1. Chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical reaction (showing appropriate symbols and states) for the chemical reaction with enthalpy change equal to and defined by the quantity dHformation [NH3(g)] N2(g) + 3H2(g) --> 2NH3(g) Is that all the question is asking for?
  2. chemistry

    Ammonia gas can be prepared by the reaction CaO(s) + 2NH4Cl(s) -> 2NH3(g) + H2O(g) + CaCl2(s) If 112 g CaO reacts with 224 g NH4Cl, how many moles of reactants and products are there when the reaction is complete?
  3. Chemistry 3A

    An aqueous solution contains the ions B, C, and D that are in equilibrium with one another according to the reaction B (aq) + C (aq) ->/
  4. Math

    Part 1: When writing linear equations, how do you determine which form of a line to use? Part 2: Choose 1 set of points from the choices below. Then, solve the problem and post your solution, showing your steps. Write an equation in point-slope form for
  5. chem

    The activation energy of a certain reaction is 65.7 kJ/mol. How many times faster will the reaction occur at 51°C than at 8°C? State the assumptions you need to make in order to perform this calculation. (Select all that apply.) The collision model and
  6. chem

    Write a total ionic equation for the reaction (if any) of FeCl2 with Cu, and for the reaction (if any) of FeCl2 solution with Al
  7. Advance Biology

    Briefly summarize the differences between the words or phrases in each of the following. A reaction without an enzyme and a reaction with an enzyme.
  8. Chemistry

    If the rate of the reaction is 3.5 x 10-3 at 330 K, and the rate of reaction at 285 K is 5.2 x 10-5 what is the activation energy Ea in KJ/mole?
  9. Chemistry

    H2 (g) + I2 (g) 2 HI (g) If the initial concentrations of H2 and I2 are 1.0 M and the initial concentration of HI is 0.5 M (Kc = 54.3 at 430oC). (a) Is the reaction at equilibrium? (b) If not, which way will the reaction proceed?
  10. Chemistry

    The activation energy (E*) for a reaction is 195 KJ. If the k for this reaction is 3.46 x 10-5/min at 35oC, what will the temperature be in OF when k is 1.5 x 10-3/min?
  11. chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2 B5H9 + 12 O2 => 5 B2O3 + 9 H2O How many grams of B2O3 are made by the reaction of 233.8 g of O2
  12. Biology

    Hydrolysis uses a catabolic reaction. Explain what a catabolic reaction is and how it is useful in creating monomers from polymers.
  13. Biology

    Hydrolysis uses a catabolic reaction. Explain what a catabolic reaction is and how it is useful in creating monomers from polymers.
  14. chemistry

    The reaction A + B --> C + D is second order in A and zero order in B. The value of k is 0.012 M-1 min-1. What is the rate of this reaction when [A] = 0.125 M and [B] = 0.435 M?
  15. Biology-reaction time

    How can someone improve their reaction time? also what type of athlete would have a above average reaction time? Please explain why?
  16. chemistry

    The equilibrium constant Kc for the reaction C D + E is 7.90 * 10^-5. The initial composition of the reaction mixture is [C]=[D]=[E]=1.10*10^-3. What is the equilibrium concentrations of C, D, and E? C=? D=? E=?
  17. Single vs double replacement reactions

    How would you compare a single replacement reaction to a double replacement reaction?in laymans terms?
  18. Chemistry

    What is the maximum mass, in grams, of NH3 that can be produced by the reaction of 1.0 g of N2 and 1.0 g of H2 using the reaction below? N2+H2→NH3 (not balanced) A) 0.60 g B) 5.7 g C) 1.2 g D) 2.9 g
  19. Chemsitry

    Write the chemical reaction that is responsible for the pH of a buffer which contains NH3 and NH4Cl. Write the reaction in such a way that is appropriate for a Ka. Thank you!
  20. chem

    The reaction A + B „³ C + D is second order in A and zero order in B. The value of k is 0.012 M-1 min-1. What is the rate of this reaction when [A] = 0.125 M and [B] = 0.435 M?
  21. Ochem

    Diethyl ether is used as a solvent for the reaction of diethylamine with m-toluoyl chloride. Why is a solvent necessary for this reaction?
  22. chemistry

