1. math

    Write an equation of the line passing through (-5,-14) and (4,0.4) in form of Ax+By= C
  2. math

    what is six and three hundred seventy two thousandths in standard form?
  3. vocab

    i need the verb form of eulogy aversion and officious
  4. Spanish

    How do you form the future and past tenses of -ar, -er, and/or -ir verbs?
  5. math

    what is the word form for34,235,345
  6. gen chemistry

    Which type of bonding does Sr form upon solidification?
  7. gen chemistry

    does RbI form an ionic solid?
  8. MATH

    Evaluate: x^5y^8 ______ if x=2, y=2 and z= 1. z^5 ^its in fraction form Thank you so much for those who answer :))
  9. college algebra

    Write equation in slope form y+3= -3(x-6)
  10. algebra

    what is 28 seconds over 2 minutes written in its simplest form
  11. Precalculus

    Write the rectangular equation (x+7)^+y^=49 in polar form.
  12. algebra

    How do you write 4.2 x 10 to the 5th power in standard form?
  13. math

    find the product perform in simplified form (2x+1)(3x-2)
  14. math

    howdo you write 84,508 in word form
  15. math

    Write a proportion that is a different form of the following but will still yield the same solution: 3/4 = x/2
  16. Chemistry

    Which element can form more than one kind of monatomic ion? 1. a. Se 2. b. Sn 3. c. S 4. d. Sr
  17. Pre-Algebra

    what is the equation in slope-intercept form of 7x+2y=10
  18. math

    find the slope of the line 5x - 2y = -1 I know the standard form is y=mx+b. It has been a while since I have done these.
  19. Algebra

    Write the equation in standard form. (2,8) m=9 What are the steps to do this?
  20. Topology

    5. Find the Cartesian form of the equation, r3 = 3r cosØ.
  21. English

    form 5 sentences using singular and plural pronoun
  22. maths

    calculate 4,410,000 in standard form
  23. math

    Find a subset of R^2 which is not of the form AxB where A and B are subsets of R.
  24. algebra 1

    what is the simplified form of the expression 5(14-2)^2 _________ 2 60 30 72 360***
  25. math

    Write the number in expanded form. 684
  26. Math

    How do you put 11760 825 into expanded form
  27. Chemistry

    Will 1-propanol and 1-butanol form an ideal solution?
  28. Chemistry

    How much oxygen is needed to form 50 grams of water?
  29. math

    Write the fraction in the simplest form. 12/56: 3/30: 5/25: 9/39: 6/54: 2/100: 8/18: THANKS
  30. math

    What is the least number of points to form a line segment.
  31. Algebra

    (write equation in simplest form) -6q+5.8=23.8 A.q=3 B.q=-3 C.q=-1.83 D.q=4.93 My and we was C. Is that correct?
  32. science

    why do bubbles form in coke when poured into glass
  33. Math

    Write each rational number in the form a/b, where a and b are integers. 1) -6 2) 0.97 3) 18 4) 3.3 5) -2 1/8
  34. Math

    Find the value of k in simplest form for which the larger root of x^2-5x+k=0 is x-5
  35. Math

    find p so that the numbers 7p+2, 5p+12, 2p-1...... form an arithmetic sequence
  36. college algebra

    log2x=y in exponential form is xy=2 is this correct or could this be x^2=y
  37. English/spelling

    What are words that change form to become plural?
  38. mathematics

    deduce the completed square form for the following 2x^2+16x-10
  39. Topology

    Find the Cartesian form of the equation, r3 = 3r cosØ.
  40. Raptor from loop quetion

    display table of 2,in the form of 2*1=2
  41. MATH

    If 2 angles are adjacent, can it also be said they form a linear pair? Why?
  42. trigonometry

    write 2=5cis 11pie/6 in standard form.
  43. U.S History

    why did new political parties form after the election of 1824?
  44. Math

    What is standard form, when it is written out in words or with numbers?
  45. Math

    What's eighteen and fourteen thousands in standard form?
  46. math

    How to find the solution set in a+bi form for this equation? 6x^2+4x+1=0 PLEASE HELP!THANKS!!!!
  47. Algebra

    write the standard form of the equations: through (1,3) and (-4, -4) through (5,4) and parallel to y=4
  48. math

    Select all pairs of ratios that form a proportion. 1/6,4/20 7/9,28/36 14/18,21/27 30/80,6/18
  49. algebra

