a density of 1.0 M solution of NaCL

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  1. chemistry

    4. Compound B is provided as a solution and has a specific gravity of 0.65 (Specific gravity is the weight in grams per mL of solution) and is known to be 90% pure (each gram of compound B solution only contains 90% Compound B and 10% of degradation
  2. Physics, still don't get it!

    The "karat" is a dimensionless unit that is used to indicate the proportion of gold in a gold-containing alloy. An alloy that is one karat gold contains a weight of pure gold that is one part in twenty-four. What is the volume of gold in a 20.0 karat gold
  3. chemistry

    Acetic acid is known to be a weak acid. What will happen to the acidity of the solution when sodium acetate is added to acetic acid? A. The solution will become more acidic. B. The pH will remain the same. C. The solution will become less acidic. D. The
  4. CHE 2B

    A buffer solution of volume 50.0 mL contains 12.5 mmol HNO2 and 9.25 mmol KNO2. 1. What is the pH of this solution? 2. If 1.00 mmol of Ca(OH)2 is added to the solution, what will be the new pH? 3. If 2.00 mL of 2.00M HCl is added to the original solution,
  5. Chemistry

    1. Take a clean test tube from the Glassware shelf and place it on the workbench. Add 1 mL your mystery solution to the test tube. 2. PRECIPITATION BY NaC2H3O2(aq) (a) Add 2 mL of sodium acetate solution to the test tube. (b) If a white precipitate forms
  6. Physics

    A raft is constructed of wood having a density of 6.00x102 kg/m3. Its surface area is 5.40 m2 and its volume is 0.45 m3. When the raft is placed in fresh water, to what depth h is the raft submerged by its weight? The density of fresh water is 1000 kg/m3.
  7. Physics

    Can't get correct answer An object weighing 340 N in air is immersed in water after being tied to a string connected to a balance. The scale now reads 260 N. Immersed in oil, the object weighs 290 N. (a) Find the density of the object. kg/m3 (b) Find the
  8. chemistry

    A gas bulb is connected to an open end manometer. The pressure in the bulb is 0.355 Torr more than atmospheric pressure. If the manometer is filled with mineral oil (density = 0.888 g/cm3), what will be the difference in height between the two sides of the
  9. physics

    if the refractive index of air to glass is 1.52 and air to water is 1.33 than find the density of the glass if density of water is 1g/cm^3.
  10. Chemistry

    How many cubic centimeters of olive oil have the same mass as 1.60 L of gasoline? Density of gasoline: .66 g/ml Density of olive oil: .92 g/ml
  11. physics

    If the refractive index of air to glass is 1.52 and air to water is 1.33, find the density of the glass if density of water is 1g/cm^3
  12. science

    If the density of a piece of wood and the density of water are exactly the same, how much of the piece of wood remains above the water if it has a thickness of 5cm?
  13. Chemistry. Help please

    Calculate the pH of a buffer solution made by mixing 174 mL of a 1.68M trimethylamine (CH3)3N solution with 250 mL of a 1.08M trimethylammonia chloride, (CH3)3NHCl solution.
  14. Business English

    What are two or three solution that might improve the efficiency of my office What does each solution involve and how much work and money is required to introduce that change How exactly does each change solve the problem? which is the best solution at
  15. Chemistry

    I need help starting this question: A buffer solution is prepared by adding 30.0g of pure acetic acid to 41.0g of sodium acetate in water, and then diluting the solution to 1.00L. What is the pH of the buffer solution?
  16. Chemistry

    If 32.0 mL lead(II) nitrate solution reacts completely with excess sodium iodide solution to yield 0.545 g precipitate, what is the molarity of lead(II) ion in the original solution?
  17. calculus

    solve the logarithmic equation. be sure to reject any value of x that is not in the domain of the orginal logarithmic expression. In square root x+7=2 what is the exact solution? a.)the solution set is ? b.)there are infinitely many solutions c.)there is
  18. ACS

    Whatis the molarity of an HCl solution if 25mL of this solution require 19.58mL of 0.1062M Sr(OH)2 solution for complete reaction? The reaction is give below Sr(OH)2 + 2HCl --> SrCl2 + 2H2O
  19. Chemistry

    I need help starting this question... A buffer solution is prepared by adding 30.0g of pure acetic acid to 41.0g of sodium acetate in water, and then diluting the solution to 1.00L. What is the pH of the buffer solution?
  20. Help

