1. Pre-Calculus

    Convert from standard to vertex form: (x+5)(x+4) x^2+ 9x + 20 (x+3)^2 + 20 - 9 (x+3)^2 + 11 <------
  2. algebra

    Write the quadratic function in vertex form: f(x)=
  3. math

    how do i express each ratio as a fraction in simplest form?
  4. Pre-Cal

    convert è = -2 to rectangular equation form
  5. Chemistry

    Does NaHCO3 form an acidic aqueous solution?
  6. math

    4x^2+24x+128y-988=0 in standard form
  7. Algebra 2

    Write the expression 13m^8 - 3m^4 + 4 in quadratic form if possible. m^8?
  8. math

    Are all quadratics of the form y = ax^2+bx +c and y = -ax^2+bx +c functions? Explain your answer.
  9. Math

    Convert theta = 225° to rectangular form. A) y = -1 B) y = 1 C) y = x D) y = -x E) x = -1
  10. Math

    The roots of the equation 4x^2+4x-5 = 0 can be written in the form x = -1+-*SqrtA/2 The value of A is, how exactly do I do this?
  11. Trig

    how do you find the standard form of 7(cos255degrees + isin255degrees) ?
  12. MATH

    how do you put the points (-3,8) and (5,-7) into an equation in standard form?
  13. math,

    how do i answer 102 over 14 in simplest form and ratios
  14. Math

    How do you write 1.42 * 10to the fifth power in standard form?
  15. math

    simplest form of the ratio of rs20 to 50ps
  16. Chemistry

    How much oxygen is needed to form 50 grams of water?
  17. Algebra II

    Please write y=-x62-2x+3 in vertex form. Help would be appreciated thank you :)
  18. math

    form a polynomial with a degree of 4 zeros 4,-3i,1 and multiplicity 2
  19. Math

    Write the following equation in slope intercept form 3x + 4y = 12
  20. Fractions

    There are two different ways to write a fraction in simplest form.
  21. calc

    Convert theta= 225° to rectangular form.
  22. algebra

    9/16 / 7/10 divide. write the answer in simplest form.
  23. Math

    8 inch over 3 feet ratio simplest form
  24. Math

    Write the ratio in simplest form. 50:10 A.25:5 B.10:2 C. 5:1 D.1:5 Is the answer C?
  25. Math

    Find the difference. Write the simplest form. 6 7/8 - 4 3/8 = 4 2/3 - 3 1/3 = 6 4/5 - 3 3/5 = 73/4 - 2 1/4 =
  26. math

    How do you express the sum in simplest form for 1/10plus1/5
  27. math

    whats 2000 3000 and 8 in standard form?
  28. math

    Which set of three side lengths will NOT form a triangle? A 17, 12, 6 B 25, 38, 13 C 36, 14, 27 D 39, 44, 6
  29. Math

    f(x) = 9x^3+2x^2-5x+4 and g(x) = 5x^3 -7x+4 What is f(x) - g(x)? Write the final answer in factored form.
  30. Algebra 2

    Complete the square and write in graphing form. 2x^2=5x+12
  31. Algebra 2

    Complete the square and write in graphing form. 2X^2=5x+12
  32. math

    how do you determine an equation of a parabola in standard form.
  33. Math

    Please help me ASAP!!!!!! 22. What is the slope-intercept form of 8x-y-6=0? I know I move the 6 over and that I need to get y by itself but, what do I do with the 8x?
  34. algebra

    write y=(-3/4)x+3 in standard form using integers. A. 3x+4y=12 B.3x+4y=-12 C. 3x-4y=12 D. -3x+4y=12 is a the answer
  35. math

    can a parallel rays form an angle explain
  36. math

    Which ratios form a proportion? (a)4/9, 12/25 (b)3/7, 18/42 (c)5/8, 15/25 (d)5/11,20/45 I think the answer is B. am I correct?
  37. Algebra 2

    Subract. Put the answer in the simplest form 9/x-4 - 5/x+4
  38. Science

    How does a body fossil form? Is it just bones and teeth?
  39. algebra

    How do I write the equation of a line in STANDARD FORM, when it contains (-2,1) & (1,4) ?
  40. Chemistry

    What precipitates form when CuSO4 and H3PO4 added together?
  41. Maths

    Solve for x,leave your answer in surd form. 2/x+2 + 3/x+1=5
  42. Math

    Convert 110=30(3)+20 into Standard Form equation way
  43. math

    write 2.18 as a mixed number in simplest form
  44. math

    write the exponential equation in logarithmic form (5/4)^-2 = 16/25
  45. Math

    Find the compound form of v, given the magnitude of ||v||=3 and v in the direction of 3i + 4j.
  46. math

    what is six and three hundred seventy two thousandths in standard form?
  47. math

    Express 3.042 as a fraction in simplest form
  48. Math

    Hi I have to add and express each sum in simplest form can you please help me
  49. Algebra

    Write the equation in standard form. (2,8) m=9 What are the steps to do this?
  50. geometry

