1. English

    If the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form?
  2. Math

    Suppose A and B are non-zero matrices such that A^2=0 and B^3=0(But B^2 does not =0) find in simplst form: a)(A+B)^2 b)(A+B)^3 c)(A+B)^4 d)(A+B)^5 e)(A+B)^6
  3. math(place value and decimals)

    Write in standard form. thirty-six-thousandths------
  4. math

    find the slope of the line 5x - 2y = -1 I know the standard form is y=mx+b. It has been a while since I have done these.
  5. precalc

    express the complex number in standard form(that is like a+bi) 1/2+i 2+i/2-i
  6. math

    express the relation 6x+4y=24 in an equivalent form where y is a function of x
  7. Math

    Simplify by removing factors of 1 9w-36/4-w What is the simplified form?
  8. 3rd grade math

    Write in expanded form 17,045 17,000 + 40 + 5 ? is this right
  9. 3rd grade

    what is the present tense form of "be"? please help, I don't have a clue.
  10. 6th grade

    how do you write eight and four hundredths in standard and expanded form?
  11. math

    unit rate in fraction form:2.40 per dozen
  12. Vectors

    A=i –2j B=-3i+j How do I find the component of A that is perpendicular to B in vector form?
  13. math

    what would x^2+y^2-4x+2y=0 (Equation for a cirlce) be in r^2=(x-h)^2(y-k)^2 form? tnx I will start you off... x^2+y^2-4x+2y=0 x^2-4x+y^2 +2y =0 x^2-4x+ 4 + y^2 +2y+ 4 =+ 4+ 4 (x^2-4x+ 4) + (y^2 +2y+ 4) =8
  14. algebra

    What are the three ways to put numbers in expanded form?
  15. 5th Grade Math

    Seven and three hundred and seventeen thousands in standard form is?
  16. Algebra 2

    Write the quadratic function in standard form. y=(2x+7)(x+4)
  17. advanced function

    Find an equation with the given form in each case below. y=sinè through(ð/2, 0)
  18. science

    what kinds of atoms form the molecules for each element...please help me
  19. geometry

    Rewrite the postulate in if-then form. "A line contains at least two points."
  20. algebra

    How do I writeeach decimal as a fraction in simplest form?
  21. Science

    What is a common mineral in solid form? A rock _ _ _ _?
  22. decimals

    How would you say this decimal in word form? 2,537.581
  23. Algebra

    How would I express what is below in the exponential form of an equation? Let x = 1og_2 1/8
  24. Math

    What is standard form, when it is written out in words or with numbers?
  25. spelling

    form a sentence with the 2 conjunction words she's and cann't
  26. science

    Explain why carbon can form so many organic compounds?
  27. vocab

    i need the verb form of eulogy aversion and officious
  28. Math

    Multiply and express the result in its simplest form. 2x/x-3×1/x^3
  29. science

    In what form are most elements (in the periodic table) in nature? What does this mean?
  30. Health Physics

    When work is done by friction, in what form in energy "lost"?
  31. Chemistry

    Which element can form more than one kind of monatomic ion? 1. a. Se 2. b. Sn 3. c. S 4. d. Sr
  32. MATH116

    I'm not to sure about this but would it be written in this form: 2x + 4=6? Let me know if this is correct or not, I'm terrible with Algebra.
  33. Governments in the past

    why did people long ago form communities
  34. Algebra

    Write the expression 3X^12+20X^6+6 in quadratic form.???
  35. math?

    Simplify each of the following, if possible. Write your answers in exponential form, a^b 3^4*3^7*3^6 2^80+3*2^80
  36. mathematicas

    how do you write the matrix: 1 2 -1 | 3 7 -1 0 | 2 3 2 1 | -1 in row echelon form?
  37. history

    how would you form a hypothesis concerning the success of the protestant reformation?
  38. Math

    Write the ratio of 4 1/3 to 6 in simplest form. I am not sure how to do this can someone explain how?
  39. Pre-Calculus

    How do I write theta = 45 degrees in rectangular form?? Thanks for your help.
  40. Math

    I have to write my fraction in simplest form. How do I do that because I forgot.
  41. music

    explain in full the meaning of binary form
  42. spanish

    correct verb form of leer when used as que __ ana?
  43. pre calculus

    Perform the division and write your answer in form. g(x)+r(x)/ d(x) (4x^3-1)/ (x-4)
  44. trig

    2sin(3x-3.14)-1 find the inverse form of this equation
  45. math

    Write each ratio as a fraction in simplest form : 11 1/3 out of 50 2/3, 5 1/4 out of 20 3/4, 28 1/2 : 30 1/4
  46. Math

    Write two ratios that can be expressed in simplest form as 3:10
  47. math

    Express the function f(x) = −[ 1/3]x^2 + 2x + 3 in the form f(x) = a(x + p)^2 + q by completing the square: f(x) = −[ 1/3]x^2 + 2x + 3
  48. Linear Algebra

