1. Algebra

    What is 4x + 2y = -20 written in slope-intercept form?
  2. maths

    what is the ratio in the simplest form 120:60
  3. math

    The expression 3x^2-x-9 is rearranged into the form a(x+2)^2+b(x+2)+c. What are the values of a,b,and c?
  4. English

    Is it possible to form sentences with just nouns and verbs?
  5. Math

    Write the fraction in simplest form. 10/22
  6. chemistry

    How do atoms bond to form molecules?
  7. math

    write 3x^2 +8x-25 in the form a(x+h)^2,where a,h and k are real numbers
  8. math

    word form for 34,235,345
  9. biology

    how does a dictionary illustrate a form of classification?
  10. Algebra

    Write the equation y - 2 = 4(x + 5) in standard form
  11. Social studies

    How are mountains different form hills?
  12. math

    Which of the following below shows the expression below in simplest form? 2y^2 - 50/y - 5 Is it "C" A. 2(y-5) B. 2(x +50) C. 2(y+5) D. 2(y^2 +5)
  13. Math

    Write 91, 008.34 in word form.
  14. english

    instructions of procedural texts should appear in the form of ?
  15. algebra

    write in expanded logarithmic form: ln (x y^3 z^7)
  16. math

    Write each of the following in the form a sqrt b where a and b are intergers and b has the least value possible
  17. Algebra 1

    Change 3y-x=0 into slope intercept form
  18. Math

    What is 0.26 as a fraction in simplest form (1point)
  19. math

    i solved by factoring like this: 3x^2+5x-12=0 (3x+4)(x-3) -4 +3 x=-4 x=3 now i need to solve by the form x^2=k How do I do that?
  20. Math

    In how many words can you form the word ALGEBRA?
  21. Algebra II

    Howndar do I write x^2-4y^2-4x-8y=36 in standard form?
  22. Algebra

    Find the polynomial form of the equation below. y=-1.0(x-4.0)^2+2.0
  23. Algebra

    I may not be writing this right... What is the simpliest form for the product? [(x + 1) / (x^2 – 25)] * [(x +5) / (x^2 +8x +7)]
  24. Math

    slope and y intercept form of these two problems? Y-5=1/3(x-9) 2y+6a-4x=0
  25. Math

    How would i change x-4y= -20 to slope intercept form?
  26. algebra

    Which equivalent form following equation 2x-3y=3 need help doing test thank you
  27. Science

    What it the answer to this Two nonmetal from group 16 are likely to form what
  28. chemistry

    Which halogen can form only one oxidation state other than zero?
  29. Maths

    Rearrange in the form ax+by+c=0 1) y=-2x/7 - 6 2) y+4 = 3/5(x-1) Please help Thankyou 😘
  30. Algebra

    what is the intercept form of this parabola with intercepts at: x = -2, x = 3, and y = -4
  31. Calculus

    u=-1,3 and w= 2,-5. Find the component form of the vector. 3. 2u + 3w A 0,1 B 5,-12 C 2,3 D 1,-2 E -3,8 F 4,-9
  32. Math

    What is the factored form of 6x2 + 17x + 5?
  33. math

    what is the slope-intercept form of 16x-y=8
  34. math

    Take the following out of fraction form tan^2x/cscx+1
  35. math

    what is 5 plus 8 times 364 in standard form??
  36. Chemistry

    Test corrections :) They're calculations/short answers. I'd just like something to compare answers to or help me get the full answer (all partial credits). Thanks! #9. When water is electrolyzed it produces hydrogen and oxygen. If 10.0% of 150.0g of water
  37. Chemistry

    Consider the following equilibrium process at 686 C C02(g)+H2(g)=CO(g)+H20(g) The equilibrium concentration of the reacting species are [CO]=0.050M, [H2]=0.045M, [CO2]=0.086M, and [H20]=0.040M. (a)Calculate the Kc for the reaction at 686 C. (b) If we add
  38. Chemistry

    Given the following data for a hypothetical reaction: M3+ (aq)+ L-(aq) ⇋ [ML]2+(aq); calculate the equilibrium concentration of [ML]2+in the trial solution and Kc based on this single trial run of the equilibrium reaction. Standard solution data:

    Hey i have a question regarding disproportionate reactions: Permanganate ions MnO4 reacts with oxalic acid, H2C2O4 in acidic aqueous solution, producing manganese(II) ions and carbon dioxide. The skeletal equation is MnO4^-(aq)+ H2C2O4(aq)--> Mn^2+(aq)+
  40. ms.sue, help with presentation

    okay in my powerpoint presentation i have to only have approx. five lines per slide with five words per bulleted item. i have to describe the ten commandments to a kid that is 9. i know the following : the ten commandments, or Decalogue are like passages
  41. english

    complete the sentence by writing the correct form of the word shown in parentheses. You may not need to change the form that is given. 1. Is their (dissuade) Ted from attempting that difficult dive. dissuading 2. That statement is absolutely (fallacy).
  42. science

