1. pre-algerbra

    $500 for 1 year at 12% per year
  2. Math

    Which is a better rate of interest: 3 year CD at 2.50% or: 2 year CD at 2.22% ? Thanks ever so much!
  3. math

    The oil burner in a certain house is used to heat the house and to heat the hot water.During the seven cold months when the house is heated, an average of 200 gallons of oil a month is used.In the remaining five months, when the house is not heated, a
  4. History

    In Europe, one of the first modern companies, and later, corporations, was the Virginia Company (1). The founders, who were private citizens, secured a royal charter from King James I of England (2). However, the owners did not have enough money to fund
  5. world history

    Which best describes the Dutch East India Company? it was a Multinational corporation used to boost trade with Asian territories. it was the worlds largest shipbuilding company located in North america it was a team of mercenaries and militia hired by
  6. math

    the price of is 150/m3. the price is raisd by 10% each year. wat will the price of oil be at the end of two years? what is 1.1^2 * 150? if i understand the question the answer would be 181.5 The question isn't exactly clear how the 10% is done. If it is
  7. Chemistry

    A 25.00mL sample of a household cleaning solution was diluted to 250.0mL in a volumetric flask. A 50.00mL aliquot of this solution required 40.38mL of 0.2506 M HCl to reach a bromocresol green end point. Calculate the weight/volume percentage of NH3 in the

    Andy Wright,D.D.S., opened a dental practice on January 1, 2008. During the first month of operations the following transactions occurred. 1. Performed services for patients who had dental plan insurance. At January 31, $875 of such services was earned but
  9. Finance

    ER Medical Supplies had sales of 2,000 units at $160 per unit last year. The marketing manager projects a 25 percent increase in unit volume this year with a 10 percent price increase. Returned merchandise will represent 5 percent of total sales. What is
  10. math

    The price of a sweater went up 20% since last year . If last year's price was x, what is this year's price in terms of x?
  11. math

    The price of a sweater went up 20% since last year.If last year's price was x what is this year's price in terms of x?
  12. Intermediate Accounting I

    On January 1, 2007, the Accumulated Depreciation-Machinery account of a particular company showed a balance of $370,000. At the end of 2007, after the adjusting entries were posted, it showed a balance of $395,000. During 2007, one of the machines which
  13. Cost Accounting

    28) LO.4 (EVA) Mountain Mist Inc.’s cost of capital is 11 percent. In 2008, one of the firm’s division generated and EVA of $1,130,000. The fair market value of the capital investment in that division was $26,500. How much after-tax income was
  14. math

    If a Ferris wheel takes 45 seconds to make a complete rotation, how many rotations will it complete in 3 hours?
  15. Physics

    If the mine winch drum diameter is 6m, calculate how far the cafe will drop for each single rotation of the drum
  16. math

    A bicycle wheel travels about 82 inches in 1 full rotation. What is the diameter of the wheel, to the nearest inch?
  17. Statistics

    The distribution of weekly salaries at a large company is reverse J-shaped with a mean of $1000 and a standard deviation of $370. What is the probability that the sampling error made in estimating the mean weekly salary for all employees of the company by
  18. Gr.11 Math

    A large company has a phone tree to contact its employees in case of an emergency factory shutdown. Each of the five senior managers calls three eployees, who calls three other employees and so on. If the tree consists of seven levels, how many employees
  19. Eco

    jasmine works in sales but is considering quitting work for 2 years to earn an MBA. Her currrent job pays $40,000 peryear (after tax),but she could earn $55000 per year if she had her master of business admin. Tuition fees is $10000 per year. Jasmine's
  20. English

    Does anyone know any websites that have humorous devices such as, absurdity, caricature, high humor, etc (with examples)? Here are two places I like. http://www.cartoonbank.com/prints_currentissue.asp?mscssid=W9RR21STX5LT8NEGE0T2BGN2NWLGBTE2&sitetype=1
  21. Math

    How far does the bike go on one rotation of the pedal sprocket in gear 2c? Gear 2c = 1.95
  22. Earth Science

    Why is the speed of Earth's rotation different at the equator than it is at the poles?
  23. E

    what is the angle of rotation about D when the measure of the acute angle between lines m and n is 36 degrees
  24. Precalculus

