a density of 1.0 M solution of NaCL

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  1. Chemistry

    If the density of the vapor at 90°C and 759 mmHg is 1.455 g/L, what is the molecular mass of the compound?
  2. Heat and property matter

    When a gas in a container is squeezed to half its volume,its density
  3. chemistry

    Dr Bob i know the density of a neutron is 1.00727638 but do not know how to multiply it out. This supposed to be a beginner coarse.
  4. Physical Science

    The transfer of heat that takes place because of the density difference in fluids is
  5. CHEM

    g of alchol present in 2.45l of 75 proof gin density of ethonal is 0.798 g/ml =
  6. chemisty

    What is the density of a 17.12 g object if the dimensions of the block are: length = 12.6 mm height = 9.82 cm width = 0.0140 m
  7. physical science

    An object has a length of 5.0 cm, a height of 3.0 cm and a width of 15.0 cm. It has a mass of 24 grams. What is its density?
  8. chemistry

    What is the density of a 19.74 g object if the dimensions of the block are: length = 12.6 mm height = 2.50 cm width = 0.0140 m
  9. h

    1. John has a book that measures 25cm x 30cm x 50cm and has a mass of 70g. What is the density?
  10. science

    ANSWER to the qestion what is the density of a baseball be if the volume is400mL and the mass is 350g.
  11. Chemistry

    The density of a liquid is 3.22 g/mL. How many milliliters are there in 2.62 kg? If you answer this could you give me an explanation of how to solve it in the future
  12. chemistry

    What is the density of a 23.92 g object block if the dimensions: length = 10.6 mm height = 5.47 cm width = 0.0352 m
  13. science

    calculate the density of a solid which weighs 15N in air and 12N in water
  14. chemistry

    the density of alcohol is 0.789 g/ ml at 20 degree celcius . calculate the mass of a 30 ml sample?
  15. chemistry

    You need to find the number of moles in 5mL of a substance given the density and the molecular weight. How do you do this?
  16. Physics

    Using volume of a sphere, calculate the average density of Saturn (radius = 60,268 km).
  17. algebra

    what is the density of a billiard ball that has a volume of 100cm cubed and a mass of 250g?
  18. Chemestry

    determine the volume of a sample of plastic if the mass is 3.00g and the density is 1.24g/cm^3
  19. math

    Find the density of an object which has a mass of 360 grams and fills a volume of 36 mL.
  20. Chemistry

    The density of an elemental gas is 1.7824 g/L at STP. What is the molar mass of the element?
  21. science 7th grade

    How is it possible that a can with a calculated density greater than 1.00g/ml could have floated (in water)
  22. space

    in whgich group are the spheres of earth listed in order of increasing density?
  23. ap chemistry

    What is the density of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at 0.9 atm and 295 K? Answer in units of g/L
  24. Physics

    An object of area 15sqcm and height 2 cm has a mass of 50g. what is its density in SI system
  25. physics

    Find the density of a substance whose mass is 28 grams and whose volume is 4 cubic centimeters
  26. science

    A piece of metal has a mass of 120 grams.if its volume is 8 cm3.what is its density?
  27. chemistry

    if density of a gas is 1.2 g/L at 845. torr and 20 degress celcius, what is its molecular mass?
  28. science

    A sample of metal has a mass of 94.5 grams and a volume of 7 civic centimeters. What is its density?
  29. chemistry

    The density of a gas is 2.0 grams per liter at STP. Its molar mass is approximately?
  30. chem

    find the density of a cube if it has a mass of 2 grams and has a length of i centimeter on each edge/
  31. chemistry

    give the practical details of how you would prepare a 0.5M hydrochloric from a stock of 34%(w/w)with relative density of 1.18.
  32. science

    the density of an object with a volume of 60.0 mL and a mass of 400.0g is___? a. 0.150g/mL b. 2.89g/mL c. 5.50 g/mL or d. 6.67 g/mL
  33. Science , phycics

    Calculate the density of an object of volume 3mcube and mass is 9kg?
  34. physics

    A standard 1 kilogram weight is a cylinder 48.5 mm in height and 52.0 mm in diameter. What is the density of the material?
  35. Sicience

    Calculate the density of a liquid that has a mass of 20g and a volume of 315.4ml
  36. chemistry

    Calculate the vapour density of a triatomic gasX if it's relative atomic mass is 16
  37. chemistry

    If the density of an element is 6 g/ml, how much space (in milliliters) should a sample of it displace if it has a mass of 2.4 grams?
  38. physics

    The density of a solid ball with a mass of 231 g and a volume of 110 cm^3 is ____ g/cm^3.
  39. Math

    1. Is the equation true, false, or open? 4y 8 = 6y + 3 2. Which value is a solution of the equation 2 - 8x = -6? 3. Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation y - x - 4? 4. Which ordered pair is a solution of the equation y = 4x? 5. Which ordered
  40. Chemistry