    Rewrite the following in If-then form: the product of x and y is an odd multiple of 5
  51. math

    express the sum of difference in simplest form 1-1/6-11/18=
  52. algebra

    what is the equation in standard form of a parabola that contain the following points? (-2,-20),(0,-4),(4,-20) Please Help
  53. algebra

    what is 28 seconds over 2 minutes written in its simplest form
  54. science

    Why do clouds form behind the moving cold front?
  55. math

    change the radical √(3/8) into simplest form a/b sqrt(c)
  56. algebra

    How do you write 4.2 x 10 to the 5th power in standard form?
  57. science

    how does a star life form pls write it and tell me
  58. math

    Convert 4.75 decimal into fraction in simplest form
  59. english

    Poetry that is not artistic in form or meaning is didactic.
  60. Pre-Calculus

    Convert the equation y=5 to polar form.
  61. algebra

    What is a polynomial function in standard form with zeroes 1,2,-3,and -3
  62. Science

    What are types of things that can form fossils? Theropods could be?
  63. Math

    If you write the function P=10e^−2t in the form P=P0a^t, then P0= a= .
  64. MATH D:

    Evaluate "12x" when x=5/6. Express in simplest form.
  65. Math

    Multiply. write each product in simplest form. 3 7/10 X 7
  66. math116

    -8x-27=-32 1/5 the solution must be in the form as an integer or simplified fraction. Thank you.
  67. Math

    What is 0.26 written as a fraction in simplest form? 26/100 13/50 26/10 13/25
  68. math

    How can find weak form to d^4u/dx^4+du/dx=f (x) By using finite element
  69. algebra

    write a polynomial in factored form x^3-3x^2-10x
  70. Math

    Express 37 1/2 percent as a fraction in simplest form.
  71. algebra

    What is cubic polynomial function in standard form with zero 1, -2, and 2
  72. english

    The novel followed the drama as a major form in England. true?
  73. Algebra

    write the standard form of the equations: through (1,3) and (-4, -4) through (5,4) and parallel to y=4
  74. algebra 2

    the slope-intercept form of a line's equation is
  75. maths

    Integrate ( x^2cosx)/(1+sinx)^2 dx with limits form 0 ti pi/4
  76. Algebra 2

    Write in recursive form, an=3 a n-1 + 4, a1 =7, for n greater than or equal to 2
  77. algebra help please ASAP

    Express in simplest form. 1. -4/x^3 + 9/x + 2/x^2 2. 7/10x^2 + 1/2x^3 + 11/5x 3. a + 4/3a + 2a - 1/5a^2
  78. Math

    Solve each quadratic in form equation. 1. 4y^4+9=13y^2 2. x-3x^1/22=0 3. (x-5)^2+2(x-5)-35=0 4. (x-2)^2-3x-2)+2=0 5. 2(x^2-5)^2-13(x^2-5)+20=0 6. 2x^2/3+5x^1/3-6=0 7. 6x^2/3-5x^1/3-6=0 8. x^-2+4x^-1=12 9. x^4-8x^2+7=0 10. x^4-2x^2-35=0
  79. chemistry

    how many grams of CaO can form if 82.o g of CaCO3 decomposed
  80. algebra2

    What is the quadratic function of f(x)=4(x-1)squared +3 in standard form?
  81. Math

    how to do you use the slope intercept form y=mx+b for x+4y=4 and 12y=12-3 and graph it ?
  82. Algebra 2

    Rewrite the expression in simplest form. (-6x^2) (9x^3) Please help me with this ? Do we multiply ???
  83. Math

    How do you work 5y ____ 3y+6 It is in fraction form and it just got me stuck,,,please help!!!!! :(
  84. maths

    Three numbers form an AP, if the first and third are 5&245 respectively, find the two possible values
  85. math

    Select all pairs of ratios that form a proportion. 1/6,4/20 7/9,28/36 14/18,21/27 30/80,6/18
  86. math

    N=11·13·17^2 and M=7^3·11. Write all factors of N in the prime factorization form.
  87. northwester

    Write 608,000 in expanded form.
  88. science

    What are three methods scientists use to form scientific explainations ?
  89. Algebra II

    Write the equation in logarithmic form. n^4/3=m Can someone explain how to do this?
  90. algebra help

    Write in simplest equivalent form 10-20x-4
  91. Math

    which pair of ratios does NOT form a proportion? A.(3/5 24/40) B.30/10 15/3 C.9/14 3/4 D.7/12 14/24 Ms. Sue is this right?
  92. math

    writing numbers in standard form ex 624
  93. math

    how do i change a decimal into a fraction in simplist form
  94. math

    what is the word form for34,235,345
  95. Math

    What's an equation containing the given pair of points. Express in the form of x=a, y=b, or y=mx+b. (-5,-5) and (3,3)
  96. math

    write an equation in function form. (y=mx + b) 1.7x - y = 7 2.15x + 3y + 2 = 9x + 14
  97. math

    what fraction of a dollar is a nickel in simplest form?
  98. Math

    whats the standard form of a linear equation?
  99. Algebra

    equation in slope-intercept form y=-9/10x-5
  100. business

    four basic rights that form the foundation of capitalism