    Is there a website that will help me solve this? I can't find anything. I'm coming up with x=1/3 but I feel I'm doing it wrong. Find all real number solutions to (cubed root 3x-8)-1=0 If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas. If there
  21. chemistry

    if the endpoint in the tritration of the KHC8H4O4 solution with the NaOH solution is mistakenly surpressed(too pink),will the molar concentration of the NaOH solution be reported too high or too low?explain
  22. General Chem

    What do you call a solution that is maid by mixing solid Na2S2O3 5H20 with NaOH? Also, what is the complete balanced equation for mixing the above solution with an aqueous solution of NaClO? Thanks anyone!
  23. Chemistry

    Use Ksp to find the concentration of an ion in a saturated solution. Consider a 2.50E-3 M solution of Al2(SO4)3. (a) What [OH^-] is required to initiate precipitation of Al^3+ from the solution? (b) What [OH^-] is required to lower the [Al^3+] to 2.00E-7 M
  24. Chemistry

    I found the following procedure to prepare starch indicator solution on a website:- To prepare starch indicator solution, add 1 gram of starch (either corn or potato) into 10 mL of distilled water, shake well, and pour into 100 mL of boiling, distilled
  25. chemistry

    20.0mls of a bulk solution was transferred to a 100ml volumetric flask and diluted to volume with water. 2.00mls of this solution was then found to have a concentration of 0.15M. What is the concentration of the bulk solution. McVc=MdVd
  26. Food Analysis

    1.If 0.5l of 5M solution of CU(NO3) is diluted to a volume of 0.80l by adding water, what is the molarity of the resulting diluted solution? 2.How many ml of water will be required to dilute 11ml of 0.45Macid solution to a molarity of 0.1M? 3.Calculate the
  27. Algebra, Math

    A chemist has a bottle of a 10% acid solution and a bottle of a 30% acid solution. He mixes the solutions together to get 500 mL of a 25% acid solution. How much of the 30% solution did he use?
  28. Math-2 questions

    Describe the number of solutions for the equation. 5(x – 9) = 5x no solution one solution infinite solutions –2(x – 1) = 2x – 2 (1 point) infinite solutions one solution no solution
  29. Chemistry

    A solution of acetic acid having a concentration of about 0.2M is to be titrated using 0.200M NaOH. Select an indicator for the titration. what salt will the solution contain at the equivalence point? what is the approximate concentration of this salt at
  30. physics

    An airplane of a certain density and shape flies at a constant speed. To do so, it must fly with a certain velocity v0. If the size of the airplane is scaled up in length, width, and height by a factor of two, it can only fly above a new velocity v1.
  31. chemistry lab

    please help its due at 5 When 0.671 g of Ca metal is added to 200.0 mL of 0.500 M HCl(aq), a temperature increase of 109C is observed. Assume the solution's final volume is 200.0 mL, the density is 1.00 g/mL, and the heat capacity is 4.184 J/gC. (Note: Pay
  32. Astronomy

    The volume of a ball is given in terms of its radius by V=4π3R3. Use this to find the average density of Saturn, i.e. the mass per unit volume. Use Earth’s mass in kg from the Table of Constants to express your answer in kgm3. Note for comparison
  33. physics

    The greatest ocean depths on earth are found in the Marianas Trench near the Philippines, where the depth of the bottom of the trench is about 11.0 km. Calculate the pressure(atm)due to the ocean at a depth of 10.1 km, assuming sea water density is
  34. ap chemistry

    please explain titration problems. I'm a total noob at this and am trying to answer some prelab questions. Examples: 1. How many mL of a 0.800 M NaOH solution is needed to just neutralize 40 mL of a 0.600 M HCl solution? 2. You wish to determine the
  35. Chemistry

    A solution contains an unknown mass of dissolved silver ions. When potassium chloride is added to the solution, a white precipitate forms. The precipitate is filtered and dried and then found to have a mass of 245 mg. What mass of silver was in the
  36. chemistry again ..

    haphthalen-2-ol dissolved into sodium hydroxide solution to give another solution B. What would be formed when solution B reacted with phenylamine/nitrous acid mixture , butylamine/nitrous acid mixture and ammonia/ nitrous acid respectively ? The resulting
  37. Chemistry

    Thank you so much for the help on my other question!!! An alloy (solution of metals) is 80% by volume iron. The rest is aluminum. Aluminum has a density of 2.70 g/cm³, and iron's is 7.87 g/cm³. A block of alloy measures 2.0 ft. wide and 3.0 ft. long. If
  38. Algebra 2

    write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given numbers as solution. Type the equation in standard form, ax^2+bx+c=0 solution 4, only solution
  39. Chemistry