    An item costs $12.00 in 2016 through an online retailer. Each year, the price will increase by 5% of the previous year’s price. A. Find the general rule for the sequence of the prices for this item. B. Determine what the price will be in 2030. C. If you
  25. English

    In her graphic description of the most gruesome scenes in the horror film Maria left out none of the (amiable gory) details gory? After all the deductions had been made from my (gross limber) salary the sum that remained seemed pitifully small gross? Many
  26. accounting

    I need help in preparing the following: 1) record the 2008 transactions in journal form. 2) prepared the stockholders equt7y section of the company balance sheet as of December 31, 2008. Assume net income for the year is $4000, 000 The stockholders equity
  27. Advanced Functions

    Rena has been offered entry-level positions with two firms. Firm A offers a starting salary of $40 000 per year, with a $2000 per year increase guaranteed each subsequent year. Firm B offers a starting salary of $38 500, with a 5% increase every year after
  28. Civics ASAP PLZ =:)

    Which of the following situations would require an exchange of currency? A Hawaiian resort buys towels from New Hampshire A restaurant company in Florida buys salmon from Alaska A New Mexico teacher tutors a student from California A California company
  29. Math Help!!!

    15. A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results: 110 students like the program. 120 students think the program is unnecessary. 210 students plan on running for student government next year. If a circle graph were
  30. physics

    Given circuits for f and f−1, we can create classical reversible circuits Rf, R−1f, Rf−1, R−1f−1 which are shown in the following figure. (Assume that f is a bijection.)In what sequence shall we apply the above circuits in
  31. finance

    An increasing average collection period indicates 1)the firm is generating more income. 2) accounts receivable are going down. 3) the company is becoming more efficient in its collection policy. 4) the company is becoming less efficient in its collection
  32. 275 science

    Due Date: Day 7 [Individual forum]  Review the following Energy Resource Plan outline: I. Introduction: Provide information about why conserving energy is important. II. Renewable vs. Nonrenewable: Briefly distinguish between these two types of
  33. Engineering

    Based on the following labor/material/costs/revenue structure, develop a production plan to maximize profit. You have 40 hours per week at the shown rate at each position type and can plan on 15% additional hours at overtime rates of 150%. You have room
  34. computer science

    Class scores: Write a program that calculates the total grade for N classroom exercises as a percentage. The user should input the value for N followed by each of the N scores and totals. Calculate the overall percentage (sum of the total points earned
  35. Writing research

    What were some arguments and counter arguments of Martin Luther King's " I have a dream" speech? I have recognized bias, fallacies, and rhetorical devices. I am having trouble identifying counter arguments.
  36. Designing Specialty Areas

    The book discusses "creating a sense of place." Amelia, a teacher who lives near Lake Erie, wishes to implement this concept. Which of the following playground structures would help her achieve this goal? A. A rowboat for pretend play B. A wooden
  37. statistics

    In baseball, is there a linear correlation between batting average and home run percentage? Let x represent the batting average of a professional baseball player. Let y represent the home run percentage (number of home runs per 100 times at bat). Suppose a
  38. com155

    I need helping pointing out all the verbs and tenses. My education plays (present tense) a very important role in my life. It will be (future tense) a major role in my successful financial planning. I have completed (present perfect tense) a personal
  39. Math

    Oaktree Company purchased a new machine and made the following expenditures: Purchase price $45,000 Sales tax 2,200 Freight charges for shipment of machine 700 Insurance on the machine for the first year 900 Installation of machine 1,000 The machine,
  40. possessive form of nouns

    Could someone check my work please? 1. the homework for this week the homework for this week this week’s homework(my choice) homework’s week homeworks weeks 2. the handle of the basket the basket’s handle the handle’s basket(my choice) the baskets
  41. Algebra Last question for tonight

    An oil-drilling company knows that it costs $25,000 to sink a test well. If oil is hit, the income for the drilling company will be $395,000. If only natural gas is hit, the income will be $125,000. If nothing is hit, there will be no income. If the
  42. Math

    Predicted winner in an election for town mayor . Method C: Telephone 100 randomly-chosen voters who live in the town. 54 percent plan to vote for the incumbent mayor. Method D: Telephone 70 people who have lived in the town for more than 25 years. 45
  43. finance