    Zinc combines with hydrochloric acid to form aqueous zinc chloride and hydrogen gas.  If 300.0 mL of a 0.150  M solution of HCl is allowed to react with excess zinc, how many moles of hydrogen gas would be produced? Part two: if this reaction happens at
  23. Chemistry

    The reaction of NO and O2 produces NO2. 2 NO(g) + O2(g) „_ 2 NO2(g) The reaction is second-order with respect to NO(g) and first-order with respect to O2(g). At a given temperature, the rate constant, k, equals 4.7 x 10^2 M^¡V2s^¡V1. What is the rate
  24. Chemistry

    Calculate the standard entropy, ΔS°rxn, of the following reaction at 25.0 °C using the data in this table. The standard enthalpy of the reaction, ΔH°rxn, is –44.2 kJ·mol–1. C2H4(G)+H20 ---> C5H5OH ΔS°rxn= ______ J*K^-1*mol^-1 Then, calculate
  25. AP Biology

    The respiration of plants is a biochemical reaction and should have a rate determined by the Arrhenius equation, k = Ae-EA/RT. Here, k is the rate, A is a constant, EA is the activation energy for the reaction, R is the gas constant, and T is the
  26. algebra

    can someone please explain "converting to slope-intercept form" to me please? i've watched countless videos on it and i don't understand how to do these problems. all i really need is an explained step-by-step on how to do these types of problems. all of
  27. chemistry

    For the reaction, shown below, determine which statements are True and which are False. 3Fe(s) + Cr2O72-(aq) +14H+(aq) → 3Fe2+(aq) + 2Cr3+(aq) + 7H2O(l) ξo=1.77V 1. The oxidizing agent is dichromate (Cr2O72-). 2. The iron half-reaction takes place in an
  28. chemistry

    Oxygen reacts with the dipeptide glycylglycine [C4H8N2O3(s)] to form urea [CH4N2O], carbon dioxide and water: 3O2(g) + C4H8N2O3 (s)  CH4N2O (s) + 3CO2(g) + 2H2O(l) At STP, solid glycylglycine has the following thermodynamic properties: = -491.5 kJ/mol =
  29. History

    Which most accurately describes Islam’s influence on government? islam involves a democratic form of government islam involves a communist form of government islam involves a socialist form of government islam involves a theocratic form of government i
  30. Chemistry

    Calculate [Fe^2]+ when the cell reaction reaches equilibrium? A voltaic cell is constructed based on the following reaction and initial concentrations: Fe^2+,( 0.0055 M ) + Ag+,( 2.5 M ) ----> Fe^3+,( 0.0055 M ) + Ag(s) Calculate [Fe^2]+ when the cell

    1.Calculate the enthalpy change (ΔHºrxn) for the following reaction: (The enthalpy of formation of aqueous sodium hydroxide is -469.60 kJ/mol. The enthalpy of formation of liquid water is -285.8 kJ/mol.) 2Na (s) + 2H2O (l) → 2NaOH (aq) + H2 (g) 2.Do
  32. Visual Basic Programming...Very Urgently!!!

    Please Can someone help in proving the code about transactiopn program of images. it must have a two diffetrent form that will perform simultaneously which menas that first form will have login password to log in to use the transaction. Please your help is
  33. Math

    A40m deep wellwith radius 3.5m is dug and the earth taken out is evenly spread to form a plat form ofdimensions 28mby 22m. find the height of the platform.
  34. math/ confused!

    What degenerate form or forms of the parabola CANNOT be obtained from the intersection of a plane and a double napped cone? I have to use a diagram and give complete description how to obtain this ( or these) form(s) how would I do this question
  35. algebra

    Find the greatest common factor of 270 and 360. (Give the answer in the numerical form in the top box and in exponential form by filling in the boxes for exponents.)
  36. Language arts

    Why are the elements of an autobiographical similar to those of a short story? because the form is about from events in a writer's life*** because most writing forms include narratives because it includes causes and effects because the form is nonfiction
  37. math

    Let F1 = (0,2), F2 = (0,-2), and P = (x,y). Use the distance formula to convert the equation PF1 + PF2 = 6 into Cartesian form. Simplify your answer until it reaches the form hx^2+ky^2=m. I tried solving this but I got stuck with all the square roots and
  38. algebra

