1. science

    what three vitamina and minerals undergo the greatest percentage of increase during pregnacy?
  2. Chemistry

    In recrystalization of acetanilide if your percentage yield is greater than 100% how would this occur?
  3. Math

    M varies directly as the square of N. If N increases by 10%, find the percentage change in M
  4. Chemistry

    The \rm p \it K_{\rm a} of this reaction is 4.2. In a 0.74\it M solution of benzoic acid, what percentage of the molecules are ionized?
  5. math

    Pete saved 24.00 of the 60 .oo dollars he earned. What percentage of his earnings did he save ?
  6. Math

    If 11/16 of the business come from delivery and 1/5 come from customer in store purchases what percentage come from catering
  7. math

    in a certain distribution the mean is 68, with a variance of 16. Using chebyshev's theorem at least what percentage of values will fall between 60 and 76
  8. 10th grade

    What would be the percentage composition of carbon in 10g sample of methane is?
  9. financing

    what would be the simple interest on a $4,500. loan if the annual percentage rate were 6.5%?
  10. Math

    Increase $980 by 5% and then decrease the result by 5%. Calculate the overall percentage loss
  11. help

    What is the percentage of words in an english dictionary that have latin or greek as their source? A} 50% B} 60% C} 70% D} 80% .i choose a.
  12. Business Statistics

    If M = 45 and SD = 5, what percentage of scores falls between 39 and 51.2? I need to work the problem in excel.
  13. science

    what three vitamins and minerals undergo the greatest percentage of increase during pregnancy?
  14. Statistics

    If the average IQ is 100 with a standard deviation of 10, what percentage of the population has an IQ of at least 116?
  15. math

    The population of a town decreased from 15,400 to 12,950. What is the percentage decrease?
  16. Finding Jobs(English)

    What percentage of job openings are found in the newspaper? A. 75% B. less than 20% C. 40% D. 25% Would it be like D?
  17. chemistry

    How can you convert the number of atoms of these isotopes 35Cl and 37Cl to percentage?
  18. science

    what 3 vitamins and minerals undergo the greatest percentage of increase during pregnancy
  19. Science

    What is the percentage composition of copper, Cu, in Cu20? A. 44% B. 80% C. 89% D. 133% I Choose C, Am I correct?
  20. Chemistry -- plz help

    how do i calculate the percentage of ionic character .. ex. H-O = electronegativity difference = 1.2
  21. math

    For a normal curve, what percentage of values falls beyond two standard deviations from the mean? A. 5.55% B. 4.55% C. 10.55% D. 12.55% E. 13.11%
  22. phy

    why archimedes principle lab has more percentage errors or discrepancy than expected?
  23. math

    find the simple interest on naira 28 for 25 years at 1 percentage per annum.
  24. statistics

    what percentage of students studied between 30 and 40 hours? Range 10-50, Mean- 35, standard deviation-5.
  25. Chemistry

    Given the weight of phenacetin and its percentage yield...how would I calculate its melting point?
  26. maths

    A school has 250 children, Eighty are boys. What percentage are girls?
  27. math

    Wholesale cost $1.55 and sold it at $2 and 20 what is the gross profit percentage x 100
  28. Calculus

    for a normal curve what percentage of values falls beyond two standard deviations from the mean
  29. Chemistry

    In the compound PtCl2(NH3)2, what is the percentage of the mass due to nitrogen?
  30. Finance

    Abe is an entrepreneur who likes to be actively involved in his business ventures. He is going to invest $500,000 in a business that he projects will produce a tax loss of approximately $100,000 per year in the short run. However, once consumers become
  31. Accounting

    Given the following information for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2001: Product sales: 28,189,612 Service sales: 11,688,793 Cost of goods sold- products: 10,633,956 Cost of goods sold- services: 5,869,106 Operating expense: 14,904,460 Pre-tax operating
  32. Alg 1

    The quadratic formula and the discriminat. The daily production of a company is modeled by the function p=-w^2 + 75w - 1200. The daily production, p, is dependent on the number of workers w, present. If the break-even point is when p=0, what are the least
  33. Math - Statistics

    A company claims that no more than 5% of a particular product has a defect. In a shipment of 15 units, what is the probability of receiving 3 or 4 defective units? This cannot be answered the way the question is worded. What you need to know is the
  34. Intermediate Accounting

