1. math

    Which of the following fractions is in its simplest form? 16/4 7/8 100/35 3/27
  2. Math 5th grade (decimals)

    how do u write dcimals in expanded form
  3. Math

    If Vr=[sin(B/2)]*{cos[A+(B-1)r],how do we write Vr in the form, Vr=f(r) - f(r-1) ? Thank you!
  4. chemistry

    Which halogen can form only one oxidation state other than zero?
  5. Science

    How can weathering cause sedimentary rocks to form ?
  6. Science

    What it the answer to this Two nonmetal from group 16 are likely to form what
  7. Algebra

    What is the factored form of 6x^4-21x^3-12x^2 ?
  8. algebra

    example of simplest form of 4-1m-2n3/(2mn)-3
  9. Pre-Calculus

    Convert from standard to vertex form: (x+5)(x+4) x^2+ 9x + 20 (x+3)^2 + 20 - 9 (x+3)^2 + 11
  10. chemistry

    How do you know when to out a chemical formula in aqueous form? please help me....
  11. Math

    solve: x-squarerootx-2=4 and write 1+4i over 1-i in the form a+bi
  12. Math

    Write in simplest form 4/7 divided by 5/8
  13. Math

    What is 7/8-5/6 in simplest form? Please explain how to get your answer.
  14. math

    multiply 3 1/6 x 9/11 x 6/17 and write it in its simplest form
  15. calc

    If z = 2cis 60°, find z^4 in rectangular form.
  16. math

    if we have : (x + a)^2 and (x +b)^2 what will be the general form of the square of a binomial B ?
  17. math

    write each ratio in simplest form 3.5 to 0.5
  18. math

    How do you write a number in expanded form?
  19. math

    if we have : (x + a)^2 and (x +b)^2 what will be the general form of the square of a binomial B ?
  20. Math

    Write in simplest equivalent form. 10-4(5x+1)
  21. math

    a quarter after four in the afternoon in digital form
  22. MATH

  23. chemistry

    what two kinds of heat changes water's form?
  24. French

    use 2 verbs together with the second in the infinite form. I don't get this...what to do?
  25. Algebra 1

    Write y=-3/5x-2 in standard form using Integers.
  26. College algebra

    Write the equation of m=6/7 through (0,3) in standard form
  27. Algebra

    what is the intercept form of this parabola with intercepts at: x = -2, x = 3, and y = -4
  28. algebra

    5:11 and 6:12 7:13 and 21:39 8:14 and 24:30 10:20 and 20:30 which pair of ratios form a proportion?
  29. Math

    Express 2.4 as a fraction in its simplest form
  30. math

    i solved by factoring like this: 3x^2+5x-12=0 (3x+4)(x-3) -4 +3 x=-4 x=3 now i need to solve by the form x^2=k How do I do that?
  31. world history

    Why did European nations form alliances?
  32. math

    Write in the form y=a(x-p)^2+q please show the steps.. a)y=-2x^2+6x+11 b)y=-x^2-3x-3 c)y=1.5x^2-9x+10
  33. math

    how do you put 2√45 in simplest radical form?
  34. Chemistry

    Does Pb(NO3)2 + AgNO3 form a precipitate?
  35. 5th grade Math

    I need to know how to write in word form how 7/8 is greater than 5/6
  36. Pre-Calculus

    Convert the equation y=5 to polar form.
  37. Algebra

    what is the cube root of 14 in radical form
  38. Math

    How to simplify 5^(4/3)? by writing it in radical form?
  39. algebra

    How to write 10x 2/5 in dadical form?
  40. algebra/martix mode

    how do you put the equation in standard form
  41. biology

    how does a dictionary illustrate a form of classification?
  42. Math

    2 5/8 divided by 7= Answer in simplest form
  43. math

    what is the slope-intercept form of 16x-y=8
  44. Math

  45. algebra

    What is the vertex form of the equation? y=-x^2+12x-4
  46. Chemistry

    Does HCl form a precipitate with NaClO?
  47. 8th grade math

    Convert 3.16x10^3 in standard form
  48. math

    how can you tell which form of a ational number is most appropriate in a given situation?
  49. 8th grade

    express 3.84 as a fraction in simplest form
  50. prelag8

    what is -21/56 in simplest form? do i drop the negative or keep it?
  51. Algebra

    Write the equation y - 2 = 4(x + 5) in standard form
  52. algebra 2

    Express the sum in the simplest form. 3x/x+5 + 7/x+5
  53. math

    form the quadratic equations whose roots are(A:5 and -1/3
  54. Pre Algebra

    5x-y=6 what is the equation in slope intercept form?
  55. math

    How do you write 54% as a fraction in simplest form?
  56. math

    If f(x) = 2x + 3 and g(x) = 3x - 2 find (f(g(f(2))))/{g(f(g(2)))). Express your answer in the form (a)/(b).
  57. Maths