    The following questions concern the iconic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, shown below: 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup butter or margarine, softened 3/4 cup granulated sugar 3/4 cup packed brown
  41. Chemistry

    An element has bcc packing with a body-centered cubic unit cell. Its density is 19300 kg/m3 and the unit cell volume is 3.17 x 10-26 L. Calculate the molar mass (g/mol) of the element to three significant figures. The element rubidium has bcc packing with
  42. Chemistry

    1.If the atmosphere can support a column of mercury 762 mm high at sea level, what height of water could be supported? The density of water is approximately 114 that of mercury.Answer in units of mm 2.If the atmosphere can support a column of mercury 762
  43. Chemistry

    2) To the solution in problem 1 (d) at 100 degrees celsius, 10g of water are added, and the solution is cooled to 0 degrees celsius... (problem 1d: the number of grams of water required to dissolve a mixture containing 15 g KNO3 and 3.5 g CuSO4 * 5 H20,
  44. Math

    How many gallons of 30% alcohol solution and 45% alcohol solution must be mixed to get 12 gallons of 35% alcohol solution?
  45. Molarity/molality

    A 3.29 m solution of the solute H2O dissolved in the solvent acetone is available. Calculate the mass ( kg ) of the solution that must be taken to obtain 26.70 mol of H2O. m= molality I have no idea how to approach this problem, I'm not interesting in
  46. chemistry

    Titration of 50.00 mL of 0.0521 M sodium oxalate, Na2C2O4, required 38.71 mL of a potassium permanganate solution: 5 C2O42- + 2MnO4- + 16H+ = 2Mn2+ + 10 CO2 + 8H2O Calculate the molarity of the potassium permanganate solution.
  47. chemistry

    A 2.00 g sample of a particular compound was dissolved in 15.0 g of carbon tetrachloride. The boiling point of this solution was determined to be 77.85ºC. For pure CCl4, TB = 76.50ºC and KB = 5.03°C·kg/mol Calculate the boiling point elevation,
  48. Chemistry

    If 845mL of a 2.5x10^-5 mol/L solution of Ni(NO3)2 was mixed with 195mL of a 4.86x10^-2 mol/L solution of KOH, would precipitate form? Calculate the ion product for the potential precipitate. The Ksp of Ni(OH)2(s) is 6.0x10^-16
  49. chem

    sample of 1.00g of BaSO4 and a similar sample of 1.00g of CaSO4 were added to water at 25 Celsius to give 1L of solution. Calc. the concentration of Ba2+, Ca2+, and SO4^2- ions present in the solution?
  50. Economics

    Does this thesis on a solution for welfare sound good?: "For the betterment of Canada, the welfare system needs to undergo a serious change in the rules for applying to welfare." I plan on listing each problem (one subtopic each) of welfare and than the
  51. chemistry

    Red sclae residue ( COPPER II ) partly dissolves in dilute acid to form a pale blue solution. Name the pale blue solution and give chemical equation to support your answer
  52. Science (Chemistry)

    A student mixes 35.0 mL of 2.82 M Pb(NO3)2(aq) with 20.0 mL of 0.00221 M Na2C2O4(aq). How many moles of PbC2O4(s) precipitate from the resulting solution? What are the values of [Pb2 ], [C2O42–], [NO3–], and [Na ] after the solution has reached
  53. Chemistry

    How do I do this problem, I am very confused on how to even begin: An aqueous solution contains 0.167 M ascorbic acid (H2C6H6O6) and 0.194 M hydroiodic acid. Calculate the ascorbate (C6H6O62-) ion concentration in this solution. [C6H6O62-] =? mol/L.
  54. chemistry

    a 23.74 mL volume of .0981 M NaOH was used to titrate 25 mL of a weak monoprotic acid solution to the stoichiometric point. determine the molar concentration of the weak acid solution. express in correct sig figs.
  55. Science (Chemistry)

    A student mixes 35.0 mL of 2.82 M Pb(NO3)2(aq) with 20.0 mL of 0.00221 M Na2C2O4(aq). How many moles of PbC2O4(s) precipitate from the resulting solution? What are the values of [Pb2 ], [C2O42–], [NO3–], and [Na ] after the solution has reached
  56. Chemistry

    A buret is partially filled with NaOH solution, to a volume of 1.14 mL. A 20-mL sample of 0.1011 M HCl is titrated to a faint pink phenolphthalein endpoint. The final buret reading is 22.37 mL. What is the molartiy of the NaOH solution?
  57. chemistry

    25 ml of milk were titrated with a 0.124M KOH solution of potassium hydroxide. If 4.5 ml of KOH solution were required to reach the titration endpoint, with a percentage (% w / v) lactic acid present in the milk? (MM = 90.08g / mol)
  58. science