    Island Builders, Inc., has consistently used the percentage-of-completion method of accounting for construction type contracts. During 2004 Island Builders started work on a $9,000,000 fixed-price construction contract that was completed in 2006, Island
  35. Career

    Which of the following are the top two job expectations of people who career plan Hours** Benefits Type of work** coworkers security Which of the following is an example of a job that would supply a good that would meet a need? limo driver** actor farmer
  36. Math

    One phone company charges $12 per month plus $.05 per minute after the first 500 minutes. A second phone company charges $10 per month plus $.04 per minute after the first 300 minutes. How many minutes would a subscriber have to use so that the cost of the
  37. math

    In most businesses, increasing prices of products can negatively impact the number of customers. A bus company in a small town has an average number of riders of 800 per day. The bus company charges $2.25 for a ride. They conducted a survey of their
  38. math

    3. You recently started the paperwork to purchase a new home, and you were just notified that you can move into the house in 2 weeks. You decide to hire a moving company, but are unsure which company to choose. You search online and are interested in
  39. Accounting-HELP ME!

    A company purchased machinery for $660,000 on May 1,2008. It is estimated that it will have a useful life of ten years,salvage value of $45,000, production of 350,000 units, and working hours of 60,000. During 2009 the company uses the machinery 3,050
  40. math

    A class survey in a large class for first-year college students asked, “About how many minutes do you study on a typical weeknight?” The mean response of the 463 students was = 118 minutes. Suppose that we know that the study time follows a Normal
  41. BIS219

    These are the only ones I need help on, Thanks 1. Which of the following statements about information systems is not correct? A. Information systems are concentrated in the IS Department. B. Information systems tend to follow the structure of the
  42. Stem and Leaf Probability

    Please advise-Thanks Given below is the stem-and-leaf display representing the amount of detergent used in gallons (with leaves in 10ths of gallons) in a month by 25 drive-through car wash operations in Phoenix. 9 | 147 10 | 02238 11 | 135566777 12 |
  43. physics

    A projected space station consists of a circular tube that will rotate about its center (like a tubular bicycle tire) as shown in the figure . The circle formed by the tube has a diameter of about 1.1 km. What must be the rotation speed (revolutions per
  44. physics

    A proposed space station consists of a circular tube that will rotate about its center(like a tubular bicycle tire). The circle formed by the tube has a diameter of 1.1km. What must be the rotation speed(revolutions per day) in an effect nearly equal to
  45. Chemistry

    I need help with a question about chemistry!!!!!!!!!!! I know that motor oil comes in various grades but is it a homogeneous mixture or a compound? Motor oil, as used for lubrication in cars and other such devices, is a homogeneous mixture. It is mostly
  46. physics

    A coin is placed on an old record turntable which rotates at 78 rpm. The coefficient of friction between the record and the coin is 0.17. b) At what distance (m) from the center will the coin begin to slide off the record? c) What is the period of the
  47. Finance

    Kohers Inc is considering a leasing arrangement to finance some manufacturing tools that it needs for the next 3 years. The tools will be obsolete and worthless after 3 years. The firm will depreciate the cost of the tools on a straight-line basis over
  48. finance

    Kohers Inc is considering a leasing arrangement to finance some manufacturing tools that it needs for the next 3 years. The tools will be obsolete and worthless after 3 years. The firm will depreciate the cost of the tools on a straight-line basis over
  49. PERSONAL FINANCE / composition

    Ok, need another set of eyes... Here is a question I had to answer. Want to get a second opinion if it reads well, and makes sense. Thanks for any comments. What things do you take into consideration when beginning to plan for investments? Why is it
  50. chemistry

    Based on the experimental data, I was able to calculate the experimental pKa value which is 5.04 and the literature value of the pKa for KHP is 5.51. If I would be computing for the relative error between the two pKa's it would be 8.52994555%. But then,
  51. Finance: Mortgages

    A borrower received a 30-year ARM mortgage loan for $200,000. Rate caps are 3/2/6 (initial adjustment cap/periodic interest rate cap/lifetime interest rate cap). The start rate is 3.50% and the loan adjusts every 12 months for the life of the mortgage. The
  52. Business math

    You just move into your new home for which you have a 30 year mortagage of $60,000 at 7%. Your new neighbor Jack tells you that if you double the amount of your payment each month you will cut the length of time you pay in half. Is he correct? would the
  53. Statistics

