1. Calculus

    a) prove that the function x^3 + 9x^2 +33x assumes the value -8 at least once b)using the mean value theorom or rolle's theorom - no other methods will be accepted - prove carefully that x^3 + 9x^2 + 33x takes on the value -8 at most once
  2. algebra 2

    What is 36x^3-33x^2-33x-6/9x+3
  3. physics

    . Consider a large number, N(0) , molecules contained in a volume V (0) . Assume that there is no correlation between the locations of the molecules (ideal gas). Do not use the partition function in this problem. (a) Calculate the probability P (V; N) that
  4. Alg.2

    find all zeros of the function. f(x) = x^3-10x^2+33x-34 I found 2, using my calculator. What do i do after that?
  5. College Algebra

    Find all the zeros of the polynomial function by using the Rational Zero Theorem, Descartes Rule of Signs and Synthetic Division. f(x)=x^3-3x^2-33x+35
  6. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=-2x^3+33x^2-108x+2. For this function, there are three important intervals: (-Inf,A], [A,B], [B,Inf) where A and B are the critical points. Find A and B and for each of the important intervals, tell whether f(x) is increasing or
  7. Algebra 1

    You are planning a rectangular patio with length that is 7 ft less than three times its width. The area of the patio is 120 ft^2. What are the dimensions of the patio? I just need to figure out what equation to write from this. I'm thinking something along
  8. linear algebra

    use a computer software or graphing utility to solve the system of linear equation. x₁+0.5x₂+0.33x₃+0.25x₄=1.1 0.5x₁+0.33x₂+0.25x₃+0.21x₄=1.2 0.33x₁+0.25x₂+0.2x₃+0.17x₄=1.3
  9. algebra

    Give am example of a function f.N N with the property that there exists a function g. N N such that the composition got is the identity function on N but for no function h. N N does it hold that fog is the identity function on N.Prove all claims
  10. calculus

    find the point on the graph of the given function at which the slope of the tangent line is the given slope x^3+9x^2+33x+15 slope= 6
  11. discrete math

    Let A= {for all m that's an element of the integers | m=3k+7 for some k that's an element of positive integers}. Prove that A is countably infiite. Note: you must define a function from Z+ to A, and then prove that the function you definied is a bijection
  12. math

    Find all rational zeros of the function. Then (if necessary) use the depressed equation to find all roots of the equation f(x)=0 f(x)= 5x^4-11x^3-33x^2+77x-14
  13. calculus

    Prove that there is a number that is exactly one more than its cube. (don’t solve just show there is one) Prove that the function f(x)= cosx-x has a zero in (o. pi/2) Justify.
  14. Math

    Find inverse of f if f(x)= x^2-4x+3, (for x is smaller than and equal to 2). First prove that f(x) is one to one in the defined domain of f and then obtain the inverse function. I know how to find the inverse. We just switch x and y. so y=x^2-4x+3 becomes
  15. Statisitcs

    Suppose that X and Y are independent discrete random variables and each assumes the values 0,1, and 2 with probability of 1/3 each. Find the frequency function of X+Y.
  16. Calculus II

    1) Compute the indefinite integral: integral 2x ln(x^2 - 8x + 18) dx 2) Note that x^4 + 1 = (x^4 + 2x^2 + 1) = (x^2 + 1)^2 - (sqrt2x)^2 ... use this trick to compute the following indefinite integral as an elementary function (with exact coefficients).
  17. Calculus

    Find the average value of the function f(x) 8x^2-9x+8 on the interval [3,5]. Find the value of the x-coordinate at which the function assumes it's average value The average value is ? the x-coordinate is ? Please help and showing work is much appreciated.
  18. trig help much appreciated! :))

    1. Find the complete exact solution of sin x = . 2. Solve cos 2x – 3sin x cos 2x = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. 3. Solve tan2 x + tan x – 1 = 0 for the principal value(s) to two decimal places. 4. Prove that tan2  – 1 + cos2 
  19. inghram

  20. Calculus

    If the function f is defined by f(x)=0 if x is rational f(x)=1 if x is irrational prove that lim x-->0 f(x) does not exist. Can someone help me answer this question step by step so I would know how to prove a question like this next time? Thank you.
  21. algebra