    Please check my work 3M solution of NaOH (1 liter worth) molecular weight: 39.99 3 x 39.99= 119.97 grams dilute to 1000mL 3 M solution of HCl (1 L) c1v1=c2v2 (12M)(?)= (3M)(1000mL) ?= 250 mL please check thank you
  59. chemistry

    why do you need to construct a calibration curve when doing spectrophotometric determinations? Is it not possible to obtain the concentration of the unknown solution by simply getting the extinction coefficient of the species under study and then determine
  60. Chem

    A compound that dissolves in water to form an aqueous solution that is an excellent conductor of electricity is always present in the solution as -covalent molecules -acid molecule -base molecule -salt molecules -ions
  61. college algebra

    write the expression as a single logarithm 1. In(x/x*2)+In(x+2/x)-In(x^2-4) solve the following logarithmic equation. 2. log_9(x-2)+log_9(x+1)=2 what is the exact solution? What is the decimal approximation for the solution when rounded three decimal
  62. chemistry

    what is the hydronium ion concentration of a 0.35M oxalic acid, H2C2O4. solution? for oxalic acid, ka1= 5.6x10^-2 and ka2=5.1x10^-5. Identify and calculate the concentrations for the representative species in solution.
  63. Chemistry

    A sample of ca(oh)2 is allowed to stand in distilled water until a saturated solution forms. A 50.00 mL sample of this saturated solution is neutralized with 24.4 mL of 0.05 mol/L Hcl 2hcl+ ca(oh)2>cacl2+2h2o Use this information to calculate the ksp
  64. CHM 300

    Experiment: Redox titration;determination of ascorbic acid by an iodometric back-titration Why is sodium carbonate added to the thiosulfate solution ? why is the water used for preparing the thiosulfate solution boiled ?
  65. Organic Chemistry

    A half-life of a H2O2 solution at a certain condition is 4 weeks. You have a 100 mL of 1.00M H2O2 solution. How many moles of H2O2 will be left in the solution after the following weeks? 04 weeks after: moles 08 weeks after: moles 16 weeks after: moles 20
  66. Language

    what is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence? Mr. Harding asked Joe to pour the solution into the beaker. a. pour the solution b. Mr. Harding asked Joe c. into the beaker d. the solution into the beaker
  67. chemistry

    A beaker contains 250.0 mL of a 1.00 M HCl solution. How many moles of the acid would remain in the solution after 0.199 moles of HCl are neutralized?
  68. Chemistry (molarity)

    How would I find the moles of NaOH solution that was used to titrate? I have 20.01mL of HCl used and 15.95mL of NaOH solution was used to titrate.
  69. Clinical chemistry

    Prepare a 10 percent solution of sulphuric acid from a 98 percent stock solution of the acid in a 500mls beaker
  70. algebra

    Which has a Unique solution, No solution, or infinitely many solutions? 1. 2X + 3 = 9 2. 9X+ 2 = 9X+ 2 3. (1/2X+3) = (1/3x+9) 4. (x+2)(x+3) = x*x (x squared) + 5x + 6 5. 2(2x+3) = 4x+6 my guess is 1. unique 2. no 3. unique 4. unique 5. infinite 6. infinte
  71. Chemistry

    You wish to prepare 0.18 M HNO3 from a stock solution of nitric acid that is 18.9 M. How many milliliters of the stock solution do you require to make up 1.00 L of 0.18 M HNO3?

    a solution is 0.10M in free NH3, 0.10M in NH4Cl, and 0.015M in [cu(NH3)4]. Will Cu(OH)2 (s) precipitate from this solution? Ksp of Cu(OH)2 is 2.2810^-20
  73. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of a solution of sodium hydroxide if I mix 15.0g of sodium hydroxide with enough water to make 500.0ml of solution?

    A salt solution of 15 litres contains 20% salt.How much water must you add to salt solution in order to dilute it 15% salt?
  75. CNSC

    A radiator contains 25 quarts of a water and anti-freeze, of which 60% is antifreeze. How much if this solution should be drained and replaced with water for the new solution to be 40% antifreeze?
  76. chemistry

    The osmotic pressure of a solution containing 5.00 mg of an unknown protein per 10 mL of solution was 2.73 torr at 25 °C. Find the molar mass of the unknown protein.
  77. analytical chemistry

    A solution containing 0.40 M B (a weak base) and 0.20 M BH+ (the salt of the weak base) has a pH = 10.30. What is the pH after 25 mmol of HCl is added to 250 mL of this solution?
  78. Chemistry

    About 13% of the acid in a 0.10M solution of a weak acid dissociates to form ions. What is the H3O+ concentration? What is the OH- concentration? What is the pH of the solution?
  79. chemistry

    If 33.0 mL of 0.002 M aqueous H3PO4 is required to neutralize 28.0 mL of an aqueous solution of NaOH, determine the molarity of the NaOH solution.
  80. Chemistry

