a density of 1.0 M solution of NaCL

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    A bottle of wine contains 13.1% ethanol by volume. The density of ethanol (C2H5OH) is 0.789 g/cm3. Calculate the concentration of ethanol in wine in terms of mass percent and molality. i don't know how to get molality. please help!!!! Molality is the
  2. Chemistry

    So this is a three part question. I solved the first part correctly but I need help with the second and third. Q: The dissociation equilibrium constants for the protonated form of of alanine (a diprotic amino acid, H2X+)are Ka1 = 4.6 x 10^-3 and Ka2 = 2.0
  3. Chemistry

    68.0g of solute were dissolved in 393 mL of benzene. The solution froze at -0.50°C. The normal freezing point of benzene is 5.5°C and the molar freezing point constant is 5.12°C kg/mol. The density of benzene is .879 g/mol. Calculate the molar mass of
  4. physics

    Drift velocity is best defined as a. the relationship between current and current density b. the number of mobile electrons per volume c. the number of mobile electrons per length d. the flux of the current density through a given area e. the average speed
  5. AP Statistics

    A certain density curve looks like an interverted letter V. The first segment goes fro the point (0,0.6) to the point (0.5,1.4). The segment goes from ( to (1,0.6). (a) Sketch the curve. Verify that the area under the curve is 1, so that it is a
  6. college

    if an object sinks in a particular fluid,the weight density (weight/volume) of the object will less than, equal to, or greater than, the weight density of the fluid
  7. Chemistry- Acids and Buffers

    Cyanic Acid is a weak acid HOCN + H2O <--> H3O+ +OCN- ka= 3.5*10^-4 a) if 2.5ml of 0.01 M cyanic acid solution is added to 25.0 ml of a formis acid buffer with ph = 3.70, what is the ratio of [OCN-]/[HOCN] in the resulting solution? b) determine the
  8. Chemistry!!

    A chemist wants to prepare a stock solution of H2SO4 so that a sample of 20.00mL will produce a solution with a concentration of .50 M when added to 100.0mL of water. A)what should the molarity of the stock solution be? B)If the chemist wants to prepare
  9. algebra

    how much of a 25% solution should to be added to 35% solution to get 40 liters of 28% solution
  10. Math

    A 12% solution and a 24% solution are to be mixed to create 80 mL of a 16% solution. How much of each should be used?
  11. chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution when 3L of a 4M solution is mixed with 3L of a 6M solution?
  12. algerbra

    84=12(3y+1) a.The solution is y= b.The solution is all real numbers c.There is no solution
  13. Chemistry

    A chemist has 250.0 mL of a bright blue (caused by Cu+2) aqueous solution that contains 21.16 g of CuCl2. He adds 12.0 g of finely ground silver to the blue solution and lets the solution sit covered overnight. When he returns he finds:
  14. Physics

    A biotech company produces a solution with an active biomass of 8.7604x10^6 cells per litre of solution. The solution is shipped by tanker truck with a volume of 4.16462x10^1 m3. How many cells are being sent per shipment, expressed to three significant
  15. Chemistry

    What mass of solid sodium acetate, NaCH3COO, must be added to 2.50 L of an aqueous solution of 0.55 M acetic acid, CH3COOH, in order to make a buffer solution whose pH is 4.50? Assume that adding the solid does not change the volume of the solution.
  16. Chemistry

    A solution is made by dissolving 32g KCIO3 in 100g H20 at 80C. The solution is cooled to 10C. Describe what you would observe as it cooled and state what temperature this first occurs at. What mass of crystals would settle out of the solution?
  17. Chemistry--PLEASE HELP

    A solution of 220mL of 0.200M Koh is mixed with a solution of 120mL of 0.240M NiSO4. 1.Determine limiting reactant? 2.Calculate the mass of precipitate formed? 3.Calculate the molarity of all ions left in the solution?
  18. chemistry

    calculate final volume required to reach 1% solution when 0.2g of sample is predigested with nitric acid 3mL then after 1day, if 1ml sample from this solution is digested in 10ml solution and diluted in 50 mL distilled water.
  19. Chemistry