    25.0 mL of an H3BO3 solution were titrated with 29.15 mL of a 0.205 M LiOH solution to reach the equivalence point. what is the molarity of the H3BO3 solution?
  40. chemistry

    how to prepare 0.250l of 0.750 M HCL solution,startin with 2.00 M HCL solution. what volume in liter of 2.00m solution we need?
  41. algebra

    solve by the elimination method What is the solution of the system? 5x+5y=-7 7x-2y=19 solution is?____ there are infinitely many solutions ____ there is no solution?_____
  42. Math115

    Solve by the elimination method. 5x-15y=2 and 5x-15y =3 Is there a solution of an ordered pair? Are the infinitely many solutions? or is there no solution? I got that there is no solution.
  43. algebra

    solve by the elimination method x+4y=17 -x+6y=3 What is the solution of the system? the solution is ______ there are infinitely many solutions ___ or there is no solution?______
  44. math again

    How does "How many gallons of a 12% indicator solution must be mixed with a 20% indicator solution to get 10 gal of a 14% solution?" turn into ".12x + .2(10+ -1x) = .14(10)"?? Please, I need to understand how it works! Thank you.
  45. chemistry

    a solution is prepared by dissolving145 grams of NaNO3 in 100 grams of water at 80*C. the solution is then cooled to 10*C. how much of the solute will come out of the solution?
  46. chemistry

    If it requires 54.7mL of a 0.0765 M HCl solution to complete neutralize 25.0 mL of a KOH solution, what is the molarity of the KOH solution.?
  47. chemistry

    What volume of water would be required to dilute a 10.0 mL 0.650 M solution of calcium sulfate to create 0.25 M solution, what would the volume of the new solution be?
  48. HELP!! Chemistry

    Round your answer to the correct number of significant digits and show work. 1. How many grams of NaI would be used to produce a 2.0 M solution with a volume of 10.00 L? 2. What is the molarity of a 2.50 x 102 cm3 solution containing 450.0 g of C6H12O6 ?
  49. chemistry

    1. 30.0 ml of ethyl alcohol(density=0.790g/ml)are added to a graduated cylinder that weighs 44.28 grams. what will be the mass of the graduated cylinder plus the alcohol(in grams)? 2. what is the volume (in ml)of a liquid(density=2.07 g/ml)weighing
  50. Chemistry

    Balance equation. been working on this for almost 5 hours now, just cant do it. HCl+As2O3+NaNO3+H2O-->NO+H3AsO4+NaCl
  51. Chem

    Which solvent, water or hexane (C6H14), would you choose to dissolve each of the following? 1. NaCl 2. HF 3. Octane 4. (NH4)2SO4
  52. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of NaCl produced when 5.50 moles of Sodium reacts with excess chlorine gas.
  53. chemistry

    how much heat is required to raise the temperature of one mole of NaCl(s) by 15 degrees celsius at constant pressure
  54. Chem

    Which chloride should exhibit the most covalent type of bond? WHY? A) NaCl B) KCl C) BaCl2 D) BeCl2 E) CaCl2
  55. Chemistry

    How many grams of phosgenite can be obtained from 10.0 g of PbO and 10.0 g of NaCl in the presence of excess water and carbon dioxide
  56. Chemistry

    Is this equation for acetic acid + sodium chloride balanced? C2H4O2 + NaCl ---> HCl + C2H3NaO2
  57. Chemistry

    How many grams of phosgenite can be obtained from 10.0 g of PbO and 10.0 g of NaCl in the presence of excess water and carbon dioxide
  58. Science

    Briefly Describe A Suitable Laboratory Procedure Of Seperating A Mixture Of Nacl,Nh4cl,Pbcl2
  59. chemistry

    A salt that could decrease the ionization of HCOl in soln is probably a. NaOH b. NaCl c. NaOCl d. NaH e. none of these how would you solve this
  60. Chemistry

    How many grams of phosgenite can be obtained from 14.0 g of PbO and 14.0 g of NaCl in the presence of excess water and carbon dioxide?
  61. chemistry

    calculate the solubility of SrSO4 in A: pure water B: 0.045 M Sr(NO3)2 C: 0.05 M NaCl D: 0.016 M ZnCl2
  62. Chemistry

    Which of the following solutions will have a higher boiling point? A. 1m C6H12O6 B. 1m NaCl C. 1m MgCl2 D. 1m AlCl3 And pls explain why it is. Thank you so much!!
  63. chemistry

    What is the concentration of chloride ion when 75ml of 4.50m NaCl is mixed with 125mL of 1.42M FeCl3?
  64. science

    why are the hydrogen atoms in a water molecule are attracted to Cl− ions in sodium chloride (NaCl)?
  65. chem 161

