1. chemistry

    For the reaction 2Na(s) + Cl(g) ¨2NaCl(s), how many grams of NaCl could be produced from 103.0 g of Na and 13.0 L of Cl (at STP)?
  2. chemistry

    what is the balanced equation for the reaction that takes place between bromine and sodium iodide
  3. Chemistry

    Balance the reaction step-wise: As2S3(s) + NO3^- + H^+(aq) to AsO4(aq) + S(s) + NO(g) + H2O(l)
  4. chemistry

    Raising the temperature of a reacting system increases the rate of the reaction, but does NOT increase the:
  5. Chemistry

    Complete and balance this equation for a combination reaction. Be + O2 ==> Would it be Be + O2 ==> BeO2 ? or... 2Be + O2 ==> 2BeO ? Why??
  6. Chemistry

    For a given reaction, the rate constant doubles when the temperature is increased from 27 o C to 49 o C. What is the activation energy?
  7. chemistry

    What would be happening in this reaction? 2Ag^+(aq) + CO3^2-(aq) + HNO3 (aq) -----> 2AgNO3(s) + H20(l) + CO2(aq)
  8. chemistry

    what are the phases of all the reactants and products in the reaction 2Al + Fe2O3--->2Fe + Al2O3?
  9. Theology 9 - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    What does Bethany Hamilton's reaction reveal about her strength of character? (Soul Surfer)
  10. Chemistry

    What is the reducing agent in the following reaction? 2NA + 2H2O 2NaOH + H2 A.Na B.H2O C.NaOH D.H2 I think it is B...?
  11. chemistry

    How many grams of Cu(OH)2 can be produced from the reaction of 0.500g Cu with 30.0 mL of 3.0M NaOH? Which reactant is the limiting reagent?
  12. Chemistry

    Afirst order reaction completed the 90%in 30minute find the time for99.9%,,,,
  13. Chemistry

    2C2H2(g) + 3O2(g) 4CO(g) + 2H2O(g) What is delta G° for this reaction in J/mol? (T = 298.17 K)
  14. communication

    What would be the reaction of a reader if the topic sentence in an essay did not coincide with the supporting points
  15. Organic Chemistry

    Some 2-methyl-2-butene may be produced in the reaction as a by-product. Give a mechanism for its production.
  16. chemistry

    how many grams of Na2SO4 can be produced by the reaction of 250g of NaOH with sufficient H2SO4?
  17. Chemistry

    Balance the following redox reaction in basic solution. H2(g)+Fe3+(aq) ---> H2O(l)+Fe2+(aq)
  18. chemistry

    Where can I find the reaction that produces ethyl formate, which is Methanol and Methanoic acid?
  19. Chemistry

    Suppose that 30 mL of 0.5 M CsOH and 55 mL of 0.1 M NaHS are mixed. What is the K for the dominant equilibrium in terms of Ka's, Kb's, Kw etc.? Ka of HS- 1/Ka of HS- Kb of OH- 1/Kb of OH- Kb of S-2 1/Kb of S-2 Kw 1/Kw There is no reaction.
  20. AP Chem

    How many mL of 3.84 M HCL are required to consume 4.12g of Zinc in the following reaction? Zn(s) + 2HCL(aq)----> ZnCl2(aq) + H2(g)
  21. homeschool

    What are the products of the double-replacement reaction between potassium chloride and silver acetate?
  22. chemistry

    Discuss the spontaneity of an electrochemical reaction in terms of its standard emf (E¨¬cell)
  23. chemistry

    should magnesium metal be stored on the same shelf as copper chloride (redox reaction)
  24. science

    which of the following does not affect reaction rate balancin, temperature surface area or concentration?
  25. Chemistry

    Write the balance equation and the reaction type when magnesium is added to HCl
  26. Chemistry

    The value of H° for the reaction below is -482 kJ. Calculate the heat (kJ) released to the surroundings when 12.0 g of CO (g) reacts completely.
  27. Chemistry

    Separate this redox reaction into its component half-reactions. O2 + 2Mg----> 2MgO
  28. chemistry

    why is polystyrene cup use rather than a glass beaker to conduct exothermic or endothermic reaction?
  29. science

    Calculate the energy released when 1 gram of uranium undergoes fission reaction
  30. Chemistry

    If the initial concentration of is 0.250 , and the reaction mixture initially contains no products, what are the concentrations of and after 80 ?
  31. Chemistry

    Enter the Net Ionic Equation including phases, for the reaction of AgNO3 and Ba(OH)2.
  32. Chemistry

    What are transferred in an oxidation-reduction reaction? atoms*** electrons ions protons
  33. chemistry

    what happens when a hot empty coke can is put in a icy cold water ? what is the reaction?
  34. Chemistry

