1. statistics

    if the mean is 20 and the standard deviation is 4, at least what percentage will have a mean between 15 and 25?
  2. Math

    What is the percentage of difference of 195 and 85?
  3. statistics

    what is percentage of scores between37.5 and 39
  4. math

    how do you put a fraction into a percentage
  5. Math

    Can some one help me, I'm trying to find the percentage increase between 0.69 $1.55 $2.60 $4.23 $5.39
  6. math

    What would the percentage be if I had 16 apples and 15 of them were yellow?
  7. math

    what is 800 as a percentage of 1400
  8. chemistry

    what is the percentage of water in Ba(OH)2 x 8H2O?
  9. Chemistry

    What does a negetive percentage error mean?
  10. to ms.sue

    how do you find a percentage when its like this: 20% of ______ = 9
  11. maths

    what is the percentage of 739 out of 1100?
  12. math

    how do I find the percentage increase from 26.4 to 78.2?
  13. Math

    what is 4/25 in a percentage? I think it is 64/100... Is that correct?
  14. math

    how do i find the percentage of a number
  15. math

    how to change fraction 1.20/.80 into percentage?
  16. Math

    How do I figure out the percentage increase from $4.00-$5.00
  17. stats

    Mean is 60 and standard deviation is 7. what percentage is 73 and below.
  18. math help

    The number of trucks registered in a city increases by 10% each year. Initially, there were 100 trucks registered. There were 110 trucks registered at the end of Year 1. What is the number of trucks registered in the city at the end of Year 8? how do i
  19. Finance

    Chip’s Home Brew Whiskey management forecasts that if the firm sells each bottle of Snake-Bite for $20, then the demand for the product will be 15,000 bottles per year, whereas sales will be 90 percent as high if the price is raised 17 percent. Chip’s
  20. Finance

    On January 1, 2011 you bought a two-year U.S. government bond with a principal (face value) of $1000 and a coupon rate of 6% with coupons paid on December 31, 2011 and December 31, 2012. The principal will be repaid on December 31, 2012. The Consumer Price
  21. college

    In March 1988, Daniel E. Beren, John M. Elliot, and Edward F. Mannino formed Walnut Street Four, a general partnership, to purchase and renovate an office building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They borrowed more than $200,000 from Hamilton Bank to purchase
  22. Comm Tech

    2.)The Little Builders company creates colorful plastic blocks for toddler boys and girls to play with. Based on what you learned in this lesson, which of the following statements describes strengths and weaknesses of the logo design? Choose all that
  23. Information Technology (Pascal algorithm)

    Ask the user to enter the discount percentage(rate) offered in a sale Accept the discount percentage from the user Ask the user to enter the price for three different sales item Accept the prices of the three sale items Compute the total price of the three
  24. critical thinking

    Homework Help: critical thinking Posted by long on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 1:53pm. Read the scenario. Using the information provided in the references and lesson, arrive with your best possible solution. You are a squad leader in Sapper platoon, Special
  25. Honors Biology

    The inability of defensin to function in high-salt environments is at least partly responsible for the pathology of this disease. Imagine that you are the director of a biotech company that specializes in manufacturing human proteins by producing them in
  26. Honors Biology

    The inability of defensin to function in high-salt environments is at least partly responsible for the pathology of this disease. Imagine that you are the director of a biotech company that specializes in manufacturing human proteins by producing them in
  27. critical thinking

    Read the scenario. Using the information provided in the references and lesson, arrive with your best possible solution. You are a squad leader in Sapper platoon, Special Troop Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Your unit will deploy to
  28. Statistics

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) collects yearly statistics on drinking behavior in the United States by surveying a random sample of U.S. adults. The following data display the percent of adults aged 18 years and over who had 5 or more drinks in 1
  29. statistics

    Tall clubs international is a social organization for tall people. It has a height requirement that men must be at least 74 in. and women must be at least 70 in. tall. If men's heights have a normal mean of 69.0 in and a deviation of 2.8 and women's normal