    6.78x - 5.2 = 4.33x + 2.15 solve for x
  22. Algebra II

    Factor: 18x^2-33x+9
  23. Property of logarithms

    Using property of logarithms, how do I prove derivative of ln(kx) is 1/x First observe that ln(kx) = ln(k) + ln(x) then take derivatives. The ln(k) is simply a constant so it goes away. You could also derive it as d/dx ln(kx) = 1/kx * k by the chain rule.
  24. algebra

    what are the solutions of the quadratic equation 4x^2+33x+54=0
  25. precalcus

    can someone explain how to evaluate limits? i only learned how to solve the simpler ones that goes to infinity using the 1/x = 0 or 1/n = 0 rule. am i suppose to make the x whatever number they gave me? but then problem b would be undefined. a) lim x->2
  26. math

    For tax purposes, you may have to report the value of your assets, such as cars or refrigerators. The value you report drops with time. "Straight-line depreciation" assumes that the value is a linear function of time. If a $1020 refrigerator depreciates
  27. Math

    Question: 1/2(x+3) + 5x = 2 - 4/3 (1-2x) My work: 5 1/2x + 3/2 = 2/3 + 8/3x 33x + 9 = 4 + 16x 17x = -5 x = -17/5 Did I do this correctly?
  28. Chemistry

    What is the wavelength of light (in nm) if the energy of the wave is 1.33x 10^-19 J? How do I work this problem out????
  29. Math--Calculus

    I'm having a tough time figuring out this problem... S(x) = bracket (piecewise function) a + b arcsin*(tan x/tan 66) for 0 ≤ x < 66 24 for 66 ≤ x ≤ 90. Is the function differentiable? Why or why not? Could someone please help me? My
  30. calculus

    Find the average value of the function f(x)=8x^2-5x+6 , on the interval [3,5]. Find the value of x-coordinate at which the function assumes it's average value. what is the average value = to ? what is the x coordinate = to ? Thanks
  31. math

    Let f:ℤ+ → ℤ+ be the function defined by: for each x ∈ ℤ+, f(x) is the number of positive divisors of x. - find integers m, n, nd k so tha f(m)=3, f(n) = 4 anf f(k) = 5 -is f one-to one? Explain, is f unto? prove is it true
  32. math help please

    Let f:ℤ+ → ℤ+ be the function defined by: for each x ∈ ℤ+, f(x) is the number of positive divisors of x. - find integers m, n, and k so tha f(m)=3, f(n) = 4 anf f(k) = 5 -is f one-to one? Explain, is f unto? prove is it true
  33. discrete math

    Let f:ℤ+ → ℤ+ be the function defined by: for each x ∈ ℤ+, f(x) is the number of positive divisors of x. - find integers m, n, nd k so tha f(m)=3, f(n) = 4 anf f(k) = 5 -is f one-to one? Explain, is f unto? prove is it true
  34. Chemistry

    One difference between gases and liquids is that: (A) a gas may consist of both elements and compounds (B) a gas assumes the volume of its container (C) a gas is made up of molecules (D) all of the above are correct Is the correct answer, (B), a gas

  36. math analysis

    also i don't understand this problem. i need help and to prove....the symbol ⊂ is subset. here the problem: Prove that There exist an open interval B = (c,d), and sets A and C, with B ⊂ C, and a function f: A-->C such that f^(-1)(B) is not
  37. pre calc

    The Identity Function The Squaring Function The Cubing Function The Reciprocal Function The Square Root Function The Exponential Functional Lo The Natural Logarithum Function The Sine Function The Cosine Function The Absolute Value Function The Greatest
  38. Maths

    Is given a function: f(x)=x2 + px + q Prove that: f(x+1) + f(x-1)= 2+2 f(x)
  39. Math - Mathematical Induction

    3. Prove by induction that∑_(r=1)^n▒〖r(r+4)=1/6 n(n+1)(2n+13)〗. 5. It is given that u_1=1 and u_(n+1)=3u_n+2n-2 where n is a positive integer. Prove, by induction, that u_n=3^n/2-n+1/2. 14. The rth term of a sequence is given by
  40. Algebra 2

    How many set solutions are there for this problem 33x + 103y = 6526? The solution cannot contain negative integers or decimals and fractions.
  41. Math