    Is 3HCl(aq)+HNO3(aq)->Cl2(g)+NOCl(g)+2H2O(l) an oxidation-reduction reaction?
  35. chemistry

    What is Delta H rxn for the following chemical reaction? H2O(l) + CCl4(l)-> COCl2(g) + 2HCl(g)
  36. chemistry

    net ionic equation for reaction between copper carbonate and the hydroiodic acid
  37. Math

    What operation is used to change a fraction in simplest form to an equivalent fraction? What operation is used to change a fraction to simplest form?
  38. Spanish

    Please correct my work please: This is what I'm working on: Command form(imperative mood)negative familiar/polite. I have to change the following affirmative commands to the negative form. (write the word no, the object pronoun(s), and the negative command
  39. chemistry

    are this 2 equations the same NIE? and if not how come? Write a net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when aqueous solutions of ammonia and acetic acid are combined. Write a net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when aqueous solutions
  40. Chemistry

    Magnesia (MgO(s)) is used for fire brick, crucibles and furnace linings because of its high melting point. It is produced by decomposing magnesite (MgCO3(s)) into at around 1200oC Write a balanced equation for the magensite decomposition being sure to
  41. chemsitry dr Bob

    Magnesia (MgO(s)) is used for fire brick, crucibles and furnace linings because of its high melting point. It is produced by decomposing magnesite (MgCO3(s)) into at around 1200oC Write a balanced equation for the magensite decomposition being sure to
  42. chemsitry dr Bob

    Magnesia (MgO(s)) is used for fire brick, crucibles and furnace linings because of its high melting point. It is produced by decomposing magnesite (MgCO3(s)) into at around 1200oC Write a balanced equation for the magensite decomposition being sure to
  43. math

    Students noticed that the path of water from a water fountain seemed to form a parabolic arc. They set a flat surface at the level of the water spout and measured the maximum height of the water from the flat surface as 6 inches and the distance from the
  44. science

    How does the structure if an atom relate to how electric charges form? I don't quite understand the question. All electrons and protons have charges. The charges do not "form", they are already there. They are part of every atom. The attraction between
  45. ms.sue, help with presentation

    okay in my powerpoint presentation i have to only have approx. five lines per slide with five words per bulleted item. i have to describe the ten commandments to a kid that is 9. i know the following : the ten commandments, or Decalogue are like passages
  46. algebra1

    What steps do I take in solving this problem? It is about graphing inequalities. 10x+4¡Ý9x+17 put the equation in the form of y ? x + constant. ? means greater than or less than. That is the first step. You are getting no more help until you start
  47. Chemistry

    I'm having a bit of trouble translating what I see when I perform the experiment into actual chemical reactions. In one experiment, Magnesium is placed in Hydrochloric acid, and a burning splint is extinguished. So I think that it is producing Magnesium
  48. chem

    if ferric chloride was added to an unknown which happened to be benzophenone to identify if it has the phenol functional grp...will the sol'n turn purple (it contains the phenol) or yellow(does not contain phenol)? Benzophenone is a ketone and ketones
  49. chem expirement!

    You are required to design an experiment to test Hess's law using the combustion of ethanol. Write a brief design for this experiment. What I wrote as my answer: Hess’ Law: is the algebraic addition of chemical equations yields a net equation whose
  50. Chemistry

    Iron (III) Oxide reacts with Aluminum to form Aluminum Oxide and Iron. If I have 255 g of Aluminum and unlimited Iron (III) oxide, how many grams of Iron will form? I am really not sure how to work with this. What does it mean when it says that the iron is
  51. Math

    Hello, I have an assignment where I have to create a model/sculpture and I am faced with this question during the analysis: Determine the scale you will need to use to render your design in a 3D model. Explain your choice. And: Determine the scale you will
  52. Algebra 1 ( bobpursley)

    1. Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that passes through (5,0) and is perpendicular to the line given by y = -5/2x + 6. A: m = 2/5 y = mx + b 0 = (2/5)(5) + b 0 = 2 + b b = -2 y = 2x/5 -2? 2. Write an equation in slope-intercept form
  53. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: CaCO3(s)→CaO(s)+CO2(g). Estimate ΔG∘ for this reaction at each of the following temperatures. (Assume that ΔH∘ and ΔS∘ do not change too much within the given temperature range.) for 310K,1070,1470 this is what i
  54. Chemistry

    Compound 1 Compound 2 O || CH2=CH-CH-OH + CH3-CH-CH2-C | | | CH3 CH3 OH | | ? (i) identify any functional groups in compounds 1 & 2 by circling them and naming them clearly. (ii) complete the equation for reaction 1 by drawing the abbreviated structural