    A family of 5 comes to the amusement park. There are two adults and three children (under the age of 12). They qualify for a special family rate of $174.45. The clerk tells them that a child's ticket always costs $11 less than an adult's ticket. How much
  31. Physics

    A wheel of arduous 30 cm is rotating at a rate of 2.0 revolutions every 0.080 s. Through what angle, in radians, does the wheel rotate in 1.0 s? What is the linear speed of a point on the wheel's rim? What is the wheel's frequency of rotation?
  32. Physics

    A boy is spinning on a chair and holding a paper bag so that it is horizontal, and perpendicular to the axis of the rotation. What should be the angular velocity of the boy in radians/second so that the bottom of the bag breaks
  33. Math

    A wheel with radius 2 cm is being pushed up a ramp at a rate of 6 cm per second. The ramp is 520 cm long, and 260 cm tall at the end. A point P is marked on the circle. How far does the wheel travel in one rotation?
  34. Geometry

    I don't understand this can someone please point me in the right direction. The Pentagon pictured below is regular. What is the image of line CA after a rotation of 216 degrees? The pentagon has 5 lines of symmetry and a radius of 72 degrees.
  35. Math

    A square has rotational symmetry because it can be rotated 180 degrees so that its image matches the original. Your friend says the angle of rotation is 180 divided by 4 = 45 degrees. What is wrong with this statement?
  36. physics

    A ball on the end of a string is moving in a horizontal circle. If the centripetal acceleration of the ball is 12 m/s2, while it is travelling at 3.0 m/s, what would the acceleration be if its speed increased to 4.0 m/s. Assume that the radius of rotation
  37. Science/Physics

    Explain why a rapidly spinning gyroscope, mounted in a frame that allows it to rotate in any direction independently of the frame’s rotation, tends to maintain its axis pointed in the same direction in space. I just am not getting this!
  38. Math

    A manufacturer produces certain devices. The fixed cost of production is $2000. The first unit produced cost $2 and the cost per unit increases by 20 cents or each additional unit produced. What is the total cost C of producing x units?
  39. business-location

    Ready Mix Concrete Company is planning on developing new markets in a growing community. It had recently acquired large orders in three locations: downtown, at a mall, and in a suburb. The destinations and loads to be delivered are the following: Delivery
  40. english

    What are the literary devices used here? "I am frightened: I dare think this way no more. This way lies the abyss. It is not now the time but I will not lose these thoughts, I will keep them, shut them away until the war is ended. My heart beats fast: this
  41. world literature 210

    Write a 350-700-word ... essay comparing and contrasting the themes and writing styles of two of the literature selections listed below. evaluate the effectiveness of both authors uses of fictional literary devices and conventions. a clean well lighted
  42. Accounting; Emergency

    NOTE: I NEED HELP WITH THESE 10 QUESTIONS,IT IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE! Use the following information to answer questions 1-4. The Bayside Company uses the LIFO cost flow method to value inventory. In the current year, profit at Bayside is running unusually

    A data processing analyst for a research company finds that a preliminary computer run of survey results that his company conducted for a client show that consumers love the client's new product. Based on that information, the analyst buys a large block of
  44. History

    Which of the following best describes why sit-down strikes resulted in success for workers? A Owners lost more money the longer strikers occupied the factories. B The strikes forced workers to agree to management’s terms. C The strikes allowed workers to
  45. Math

    Score Skateboard Company is a small firm that designs and manufactures skateboards for high school and college students who want effective, fast transportation around campus. Score has two employees who receive $1,100 gross pay per semimonthly pay period
  46. statistics

    A company has 140 employees, of which 30 are supervisors. Eighty of the employees are married, and 20% of the married employees are supervisors. If a company employee is randomly selected, what is the probability that the employee is married and is a
  47. Advanced Accounting

    Estimated and Actual Goodwill Passion Company is trying to decide whether or not to acquire Desiree Inc. The following balance sheet for Desiree Inc. provides information about book values. Estimated market values are also listed, based upon Passion
  48. FINITE