    Let f and g be two odd functions. Prove that: a) f + g is an odd function b) g of f is an odd function I am not even sure where to start, any help that can be provided would be appreciated!
  42. math

    Let f:A->B, where A and B are nonempty, and let T1 and T2 be subsets of B. a.Prove that f^-1(T1 U T2)= f^-1(T1) U f^-1(T2). b.Prove that f^-1(T1 intersects T2) = f^-1(T1) intersects f^-1(T2). I think once I see a I can do b. c. Prove that f^-1(T1) -
  43. math 4th grade

    If Sally gave a survey with five colors listed and ask each person who takes the survey to pick one color. She assumes that the results if given to 24 persons the results would be 1/2 blue, 1/12 red, 1/8 blue, 1/4 green, and 1/24 orange. What number of
  44. Geometry

    Can you just help me with this thanks Directions: Tell which property is being used for each step I will give you an example Example: prove that if 4x-8=-8 then x=0 Given: 4x-8=-8 Prove: 0 A. 4x-8=-8 Given B. 4x-0 Addition property C. x=0 Division property
  45. Math (functions)

    For tax purposes, you may have to report the value of your assets, such as cars or refrigerators. The value you report drops with time. "Straight-line depreciation" assumes that the value is a linear function of time. If a $1020 refrigerator depreciates
  46. math

    Prove that if A is a diagonalizable matrix, then the rank of A is the number of nonzero eigenvalues of A. http://ltcconline.net/greenl/courses/203/MatrixOnVectors/symmetricMatrices.htm I've read the entire page and while it's on the correct topic, it
  47. Calculus

    What methods can I use to prove that the limit as (x,y,z)--> (0,0,0) of a function of 3 variables does not exist?
  48. maths

    prove that the following function is differentiable at x=0 using first principles: f(x)= e^x when x<0 x=1 when x>0 or x=0 also is f(x) differntiable for all real x?
  49. Matg

    An equilateral triangle has a perimeter of (33x + 21). What is the length of each side of the triangle?
  50. algebra

    The table show the median home prices in Florida what is the equation of a trend line that models a relationship between time and home prices use the equation to predict the median home price in 2040? Year 1940 median price 23,800 Year 1950 median 40,900
  51. math

    list all the possible rational zeros for the polynomial below. find all the zeros of the polynomialbelow and factor completely. F(x)=5x^4-x^3-33x^2-43x-16
  52. math

    X3Y+5YX = 1,33X In the correctly worked addition problem above, X and Y represent 2 different digits. What digit does X represent? a. 0 b. 1 c. 4 d. 8 e. 9
  53. math

    X3Y+5YX = 1,33X In the correctly worked addition problem above, X and Y represent 2 different digits. What digit does X represent? a. 0 b. 1 c. 4 d. 8 e. 9
  54. MATHS

    demand function for kerosene: Kd=a0+a1Pk supply function for kerosene: Ks=b0+b1Pk+b2Pg demand function for gasoline: Gd=c0+c1Pg+u1 (ul here shows a exogenous random shock to the demand of gasoline) supply function for gasoline: Gs=d0+d1Pk+d2Pg a) if
  55. Math

    If 1 and –6 are two of the roots of 6x^4 + 31 x^3 − 33x^2 − 16x + 12, then what are the other two? A. 2 and 3/2 B. -1 and 6 C. 1/2 and -2/3 D. -2 and 2/3
  56. algerbra

    If 1 and –6 are two of the roots of 6x^4 + 31 x^3 − 33x^2 − 16x + 12, then what are the other two? A. 2 and 3/2 B. -1 and 6 C. 1/2 and -2/3 D. -2 and 2/3
  57. Real Analysis (Math)

    Prove f(x) is discontinuous at 0 for the function f(x) = x if x>=0 and f(x) = 1 - x if x < 0 using the epsilon-delta method.
  58. advanced function

    pls. help: prove the identity sin2x+sin2y=2sin(x+y)cos(x-y)
  59. calculus

    A) How do you prove that if 0(<or=)x(<or=)10, then 0(<or=)sqrt(x+1)(<or=)10? B) So once that is found, then how can you prove that if 0(<or=)u(<or=)v(<or=)10, then 0(<or=)sqrt(u+1)(<or=)sqrt(v+1)(<or=)10? * calculus - Damon,
  60. Algebra