    What mass of precipitate will be formed when 25 mL of 0.532 M silver nitrate is mixed with 25 mL of 0.333 M NaCl?
  66. Chemistry

    What volume of Cl2 gas, measured at 687torr and 34∘C, is required to form 27g of NaCl?
  67. Chemistry II

    Arrange the following 0.10M solutions in order of increasing pH: a. Nacl b. NH4CL C. HCL D. NaCH3CO2 e. KOH
  68. math

    Ex 2: -2x+7=22 -2x+7-7=22-7 -2x=15 -2x/(-2)=15/(-2) I do not have to switch the equality sign. Even if I did it would not look any different. x=-7.5 Check: -2x+7=22 -2(-7.5)+7=22 my solution is that x=-7.5 so I will just put that in to see if it works.
  69. STEVE or REINY-plz help!

    Find a general solution to the first – degree ordinary differential equation. If an initial condition is given, find the corresponding particular solution. Write solution explicitly if possible: dx/dt=sqrt(x+t+1) Thank you in advance for your help! =)
  70. Chemistry

    Why is a blank solution used in absorption spectroscopy? I know it is to nullify the reflection, refraction, and diffraction that occurs, but if the blank solution was a dilute solution rather deionized water, how would the concentration of Cr(VI)in a
  71. MTH209

    Use the graph of the system to determine the solution. x + y = 4 x+ 3y= 6 What is the solution? Select the correct choice below and fill in an answer boxes in your choice. A. (Type an ordered pair). B. There are infinitely many solutions. C. There is no
  72. Chem I

    Calculate the concentrations of hydronium and hydroxide ions in a solution prepared by dissolving 0.345g of solid NaOH in enough water to make 225mL of solution. Also calculate the pH and pOH of the solution.
  73. Chemistry

    A generic solid, X, has a molar mass of 77.7 g/mol. In a constant-pressure calorimeter, 31.2 g of X is dissolved in 289 g of water at 23.00 °C. The temperature of the resulting solution rises to 24.40 °C. Assume the solution has the same specific heat as
  74. Math

    1. Tell whether the system has one solution infinitely many solutions or no solution. 9x+8y=15 9x+8y=30 a. one solution b. infinitely many solutions*** c. no solution 2. Tell whether the system has one solution infinitely many solutions or no solution.
  75. Chemistry

    A sample of 25.00 mL of vinegar is titrated with a standard 1.02 M NaOH solution. It was found that a volume of 19.60 mL of the standard NaOH solution is used to completely neutralize the acetic acid in the solution. Calculate the concentration of the
  76. Algebra Help

    1. Verify that (-4, 12) is the solution to the system. Show work to justify your answer 2x+y=5 -5x-2y=-6 2. Solve the system by graphing. State the solution. x + y =2 2y – x = 10 3. Solve the system by substitution. State whether the system has one
  77. Chemistry

    A 76.00-pound flask of mercury costs $150.00. The density of mercury is 13.534 g/cm3. a) Find the price of one cubic inch of mercury by calculating the following intermediate values. Following intermediate values include grams, cubic centimeters and cubic
  78. Chemistry

    A solution of magnesium chloride, MgCl2, is prepared by dissolving 19.0g of MgCl2 in 250 mL OF water. a.) Calculate the weight percent of magnesium chloride in solution. b.)The denstiy of the above solution is 1.05 g/mL. Calculate the molarity of the
  79. Chemistry

    I have a test on monday and I NEED to ace it in order to raise my grade > . < ldsfkjaslkf right now, acids and bases are killing me can somebody help me with these problems? A buffer solution is prepared by mixing the weak base ammonia
  80. Geography

    What kind of map could you use to show information about a city? -a relief map -a population density map -a political boundary map -a vegitation map -All of the above You can pick as many as you want, but the question is only worth one point. I think the
  81. Chem 2

    1.057 grams of a substance with a molar mass of 385.336 g/mol are dissolved in 249.92. Ther temperature for the system changes from 83.83 to 52.38 degrees C during the mixing. What is the DH(heat of solution) for this process in kJ/mol. Assume that th
  82. AP Chemistry