    Find the greatest common factor of 270 and 360. (Give the answer in the numerical form in the top box and in exponential form by filling in the boxes for exponents.)
  39. chemistry

    Which of the following experimental conditions describe a reaction which is kinetically controlled? These conditions do not describe kinetic control. ΔG = -100 kJ/molrxn; there is no observable reaction when reactants are mixed. ΔG = +100 kJ/molrxn;
  40. Chemistry

    Hydrogen gas is used for many purposes, including the hydrogenation of vegetable oils to make margarine. The most common industrial process for producing hydrogen is "steam reforming," in which methane gas, CH4, from natural gas reacts with water vapor to
  41. Chem

    Sodium phosphate reacts with copper (II) chloride in a precipitation reaction. What mass (in grams) of the precipitate will form when 325 mL of 0.5000 molar sodium phosphate reacts with 41.5 cL of 0.6000 molar copper (II) chloride.
  42. english

    1. Choose the answer that displays the correct spelling of the plural form of the words in parentheses. How many (praying mantis) will we have to import to fight the (grasshopper)? 2. Choose the answer that displays the correct spelling of the plural form
  43. Chemistry

    Methane gas reacts with diatomic sulfur in the gas phase, producing carbon disulphide and hydrogen sulfide. The rate constant for this reaction is 1.1 (L/M.s) at 550 oC. If it is 6.31 (L/M.s) at 624 oC, what is the value of the activation energy for this
  44. Chemistry

    The Hydrolysis Reactions - Write net-ionic equations for the reaction of each salt with water below. If there is no reaction, write N.R. 1. NH4C2H3O2 2. NH4Cl 3. NaCl 4. Na2CO3 5. NaC2H3O2 6. NaHSO4 7. FeCl3 8. NaH2PO4 9. NaHCO3
  45. chem

    Using LeChatelier's principle, predict the direction of the net reaction in each of the following system as a result of decreasing the volume of the chamber for the reaction mixture. Where does the direction shifts? a.) N2(g)+ O2(g)= 2NO(g) b.)
  46. Chem II

    Kp for the reaction CaCO3 CaO + CO2 at 350 degrees C is 0.105. Kc for the reaction at the same temp is _____. This is what I did. I changed all the moles into M. Then I subbed everything into the Kc formula and then changed it into a quadratic. Then
  47. Chemistry

    Consider the following electrochemical cell: Al(s) | Al^3+(aq)(0.155 M) || H^(aq) (0.00233 M), MnO4^-(aq)(0.0377 M), Mn^2+(aq) (0.0168 M) | C (graphite) Write a balanced equation for the redox reaction taking place in this cell. i am having trouble with
  48. Burnhamthrop Chemistry

    initially 0.25 mol of water vapour and 0.20 mor of carbon monoxide are place in a 1.00 L reaction vessel. at equilibrium spectroscopic evidence shows that 0.10 mol of corbon dioxide is present calculate K for the reaction
  49. Chemistry help

    Sulfur trioxide is formed by the catalytic oxidation of sulfur dioxide: 2SO2(g)+O2(g)→2SO3(g) If ΔH∘= -197.8kJ/mol and ΔS∘= -188.0J/K , what is ΔStotal for this reaction? Is the reaction spontaneous under standard-state conditions at 25 ∘C?
  50. Chem

    At 25°C the following heats of reaction are known: 2C2H2 + 5O2 ---> 4CO2 + 2H2O; ΔH = -2600 kJ C + O2 ---> CO2 ; ΔH = -394 kJ 2H2 + O2 ---> 2H2O; ΔH = -572 kJ At the same temperature, calculate ΔH for the following reaction: 2C + H2 ---> C2H2; ΔH =
  51. chemistry........help!! =)

    MaVa = MbVb can be used for the reaction between HCl and NaOH. Can it be used for the reaction between NaOH and H2C2O4 (oxalic acid, which can be found in rhubarb leaves, contains 2 acidic protons)? Explain your answer showing the balanced equation
  52. chemistry

    For the reaction A to products}, the following data were obtained: t=0 s, A}]=0.715 M; 22 s, 0.605 M; 74 s, 0.345 M; 132 s, 0.055 M. What is the half-life of the reaction? ive been posting this for awhile now...can someone just show me how to go about
  53. Chemistry

    A reaction: A(aq)+B(aq)C(aq) has a standard free-energy change of –4.69 kJ/mol at 25 °C. What are the concentrations of A, B, and C at equilibrium if, at the beginning of the reaction, their concentrations are 0.30 M, 0.40 M, and 0 M, respectively? I
  54. chemistry

    How can the overall order of a reaction be determined? A. Add the exponents in an equilibrium constant expression. B. Add the coefficients in the balanced equation. C. Count the number of different reactants. D. Examine experimental data for the reaction
  55. nedd as much help as possible thanks!