    Assume that the business makes a profit with probability 0.8 in the first year. For each year thereafter, the business makes a profit with probability 0.8 if it made a profit in the previous year, and with probability 0.2 if it did not make a profit in the
  49. math

    Assume that the business makes a profit with probability 0.3 in the first year. For each year thereafter, the business makes a profit with probability 0.7 if it made a profit in the previous year, and with probability 0.2 if it did not make a profit in the
  50. Algebra

    A cab company charges a flat fee boarding rate in addition to a per mile rate Using your own experience or some internet research. Write an equation that represents a cab company's rate taking into account the initial flat boarding rate and the per mile
  51. Math

    At the end of the first quarter of 2006, all the major stock market indexes had posted strong gains in the past 12 months. Mass Mutual Financial Group credited the increases to solid growth in corporate profits. The mean one-year return for stocks in the
  52. algebra

    Amelia's parents and grand parents have both opened savings accounts to save for Amelia's education this year. Amelia's parents' savings account earned 5% interest and her grandparents account earned 8% interest. This year the two savings accounts have
  53. math

    At the beginning of the year, 40% of the students in the Art Club were boys. In the middle of the year, 25% of the girls left but 8 more boys joined the Art Club. The number of members became 42. Find the total number of Art Club members at the beginning
  54. another rotation

    A hollow cylinder (hoop) is rolling on a horizontal surface at speed v = 1.85 m/s when it reaches a 23.5° incline.How far up the incline will it go? How long will it be on the incline before it arrives back at the bottom? Again, I am so confused about
  55. Physics

    A circular loop with 30 turns and area of 0.25 m2 rotates at 100 rad/s. The axis of rotation of the loop is perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field of 0.04 Tesla. What is the maximum emf induced in the loop? 15 V 30 V 45 V 60 V I got 15 V but
  56. History

    President Lyndon B. Johnson persuaded Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The primary purpose of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was to A) protect impoverished groups by banning the poll tax. B) implement affirmative action programs at the federal
  57. Managerial ECON

    A researcher estimated the Ep for autos in the U.S. is –1.2, while the Ei is 3.0. Next year, U.S. automakers intend to increase the average price of autos by 5%, and they expect consumers’ disposable income to rise by 3%. A) If sales of domestically
  58. career

    Matching these ones I really don't have a clue so if you could help here it would be nice but if not I understand Match the following terms with their definitions. A. using the connections among people to help one another reach important goals B. personal
  59. math

    Your car insurance bill is $600 per year if you pay it all up front.  However, if you pay it monthly, you will pay $60/month which is $720 each year.  You would like to save up each month so that you can pay for the insurance annually.  How much would
  60. acc 422

    I3-1: The Red Sky company is a wholesale company that purchases items from manufacturers and sells them to retail establishments. On December 31, 2010 Red Sky had the following in ending inventory: Product Code Quantity Cost Each Current Replacement Cost
  61. what does this mean???

    Students must make a choice concerning their daily practices that will reduce the amount of energy that is consumed in their practice. This must be clearly illustrated using fotor, including the choice made, types of energy conserved, approximate amount of
  62. math Algerba 1

    A maple syrup producer would like to increase production by 500 gallons per year with a goal of producing at least 20,000 gallons of syrup over the first period of production. If the fist years's production, in gallons is given by x, write expressions for

    You currently drive 288 miles per week in a car that gets 24 miles per gallon of gas. You are considering buying a new fuel-efficient car for $15,000 (after trade-in on your current car) that gets 48 miles per gallon. Insurance premiums for the new and old
  64. college/accounting

    You have been offered the opportunity to purchase a franchise of Sunshine Juice Stores. You will have to pay $258,635 for the initial investment in the store and its equipment, plus $30,000 per year for the lease payments and the franchise fee. The
  65. business law

    In March 1988, Daniel E. Beren, John M. Elliot, and Edward F. Mannino formed Walnut Street Four, a general partnership, to purchase and renovate an office building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They borrowed more than $200,000 from Hamilton Bank to purchase
  66. Geometry