    A gas station manager thinks the average motorist changes their oil less than the recommended two times per year. In a survey 15 car owners were asked how many times they changed their oil in the past year. Here are the results: 1 1 2 1 2 2 0 1 0 1 2 3 1 3
  54. ECC

    When do parents start to socialize their children in earnest? 1) The 1st year when babies can interact socially. 2) The 2nd year when toddlers are first able to comply with parental directions. 3) The preschool years when children start formal schooling.
  55. chemistry

    according to the American insurance companies, a driver will travel 12,000 miles in a single year. gasoline may be taken as primarily c8h18. the drives vehicle gets 25.0 miles per gallon. the density of octane is 0.703 g/ml. how much gasoline in gallons is
  56. business ethics

    1. Which of the following is NOT a concern of the community stakeholder group? A. Employment of local residents B. Repayment of debt C. Economic growth D. Protection of the environment 2. Select the option that can be used to illustrate a utilitarian
  57. Algebra 1

    The sales representative later indicates that there are 3 times as many homes available with the second floor plan than the first. Write an equation that illustrates this situation.
  58. English

    i need a sample lesson plan for what makes us grow with 15 childrens objectives, material,learning activites
  59. history

    how were the truman doctrine and the marshall plan relevant to the american foreign policy goal of containment?
  60. IT

    I need to create a sample plan on remodeling a bathroom this is for class IT 221N Analysis and Design Information Systems
  61. reimbisement methodologies

    You're an HMo director. you would like to ensure that your managed care plan is meeting industry standards. what is one way that you can do this?
  62. Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies

    If an enrollee uses more services than originally assumed per the PPPM calculation, then the plan would ?
  63. English

    This summer, Joel’s plan is to travel. How does the infinitive function in the sentence? A) as an adjective *** B) as a predicate nominative
  64. math

    The sales representative later indicates that their are three times as many homes avaiable with the second plan then the first. Write an equation that illistrates this using x and y as variables.
  65. consumer math

    Jan borrowed $1,200 at 11.5% interest for three months. How much does she have to repay under a single-payment plan?
  66. medical reimbursement methodologies

    I need to know if you are low income and categorically needy you meet requirements for what insurance plan thanks for the help
  67. literature

    In the merchant of venice act 2 scene 4, What does Jessica’s letter say? What is her plan? Why would torchbearers be considered vile? Thanks!
  68. Grammar

    Are the commas correctly placed in the sentence below? "Overall, the plan is going to stop bullying by raising awareness, and by outlining consequences."
  69. physics

    how can i plan and design a lab to investigate how electric current causes contraction of a spiral wire spring
  70. health

    The easiest and best way for a teacher to plan a diet for young children that’s well balanced in nutrients is by using _______ guidelines.
  71. Health

    What are some ways to adjust your exercise and nutritional plan due to age, pregnancy, and physical capabilities?
  72. human services

    I need help in understanding a nontraditional outlining plan about Domestic violence. Is there a web site that I can go to read.
  73. sci 275

    sci275, how to write a sustainability plan on shipping, ocean dumping and plastic debris
  74. maths

    using a scale of 1:250 draw an accurate plan of a rectangular garden measuring 25m x 15m.
  75. Found. Addict & Substance Abuse

    What are the components of an effective aftercare plan for alcohol/drug abusers?
  76. us history

    how were the truman doctrine and the marshall plan relevatn to the american foreign policy goal of containment?
  77. History

    10.)The Virginia Plan preferred representation based upon A.)income B.)population C.)region D.)state I picked B
  78. government

    6th grader needs to answer question listing the benefits of the Hamiltonian economic plan in one paragraph. Help please!
  79. US History

    How were the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan relevant to the American foreign policy goal of containment? Thanks -MC
  80. Texas Government

    Why should judges be appointed by experts, as explained in the Missouri plan, not by the people in open elections as we do now?
  81. computing

    if you can answer these question and give the calculation that would be a great help thank you 1. Calculate the amount of storage required for a black and white bit-mapped graphic which has a resolution of 2000 x 1400 dpi. 2. calculate the amount of
  82. Algebra. Help me please!