    Assume that the export price of a Nissan XTerra from Osaka, Japan is ¥3,750,000. The exchange rate is ¥121.84/$. The forecast rate of inflation in the United States is 2.8% per year and is 0.6% in Japan. a. What is the export price of the XTerra at the
  44. LA

    identify infinitves and write how it is used which are noun adjective or adverb 1)To UNDERSTAND the difference between a democracy and a republic is important :noun 2)The captain struggled to REGAIN control of the foundering ship:adverb 3)Megellan's ship
  45. math

    Using the formula v=20(1.222)^t and v is the value and t=0 which is the year 1971. What year will the set be worth 1500? I input this into the formula to get 1500=20(1.222) The 20(1.222) is 24.44 not sure how to figure out the year. I believe I just add
  46. math

    Ms. Sue I do not understand this question. Mr. Chen drove his truck 9,438 miles last year. He drove his truck 12,917 miles this year. How much farther did Mr. Chen drive his truck last year?
  47. math

    You worried about math last year for 300,000 minutes. this year you will worry about math for only 60 minutes.What percent decrease in minutes of math worry will you experience this year? please explain and show work.
  48. physics

    Find the rotational kinetic energy and angular momentum about its axis of the earth due to its daily rotation. Let ME = 6 x 1024 kg, RE = 6.4 x 106 m and We = 1.157 x 10-5 rev/sec.
  49. Geography

    Why does London experience spring in MAR-MAY, summer in JUN-AUG, autumn in SEP-NOV, Winter in DEC-FEB? HOW IS IT RELATED TO ROTATION & REVOLUTION?
  50. physics

    Find the rotational kinetic energy and angular momentum about its axis of the earth due to its daily rotation. Let ME = 6 x 1024 kg, RE = 6.4 x 106 m and ùE = 1.157 x 10-5 rev/sec.
  51. precalculus

    use the discriminant to determine whether the equation is a parabola, an ellipse, or a hyperbola. Then identify the angle of rotation required to eliminate the xy-term. x^2+4xy+y^2=1 5x^2-6xy+5y^2-8x+8y-8=0 9x^2+24xy+16y^2=25
  52. physics

    A merry-go-round of mass 1640kg has a radius of 7.5m. How much work is required to accelerate it from rest to a rotation rate of 1 rev. per 8 seconds? (assume a solid cylinder) /
  53. Unit 4 - Investing

    Cliff Swatner is single, 33 and owns a condominium in New York City worth $250,000. Cliff is an attorney and doing well financially. His income last year exceeded $90,000, and has sufficient liquid assets to supplement his condominium and other tangible
  54. bus math

    Solve the problem. Express answers as a percent rounded to the nearest tenth. 20) Complete a vertical analysis on the balance sheet for Jake's Janitorial Service for December 31 of last year. The company assets are cash $20,000, accounts receivable
  55. physics

    A rock stuck in the tread of a 57.0 cm diameter bicycle wheel has a tangential speed of 3.00 m/s. When the brakes are applied, the rock's tangential deceleration is 1.40 m/s^2. A) What is the magnitudes of the rock's angular acceleration at t=1.60 s? B) At
  56. Econ

    (Year 2000, Year 2001) QUANTITY ...Popcorn: (200,250) ....Novels: (50,30) .....Shoes: (8,10) PRICE ...Popcorn: ($1,$2) ....Novels: ($20,$25) .....Shoes: ($100,$80) If 2000 is the base year, what is the real GDP in 2001?
  57. math

    Annual demand for the notebook binders that Ted's Stationery Shop sells is 10,000 units. Ted operates his business on a 200-work-day year. The unit cost of a binder is $2, and the cost of placing an order with his supplier is $0.40. The cost of carry­ing
  58. Math Help

    Data released by the Department of Education regarding the rate (percentage) of ninth-grade students that don't graduate showed that out of 50 states, ​ 16 states had an increase in the dropout rate during the past 2 years. ​18 states had a dropout
  59. accounting

    Lily Company had the following assets and liabilities on the dates indicated. December 31 Total Assets Total Liabilities 2009 $400,000 $250,000 2010 $460,000 $300,000 2011 $590,000 $400,000 Lily began business on January 1, 2009, with an investment of
  60. Finance

    I have a case study to do and I'm not sure how to go about it. I need to find the present value for three different offers, all of which have a 10% rate and ordinary annuities. This is the first offer: $1,000,000 now $200,000 each year for years 6 through
  61. physics

    If a vector K has component Kx = 4.1 and Ky = -13, then find the magnitude K and direction (as a positive rotation angle relative to the +x axis) of the vector.