    What is cubic polynomial function in standard form with zero 1, -2, and 2
  50. chemistry

    what is the precipitate form of 2naoh+cuso4->na2so4+cu(oh)2
  51. English

    Which form is correct? That would be a perfect response if someone was/were to ask the question.
  52. Algebra

    write the following in standard form: slope= 2/3 y- intercept= 3
  53. Math

    Find the compound form of v, given the magnitude of ||v||=3 and v in the direction of 3i + 4j.
  54. Mathematics

    Factorice 16(a-2b)^2-(a+b)^2 leaving your answer in the simplest form
  55. 5th grade math

    what is the decimal form of 6 tenths
  56. math

    Rewrite the expression in the simplest form without parentheses: 6(18 – y)
  57. science

    what is a phase where chromatin condenses to form chromosomes
  58. science

    Why do clouds form behind the moving cold front?
  59. math

    Express 3.042 as a fraction in simplest form
  60. math

    which of the following side lengths could combine to form a triangle?
  61. Math

    What is square root of 15 times radical form
  62. calculus

    how to convert these into slope intercept form and graph? f(x)1/3x+5 g(x)1/3x-2
  63. ALG 2 (exponents)

    Write log'2' 8 = 3 in exponential form?
  64. math

    express the sum of difference in simplest form 1-1/6-11/18=
  65. spanish

    correct verb form of leer when used as que __ ana?
  66. algebra

    what is the equation in standard form of a parabola that contain the following points? (-2,-20),(0,-4),(4,-20) Please Help
  67. music

    explain in full the meaning of binary form
  68. Math

    whats the standard form of a linear equation?
  69. science

    volcanoes that form along colliding boundaries are called what?
  70. Business

    where can i find an sample of an blank order form?
  71. Maths

    Multiply and give the answer in the simplest form 2/5 × 15
  72. math question

    how is this not a subspace of R3? The set of all vectors of the form a b c , where a > 0.
  73. Algebra

    If (3,-5) is a point on the graph for the equation in the form y=mx+7, then m=? Answer: -5=m(3)=7 m=-4
  74. algebra

    write a polynomial in factored form x^3-3x^2-10x
  75. math

    how to turn 7 6/17 + 5/7 number in simplest form fractions?
  76. Math

    Convert 110=30(3)+20 into Standard Form equation way
  77. Math

    Write the following equation in slope intercept form 3x + 4y = 12
  78. algebra

    write y=(-3/4)x+3 in standard form using integers. A. 3x+4y=12 B.3x+4y=-12 C. 3x-4y=12 D. -3x+4y=12 is a the answer
  79. Math

    Write each ratio as a fraction in simple form.
  80. 3rd grade math

    what is the standard form of 213
  81. Science

    Are air masses that form over land moist
  82. math

    Which ratios form a proportion? (a)4/9, 12/25 (b)3/7, 18/42 (c)5/8, 15/25 (d)5/11,20/45 I think the answer is B. am I correct?
  83. math 5th grade

    how do simplify 7/2 long form
  84. math

    write inequality of the form |x-a|<b that is equivalent to the interval of 7<x<3.5
  85. Algebra

    2x-6y<18 when I change this to the other form I get y>-2/6+(-3)but when I graph it all the points come out = to instead of > than. What am I doing wrong.
  86. math

    Which of the following side lengths could combine to form a triangle? a. 17, 13, 2 b. 15, 18, 24 c. 5, 9, 14 d. 16, 32, 16
  87. cellular anatomy

    5. The combining form PHREN/O means
  88. 5th grade

    How do i find the sum and simplest form of 1-8/9.
  89. Math

    What is 5 quarts to 5 gallons as a fraction in simplest form?
  90. Math

    What is the ratio in fraction form for 9 pints to 2 quarts
  91. Algebra

    Evaluate. Write in simplest form. 6-b/3a a=10 a=-9 My answer is 2 or 5...I'm not sure
  92. algebra

    9/16 / 7/10 divide. write the answer in simplest form.
  93. english

    Which sentence contains the correct form of the possessive pronoun?
  94. algebra

    how do you convert these 2 problems to slope intercept form? -2x=-1y-6 3x+3y=-18
  95. math

    Write the ratio (18/30)as a fraction in simplest form.
  96. Math

    Write each of the following ratios in simplest form. The ratio 5 3/5 to 2 1/10
  97. Write each ratio in fraction form thenfindunitrate

    65 mi per 3 gal
  98. 5th grade

    How to figure out if a fraction is in its simplest form.
  99. 5th grade math

    what is 6 m and 80 cm in decimal form? is it 6.08m?
  100. Math

    Write each of the following ratios in simplest form. The ratio of 5 3/5 to 2 1/10