    What problem arises in trying to predict the type of compound formed by the reaction of gold and selenium? I honsetly have no Idea like Ihave read researched whn I was looking for some help I stumbled across this website and i was hoping you guys could
  56. Chemistry

    Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 decomposes upon heating to form nitric oxide and oxygen according to the following equation: 2NO2(g) --> 2NO(g) + O2(g) At the beginning of an experiment the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in a reaction vessel was 0.113 mol/L. After
  57. Chemistry

    My question is ..can anyone explain how to do problem #2? I feel lost. :( And could you also explain why? Problem#1, is that a regular dG = dH - TdS problem? Then using Go = -RTlnK to find K? Im just afraid if there are other seps to it.. 1. The combustion
  58. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction. CaSO4(s) reverse reaction arrow Ca2+(aq) + SO42-(aq) At 25°C the equilibrium constant is Kc = 2.4x10^-5 for this reaction. (a) If excess CaSO4(s) is mixed with water at 25°C to produce a saturated solution of CaSO4, what
  59. Chemistry II

    The enthalpy of neutralizatino for the reaction of a strong acid with a strong base is -56 kJ/mol of water produced. How much energy will be released when 230.0 mL of 0.400 M HCl is mixedwith 150.5 mL of 0.500 M NaOH? How much water is produced in the
  60. Chemistry

    23. In a chemical reaction, dynamic equilibrium occurs when the rate of the forward reaction becomes precisely equal to the rate of the reverse reaction. All of the following statements are true EXCEPT A. A dynamic equilibrium occurs when the reaction is
  61. help

    Methane, CH4, burns in oxygen gas to form water and carbon dioxide. What is the correct balanced chemical equation for this reaction? A. CH4 + O → H2O + CO2 B. CH4 + 4O → 2H2O + CO2 C. CH4 + O2 → H2O + CO2 D. CH4 + 2O2 → 2H2O + CO2
  62. (1-17)Chemistry - Science

    Consider the reaction: SO2 (g) + NO2 (g)  SO3 (g) + NO (g) At T = 1000 K, where the reaction is exothermic with an equilibrium constant K = 9.00 If the reaction vessel is instead charged initially with SO3(g) and NO(g), each at a partial pressure of
  63. college math/chemistry

    chemical reaction: E + S E~S E-S indicates a bidirectional reaction with different forward and backward rate constants. we can call these k1, k2, k3 and k4 in the above equation. Here, the enzyme binds to the substrate; the initial complex E~S then
  64. chem- to clarify....

    "How does a gas differ from a liquid with respect to the following property: Ability to mix with other substances of the same phase to form homogeneous mixtures Gases form homogeneous mixtures with each other regardless of the identities or relative
  65. Chemistry

    Quick question, since FePO4 is insoluble, will that mean a precipitate will form? During the experiment I don't remember seeing a precipitate. Is that my error, or is the precipitate hard to see? Sure. Adding Na3PO4 will make a big difference. FePO4 is
  66. Chemistry (equilibrium)

    C2H6(g) C2H2(g) + 2 H2(g) The ΔH° for the reaction above is +312 kJ. The system is initially at equilibrium. In which direction will the reaction shift in each of the following situations? e) The temperature is decreased. g) He is added at constant
  67. Biology

    Can someone help me correct my answers and help me answer the questions not answered yet? Electron Tansport 1. Whats is the purpose of this pathway? 2. Where does it take place Mitochandria 3. What does this reaction need to proceed? Hydrogen,NADH and
  68. Pre-Calc

    A wire 100 centimeters in length is cut into two separate pieces (not necessarily equal). ON epiece is bent to form a square and the other to form a circle. Let x equal the length of the wire used to form the square. a. Write the function that represents
  69. Chemistry

