trig Equation

    9tan (x) - 9 sec^2 (x)/ tan (x)
  12. Trig

    If 180<A<270 and sinA= -radical(5)/3, find tan(1/2)A.
  13. Algebra 2 with Trig

    what is the index of three with the square root of negative 432
  14. Trig.

    In right triangle ABC, C is the right angle and sinA=(radical 3/2). What is the value of csc B?
  15. Trig 2

    What is the smallest value for x where y = sin 2x reaches its maximum that means.
  16. Trig

    If sec A =5/4 and A is an angle in Quadrant IV, find the value of cos A. A. -4/5 B.4/5 C.-5/4 Is it choice A
  17. Help me trig.

    solve the equation in the interval [0,2pi) tan (t/2)-sint=0
  18. Trig

    prove that tanA divided by the sinA equals the secA
  19. trig

    simplify the expression. cos^2x+sin^2x/cot^2x-csc^2x
  20. Maths 3u trig

    If sinA = 1/3 and cosA<0 find the exact value of tan2A
  21. trig

    Find arcsin [cos (Pi/2)] The answer is 0. How do you solve this problem? Thanks.
  22. Math

    Required to Prove the following trig identity: (cos2x)^2 + (sin2x)^2 = 1
  23. trig

    use an angel sum identity to verify cos2theta = -2cos^@-1
  24. Algebra 2/trig

    How would I calculate the following function value? tan = 29degrees 36feet
  25. just wondering...

    what is harder, chemistry or physics? because i've been struggling all year in chemistry and i'm taking physics next year... i have a solid a in alg.2 though... oh yeah, and i want to be a physical therapist. so if i'm not to good in chemistry can i still
  26. Alg 1

    The owner of a hair salon charges $20 more per haircut than the assistant. Yesterday the assistant gave 12 haircuts. The owner gave 6 haircuts. The total earnings from the haircuts were $750. How much does the owner charge for a haircut? Solve by writing
  27. Alg. I

    A rectangle has a length of 6x^3 y^2 - 1 and a width of 3xy + 2. The formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is P=2l + 2w, where l is the length and w is the width. What is the perimeter of the rectangle? Simplify your answer.
  28. College Alg

    The intensity I of an x-ray after it has passed through a material that is x centimeters thick is given by I = I0e^–kx, where I0 is the initial intensity of the x-ray and k is a number that depends on the material. The constant k for copper is 3.2. Find
  29. trig

    find all sets of three consecutive odd integers whose sum is greater than 54 and less than 63
  30. trig

    Help find the general solution to:sin^2x-3cosx+sinxcosx-3sinx=0
  31. trig

    Which basic trigonometric function has the same graph as y= -cot(x+(pi/2)).Please justify your answer.
  32. trig

    Help find the general solution to:sin^2x-3cosx+sinxcosx-3sinx=0
  33. trig

    Find the focus, directrix and axis of the parabola with equation x= 2y^2+3? Thank you for helping me!
  34. trig

    find the exact value of each expression. do not use a calculator. Sec 3.14/4 + 2 csc 3.14/3 4 + tan 2*3.14/3
  35. trig

    find the values of x between 0 and 2 pi where the tangent line to the graph of y = sinxcosx is horizontal
  36. Trig Math

    Solve the equation algebraically for x wohere 0 </ x< 2 pi. sin2 x = cos x
  37. trig

    if p and q satisfy the equation atanx+bsecx=c then prove tan(p+q)=2ac/a2-c2
  38. Calculus 1 Integration Trig Inverse

    integral of (4/(x times the square root of (x^2-1)) + (1+x+x^3)/(1+x^2)dx
  39. trig

    use a sum or difference identity to find an exact value cos pie/12
  40. trig identies 5.3 &5.4

    use a sum or difference identity to find an exact value pie/12
  41. Caculus:Integration Inverse Trig

    integral of (4/(x times the square root of( x^2-1)) + (1+x+x^3)/(1+x^2)dx
  42. trig

    hoW to evaluate these if cos=-12/13, A in Q II and cot B =5/12, B in Q III A) Sin^2 A (the sign ^ is power of)
  43. trig

    Prove the identity. (must work with left side) (1-2sin(x)^2)=(cos(x)^2)
  44. Trig

    2sin^2(x) = 2 + cos(x) interval [0,2pi) How do I solve this? Help would be greatly appreciated!
  45. trig

    Solve for x if sin2x=cos(x+60 and x€ [-90,180].show all work details
  46. trig

    use a half angle formula to find the exact value of cos 75 degree
  47. trig

    convert to degrees, minutes and seconds 3pi/2 radians can u plz help
  48. Pre-calc/Trig

    For each parabola, find the vertex and focus. x= (1/400)y^2 y= 1/8(x-3)^2-1
  49. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    am i correct? What is the axis of symmetry for the graph of y=2x^2-4x+2? x=? the line goes through 1? x=1
  50. Pre-calc/Trig

    For each parabola, tell in which direction the graph opens. x= 1/2y^2 y= -1/24x^2
  51. trig

  52. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Which of the following could be an example of a function with a domain (-oo,oo) and a range (-oo,2)? Check all that apply. A. y= -(3)^x+2 B. y= -(3)^x-2 C. y= -(0.25)^x+2 D/ y= -(0.25)^x-2
  53. trig

    write the expression sin4xsin5x as a sum or difference of trigonometric functions
  54. trig

    Find all solutions to the equation 2cos(2x) = x + 1, correct to 4 decimal places.
  55. trig