    I had a question on a quiz that I just finished and I wanted to know if my answer was right. Is 4x-y^=0 a function. If so, what is the domain and range? If not, name two points that prove it. I wrote that it was a function with -5 and lower as a
  61. pre calc

    Find all zeros of the polynomial. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) P(x) = x3 − 11x2 + 33x − 35
  62. math

    My math teacher wants us to prove that all of our answers are correct. But how am I supposed to be able to prove stuff, like this, for example. The directions want you to write out the words in to an equation. Seven is the sum of X and 5. so my answer is
  63. math analysis

    i need help.. im not really sure how to start. There exist an open interval A=(x,y), x set B, and a function f:A-->B such that f(A)≠ f(x),f(y).. prove
  64. Physics

    Hello everyone, I have made measurements of the periods of a pendulum attached to a stationary point at a certain height h. When plotting the periods as a function of the square root of the length minus the height it gives us a straight line. I now need to
  65. physics

    1)A ball is thrown so that it initially travels at 10ms-1 at an angle of 70 above the horizontal a)a simple model assumes that the ball is thrown from ground level and lands at the samelevel.Find the time of flightand range of the ball. b)A refined model
  66. history

    I'm supposed to prove that if america stopped getting involved in the affairs of the world the result would NOT be chaos. PLEASE HELP WITH ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO DO SO! It is not possible to prove a hypothetical. Can you prove that if Tinkerbelle stopped
  67. Math Proof

    Prove: Let a,b exist in the reals with a<b, (i) For the open interval E=(a,b) prove that the inf E=a and sup E=b (ii) for the closed interval F=[a,b], prove that inf F=a and sup F=b.
  68. Math

    Give a function of C that can represent the cost of buying x meals, if one meal costs P40. Prove your representation by using a table.
  69. Microeconomics - iso & indiff

    What does isoquant/isocost & indifference curve and budget constraint analysis have in common? I know that they both 'look' similar & both strive to find the same things "consumers want utility" & "producers want eco profits" (maximising both). What other
  70. Math Problem2

    List all possible rational zeros for the polynomial below. Find all real zeros of the polynomial below and factor completely. Please show all of your work. f(x) = 5x^4 – x^3 - 33x^2 – 43x – 16
  71. Calculus

    Prove that the function defined by: f(x)={1 if x is rational, 0 if x is irrational is not integrable on [0,1]. Show that no matter how small the norm of the partition, ||P||, the Riemann sum can be made to have value either 0 or 1.
  72. Science - Proof of Propositional Logics

    I am being asked if I can prove P, L, Q? (without using resolution-refutation). Propositional clauses: 1. P -> V 2. !P -> (!V and F) 3. (V or F) -> Q 4. Q -> L From here I was able, with resolution-refutation, to determine that we cannot prove
  73. linear algebra

    1)If A is an invertible matrix and k is a positive integer, then (A^k)^-1 = (A^-1)^k note: ^ stand for power, -1 stand for inverse of A 2)If A is an invertible matrix, then (transpose of A)^-1 =transpose of(A^-1) 3)Prove A^2 = A, then I - 2A = (I - 2A)^-1
  74. Algebra

    The function 5x^2+2x-1's domain is all real numbers, according to the answer key. However, I don't know how to factor this to prove it. Could you show me? The function the sq. root of y-10 has a domain of all numbers so that y is greater than or equal to
  75. calculus

    prove that the function f(x) = (x^101)+(x^51)+x+1 has neither a local maximum nor a local minimum
  76. Justice system

    1. The crime control model: A. stresses the possibility of error in the stages leading to trial. B. believes in protecting society from criminal behavior. C. emphasizes the need to protect procedural rights. D. assumes that justice is better served if
  77. Geometry

    Given: UR=VW Prove: UV=RW(Midpoint) Given: angleABE=angleDBC(Bisectors) Prove: angleABD=angleCBE
  78. Trigonometry prove need help

    Prove that (1-sinb)/(1+sin2b)=tan^2(45-b) plz the b means beta???
  79. Math

    Suppose an odd function f has an inverse g. Prove that g is also odd.
  80. math

    Use the Generalized PMI to prove: 2^n > n^2, for all n > 4 First of all, it's true for n=5. Then to prove it for n+1... Assume 2^n > n^2. Then 2^(n+1) = 2*2^n > 2*n^2 > 2*(4n) since n>4 => n^2>4n I'm stuck there.
  81. odd and even functions

