1. Calculus Check

    A survey of one thousand people found that 70% of the people have a CD player, 85% have a telephone, and 45.2% have a computer. At least how many people have all three objects? Is the answer 258, because that's what I keep getting?
  2. algebra

    A mortgage broker purchased two trust deeds for a total of $290,000. One trust deed earns 9% simple annual interest, and the second one earns 12% simple annual interest. If the total annual interest from the two trust deeds is $31,500, what was the
  3. social studies

    I need help with my homework and its a whole page of questions from the book my culture my nation page 3 could you give me the answers to the whole page. Thanks heaps, Traci Kirk No one here has your textbook. Please post specific questions. Please note
  4. Chemistry

    9.50mL of .100M NaOH + 8.00mL of .100M of HC2H3O2. Find the pH. Okey this is what I did. 8.00-9.50=1.5mL or .0015L .0015L x .1000 = .00015 moles .00015/(total volume) = .0085714 M -log(.0085714)= 2.0669=pOH 14-2.0669 = 11.933 But I'm getting the feeling
  5. Math

    Find each unit price and tell which is the better buy. A 1/2-pound hamburger for $3.50 ; a 1/3-pound hamburger for $3.25
  6. Math

    Clyde has the chance to buy a piece of old Pennsylvania Dutch pottery that he thinks he can resell for $500. If Clyde needs a 125% markup on cost, what price should he pay? Is the answer 200 or 222.22? 500/225% = 222.22 Is my method correct or I am missing
  7. algebra

    Please check these too. thanks Simplify 6[86-(94-86)]= my answer is 468 2. On three consecutive passes, a football team gains 6 yards. loses 17 yards and gainbs 31 yards. Wht number represents the total net yards. The total net years is 20 yards. 3. Solve
  8. Algebra

    An office building containing 96,000 square feet of space is to be made into apartments. There will be at most 15 one-bedroom units, each with 800 square feet of space. The remaining units, each with 1200 square feet of space, will have two bedrooms. Rent
  9. Math

    On average, the temperature falls about 5.4 F for every 1,000 ft of additional altitude. If the temperature is 42 F on the ground estimate the temperature at 5,000 ft
  10. Math

    You can buy an energy-saving light bulb for $18.07, which can work for 10,000 hours. It costs you 0.8 cents to operate it for an hour. ($1=100 cents). A regular light bulb with the same intensity costs 39 cents. The light bulb can work for 1000 hours. It
  11. English

    Posted by rfvv on Friday, November 4, 2016 at 11:17pm. Oh Lordy, how my heart grows weary, far from the old folks at home. --------------------------------- This is a sentence in the song "Swanee River. Q1: " What is the meaning of "Lordy" here? Is Lordy
  12. Microeconomics

    How and why the developments discussed in the Wall Street Journal Story below affect the elasticity of demand for the flat screen TV’s produced by an individual firm such as Sony or Panasonic. Want a flat-panel TV with that tool belt? Home-improvement,
  13. Math

    A heat exchanger is bought by a company for $180,000. It is considered to depreciate over 10 years to a scrap value of $10,000. Assuming a linear model for depreciation, write the equation of its value, V (in dollars), when t years have elapsed after the
  14. Word Problem

    Assume that the mathematical model C(x) = 16x + 130 represents the cost C, in hundreds of dollars, for a certain manufacturer to produce x items. How many items x can be manufactured while keeping costs between $525,000 and $781,000? Thanks in advance!
  15. Financial accounting 2

    If a building cost $600,000, has an estimated residual value of $240,000, has an estimated life of 36 years, and is depreciated by the straight-line method: a) What is the annual depreciation? b) what is the book value at the end of the 20th year?
  16. Finance

    assume that $10 million dollars of debt replaces 625,000 shares of common stock. The intrest in the new stock is 11.25 percent what will projected earnings per share be based on the anticipated sales increase of $500,000
  17. Finance