    Andrew decides to wait until age 65 to begin receiving social security benefits. Find the present value of his estimated $26,000 per year in payment assuming 6%per year and payment until his 90th birthday. A. $265,263.20 B. $322,3667.36 C. $338,082.42 D.
  83. Life

    This is my second year in college,I've gotten B's during my freshman year and now I basically failed one of my major required course. I don't know what to do. Honestly I went into this for the potential money and to please my parents. I know people who
  84. Health Care Reimbursement Methodologies

    I included the answers below but i don't know if my answers are correct please send me your opinions. thanks 1. Hospitals that are excluded from the Medicare acute care PPS (such as children’s hospitals) are paid based on A. reasonable costs.. B. fee
  85. economics

    Find the CPI for each year(2005 is he base year;and take 2005 as the fixed basket of goods for each year): 2005 price of apple is $1 for 100 quantity produced. Banana $2 for 50 quantity produced. 2006 price of apple is $2 for 150 quantity produced. Banana
  86. finance firm's sales on credit

    In general, the larger the portion of a firm's sales that are on credit, the: A. lower will be the firm's need to borrow B. higher will be the firm's need to borrow C. more rapidly credit sales will be paid off D. more the firm can buy raw materials on
  87. math

    a phone company wants to create some new area codes. each area code will be 3 numbers . using the digits 1,5,and 7 only once in each code, how many codes can the phone company create?
  88. Math

    a phone company wants to create some new area codes. Each new area code will have 3 numbers. Using the digits 1, 5, and 7 only once in each code, how many new codes can the phone company create?
  89. math

    Suppose the probability that a construction company will be awarded certain contract is .25, the probability that it will be awarded a second contract is .21, and the probability that it will get both contracts is .13. What is the probability that the
  90. science

    the planets of the solar system revolves around the sun in orbits because the the Suns__________. A.The suns gravity B.The suns rotation C.the suns heat energy D.The suns magnetic feild Maybe C. & d. is wrong i think What keeps anything from flying off
  91. science

    While riding a bike, a rider exerts a force of 540 N on the pedal, which when attatched to a sprocket creates a radius of rotation of 0.18 m. How much torque does the rider exert on the sprocket? I think I have to use the formula torque=rFsin(x) But I'm
  92. Physics

    A 1000-kg car has four 10-kg wheels. What fraction of the total kinetic energy of the car is due to rotation of the wheels? Assume that the wheels have the same rotational inertia as disks of the same mass and size. Explain why you do not need to know the
  93. Government

    The cost of the Iraq War, as of June 2009, equals: A. Giving 32 million four-year college scholarships B. enrolling more than 100 children in Head Start programs C. building 5 million new public-housing units D. either A or B is correct The books says that
  94. Algebra 2 A

    A jet ski company charges a flat fee of $26.00 plus $3.25 per hour to rent a jet ski. Another company charges a fee of $24.00 plus $3.50 per hour to rent the same jet ski. Using a graphing calculator, find the number of hours for which the costs are the
  95. Math (just need some help)

    A jet ski company charges a flat fee of $24.00 plus $2.25 per hour to rent a jet ski. Another company charges a fee of $23.00 plus $2.50 per hour to rent the same jet ski. Using a graphing calculator, find the number of hours for which the costs are the
  96. Probability

    rent-4-wheels makes a profit of $12 per day for each car rented, and loses $4 per day for each car that is not rented. How many cars should the company have on hand to maximize profit, subject to the following probability distribution: anticipated number
  97. ict

    why does a computer need a floopy drive as well as a hard drive It doesn't . None of my computers have floppy drives. Floppy drives were used in ancient times to have portable data input/export. These days we use CD/DVD drives and flash drives for portable
  98. Management Accounting

    Can someone please help me with this question. Nike is an oregon based company that focuses on the design, development and worldwide marketing of high Quality footwear, apparel, equipment and accessory products. Nike is the largest seller of athletic
  99. grade 11 math

    at giant tv sales, you can chose between 2 payments options for a new tv. 1st option is 2 pay $2399.99. 2nd option is to pay a $399.99 downpayment plus $2200.00 after one year. if interset is 4.2% per year, compunded quarterly, wich option is a better deal
  100. Calculus 2 (math)

    A factory installs new machinery that will save 1250−38x dollars per year, where x is the number of years since installation. However, the cost of maintaining the new machinery is 81x dollars per year. Find the accumulated savings that will occur before