    At 472 deg C the reaction reaches equilibrium with the following composition: [H2]=7.38atm, [N2]=2.46atm, [NH3]=0.166atm. Into the equilibrium mixture 1.5 atm of N2 is introduced: a. Calculating Kp and Q, determine in which direction the reaction will
  43. chemistry/help

    1) Oxygen and boron are in the same period . When they form a compound----- is written first.Phosphorus and arsenic are the same group. When they form a compound------is written first. A) oxygen/phosphorus B)oxygen/arsenic C)boron/phosphorus
  44. college algebra

    1.write the formula for the function that has degree 3 and zeros of -1,2 and 5 with a lead coefficient of 1? (leave answer in factored form) f(x)= 2. Write the formula for the function that has degree of 4 and zeros of -4, 3(multiplicity 2) and 4 with a
  45. chem

    For the following reactions, name the Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases. Then name the conjugate acid and bases. H3O+(aq) + CN-(aq) <==> HCN(aq) + H2O I'm really confused on this whole concept even thought it's not really difficult. I said: acids: H3O+
  46. chemistry

    write the net ionic equation of the following reaction: HCl(aq)+NaOH(aq)--> NaCl(aq)+H2O(l)
  47. Chemistry

    A catalyst does not change the ______ of the reaction. a. mechanism b. enthalpy c. energy of activation d. rate
  48. chemistry

    Write down the reaction between 1-pentyne and 2 molar HBr should it be 2 br or 4 br? img718.imageshack.us/i/triple2.jpg/
  49. chemistry

    Calculate the number of grams of acetic acid present in the mixture after the reaction is complete.
  50. Chemistry

    If 0.120 moles of water are produced in the reaction H+(aq)+OH-(aq)=H2O deltaH=-56.2kj/mol
  51. Chem SCC

    Complete this equation for the reaction of NaHCO3(s) + HC2H3O2(aq) ---> Include phase symbols.
  52. Chemistry

    If 0.120 moles of water are produced in the reaction H+(aq)+OH-(aq)=H2O deltaH=-56.2kj/mol
  53. chemistry

    Given the reaction 3C(s) + 4H2(g) + 5O2(g) ---> 3CO2(g) + 4H2O(l) ÄH= -2323.7 kJ How much heat would be released when 34.1 g of H2 react?

    What was Benjamin franklins reaction to the colonies refusal to accept the Albany plan of union?
  55. Chemistry

    Complete and Balance the following equation using the half-reaction method; (MnO4^-) + (CH3OH) --> (Mn^2+) + (HCO2H)
  56. chemistry

    Write net ionic equation for the reaction between nitric acid and calcium hydroxide.
  57. chemistry

    how will you recognize that a singe replace reaction has occured when you combine an active metal with 6M HCI
  58. Chem 2

    Using the reaction HB<=> H+ + B- and the Ka for that expression, calculate the Ka given the initial concentration of weak acid to be 0.150 M and the pH of the solution to be 2.79.
  59. Chemistry

    Complete and Balance the following equation using the half-reaction method; (MnO4^-) + (CH3OH) --> (Mn^2+) + (HCO2H)

    Write the net ionic equation for the reaction between potassium hydroxide and copper(I) nitrate.
  61. Organic Chem

    Write a balanced equation showing the reaction of trimyristin and aqueous NaOH
  62. Chemistry

    Write the net ionic equation for the following reaction : Na3SO4(aq) + Ba(NO3)2(aq) —> BaSO4 (s) + 2 NaNO3(aq)
  63. chemistry

    a 16.2 L sample of CO(g) at 1.50 atm and 200.*C is combined with 15.39g of Fe2O3(s), How many moles of CO(g) are availabe for the reaction
  64. Chemistry

    If a reaction yields 2.5165 × 10^8 kJ, then how much mass was lost? (User 3.00 x 108 m/s as the speed of light) 2.30 × 10^-3 kg 5.60 × 10^-3 kg 2.80 × 10^-12 kg 5.60 × 10^-12 kg Please help.
  65. Chemistry

    What volume of nitrogen dioxide (in L) is produced from the complete reaction of 16.87 of lead (ii) nitrate at STP
  66. Chemistry 2

    Durango redox reaction the oxidation number of species Will decretase, increpase or stay the same
  67. chemistry

    What volume of chlorine gas at 42.0 oC and 1.30 atm is required to react completely with 34.2 g of phosphorus (P4) according to the following reaction?
  68. Chem Hmwrk

    For the reaction HCl + AgNO3 → ,write the balanced formula equation
  69. Chemistry

    How many grams of H2O are needed if 41.85g of O2 are to be produced from the reaction below? 2K2O2 + 2H2O = 4KOH + O2
  70. chemistry

    balance the equation and name the reaction taking place C3H5OH+O2 equals CO2+ H2O
  71. chemistry