    A buffer solution contains .4mol of formic acid, HCOOH and a .6mol of sodium formate, HCOONa, in 1L of solution. Ka of formic acid is 1.8 x 10^-4. a) calculate pH b) if 100ml of this buffer solution is diluted to a volume of 1L with pure water, the pH does
  83. science (please check my answers)

    h t t p: //tinypic . co m/r/309lnac/3 1. The population growth exhibited by population A to the right is what? Is is exponential? 2. Population B reaches its carry capacity at about what size? a. 0 b. 500 c. 1000 d. 1500 e. 2000 Is it 1500? 3. The plateau
  84. science: check my answers please

    h t t p: //tinypic . co m/r/309lnac/3 1. The population growth exhibited by population A to the right is what? Is is exponential? 2. Population B reaches its carry capacity at about what size? a. 0 b. 500 c. 1000 d. 1500 e. 2000 Is it 1500? 3. The plateau
  85. Physics 2 with calculus

    The wires leading to and from a 0.12--diameter lightbulb filament are 1.5 in diameter. The wire to the filament carries a current with a current density of 4.0×105 . what is the current density in the filament?
  86. Astro

    Suppose you lived on a planet with the same radius as the Earth, but it had a density 2.99 times Earth's density. Your weight would be different on this planet. Find how much you would weigh on this planet divided by your weight on Earth
  87. Chemistry (reaction with amine)

    haphthalen-2-ol dissolved into sodium hydroxide solution to give another solution B. What would be formed when solution B reacted with phenylamine/nitrous acid mixture , butylamine/nitrous acid mixture and ammonia/ nitrous acid respectively ? The resulting
  88. Maths

    Hi I am really sorry I now people have already attempted to help me with this one already, however I am still not able to understand, I really have not done a lot of these equations and am struggling. I have put a little more information down this time,
  89. Chemistry-titrations

    Question: An unknown mass of (NH4)2CO3 is mixed with 4g of NaOH and dissolved in 100cm3 of water,which results a clear solution.Gasses are removed by heating the final solution. 2 parts of 25cm3 of final solution is taken and one is titrated with 0.5 M HCl
  90. Chemistry

    Instant cold packs used to treat athletic injuries contain solid NH4NO3 and a pouch of water. When the pack is squeezed, the pouch breaks and the solid dissolves, lowering the temperature because of the following endothermic reaction. NH4NO3(s) + H2O(l) =
  91. Math

    A laboratory has 60 cubic centimeters of a solution that is 40% HCI acid. How many cc of a 15% solution of HCI acid should be mixed with the 60 cc of 40% acid to obtain a solution of 25% HCI? How much of the 25% solution is there? I don't know how to write
  92. math

    in chemistry class, todd has 1 liter of a 23% sulfuric acid solution, how much of a 15% sulfuric acid solution must he mix with the 1 liter of 23% solution to make a 18% solution?
  93. chemistry

    Two solutions are prepared. In Solution A, 5.0 g of a substance of molecular weight 50 is dissolved in 100 mL of pure water. In Solution B, 5.0 g of a substance with molecular weight of 75 is dissolved in 100 mL of pure water. The solute is non volatile
  94. College Chemistry Lab

    Suppose that a 2.50x10^-6M solution of red dye No. 2 had an absorbance of 0.585 at its wavelength of maximum absorbance. A second solution of red dye No. 2 is too concentrated to read its absorbance so 5.00 mL of the concentrated dye solution was diluted
  95. Chemistry

    Calculate the moles of aqueous calcium carbonate present in a 50.00mL sample of a calcium carbonate standard solution, assuming the standard is known to have a hardness of 125 ppm (hardness due to CaCO3). You can assume that the density of the sample is
  96. Chemistry

    Hi, i'm really desperate! could anyone please help me with this question, I'm stumped. 'A buffer is prepared by mixing a 100.omL of a 0.100 M NH3 solution with a 0.200M solution of NH4CL solution and making the total volume up to 1.000L of water. What is
  97. Chemistry

    1.What mass of NaOH(s) must be added to 300 mL of HCl 0.25 M in order to completely neutralize this acid? 2.During a lab, you mix 2 solutions: a 100 ml solution containing 0.40 g of NaOH and a 100 mL solution containing 0.73 g of HCl. What is the
  98. Chemistry

    15.00mL sample of a solution of H2SO4 of unknown concentration was titrated with 0.3200 N NaOH. The titration required 21.30mL of the base. What was the normality of the acid solution? what was the molarity of the acid solution?

    A student takes a 1.00 mL aliquout of 5.00*10^-4 M HCl solution and dilutes it to the mark with water in a 1000.0 mL volumetric flask. (a)What is the expected pH for the final solution at 25C? (b)What would be the expected pH if this solution were later
  100. Chemistry

    Consider a 0.80M solution of HCN. The Ka of HCN is 6.2x10-10. What are the major species in solution? Calculate the pH of this solution. ----------------------------------- Ok, so i took a break, came back, and finished the problem. I have an x value of