    A solution of 220mL of 0.200M Koh is mixed with a solution of 120mL of 0.240M NiSO4. 1.Determine limiting reactant? 2.Calculate the mass of precipitate formed? 3.Calculate the molarity of all ions left in the solution?
  20. Chemistry

    Question: A 0.400 g sample of propionic acid was dissolved in water to give 50.00 mL of solution. This solution was titrated with 0.150 M NaOH. what was the pH of the solution when the equivalence point was reached? I'm not really sure how i would go about
  21. chemistry

    A solution of 220mL of 0.200M Koh is mixed with a solution of 120mL of 0.240M NiSO4. 1.Determine limiting reactant? 2.Calculate the mass of precipitate formed? 3.Calculate the molarity of all ions left in the solution?
  22. chemistry

    Assume that 50ml of 0.01M edta solution were added to 25ml of co solution and the excess edta required 20ml of 0.005M mg solution. Calculate ppm co+ present. The answer 942ppm Bob helps me
  23. chem

    what is a liquid solution and a gaseous solution? [define plz] liquid solution: sea water gas solution: air i don't need examples. i need definitions. they are not in my book. a liquid solution is a mixture of atoms/ions/chemicals, etc. dissolved in water.
  24. chemistry

    The concentration of a certain ionic compound in aqueous solution is 0.186mol/L . It is only solute in the solution. The concentration of pottassium ions in the same solution ia 0.558mol/L. Explain why the concentrations of the ions in the solution are
  25. Chemistry

    A 5.00-mL sample of an H3 PO4 solution of unknown concentration is titrated with a 0.1003 M NaOH solution. A volume of 6.55 mL of the NaOH solution was required to reach the endpoint. What is the concentration of the unknown H3 PO4 solution?
  26. chemistry

    A solution is made by adding 5.0 g Na2CO3 * 10H2O to enough water to make a 500 mL solution. what is the molarity. I have: M=mol solute/liter solution = (5/286)/.5 = .035M 286 is what i got for the molar mass of Na2CO3 * 10H2O Is that correct?? I think it
  27. AP Chem

    A student chemist named Hannah Montana set up an electrical conductivity tester similar to that shown on page 141 and conducted an experiment involving two clear, colorless liquids, identified as solution A and solution B. Solution A and Solution B are
  28. Chem

    This question is also confusing me… The density of diamond is 3.51 g/cm^3 and the density of platinum is 21.43g/cm^3. If equal masses of diamond and platinum are transferred to equal volumes of water in separate graduated cylinders, which graduated
  29. AP Chemistry

    The Antarctic ice sheet contains an estimated 7.0 million cubic miles of ice. If the entire ice sheet melted, how many feet would the average global sea level rise? The density of ice is about 0.90 g/cm^3. The density of water is about 1.0 g/cm^3. The
  30. Chemistry

    If air has an average density of 1.29 g/l and Co is reported at 2.0 ppm, what volume of air will contain 1.00 mole of Co? There will have to be 1/(2*10^-6) = 500,000 times as much mass of air as CO. The mass of the CO is 28.0 g (1.00 mole), so that
  31. Chemistry

    A solution has a pH of 2. How does the pH change if 1 mL of the solution is diluted to 100 mL with pure water? How does the pH of a solution with pH 10 change under the same dilution?
  32. Chemistry

    When 7 mL of a solution containing 4 M KNO3 is diluted to 23 mL, a dilute solution is formed. What is the NO3- concentration in 15 mL of the dilute solution?
  33. math

    how many liters of a 5% solution of salt should be added to a 25% solution in order to obtain 1120 liters of a 22% solution
  34. Chemistry

    A 26.8 mL sample of a solution of RbOH is neutralized by 15.71 mL of a 1.918 M solution of HBr. What is the molarity of the RbOH solution?
  35. Chemistry