    Suppose A and B are non-zero matrices such that A^2=0 and B^3=0(But B^2 does not =0) find in simplst form: a)(A+B)^2 b)(A+B)^3 c)(A+B)^4 d)(A+B)^5 e)(A+B)^6
  49. Pre- Algebra

    the denominator of 13/107 {fraction}in simplest form....
  50. social studies

    what type of land form is long island?
  51. math

    find the product perform in simplified form (2x+1)(3x-2)
  52. math 208

    write each equation in slope-intercept form. y+3=-3(x-6)
  53. arithmetic

    put these sequences in standard form arithmetic a1=a6=11
  54. health

    what is the system that moves the body and maintains its form
  55. Math

    finding a equation in slope-intercept form. Through (-9, 2.5) and (-5, 4.5)
  56. math

    what is the standard form of 200 thousands+50 tens+3 ones?
  57. science

    need help with this question what kinds of environmentals cause a crystal to form
  58. math

    Write the number in expanded form. 684
  59. math

    please guide me in writing this ratio to the simpliest form - 3 1/2 to 14
  60. Pre-Cal

    (-2,1) and (2,1) Passes through (5,4) What is the standard form of the equation of the hyperbola?
  61. science

    write down the wave equation in symbol form?
  62. social studies

    the form of government used in most of louisisana's parishes is called what
  63. Maath

    How do you write these two equations in slope intercept form? x-5y-10=0 5x+2y+10=0
  64. math

    how would you write 20,500 in exponential notation form .
  65. math

    Divide. Express answer in simplest form. 3 2/3 / 4 1/2
  66. mathematics

    deduce the completed square form for the following 2x^2+16x-10
  67. Chemistry

    An alcohol will form an alkoxide ion when reacted with what?
  68. Marketing

    Need help unscrambling the following letters to form a word. coppscryhsghai
  69. Math

    What times on a clock form an acute angle.. 2:00 6:40 1:30 12:50?
  70. arithmetic

    Write 0.125 as a fraction in simplest form
  71. algebra

    write the number in the form a+bi 6 - the square root of -9 i got -3i 6 - 3i
  72. english

    Make a list of expressions that are followed by the '-ing' form
  73. math

    lines that form right angle when they meet are called
  74. chem AP

    does CrCl3 form an acidic solution in water?
  75. college algebra

    writing equation in quadratic form then solve 36/b-17=-24/b+1
  76. math

    how do you write in decimal form, five and fourteen thousandths?
  77. art

    How is art used to form public opinion in society?
  78. science

    volcanoes that form along colliding boundaries are called what?
  79. math

    standard form (4.98x10^110)x(1.82x10^82)
  80. Math

    Put in simplest form withoiut parenthesis: (w-2)(w+1) Is this right w^2-2+1
  81. math

    add write answers in lowest form . 13/18 + 11/18 = 24/18 = 1 6/18 = 1 2/6 is this right?
  82. math

    How to find the solution set in a+bi form for this equation? 6x^2+4x+1=0 PLEASE HELP!THANKS!!!!
  83. forms of words

    can someone give me the noun form of peripheral? Chri
  84. Maths

    Express 10sin(ƒÖ.t+ƒÎ€4) in the form AsinƒÖ.t + BcosƒÖ.t
  85. 4th grade math

    What two ways can you write 67,000 in word form?
  86. Algebra

    Rewrite each function in the form y = a(x-h)^2-k. Find each vertex. y = x^2 -8x + 18
  87. algebra

    How do you write the 3rd root of 88 in simplest form?
  88. math

    Write a proportion that is a different form of the following but will still yield the same solution: 3/4 = x/2
  89. algebra

    when 5√20 is written in simplest radical form, the result is 4√5. What is the value of k?
  90. math

    write as a single fraction the simplest form: 3/x + 4/x+1
  91. 3rd grade math

    3,456 in expanded form? 3 thousand 4 hundred and 56? is this right?
  92. MATH Dx

    14/35 in simplest form show work too!? Heeeelp Dx
  93. math

    Rewrite the expression in the simplest form without parentheses: 6(18 – y)
  94. algebra

    how do you convert these 2 problems to slope intercept form? -2x=-1y-6 3x+3y=-18
  95. desperate for help in precal

    how do you write (cosx)/(secx-1) without being in fractional form?
  96. science

    which will form a ion more easily Sodium or Sulfur and why
  97. Business

    where can i find an sample of an blank order form?
  98. Calc.-Blanking!

    Wow, so it is late and I can't think! How do I put this into scalar form: r=(6,0,1) + t(3,1,2)? thanks!
  99. Math

    Write each of the following ratios in simplest form. The ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10
  100. math

    Express the function f(x) = −[ 1/3]x^2 + 2x + 3 in the form f(x) = a(x + p)^2 + q by completing the square: f(x) = −[ 1/3]x^2 + 2x + 3