    When copper wire is placed into a silver nitrate solution, silver crystals and copper(II) nitrate solution form. Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction. (Type your answer using the format CH4 for CH4.) 1 Cu(s) + 2AgNO3(aq = 2Ag(s) +
  70. chemistry

    Lead iodide is a relatively insoluble compound. It can dissolve from the solid phase into the aqueous phase with a Keq of 0.00027. If the concentration of lead iodide in the aqueous phase 0.125 M, then: a. we need more information to determine the progress
  71. Chemistry

    Lithium nitride reacts with water to form ammonia and aqueous lithium hydroxide. Li3N(s) + 3H2O(l) ==> NH3(g) + 3LiOH(aq) a)What mass of water is needed to react with 32.9g Li3N? b)When the above reaction takes place, how many molecules of NH3 are

    Draw the triangle with vertices D(-2,1), U(4,9), and E(10,1) On a Graph. 2. Find DU, UE, AND DE. (Distance) 3. Classify Triangle DUE by its sides. 4. Write the standard form of the equation of each line: DU, UE, and DE.Also, find the slode and then the
  73. Chemistry 2

    For the gaseous reaction of carbon monoxide and chlorine to form phosgene, (COCl2), calculate each of the following. (a) Calculate S° at 298 K I got -136.76 J/K using delta S = sum of delta S of products minus sum of delta S of reactants which is the
  74. chemistry

    having trouble posting but will try again. translate the following verbal description into scientific notation. magnesium ribbon is burned in pure oxygen gas. thanks The reaction forms magnesium oxide (MgO). Se if you can write the balanced reaction.
  75. Chemistry105

    When 50.0 Ml of 1.00 m chi was mixed with 50.0 ml of 1.00 m NaOH in a calorimeter the temperature rose from 25.0 c to 32.0 c calculate the heat change for the reaction assuming that the total volume of the solution is 100.0 ml and the specific heat is 1.00
  76. Chemistry

    Suppose you tired to carry out a double-replacement reaction by mixing together equal volumes if a solution that contained dissolved NaF and a solution NaCl. Would you expect a reaction, if Si write the balanced chemical equation
  77. Chemistry

    If you need to produce 355 grams of oxygen gas (O2) in the electrolysis reaction of water by an electric current. If the reaction is run at 125 degrees Celsius in a reactor volume 22500ml. What is the pressure of the produced oxygen in mm Hg?
  78. Chemistry

    In an experiment, 95.0 mL of 0.225 M silver nitrate was mixed rapidly with 47.5 mL of 0.225 M calcium chloride in a coffee cup calorimeter. If a reaction occurred, was it exothermic or endothermic? If the reaction started at 23.7 °C, what is the final
  79. Chemistry

    In the SN2 mechanism, considering that the nucleophile attacks at the same time as the leaving group leaves, what would the effect of having a hindered (crowded) reaction center be on the rate of the reaction? Would you expect it to react slower or faster
  80. organic chemistry

    Instead of using 1-propanol or 2-pentanol, a student decided to conduct the same reaction (using Sodium Bromide and Sulfuric Acid) you did starting with 2,4-dimethyl-3-pentanol instead. What product(s) would you predict for this reaction? Show a mechanism
  81. Chemistry105

    When 50.0 Ml of 1.00 m chi was mixed with 50.0 ml of 1.00 m NaOH in a calorimeter the temperature rose from 25.0 c to 32.0 c calculate the heat change for the reaction assuming that the total volume of the solution is 100.0 ml and the specific heat is 1.00
  82. Organic Chemistry

    Does anyone know where I might find a step-by-step reaction mechanism for a polymer condensation reaction involving Hexamethylenediamine with Adipoyl Chloride (thus synthesizing Nylon 66)? If not, can anyone help list the steps that take place and why? Any
  83. Chemistry

    Consider the titration of 50mL of 2.0M HNO3 with 1.0M KOH. At eah step, add the following: 0ml, 25ml, 50ml. a) Write a reaction to show the initial reaction b)ICE table c) determine the spectators present after d)Calculate the pH
  84. chemistry

