1. Salk

    What is 58,420 in simplest form (math question 6grade)
  2. algebra

    wtite an equatiom of the line through 5,-3 and -2 and -8 in slope intercept form
  3. math

    Solve the equation z^2 + 2j = 0 Then convert solutions to Cartesian form.
  4. Algebra

    Can I get help with these two? I cant figure them out. What is the vertex form of the equation? y = - x2 +8x – 12 Simplify the expression. (-6i)2
  5. Math

    What would 64x6^4 equal in simplest form? Please show your work.
  6. Algebra

    which ordered pair in the form (x, y) is a solution of this equation? (x+6)y=9 Possible Answers: A. (12,2) B. (3,1) C. (2,1) D. (4,1)
  7. math

    Add or subtract as indicated. Express your results in simplest form.x^2/x-3-9/(x-3)
  8. chemistry

    How many grams of rust form when 453 kJ of energy are released?
  9. College algebra

    Write equation m=9/8 through (6,4) in slope intercept form
  10. Chemistry

    Why do acids and bases form ions when they dissociate in water
  11. Pharmacology

    the ration 3:100 would properly be expressed in fraction form as
  12. Math

    Write the quadratic equation in general form. (x − 5)2 = 5
  13. Math

    Use the correct form of factoring in order to find the x intercepts. 9r^2-5r-10
  14. Math

    Why is it not possible to write the equation of the line through (8,-5) and (-8,-9) in slope-intercept form??
  15. Fractions

    My denominator is 6 more than my numerator. My simplest form is 2/5 What fraction am I?_______
  16. Algebra

    Write the expression as a complex number in standard form. (2-3i)-(6-5i)
  17. chemistry

    Why do group I cations form precipitates when mixed with HCL?
  18. math

    convert each of the following rational numbers to the form a/b, where a and b are integers and b not equal to 0.
  19. math

    write the equation in the slope-intercept form. 4x - 10y = 11
  20. math

    write 5800million metric tons in standard form
  21. geometry

    using a triangle how can i draw 5 lines for form 6 congruent triangles?
  22. forms of words

    can someone give me the noun form of peripheral? Chri
  23. math

    the general solution of the diff. eq. is y' = (1/x)(y/(1-y)) - (1-x)(y/(1-y)) what is the implicit form? what method would I use for this?
  24. geometry

    Segments with the lengths of 6, 8, and 10 units will form what type of triangle?
  25. math

    Find the product of 5 and 4 . Express your answer in simplest form.
  26. veterinarians as prescribers

    Alteration of the physical form of a drug outside its label is
  27. ml

    Evaluate the expression 25/23 and write your answer as a fraction in simplest form.
  28. Maths

    I need to rearrange this equation to find x in terms of y and t, in its simplest form. Can anybody help me. y(y-x)=3t(3t+x)
  29. pre calc

    log(x)(1/16) = -4/3 this means... x^(-4/3)= 1/16 so...the -4/3 root of 1/16... I need to get it in simplest form.
  30. algebra

    If 192,x,y,3 form a geometic sequence, calculate the valuest of x and y.
  31. Pre- Algebra

    the denominator of 13/107 {fraction}in simplest form....
  32. Math 3

    Indicate in standard form the equation of the line passing through the given points. G(4, 6), H(1, 5)
  33. co-ordinates

    For what values of 'x' and 'y' will the points (0,0), (3,root3) and (x,y) form an equilateral triangle?
  34. Chemistry

    When sodium forms an ion, will it form a cation or anion?
  35. Math

    Please explain how I write this into a decimal and as a fraction in simplest form: 94.6% Thanks!
  36. algebra2

    What is the equation in point-slope form of the line passing through (0, 5) and (–2, 11)?
  37. math

    Add .003, 265.8, 83.04, 1972 in decimal form
  38. math URGENT

    Multiply.Express each answer in its simplest form. what is 1/3 x 1/2
  39. algebra2

    What is the standard form equation of the line passing through (–2, 8) with a slope of 2?
  40. Pre-Cal

    (-2,1) and (2,1) Passes through (5,4) What is the standard form of the equation of the hyperbola?
  41. geometry

    The circle in the figure below has radius r. What is its equation in standard form?
  42. Chemistry

    Why do argon and flourine not form compounds like Xenon Flourides?
  43. geometry

    Segments with the lengths of 6, 8, and 10 units will form what type of triangle?
  44. 3rd grade

    what is the present tense form of "be"? please help, I don't have a clue.
  45. 5th grade math

    what is the simplest form for eighteen ninethes
  46. college

    4y/2xy+4y rational expressions HELP!!! I need to express this in the lowest form.
  47. math

    what is the prime factorization of 670 wrtten in exponent form
  48. mathematics number systems

    1.2(4) * 4 is recurring changing 1.2(4) into a fraction in the form a/b
  49. globe school for environmental Research

    How are igneous rocks form
  50. Math

    What is the equation, in standard form, that's parallel to the given line and contains the given point. 2x+3y=30;(2,-5)
  51. differential equations

    the general solution of the diff. eq. y' = (1/x)(y/(1-y)) - (1-x)(y/(1-y)) in implicit form is?
  52. math

    how do you write twenty-two millionths? (in standard form using numbers)
  53. math

    write 6/20 in simplest form and find an equivalent decimal?
  54. algebra2

    write the slope-intercept form of the equation of each line x-y=-7
  55. College Algebra