    What is the ∆G for the following reaction between O3 and O2? 3O2(g) 2O3(g) Given: O3: ∆H = 285.4 kJ ∆S = -137.14 J/K) 109.5 kJ 208.3 kJ 300.2 kJ 326.3 kJ
  72. chemistry

    State one method of preparing oxygen in the lab and wrte a balanced equation for the reaction
  73. chemistry 101

    The value of kp at 20°c for the reaction 2NO(g) + Cl2(g) 2NOCl(g) is 1.9x10^3 atm-1 calculate the value of KC at the same temperature.
  74. college

    In the reaction Fe2O3 + 3CO ¨ 2Fe + 3CO2 How much CO is used to produce 112 grams of iron?
  75. Organic Chemistry

    Write an equation for the reaction that occurs in the gas trap between SO2 and NaOH.
  76. english10

    How does Kent’s reaction to Lear’s banishment of Cordelia introduce the theme of sight and insight?
  77. Burnett

    Write balanced molecular and net ionic equations for the reaction of KHP with NaOH.
  78. chemistry

    Please tell me any website....where I can find details of the experiment Reaction of 4-aminotoluene and o-vanillin(for preparation of azomethine)
  79. Science

    How many atoms are in LiBr2 show in the reaction side? LiCl (22g) + Br2 (30g)
  80. chemistry

    what is the relationship between reaction rate and shape of equilibrium graph in relation to concentration vs time?
  81. chemistry

    assuming the following reaction proceeds in the forward direction, what is oxidized and what is reduced? Cu2+ (aq) + Ca(s) --> Cu (s) + Ca2+ (aq)
  82. chemistry

    Ag+HNO3-----AgNO3+NO+H2O balance the redox reaction using the oxidation-number method
  83. Chemisty

    Calculate the standard enthalpy change for the following reaction at 25 °C. MgCl2(s)+H2O(l)-->MgO(s)+2HCl
  84. Chemistry

    What mass of phosphoric acid will be produced from the reaction of 10.00g of P4O10 with 12g water?
  85. chem

    What mass of phosphoric acid will be produced from the reaction of 10.00g of P4O10 with excess water?
  86. college chem

    How do i write the overall reaction equation for the synthesis of aluminum potassium sulphate dodecahydrate
  87. Chemistry

    Calclte the number of moles of ethane needed to produce 10.0 grams of water according to the following reaction.
  88. Chemistry

    Why does changing the volume of the reaction vessel have no effect on this equilibrium? CO(g) + Fe3O4(s) <===> CO2(g) + 3FeO(s)
  89. chemistry

    For the voltaic cell Cr(s)/Cr3+(aq)//Ni+2 (aq)/Ni(s), list the reactions at the cathode, anode, and the overall net reaction.
  90. Chemistry

    When 20.5g of methane and 45.0g of chlorine gas undergo a reaction that has a 75.0% yeild, what mass of chloromethane forms?
  91. Chemistry

    For the voltaic cell Cr(s)/Cr3+(aq)//Ni+2 (aq)/Ni(s), list the reactions at the cathode, anode, and the overall net reaction.
  92. chemistry

    When silver nitrate reacts with hydrochloric acid, what type of reaction takes place
  93. Chemistry

    What is the net ionic equation for this reaction? 2MnO4 (aq) + 5H2C2O4 (aq) + 6H(aq)----->10CO2 (g) + 2Mn(aq) + 8H2O(l)
  94. org. chem

    what would the oxidation product 1. 2-methylpentnal 2. 3-pentanone My answers: 1. 2-methylpentanoic acid 2. no further reaction I just want to be sure I'm doing this right. Thanks.
  95. chem

    can u help me write a word equation for the electrolysis of water , and indicate physical states and conditions of the reaction
  96. ch102

    The rate constant of a reaction at 30 was measured to be 5.7×10^-2. If the frequency factor is 1.2 x10^13 /s what is the activation barrier?
  97. Chemistry

    Write the cell notation for the reaction below. Show your work. Cu+2(aq) + 2Ag(s) + 2Cl-(aq) --> Cu(s) + 2AgCl(s)
  98. Chemistry

    Calculate enthalpy of the reaction ethene+hydrogen gives ethane are -1410KJ,-286kJ and -1560KJ respectively at 25°c
  99. chemistry

    Determine the order of reducing agents (strongest to weakest). A) Mn(s) > Zn(s) > Cr(s) > Fe(s) B) Fe(s) > Cr(s) > Zn(s) > Mn(s) C) Mn(s) > Fe(s) > Cr(s) > Zn(s) D) Zn(s) > Mn(s) > Cr(s) > Fe(s) I know the half reaction
  100. W.H.Atwell

    Does 2Na 2H2O 2NaOH H2 shows that the total mass during a chemical reaction stays the same?