    Titration of 12.50 mL of HCl solution requires 22.50 mL of 0.1250 M NaOH solution. What is the molarity of the HCl solution?
  36. science

    Calculate the molarity of each solution. a) 1.0 mol KCl in 750 mL of solution b) 0.50 mol MgCl2 in 1.5 L of solution
  37. Chem - Acid & Bases

    Please help with the solution: Question asks: A solution has [OH-] = 2.0 X 10 negative ^14. The [H-] in this solution is 2.0 x 10 negative ^14. Thank you for your help. Appreciated.
  38. chemistry

    If 100 mL of .03 M HCL solution is added to 100 mL of buffer solution which is .1 M in NH3, and .1 M in NH4Cl, what will be the pH of the new solution?
  39. Chemistry

    3) You make a solution by dissolving 3.4g Ba(OH)2 in enough water to make 450ml of salt solution. a. What is the molarity of the solution?
  40. chemistry

    Potassium Chloride 3:4 solution 30ml. How many milliliters of a potassium 1:20 solution and 4:5 solution do you need to prepare the order?
  41. Chemistry

    A 10.0-mL solution of 0.30 M NH3 is titrated with a 0.100 M HCl solution. Calculate the pH after the following additions of the HCl solution: a) 0.00 mL b) 10.0 mL c) 30.0 mL d) 40.0 mL
  42. Chemistry

    Consider a 0.80M solution of HCN. The Ka of HCN is 6.2x10-10. What are the major species in solution? Calculate the pH of this solution.
  43. Chemistry

    The of hydroxylamine, , is . A buffer solution is prepared by mixing 120 of a 0.34 hydroxylamine solution with 60 of a 0.25 solution.Solve for the PH
  44. Chemistry

    3) You make a solution by dissolving 3.4g Ba(OH)2 in enough water to make 450ml of salt solution. a. What is the molarity of the solution?
  45. math

    A pharmacist has an 18% alcohol solution. How much of this solution and how much water must be mixed together to make 10 liters of a 12% alcohol solution?
  46. chem

    To what volume must a solution of 77.8 g H2SO4 in 479.8 mL of solution be diluted to give a 0.34 M solution? volume=_______L
  47. chemistry

    need help with these problems: The concentration of glucose in blood is usually about 0.10% (w/v). If 7.0 L of blood are in an average man, how many grams of glucose are in his blood? To obtain the solute for 118 g of a 19.2% (w/w) solution of sugar we
  48. Physics

    A set of density rods is designed to illustrate the concept of density. The idea is to create cylinders of equal diameters and masses, but varying lengths, to show which have the largest and smallest densities. (a) Derive a formula that will predict the
  49. Physics

    Hey guys - this problem is pretty tough for me...any help? Don't know what to do.... In seawater, a life preserver with a volume of 4.00×10^−2 m^3 will support a 76.0 kg person (average density 980 kg/m^3), with 20.0 % of the person's volume above
  50. Chemistry

    A given solution contained potassium chloride, KCl, and hydrochloric acid. 25 cm3 of it needed 24.80 cm3 of 0.0986 M sodium hydroxide solution to neutralize the acid, and the neutral solution then required 23.55 cm3 of 0.2 M silver nitrate, AgNO3, solution
  51. Chemistry

    When 22.7mL of o.500 M H2SO4 is added to 22.7mL of 1.00 M KOH in a coffee-cup calorimeter at 23.50 degrees Celsius, the temperature rises to 30.17 degrees Celsius. Calculate the delta h of this reaction. (Assume that the total volume is the sum of
  52. chemistry

    2.) If you pass 10.0mL of a 50.0mL solution of [Co(en)2Cl2]Cl that has been reduced with Zn through a cation exchange column, you will obtain a solution that has three H+ ions for every Co3+ ion that was originally present in the sample. These H+ ions are
  53. Chemistry