    Graph these points. Angle DFG has vertices D (–2, 4), F (–3, 1), and G (–1, 2). Find the vertices of the image after the rotation of 180° about the origin.
  63. Math

    the speed of a point A due to the rotation of the earth is twice that point of B.if A is on latitud 22 degree to the north calculate the latitude of B
  64. math

    when rotating a figure, we need to know three things. 1)the direction of rotation 2)the point at which it is being rotated 3)the degree it is being rotated A)true b)false
  65. Geography

    How do I find the daily rotation of a tire. My tire size diameter is 25 I travel 160 miles per week not sure where to go next
  66. physics

    A centrifuge has an inertia rotation of 7.24 * 10-3 kilogramsm2. How much energy must be supplied to take it from rest to 419 rad / s? KE = (1/2)(7.24 * 10-3)(419^2) is this correct.
  67. PHYICS

    a turn table is turing at a rate of 45 rad/sec and comes to rest after 5 second.how many rotation does it make before coming to rest?
  68. AlgebraB

    Help! I have to graph my answer to this problem: ADFG has vertices D (–2, 4), F (–3,1), and G (–1, 2). Find the vertices of the image after the rotation of 180° about the origin.
  69. Marine Biology

    Surface currents are created by wind and the Earth's rotation. What creates deep water currents?
  70. Logic

    Draw a flowchart for a program that reads a date in an 8-digit sequence (month, day, year) and determines if the date is a valid date. ignore leap year. Assume Feb has 28 days, and establish a table of days in a month so that you can access the appropriate
  71. English

    1. The best thing (that/which) I've learned this year was something about myself. (Which one was missing in the parentheses, that or which? Are both expressions can be used?) 2. The best thing I've learned this year is the Korean language. ( I've leanred
  72. IT

    Can someone help me with this? Design an application or site that presents and explains your Implementation Plan. The site must include all sections of the plan and related content and consist of multiple web pages. Demonstrate the following
  73. algebra

    Consider that the half-life of Polonium-210 is 140 days.What approximate daily percentage of decay does Polonium-210 demonstrate?% (Round to two decimals.)(Hint: use the Rule of 70 backwards by dividing by the half-life period instead of the rate.) What
  74. Precalc

    1) Janet is offered a job with a starting salary of $15,000, and a guaranteed annual increase of $600. If she takes the job, what will be her guaranteed salary for the 10th year? What would her total earnings be for the first 10 years? Answer: $21,000 ; $
  75. computers

    What type of network is a collection of devices that equally share the processing and storage without having a centralized server? (Points: 5) Client/server File server Peer-to-peer Web-based is it C
  76. maths

    Find the periodic payment R required to amortize a loan of P dollars over t years with interest earned at the rate of r %/year compounded m times a year. P=30,000 r = 8 t = 12 m =1
  77. consumer math

    You made $3000 on a part-time job last year. If you expect to make the same amount this year, and the inflation rate is three percent, what is your purchasing power?
  78. college

    You buy an eight year bond that has a 6% current yield and a 6% coupon (paid annually). In one year, promised yields to maturity have risen to 7%. What is your holding period return?
  79. math check

    Brenda Luai earns $14,260 per year. She is paid 24 times per year and claims 1 exemption. If $19.63 in taxes is withheld from each paycheck, at what rate is she taxed?
  80. Math

    A year-end bonus of $24,000 will generate how much money at the beginning of each month for the next year, if it can be invested at 6.45%, compounded monthly? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  81. Itroduction to finance

    Anaswer all questions You have been commissioned to analyse the financial statements of MILOPA LIMITED. Below are the Consolidated statement of financial position and the Statement of Comprehensive Income of the companies. STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION
  82. quant. methods