    1.Is the group of words a simple sentence, a compound sentence, a run-on sentence, or a sentence fragment? Her computer has new software, it runs much faster now. A. run-on sentence B. sentence fragment** C. compound sentence D. simple sentence 2.Is the
  56. Pre-Calculus

    The Richtr scale was evied y Cahrles F.Richter a American geologist. The scale is based on the equation M(x)=logx/x0(little 0), where x is the seismographic reading of the earthquake and x0 i 1 miron 0.001mm (the seismographic reading of a zero-level
  57. Chemistry

    . For the reaction 2H2(g) + 2NO(g) → N2(g) + 2H2O(g) The observed rate law is Rate =k[NO]2[H2] The mechanisms shown below have been proposed to explain the kinetics of the above reaction Which of the following are acceptable mechanisms? Explain you
  58. math

    Could someone double check my answers. 1. Write the number in expanded form 684 answer: (6x100)+(8x10)+(4x1) 2.Give the place value for the indicated digit 8 in the number 138,350 answer: thousands 3. Write the following in the standard form of a number
  59. Chemistry

    The spectrophometer was used to measure the absorbance of each of a series of [FeSa]+ solutions. A standard curve was construnceted by plotting the absorbance vs. concentration (M). The slope and y-intercept were found to be 1496 M-1 and .003,
  60. Chemistry

    1. Molarity is to moles of solute over liters of solution as molality is to A. molar concentration over molal concentration. B. moles of solute over kilograms of solvent. C. molal concentration over molar concentration. D. moles of solute over moles of
  61. Algebra 1

    Write y= -2/3x +7 in standard form using integers.
  62. algebra

    x=2/3y+6 put in point-slope form
  63. math

    If you have 6* 1/10 write this in decimal form? 6* .10 is this correct
  64. 3rd grade math

    9,000+600+50+4 in standard form
  65. maths

    what is the ratio in the simplest form 120:60
  66. Algebra-help

    what is y=2/7x-4 written in standard form? A. 2x+7y=-28 B. 2x-7y=28 ****** C. -2x-7y=-28 D. -2x+7y=28 My answer is B???
  67. midway

    How do you write 67,000 in expanded form?
  68. 12th Grade Maths

    express in as simple a form as posible?? (2x^3y^-1)^3
  69. Math

    What is the word form for the number 12+0.2+0.005
  70. math

    8.875*10^-5/ 3.65*10^3= ? in scientific notation form
  71. math

    2 2/3 + 1 1/5 / 5 4/5 in bodmas form. Ms. Sue please help solve
  72. algebra

    express in as simple a form as posible?? (2x^3y^-1)^3
  73. place value through hundred thousands

    What is the expanded form for 417,058
  74. Science

    Is "how did our planet form" a scientific question?
  75. Algebra

    What is 80y to the three fourths in radical form??
  76. math

    word form for 34,235,345
  77. algebra1

    how do you turn 2y=x-1 into slope intercept form?
  78. Math 115

    write the ratio of 5 2/3 to 6 simplest form. = 17/3 *6 =34. Is this right I think so but let me know
  79. Algebra 1

    Change 3y-x=0 into slope intercept form
  80. math

    i need help with convering quadratics to standard form
  81. chemistry

    How do atoms bond to form molecules?
  82. math

    t^2(t + 1) - t(2t^2 - 1) Simplify and write in standard form?
  83. math

    What is 1.07 x 10 to the 4th power in standard form?
  84. Algebra

    (3x-2) (2x-3) put this back into standard form?
  85. trig

    Write the standard form of the equation where p=π and o=7π/12
  86. Pre-Algebra

    Write each ratio in simplified form. 6 3/10 to 1 4/5
  87. Math help

    How do you find ratios form a proportion?
  88. math

    8.897*10^6/ 3.2*10^4= ? in scientific notation form
  89. algebra

    what is the simplest form of 765 over 2023
  90. geometry

    How do you find the slope-intercept form for 3y+2x+12=0?
  91. Math

    What is the ratio 12:3 in its lowest form? would you divide both by 3?
  92. algebra

    What is the expression in factored form? 2x^2+16x+24
  93. Math check

    Divide and simplify to the form a+bi. (-8+i)/(2-3i) Is the answer (23/13)+(43/13)i
  94. spanish2

    what is the correct verb form of yo, tu, and ustedes?
  95. algebra

    (3,0),0,-4).solve for length, standard form.thank you
  96. algebra1

    how do you turn 6x+y=4 into slope intercept form? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
  97. 8th advanced math

    how do you turn 3y=-2x+6 into slope intercept form?
  98. Trigonomentry HELP NOW

    Rationalize in simplest form: (2ãx + ã8x)/(xã8 + 5)
  99. algebra

    (3,0),0,-4).solve for length, standard form.
  100. Cedar Grove middle

    3÷1/2 in the simplest form have to check work