    A sine wave function f(x) = a sin(bx) has amplitude 10 and period 40. What are the values of a and b? (A) a = 10 and b = 20/pi ( B) a = 10 and b = 1/40 (C) a = 10 and b = pi/20 (D) a = 10 and b = 40 E) None of the above.
  56. trig

    find the exact value by using the appropriate half-angle identity: sin(5pi/12)
  57. trig

    (sec^2x-1)(csc^2x-1)=1 prove the following identity ive been stuck on this for hours please help
  58. Trig

    How do you find an equation of a line perpendicular to y=x at the point (5,5) in standard form?
  59. TRIG

    find: sin 23pi/12 i got totally the wrong answer how do i approach this?
  60. trig

    A right triangle has sides of length 5, 12 and 13. What is the sine of the angle opposite the hypotenuse? (A) 1 (B) 5/12 (C) 5/13 (D) 12/13 (E) None of the above.
  61. trig

    P(2, 9) is a point on the terminal side of è in standard position. What is the exact value of tan è?
  62. math - trig

    Why cant we solve an oblique triangle with the Law of Sines if we are given SAS?
  63. trig

    angle a is acute and sin = u. find the other five trigonometric functions in the terms of u.
  64. trig

    Find all values of x in the interval [0, 2π] that satisfy the equation. 6 sin2(x) = 3
  65. trig

    Find the exact value by using a half-angle identity. cos 22.5 degrees
  66. pre cal\trig

    Find the following cot(Arccsc 25/24) show your work
  67. Trig

    y=sin(2pi*x-pi) find the amplitude, period, and phase shift
  68. Trig

    Hi. Can somebody help me solve this equaton with EXACT answers? ----- sin3x = 0 ----- Thankyou! All help is appreciated.
  69. trig

    Write an expression that gives all solutions to the equation sin x + cos x = - radical 2
  70. trig

    how can you find points of a tri equation at orgin 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and end of the period
  71. alg2/trig

    If 4x^2+9=kx, what value of k will produce equal roots? the answer is 12 but i don't understand how you get it, please help!
  72. Pre-Calculus/Trig...

    Help Please For the function defined by: f(x)= (x^2,x≤1) (2x+1,x>1) Define f(0). and also how would i graph f(x)?
  73. trig

    Use half-angle formulas to find the exact value for the following cot 75 degrees
  74. Calculus (trig stuff)

    given a angle how do I find it's point P on the unit circle?
  75. trig

    Write the measure in radians. Express the answer in terms of ð -260°
  76. trig plz help

    Solve, finding all solutions in the interval [0, 2π). tan(3x) = -1
  77. trig

    Rewrite 3pi/25 in degree measure. Round to three decimal places.
  78. trig

    Evaluate each value as a trigonometric function of an angle in Quadrant 1. #1 cos (27pi/8)
  79. trig

    Give the following for the function: y=2+cos(5x+3.14 Amplitude: Period: Phase Shift:
  80. Trig Proofs

    Please Help: please solve this proof: cosx- cosy = -2sin(x+y/2)sin(x-y/2)
  81. trig

    Find the solutions to the equation cos2x=sinx and 2cos^2x-3cosx-3=0
  82. Trig

    Use a cofunction to write an expression equal to csc(4ð/11). I need help solving this problem. Thank You
  83. trig

    evaluate the trigonometry function using its period as an aid cos(-7pi/3)
  84. Trig

    Find all solutions of equation on interval [0,2pi] 1=cot^2x + cscx
  85. Trig

    Find all solutions of the equation on the interval [0,2pi): Tan^2x=1-secx
  86. trig

    write y=sinx-cosx in the form y=ksin (x+a), where the measure of a is in radians.
  87. trig help

    Find the equation of the hyperbola satisfying the given conditions. Vertices at (5, 1) and (-7, 1); asymptotes (y - 1) = 1/3(x + 1) and (y - 1) = -1/3(x + 1)
  88. math

    In right triangle ABC, a = 52 ft and c = 63 ft. Which of the following trig ratios of angle B, would combine the given sides?
  89. trig

    what is the angle of elevation of a 15 foot ladder leaning 12 feet up a building?
  90. Calculus

    1. integral (x^3 * sqrt(x^2-4)) dx I'm confused on how to start this problem, if I am doing trig substitution.
  91. trig

    how come you get different answers if you take different paths in trigonometry? (when you choose to use sin, cos or tan)
  92. Math calculus-Trig

    Find the area bounded by the curve and the lines y = -x^2 - 4x; y = 1; x = -3; x = 1
  93. trig

    How do you find all the solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2π)? 3tan^3x=tanx
  94. Trig.

    Please solve this equation. As you write down the steps, please give me a description on what you did. y^3 - 16y^3/2 + 64 = 0
  95. trig

    how do you use doubel-angle formulas to find sin, cos, and tan
  96. Trig

    help please!: (sinx + sin2x +sin3x) / (cosx + cos2x + cos3x) = tan2x
  97. trig

    determine the amplitude,period and phase shift of y=-2cos(pix-3)
  98. trig

    solve the equation 2 sec x- tan x = cot x for the interval 0 to 360

    integrate 1/(x^2sqrt(1+x^2)) i know you have to use trig sub but iono how to cancel out some terms...much help is appreciated
  100. Trig

    Find the area of the triangle. b=125 c=162 <B=40 (b and c are the sides) (<B is the angle)


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