    Use the given plan to write a two-column proof of the Symmetric Property of Congruence. Given: segment AB ≅ segment EF Prove: segment EF ≅ segment AB Plan: Use the definition of congruent segments to write segment AB ≅ segment EF as a
  67. english

    How can I phrase this sentence better? "If you are interested in volunteering to help plan the party, you can..."
  68. english 101

    how do you plan to support this thesis on healthy eating
  69. Science

    I need help to put a terrestrial resource plan together. I have no clue as where to start.
  70. reading

    use 1.smile , 2.hop, 2.plan in a sentence future tense
  71. english

    how do a write a paragraph on how i plan to obtain my goal as a Doctor?
  72. science

    cite samples of lesson plan for elementary students

  74. history

    president hoover's overall plan to deal with the great depression was to?
  75. Great Blue Heron

    how you think this species would be best protected? like some management plan?
  76. child care

    any idea about how to write a lesson plan on diversity...
  77. english

    Help!!!!! What does the Quote "In winter I plot and plan, In spring I move" mean.
  78. Health Care

    why is it important too individualize an integrative treatment plan?
  79. Nouns

    "plan" is an adjective but when it is written with an "s" as in "plans" is it considered as a noun or no??
  80. Language arts

    I (advice,advise) you to plan your project before you start
  81. Integrated Marketing Communications

    develop an IMC plan for a business.
  82. algebra

    kaylas cell phone plan as a fixed fee of $45
  83. preschool

    hello i need help with a lesson plan i need to find one regarding diversity, and whats the concept?
  84. English

    Would 'back uu plan' be considered slang in a formal essay?
  85. government

    how did the new jersey and Virginia plan lead to the great compromise

    i need help with my lesson plan, my concept to be taught is more than ABC can u help me please
  87. psychology

    How can I plan to foster hope from the present time period?
  88. health

    what is differnce between the state and federal worker's compensation plan?
  89. 12th grade

    i need information about the virginia plan but it has to be more on a college levle
  90. s.s.

    This was the plan that Franklin D. Roosevelt created to assit the U.S. after the deoression. was it the new deal.
  91. Math 100

    On yur new job, you can be paid in one of two ways: Plan A;
  92. human resources

    prepare HR plan for the production and line department
  93. English

    I need a character trait to describe someone who does not think or plan ahead. Thanks in advance!:)
  94. Algebra

    monthly budget of $5,000 lABOR $1,835 what percentage of the monthly budget is spent on labor? Miscellaneous items 1,015 what percentage of the total monthly budget is spent on miscellaneous, Material 18% how much do material cost? Rent & Utilities 25% how
  95. Quantitative Methods II

    The monthly income of residents of Daisy City is normally distributed with a mean of $3000 and a standard deviation of $500. a. What is the random variable? b. The mayor of Daisy City makes $2250 a month. What percentage of Daisy City's residents has
  96. Math

    Forecasting revenue and costs With the help of your chief financial officer (CFO), you have put together the following preliminary budget figures based on last year's numbers for a planned production and sales level of 4,000 units per month: Building
  97. MGT

    theses are the 8 steps... 1. Be alert to indications and symptoms of problems. 2. Tentatively define the problem. 3. Collect facts and redefine the problem if necessary. 4. Identify possible alternatives. 5. Gather and organize facts concerning identified
  98. math please help ms sue i wana pass math

    8. The table below shows the relationship between the number of days a plant grows and its height. Which shows a scatter plot of the data and a description of the trend? # of Days Plant Height (cm) 0 5 2 7 4 10 5 13 6 14 7 16 8 17 (1 point) scatter plot A
  99. accounting

    Andy Wright, D.D.S., opened a dental practice on January 1, 2008. During the first month of operations the following transactions occurred. Performed services for patients who had dental plan insurance. At January 31, $875 of such services was earned but
  100. finance

    A year ago, the Alpine Growth Fund was being quoted at an NAV of $21.50 and an offer price of $23.35; today, it’s being quoted at $23.04 (NAV) and $25.04 (offer). Use the approximate yield formula or a handheld financial calculator to find the rate of