    1) If I add 10 grams of salt into 0.1 L of water, what is the molarity of the solution? 2) Serial dilution is a common technique to make low concentration solutions. Each Serial Dilution involves taking half the solution and mixing it with a solvent, to
  54. BLD 414

    A liquid solution of formaldehyde is 37.0% pure. This solution has a specific gravity of 1.037. The molecular weight of formaldehyde is 30.0. to 1.00 ml of this impure stock solution is added quantity sufficient to take the total volume to 500ml. If 1.00
  55. Chemistry

    Nitric acid is commonly purchased as a 16 M solution, which has a density of 1.41 g/mL. Convert this molarity to a) mass percentage, b) molality, c) mole fraction. A) 16molHNO3(63.02HNO3/1MolHNO3)=1,008.32gHNO3 - 1,000gH20(1MolH20/1.41ml/g)=1410ml/mol w/w=
  56. Chemistry

    Mass of unknown solution=25.671 Mass ethanol =8.243 Assuming that prior experiments have shown the single-step extraction removes only 72.0 % of the ethanol, the mass of ethanol in your original unknown is 11.45 Mass percent ethanol =44.6 % Given a density
  57. Chemistry

    Sodium hypochlorite, NaClO, is added as a disinfectant to the water supply. You are analyzing a sample from the supplier to verify its purity and you prepare to titrate 250.0 mL of a solution containing 1.86 g of NaClO with a 1.00 M HCl solution. What is
  58. chemistry

    a solution is prepared by mixing 1.0 grams of benzen(c6h6) in 100g of water to create a solution total volume of 100ml.calculate the molarity,mass percent,mole fraction and molarity of benzene in the solution
  59. chemistry

    150 mL of a solution contiains .00015 M NaI, .0055 M NaC, and .12 M Na3PO4. A solution of .10 M AgNo3 is slowly added. Who precipitates 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? When the last one to precipitate just begins to precipitate, what % of the other 2 anions are still
  60. chemistry

    A flask containing 200 mL of solution is labeled 0.300 M CuBr2. A sample containing 0.0500 moles of Br− is added to the solution. What is the molarity of the Br− ion solution? Assume no volume change. a) 0.850 M b) 0.667 M c) 1.10 M d) 1.00 M
  61. Chemistry

    when 25.0 mL of a solution containing both Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions is titrated with 23.0 mL of 0.0200 M KMnO4 (in dilute sulfuric acid). As a result, all of the Fe2+ ions are oxidized to Fe3+ ions. Next, the solution is treated with Zn metal to convert all of
  62. Chemistry

    In a solution with carbon tetrachloride as the solvent, the compound VCl4 undergoes dimerization: 2VCl4 <-> V2Cl8 When 6.6834 g VCl4 is dissolved in 100.0 g of carbon tetrachloride, the freezing point is lowered by 5.97*C/ Calculate the value of the
  63. chemistry

    1) To prepare a 200 mL of aqueous stock solution X, you transferred 50 mL of a known concentration solution into a 200 mL volumetric flask. If you realize that the volumetric flask was contaminated with water droplets after you cleanly transferred the
  64. Chemistry

    S2O82-(aq) + 2I-(aq) ----------> 2SO42-(aq) + I2(aq) (I) Rate = k [S2O82-]x [I-]y Rate1 = k [S2O82-]x [I-]y ƒ´ [S2O82ƒ{] Rate = ƒ{ƒn ------------- ƒ´ƒnt Experiment data Experiment: 0.20M NaI,0.20M NaCl, 0.010M Na2S2O3,2% Starch,0.20M K2SO4, 0.20
  65. Physics

    A beaker of mass 5kg containing oil of mass 17.4 kg and density 8.5 x102kg/m3 rests on the scale A block of iron of mass 6.7kg is suspended from the spring scale and completely submerged in the oil as shown in Figure below. Determine the equilibrium
  66. math