    In an experiment, 95.0 mL of 0.225 M silver nitrate was mixed rapidly with 47.5 mL of 0.225 M calcium chloride in a coffee cup calorimeter. If a reaction occurred, was it exothermic or endothermic? If the reaction started at 23.7 °C, what is the final
  85. biology

    Initially, how do skeletal muscles (the type of muscle attached to bones) make ATP? write the reaction for this procss (Crp +ADP => Cr + ATP) as a 'coupled' reaction, identifying the exergonic and endergonic reactions.
  86. Chemistry

    Magnesium oxide can be made by heating magnesium metal in the presence of the oxygen. The balanced equation for the reaction is 2Mg(s)+O2(g)¨2MgO(s) When 10.2 g Mg is allowed to react with 10.6 g O2, 11.8 g MgO is collected. Determine the theoretical
  87. Chemistry

    A mixture of salt way in 13.78g contains CACO3 with gaseous impurity it was heated to a constant mass and the resolve was reacted with H2SO4 to form 6.78g of CASO4. Calculate the percentage purity of the calcium trizoncarbonate four I'm the mixture (ca=40,
  88. Chemistry

    A student tested the effect of temperature on the decomposition of N2O5. He found that the rate of the reaction at a lower temperature was 4.2 x 10–3 s–1 and the rate at a higher temperature was 1.6 x 101 s–1. What is wrong with the student's data?
  89. Chem 141

    Write the three thermochemical equations needed to calculate the delta H for the below reaction.? 2Mg(s) + O2(g) --------> 2 MgO(s) delta H rxn = ? (Include delta H values in kJ for each reaction)
  90. Chemistry

    At 2000°C the equilibrium constant for the reaction is Kc = 2.4 ✕ 103. 2 NO(g) equilibrium reaction arrow N2(g) + O2(g) If the initial concentration of NO is 0.160 M, what are the equilibrium concentrations of NO, N2, and O2? I do not even know how
  91. Chemistry

    Does either E1 and E2 involve a retention or inversion of stereochemistry? What happens to the stereochemistry in these reactions? I know stereospecificity is important for the reaction to occur, but I don't know what these means for the stereochemistry
  92. ap chemistry

    a 0.76 mol sample of pcl5 is placed in a 500 ml reaction vessel. what is the concentration of pcl5 when the reaction pcl5(g) ⇀↽ pcl3(g) + cl2(g) has reached equilibrium at 250◦c (when kc = 1.8)
  93. Chemistry

    Given the chemical reaction: N2+3H2--->2NH3 If 20 molecules of nitrogen react with 30 molecules of hydrogen to from ammonia, what is the total number of molecules present after the reaction goes to completion?
  94. chemistry

    The reversible reaction n2(g) + 3h2(g) produces ammonia, which is a fertilizer. At quilibrium, a 1-L flask contains 0.15 mol H2, 0.25 mol N2, and 0.10 mol NH3. Calculate K eq for a reverse reaction? Please HELPP!
  95. chemistry

    GIVEN: 4NH3 + 5O2===> 4NO + 6H2O Now, in a container 6.0moles of NH3 are mixed with 8.0moles of O2. If the reaction produces 8.0moles of H2O, what is the percent yield of this reaction?
  96. Thermo

    Calculate the standard cahnge in enthalpy for the combusation of coal/ Show the balnaced reaction. How does one get the balanced reaction of coal? Coal has many substances that make up its compsistion
  97. math

    on the illinois state tax form, numbers are to be rounded to the nearest dollar. if heather earned $8265.53 at her part-time job, what number would she enter on the form for earmings?
  98. college chemistry

    Predict two new ionic compounds that may form after you mix these sodium phosphate and calcium nitrate solutions. Write a balanced equation to show which ions would collide and what compound will form.
  99. Maths

    How many silver coins, 2cm in diameter and of thickness 2 mm, must be melted to form a showpiece in the form of a frustum of a cone having height 9 cm and radii of the outer circular ends as 5cm and 3cm?
  100. chemistry DR BOB

    is this the answer to B ) C2H5OH(liq)+ 3O2(g) --> 2CO2(g) +3H2O(liq) In winemaking, the sugars in grapes undergo fermentation by yeast to yield CH3CH2OH and CO2. During cellular respiration, sugar and ethanol are "burned" to water vapor andCO2. Write a