    Kim is deciding between two cell phone plans. Plan A charges a fixed monthly fee of $100 for 1200 minutes and .25 per minute over 1200. Plan B charges a fixed monthly fee of $55 for 1000 minutes and .33 per minute over 1000. At what point of usage would
  83. Algebra 1

    Jaden has a prepaid phone plan (Plan A) that charges 15 cents for each text sent and 10 cents per minute for calls. 1. If Jaden uses only text, write an equation for the cost C of sending t texts. a. How much will it cost Jaden to send 15 texts? Justify
  84. accounting

    The predetermined overhead rate for manufacturing overhead for 2008 is $4.00 per direct labor hour. Employees are expected to earn $5.00 per hour and the company is planning on paying its employees $100,000 during the year. However, only 75% of the
  85. Accounting

    A company's 25 year bonds have 6 years to maturity and currently have a market price of $1,050. Its coupon rate is 8 percent and its required rate of return, rd, is 9 percent. By how much is the bond mispriced? Possible Answer: Bond Price=c/(1+i) +
  86. financial accounting

    Zumbrunn Company’s income statement contained the condensed information below. ZUMBRUNN COMPANY Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2015 Service revenue $969,400 Operating expenses, excluding depreciation $624,480 Depreciation expense 59,260
  87. Thank you Jiskha Teachers

    I just wanted to say thank you jiskha teachers for helping me get through 8th grade. My last day of school was yesterday and I'm going on to highschool next year. Thanks for helping work out, check, or help me solve any problems I couldn't get through, you
  88. math

    Shop A sold a notebook for $1200. This was 125% of the price of a similar notebook sold in Shop B. Find the price of the notebook in Shop B. During a sale, both shops gave the same percentage of discount. Dennis bought the notebook from Shop B and found
  89. statistics

    Assume that human body temperature are normally distributed with a mean 98.21 F and a standard deviation of 0.61F a)A hospital uses 100.6 as the lowest temperature considered to be a fever. What percentage of normal and healthy persons would be considered

    A person wishes to borrow $20,000 and has the following options. One lending source offers the loan for 24 monthly payments at an annual percentage rate of 14%. The second source offers the loan for 18 monthly payments at an annual percentage rate of 16%
  91. supervision and leadership

    Assume that you are the training supervisor of a large, local retail company. The company has seven department stores in your city. One of your biggest problems is adequately training new salesclerks. Because salesclerks represent your company to the
  92. programming

    Create the logic for a program that calls a method that computes the final price for a sales transaction. The program contains variables that hold the price of an item, the salesperson's commission expressed as a percentage, and the customer discount
  93. ENGLISHH 12

    "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is famous for its use of vivid figurative language and memorable sound devices. What do you think are several especially effective examples of simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, assonance, and internal rhyme?
  94. COM 220

    Answer the following questions in a minimum of 500 words: Identify examples of bias, fallacies, and specific rhetorical devices in the speech. How did the speaker address arguments and counterarguments? Were the speaker’s arguments effective? Explain
  95. englidsh

    "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is famous for its use of vivid figurative language and memorable sound devices. What do you think are several especially effective examples of simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, assonance, and internal rhyme?
  96. Geography

    Wallace Creek has been offset by 130.0 meters (430 feet) to the right along the fault. The age of stream deposits indicates that this offset began 3700 years ago. Based on these figures, calculate the average rate of movement along this segment of the
  97. accounting

    a company issues 7% 10 year bonds with a par value of $150,000 and semi annual payments. On the side date the annual market rate for these bonds are 8%, which implies a selling price of 93 1/4 the straight line is used to allocate interest expense what is
  98. accounting

    On January 1, 2012, Lexmark Company's Accounts receivable account had a debit balance of $10,000. During January, 2012, the company billed customers for services in the amount of $300,000. Also during January, the company collected $240,000 from its
  99. Math/Solve

    ABC phone company charges $17 per month plus $0.03 per minute of phone calls. XYZ phone company charges $8 per month plus $0.06 per minute of phone calls. How many minutes of phone calls in a month make XYZ phone company a better deal?
  100. Microeconomics

    How and why the developments discussed in the Wall Street Journal Story below affect the elasticity of demand for the flat screen TV’s produced by an individual firm such as Sony or Panasonic. Want a flat-panel TV with that tool belt? Home-improvement,