    A lab needs a 20 liters of a 15% acid solution. The lab only has a 10% acid solution and a 30% acid solution. How much of the 10% acid solution will they need to mix with the 30% solution to obtain 20 liters of a 15% solution?
  67. Algebra

    A chemist has one solution that is 80% acid and a second solution that is 30% acid. How many liters of each solution will the chemist need in order to make 50L of a solution that is 62% acid?
  68. chemistry

    I have two problems that I'm stumped on. I know the correct anwers but I'm having problems coming up with the co rrect anwsers. Here are the problems: 1) Magnesium has a density of 1.7g/cm^3 and iron has density of 7.9 g/cm^3. A block of iron has a mass of
  69. physics

    The air inside a hot air balloon has an average temperature of 71.7° C. The outside air has a temperature of 11.1° C. What is the ratio of the density of air in the balloon to the density of air in the surrounding atmosphere?
  70. English

    Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? Most of Alaska averages a population density, of under, 3 people per square, mile Most of Alaska averages a population density of under 3 people per square mile. Most of Alaska, averages a
  71. Chemistry

    Determine the mole fraction of acetone in a solution prepared by adding 0.456 kg of (CH3)2CO to 0.899 L of C4H8O. Molar Mass (g/mol) (CH3)2CO 58.05 C4H8O 72.12 Density (g/ml): (CH3)2CO 0.7899 C4H8O 0.8892 Name/Formula: acetone (CH3)2CO tetrahydrofuran
  72. Chem Lab Math!

    A liquid solution of formaldehyde is 37.0% pure. This solution has a specific gravity of 1.037. The molecular weight of formaldehyde is 30.0. to 1.00 ml of this impure stock solution is added quantity sufficient to take the total volume to 500ml. If 1.00
  73. Standing waves and resonance (physics)

    A nylon string has a linear density of 7.2g/m and is under a tension of 150N. The fixed supports are 90cm apart. The string is oscillating in the standing wave pattern. Find a)speed b)wavelength c) frequency v=sqr(F/u(linear density) v=sqrt(150N/7.2g/m) =

    When BaCl2 reacts with Na3PO4, Ba3(PO4)2 and NaCl are formed. Balance the equation and write the coefficients in the blanks.
  75. chem

    For the reaction 2Cl2(g)+4NaOH(aq)->3NaCl(aq)+ NaClO2(aq)+2H2O(l) how many grams of NaCl can be produced from 30.8 g of Cl2 and excess NaOH?
  76. Chemistry

    I have to calculate the heat capacity of a coffee cup calorimeter, but I'm not sure how. I have NaCl and NaOH, they both start at the same temperature, and I have the mass of the solutions used. I'd appreciate the help!
  77. Chemistry

    Please i need sum help in balancing these equations: 1)Phos(p)+Bromine(Br)=phostribromide(PBr) 2)Cacl2+NAHCO3+H2O=Nacl=Ca(OH)2+H2Co3 Thank You
  78. Organic Chem

    what is the equation including the mechanism for the reaction of 1-butanol with NaCl+ NaBr in H2S04 What are the equations for the side reactions?
  79. general chemistry

    Which produces the greatest number of ions when one mole dissolves in water? (A) NaCl (B) NH4Cl C) NH4NO3 (D) Na2SO4
  80. Chemistry

    Which one of the following salts is obtained by the reation of a weak acid with a strong base. MgCl2 NH4F LiClO4 NaCl K2SO3
  81. St. Michael

    25ml of NaCl was mixed with 10ml of AgNO3. A precipitate was made. What is the theoretical yield? What is the limiting and excess reagent?
  82. chemistry

    A student found that her mixture was 15% NH4Cl, 20% NaCl, and 75% SiO2. Assuming her calculations are correct, what is the most likely source or error in her experiment?
  83. Chem

    10 grams of sodium chloride is treated with excess silver nitrate AgNO3 + NaCl =AgCl +NaNO3.. HOW MUCH IS PERCIPITATED
  84. chemistry