    Change the equation 5x+3y=60 to slope-intercept form.
  56. math

    how many cubes with an edge of 2 cm can form a rectangular prism that measures 6 cm by 4 cm by 4 cm?
  57. algebra

    How can I find the equation in standard form using only integers for the line through (-1,-3) and (2,-1)?
  58. History

    Compare the Iroquois form of government to that of the United State?
  59. Algebra

    The line through (4,3),parallel to y=-4x+1 Write the equation in standard form
  60. chemistry

    how would you solve this??? in short and long form? 238 12 (4) 1 92 U + 6 C ---> 0 N + _____
  61. Ocean

    how do island chains form in middle of plate tectonic
  62. math

    write 70000000+600000+5000 in standard form
  63. Math

    Write Each rational number in the form a/b where a and b are integers and b is not equal to 0. 1) 5 1/3 2) 73 3) -0.21
  64. Chemisty

    When alkali metals are heated with hydrogen they form--------hydrides
  65. Math

    How would you graph an equation like x+y=4 or y-1=-1x-2? I know you have to change the form, i just don't remember how to do it.
  66. Math

    I need help understanding how to identify the transformations when the quadratic is in factored form. f(x) = (x+3)(x-1) Thanks...
  67. Math

    For z1 = 4cis (7pi/6) and z2 = 3cis(pi/3), find z1 * z2 in rectangular form.
  68. Pre Calculus

    Write the Rectangular Form of the Polar Equation: r=12
  69. 8th grade math

    Convert 3.16x10^3 in standard form
  70. Algebra

    Rewrite the following in simplified radical form. (sqrt24w^8) I got 4w^2sqrt6w is that right?
  71. Math

    Solve for x. Express the answer in simplest form. 1/7 = 3 over 4x - 1 1/7 is a fraction
  72. algebra.can you ck my answers

    Write the equations in logarithmic form 216=6^3 I got 0 16-(1/4)^-2 1/2 thank you very much for your help
  73. Math

    write the equation in slope intercept form 6x+3y=12 i got y=2x+4 but i don't think i am right please HELP!!!
  74. college algebra

    write the equation of the hyperbola in standard form: x^2-4x-y^2+6y=9
  75. MaTh..

    Determine whether the system of equations is in row-echelon form. x-y+3z=-11 y+8z=-12 z=-2
  76. Precalculus

    fin the product z1 * z2 and quotient z1/z2 using the standard form for z1 and z2. z1 = 2 - 3i and z2 = 1 - sqrt 3i
  77. 6th grade math

    i need to write 40% as a fraction in simplest form how do i do that
  78. Math

    Write an equation for the parabola with focus (0, 0) and directrix y = 1. I got -x^2 - 2y + 1, but how do I get it in the form y - k = 1/4p(x - h)^2?
  79. Calculus

    write in parametric form the equation of the line that joins (1,-2) and (3,0)

  81. algebra/martix mode

    how do you put the equation in standard form
  82. geomerty

    what form of symmetry does a equilateral triangle and a round button have?
  83. math

    Preform the operation and write in standard form: (8+20i)/(2i)
  84. Math

    Still not understanding the way to write the equation of the pair of points. (-2,-3) and (-6,-9) in the form of y=
  85. chemistry

    how many electrons are shared by two atoms that form a triple bond?
  86. music

    A short musical form written especially for the piano is called a
  87. math

    Determine whether the system of equation is in row-echelon form. x-y+3z=-11 y+8z=-12 z=-2
  88. arithmetic

    How is eight hundred twenty-six thousandths written in decimal form?
  89. chemistry

    the form of the conversion factor that is used is the one in which the unit of the_ is in the denominator
  90. algebra

    Write the equation in quadratic form and solve it by factoring. x2(8x + 65) 63 = x
  91. trig

    write each equation in its equivalent logarithmic form 8 7=300
  92. MATH

    find the perimeter of a triangle whose sides are: p-24/p^2-3p-18, -3/p+3 and p/p-6 its in fraction form^ Thank You :))
  93. math

    Which is a rule that describes the translation of a point form (4, –8) to (7, –10)? A.(x,y)--->(x+34,y-2) B.(x,y)--->(x+34,y+2) C.(x,y)--->(x-34,y-2) D.(x,y)--->(x-34,y+2) My answer:B
  94. Algebra

    A dining table is in the form of a square. Its side is 3x - y + 4z. What is its area?
  95. Algebra 2

    Find the solution of the exponential form in terms of logarithms 2^(2x+13) = 3^(x-45)
  96. 4th grade math

    write a decimal and 45/90 in simplest form
  97. math

    3.(2):4.(3) The "()" is the repeating decimal form. And the answer of the ratio needs to be simplified. How do you do it?
  98. Calculus

    Given a power function of the form f(x)=axn, with f(3)=20 and f(9)=1620, find n and a
  99. Algebra

    I need help :C What is the quotient in simplest form? State any restrictions on the variable. y^2 - 5y + 6 y^2 + 3y - 10 ----------------- / ------------------- y^3 4y^2
  100. Math help

    Write the slope intercept form of the equation of the given points. Through: (-4,3) and (-4,1) Would it be y=3??