    If 15.omL of 0.0250 M aqueous H2SO4 is required to neutralize 10.0 mL of aqueous solution of KOH, what is the molarity of the KOH solution?
  81. chem

    If 5wt% of silver nitrate solution is required, determine how many grams of silver nitrate is need for an aqueous solution of 100ml.
  82. Chemistry help

    1. Find the pH when there are 0.034 moles of h+ in a liter of solution 2. Find the pH when there are 1.6x10^-7 moles of h+ in 500 ml of solution Please help me on these only problems im struggling with, thank you!
  83. 10th chem

    Describe, in detail, how to make 3.0 liters of a 3.5 molar HCl solution from an 18.5 molar HCl stock solution.
  84. Chem.

    I need a 64% solution of ammonium chloride. I have 99% ammonium chloride powder. How many grams of the NH4CL do i need to add to 500 ml of water to get the 64% solution?
  85. chemistry

    At 25 degrees Celsius the Ka for a 0.120 mol/L solution of acetic acid (HC2H3O2 ) is 1.8 X 10-5. determine the pH of the acetic acid solution
  86. Chemistry

    100g of a saturated solution of KNO3 was cooled from 80 degrees to 50 degrees. What mass of KNO3 would be expected to crystallise out of the solution?
  87. Chemistry

    10 mL of 0.1 HCl was added to 9mL of water. 10 mL of that solution was added to another 90 mL of water. The student diluted the sample as above 1 time(s). What is the pH of the solution?
  88. Chemistry

    The chemistry problem is "How would you make 500.0 mL of a 3.00 M HCl solution form a stock solution that is 6.00 M?" I have no clue how to even approach this problem.
  89. MATH

    Pewee adds two liters of pure alcohol to a 30% solution of alcohol in water. If the new concentration is 40%, how many liters of the original solution were there?
  90. chemistry

    An aqueous solution of cobalt(II) nitrate has a concentration of 0.471 molal. The percent by mass of cobalt(II) nitrate in the solution is %.
  91. calculus

    verify that y=c/x^2 is a general solution of the differential equation y'+(2/x) y=0-6y=0 then find a particular solution of the differential equation that satisfies the side condition y(1)=2
  92. Physics

    A charged disk of radius R that carries a surface charge density σ produces an electric field at a point a perpendicular distance z from the center of the disk, given by: Edisk = (sigma/2e0) x(1-(z/(square root(z^2 + R^2)) Consider a disk of radius 10

    I'm trying to figure out the percent composition of a mixture of an unknown (a combination of NaHCO3 and NaCl). Here's my data: Mass of 150mL of empty beaker: 80.937g Mass of 150mL beaker w/ unknown: 81.957g Mass of 150mL beaker w/ unknown after reaction:
  94. chemistry

    A solution of KOH is prepared by dissolving 2.00 g of KOH in water to a final volume of 250 ml of solution what volume of this solution will neutralize 20.0 ml of 0.115 mol/L sulfuric acid? amount of KOH= 2.00g(1mol of KOH/ 56.01g)= 0.357 moles
  95. Chemistry

    A volume of 70.0mL of aqueous potassium hydroxide(KOH) was titrated against a standard solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). What was the molarity of the solution if 19.2mL of 1.50M H2SO4 was needed? The equation is 2KOH+H2SO4->K2SO4+2H20
  96. chemistry

    The polarogram for 20ml solution that was 3.65 x 10^-3 M in cadmium (Cd2+) gave a wave for that ion with a diffusion current of 31.3microampere. Calculate the percentage change in concentration of the solution is the current in the limiting current region
  97. biochemistry

    The enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase catalyzes the following reaction: Ethanol + NAD+  acetaldehyde + NADH + H+ You have a 1 ml solution containing 100 µM Ethanol, and 1 mM NAD+. You then add 1 mg of alcohol dehydrogenase. Assume all of the ethanol
  98. chemistry

    1. A 2.00 g sample of a particular compound was dissolved in 15.0 g of carbon tetrachloride. The boiling point of this solution was determined to be 77.85ºC. For pure CCl4, TB = 76.50ºC and KB = 5.03°C·kg/mol Calculate the boiling point elevation,
  99. Chemistry

    when a platinum wire dipped into an unknown solution was held over a Bunsen burner flame, an intense purple colour resulted. when 6 drops of 1M AgNO3(aq) in 6MHNO3(aq) was added to this solution, a white-coloured precipitate formed. What is the chemical
  100. Chemistry: Freezing point

    An aqueous solution is prepared by dissolving 1.08 g of human serum albumin, a protein obtained from blood plasma, in 50.0 mL of water. The solution has an osmotic pressure of 0.00770 atm at 298 K. What is the molar mass of the albumin? Answer: 6.86 x 10^4