    How do you arrange these aqueous solutions in order of decreasing freezing point: 0.10 m Na3PO4, 0.35 m NaCl, 0.20 m MgCl2, 0.15 m C6H12O6, and CH3OOH?
  85. Chemistry

    Need help with coming up with a extraction flow scheme for separating the compounds in this mixture: aniline, p-anisic acid, octanol, and NaCl Thanks!
  86. Chemistry

    please help me balance these equations using the method of half reactions.. Na + HCL = NaCl + H2 Pb + PbO2 + H2SO4 = PbSO4 +H2O Thank you, even a little help is appreciated.
  87. Science

    What is the limiting reagent in the solvay process given the equation NaCl+NH3+CO2+H20 giving us NaHCO3+NH4Cl
  88. Science

    Classify the chemical equation as a combination/synthesis , single replacement, or combustion NaCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) à AgCl(s) + NaNO3(aq)
  89. chem

    158.5 mL of a AgNO3 solution at 5.0M was combined with a 3.5M CaCl2 solution. 110.5g of AgCl was recovered. Given that the CaCl2 is the limiting reagent, how many milliliters of the 3.5M CaCl2 solution was used? 2 sig figs
  90. Chemistry

    If you mix 50.0 mL of a 0.500 M solution of calcium nitrate with 150. mL of a 0.250 M solution of potassium nitrate, what would be the resulting molarity of nitrate ions in the final mixed solution ?
  91. Calc 3

    The actual span of the base of the dome is 143 feet. 1) Use cylindrical coordinates to write the surface of the dome as a function of the distance from the center of the base; that is find z = f (r) . 2) Use your function to find the height of the dome;
  92. chemestry

    When 36.5 mL of 0.605 M H2SO4 is added to 36.5 mL of 1.21 M KOH in a coffee-cup calorimeter at 23.50°C, the temperature rises to 30.17°C. Calculate H of this reaction per mole of H2SO4 and KOH reacted. (Assume that the total volume is the sum of the
  93. Math

    Square miles 66, 000 and 1, 000, 000 people. Population density is a rate that is indicates how crowed and area is. A proportion is used to find population density, or number of persons per square mile. Population/area = number of persons/1 square mile.
  94. chemistry

    Explain, with balanced ionic equations, why a. CuI2 dissolves in ammonia solution b. AgBr dissolves in NaCN solution, c. HgCl2 dissolves in KCL solution.
  95. Chemistry

    3.42 grams of Ba(OH)2 is placed in a flask, dissolved in water, and titrated with an HCI solution. It is found that 25.0mL of the HCI solution is required to just neutralize the Ba(OH)2. What is the molarity of the HCI solution?
  96. chemistry

    200X buffer is given in class.How much of stock sol and how much distilled water is used to make? a)50 ml of a 1X buffer solution? b)100 ml of a 20X buffer solution? c)10 ml of a 400X solution
  97. Chemistry;HELP

    Help me set them up and then check my answers? Round your answer to the correct number of significant digits and show work. 1. How many grams of NaI would be used to produce a 2.0 M solution with a volume of 10.00 L? 2. What is the molarity of a 2.50 x 102
  98. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 5.00g of an unknown molecular solid in water to make 500 ml of solution. The osmotic pressure of the solution is 1.61 atm at 25 degrees C. What is the molar mass of the solute? This is what ive done so far: M=
  99. Chemistry

    Help me set them up and then check my answers? Round your answer to the correct number of significant digits and show work. 1. How many grams of NaI would be used to produce a 2.0 M solution with a volume of 10.00 L? 2. What is the molarity of a 2.50 x 102
  100. Chemistry 2 Lab

    Calculate the degree of ionization of acetic acid in solution 1 through 3? All I am giving is the pH... pH of solution 1= 3 pH of solution 2= 3.5 pH of solution 3= 5 Then, I did this... HC2H3O2 (aq) + H2O (l) equals H3O+ (aq) + C2H3O2- (aq) Ka= 1.7 E -5