    The line r=(2,3,4)+µ(-1,0,3) and the point (6,0,2) form which plane: (a) r.(-1,0,3)=10 (b) r.(9,10,3)=60 (c) r.(2,3,4)=29 (d) r=(2,3,4)+µ(-1,0,3)+ù(6,0,2) Please help!!! Thanks!
  58. Math

    What is this equation in standard form 8y-16x=24
  59. math

    What is the expanded form of : 2,430,090?
  60. gen chemistry

    Which type of bonding does Sr form upon solidification?
  61. Algebra

    -2x-y=-1 how do you put this in slope-intercept form y=mx=b ?
  62. Math

    Find p so that 7p+2, 5p+12, 2p-1 ... form an arithmetic sequence.
  63. Maths

    Write. The following in standard. Form 6120
  64. maths

    express 0.375% in its simplest form
  65. Math HELP HELP

    Express the following in completed square form. x^2+4x-41
  66. Math algebra

    Given 3x = 2y = 6z express 36 in index form in term of x,y and z

    write in simplified form. g(x)=(x^2-4)/(x^3)÷(x^5-2x^4)/(x+4) i got stuck at (x^-9)x+2/(x^2)x^4(x+3)
  68. medical billing and coding

    what is the relationship between the claim form and reimbursement
  69. math

    is each fraction in a simplest form?write yes or no. 30/50 10/16 3/8 8/26 7/20 1/2 21/24 10/12 2/14 15/33 1/5 4/6 1/3 3/11 23/25 I NEED HELP NOW
  70. math

    write each fraction in simplest form. 18/48 1/7 16/36 18/36 8/20 6/22/4/24 9/18 14/49 15/36 8/18 3/8 15/50 4/44 15/33 I NEED HELP NOW
  71. gen chemistry

    does RbI form an ionic solid?
  72. Biology

    Could someone please help me with this question. 1100KJ in the form of x*y^2 Thank you for your time and help
  73. science

    How would you describe how tissues form your heart?
  74. Algebra II

    Given x(x) = 2x^3 - 6x^2 + 8 Rewrite the given equatin in factored form.
  75. Chemisrty

    How many grams of KClO3 must react to form 42.0 mL?
  76. science

    describe how the igneous rock is form
  77. Chemistry

    does BaCl2+Pb(NO3)2 form a percipitate
  78. math

    Take the following out of fraction form tan^2x/cscx+1
  79. Math

    Write the fraction in simplest form. 10/22
  80. math 30

    I need to write 4x^2 - y^2 -8x -4y + 16 = 0 in standard form and I keep getting it wrong. Could someone please help me. Thanks
  81. it

    transmission from the CPU to the printer is done in what form?
  82. Math

    What is 5.688 x 10^12 expressed in standard form?
  83. Math

    When you use this: (0,2);m=4/5 and write it in point-slope form, does it become (y-2)=4/5(x-0)?
  84. maths

    The line r=(2,3,4)+µ(-1,0,3) and the point (6,0,2) form which plane: (a) r.(-1,0,3)=10 (b) r.(9,10,3)=60 (c) r.(2,3,4)=29 (d) r=(2,3,4)+µ(-1,0,3)+ù(6,0,2) Please help!!! Thanks!
  85. algebra

    write the equation in standard form y=9x+1/2
  86. Math

    When you use this:(4,0);m=1 and write it in point-slope form, does it become y=(x-4)?
  87. PreCalculus

    Write the equation 5x – 4y = –7 in polar form.
  88. English

    Is it possible to form sentences with just nouns and verbs?
  89. algebra 1

    Write y = 0.2x – 0.3 in standard form using integers.
  90. Math

    What is 18 millionths written in standard form
  91. algebra

    Write in Simply form: Can you help? 6x^2+13x+6/3x^2+x-2=
  92. math

    Write each of the following in the form a sqrt b where a and b are intergers and b has the least value possible
  93. Algebra

    Write the number in the form a+bi sqrt(-4) + 10 ????? Please help!
  94. MATH D:

    5 2/3 - 4 5/6 = ___ ? Express in simplest form
  95. MATH D:

    Evaluate "8x" when x=5/7. Express in simplest form
  96. Algebra

    What is the simplified form? (3/5)^ My answer is 27/125
  97. Math

    What is 6 5th's reduced to simplest form?
  98. chem

    I want to know why indium and oxygen form In2O3, where does the 3 come from ?
  99. math

    what is the logarithmic form of 3 to the 2nd power=9
  100. cellular anatomy

    5. The combining form PHREN/O means