    Using f is odd if f(-x) = -f(x) or even if f(-x) = f(x) for all real x, how do I 1)show that a polynomial P(x) that contains only odd powers of x is an odd function 2)show that if a polynomial P(x) contains both odd and even powders of x, then it is
  82. cultural diversity

    What differentiates the act of grouping people from the act of stereotyping? How can stereotping effect group relations? Give a example of stereotyping you find in a everyday life. Grouping people assumes that most people in a group have similar
  83. Math

    To obtain a rough estimate of the development cost, Abigail, the accountant working for Pinecrest Enterprises, assumes that the total cost C (in millions of dollars) is given by the formula C= 20y + 15, where y is the cost per subdivision. If x represents
  84. Physic

    From equation x= A sin wt, prove that the acceleration of SHM is a= -w^2x w is omega actually.. 2.using relationship between velocity, v and displacement, x prove that v=w(A^2-x^2)^1/2
  85. Math

    Prove :cosx-cosy= -2sin(x+y/2)sin(x-y/2) Prove: 2cot-2tanx= 4-2sec^2x / tanx
  86. maths

    If the sum of the squares of the roots of the quadratic equation ax^2 + bx + c = 0 is m:n, prove that b^2= 2ac + 4a^2 I really have no idea how to prove it so pls help
  87. ordered fields

    prove (3x^2 + 4x-1)/(7x^5+5)>0 is field. can you just prove one of the addition axioms?
  88. math

    Given: ; CE=CA ,EB AND AD are medians Prove: EB=AD 2.)Write a paragraph proof. Given: AC bisects <DAB and <DCB . Prove: DAC=BAC?
  89. geometry

    Given: MQN = 18x - 1 MQP = 33x + 10 Ray QN is an angle bisector of MQP. Find MQN and MQP.
  90. STAT

    A random variable X2 assumes only positive value.?
  91. Microbiology

    Please help me answer this question. Thanks a lots. Some Archaea have ATPases with different H+:ATP ratios. Assumes the delta Gp for ATP synthesis in one such organism is -518 mV. The minumum delta P required to generate ATP with a typical bacterial ATPase
  92. Algebra 1

    Which of the following statements is true about the function y = 5⋅x4 ? It is an even function It is an odd function It is an exponential function It is an inverse function
  93. Math

    / - fraction sign, not a division sign Solve the following equation -4=7/33x a. x=132/7 b. x=-132/7 c. x=-7/132 d. -33/28
  94. Microeconimics

    Perfect competition is a model of the market that assumes all of the following EXCEPT
  95. Math

    Use mathematical induction to prove that 5^(n) - 1 is divisible by four for all natural numbers n. Hint: if a number is divisible by 4, then it has a factor of 4. also, -1 = -5 +4 This is a take home test so I don't want the answer because I want to know
  96. math

    1. Let f : Z to Z and g : Z to Z be functions de fined by f (x) = 3x + 1 and g(x) = [x/2] . (a) Is fog one-to-one? Prove your answer. (b) Is fog onto? Prove your answer. (c) Is gof one-to-one? Prove your answer. (d) Is gof onto? Prove your answer.
  97. math

    When writing an expression, is it correct to write 15,000 - 583.33x or -583.33(x) + 15,000? I have seen both but I have a friend who insists one is the correct one.
  98. College Math : Linear Algebra

    Suppose A is a square matrix satisfying the equation A^3 - 2I = 0. Prove that A and (A - I) respectively are invertible. (the hint is to find an explicit equation for A^-1. To prove A is invertible, this is what I did although I don't that it's right: A^3
  99. chemistry

    if 0.4M NaOH is titrated with 0.4M HF, how do we calcualte the ph at equivalence. The book assumes each is 1L, but why do we use 1L
  100. Maths Derivatives & Calulus

    1) Find d^2y / dx^2 given that y^3 - x^2 = 4 2)If y = xª + ( 1 / xª ) , prove that x^2 . y'' + xy' – a^2 . y = 0 3) Find dy/dx for the following function. cos ( x - y ) = ( y ) ( 2x + 1 ) ^3 4)Find the values of A and B that make f(x) differentiable at