    Your board of directors is thinking of taking out a loan of $500,000 for the corporporation. You have to pay $5,500 per month and $50,000 after 10 years. What annual Rate of Return would you hve to achieve on investments to make this a profitable venture?
  18. Advanced Algebra

    Ralph has been awarded some money in a settlement. He has the option to take a lump sum payment of $425,000 or get paid an annuity of $2,000 per month for the next 25 years. Which is the better deal for Ralph and by how much assuming the growth rate of
  19. Economics

    n auto-service establishment has estimated its monthly cost function as follows: TC = 6000 + 10 Q where Q is the number of cars it services each months and TC represents its total cost. The firm is targeting 35,000 net monthly profit servicing 2000 cars.
  20. Human Services

    Creating a Budget Various budget approaches play an important role in resource allocation in human service organizations. You are the executive director for a local government workforce agency that focuses on providing career- and work-related skills. The
  21. Math

    Based on a preliminary report by a geological survey team, it is estimated that a newly discovered oil field can be expected to produce oil at the rate of R(t) = 300t^2/(t^3 + 32)+5 (0 ≤ t ≤ 20) thousand barrels/year, t years after production
  22. physics to Elena please reply

    A scuba diver has an air tank with a volume of 0.010 m^3. The air in the tank is initially at a pressure of 1.0x10^7 Pa. Assume that the diver breathes 0.400 L/s of air. Find how long the tank will last at a depth of each of the following. (a) 1.0 m min
  23. Benue State University Makurdi

    In attempt to increase revenue and profits, a firm is considering a 4 percent increase in price and an 11 percent increase in advertising. If the price elasticity of demand is -1.5 and the advertising elasticity of demand is +0.6 would you expect an
  24. Algebra/Pre-calculus (Quadratic Equations)

    A theatre company allows a group of 10 people to buy theatre tickets at a price of $28 per person. For each person in excess of 10, the price is decreased by $2 per person for everyone down to a minimum of $10 per person. What number of people will produce
  25. statistics

    according to the health and exam survey (1999-2008)35.7% of u.s adults were consdered obese(body mass greater then30)if two people in the u.s are selected at random is the probability that both are obese
  26. Medical Coding

    Child with cigarette burns on buttocks (bilateral)and multiple contusions on body;on skeletal survey,there are numerous old healed faractures; child was injured by mother
  27. social science

    suppose your sociology instructor has asked you to do a study of homelessness. which research technique (survey, observation, experiment, oe ex isting resource) would you use that technique to complete your assignment?
  28. Survey of mathematics

    A homeowner installed a new swimming pool for $8500. He paid 8% down and then paid 36 monthly payments of $243.07. Determine the APR of the loan to the nearest one-half of a percent.
  29. Psychology

    Survey results may be inaccurate due to: a. participants who do not tell the truth b. the bias of respondents c. the use of a representative sample d. failure of most statistical procedures in analyzing the results of surveys I believe the answer is A, not
  30. Economics

    Consider a monocentric city in which the cost of commuting is $10 per mile per month. A household located eight miles from the city center occupies a dwelling with 1,200 square feet at a monthly rent of $600. Nonland cost per dwelling is $200, and there
  31. math

    When the movie is half over, popcorn sells for half price. Full price popcorn is $3.50, and drinks are $1.35. Determine the cost for purchasing 3 orders of popcorn and 3 drinks when the movie is half over. $
  32. math

    Ms Price has three times as many girls as boys in her classroom Ms Lippy has twice as many girls as boys. Ms. Price has 60 students, and Ms Lippy has 135 students. If the classes were combined into one, what would be the ratio of girls to boys?
  33. Math

    Donald bought a clock radio .The radio weighs 18 ounces. Donald paid $ 12 less than the normal sales price. If the normal price sales was $ 38, how much did Donald spend on the radio?
  34. real estate investment

    You are considering purchasing a 12,000 square feet (4,000 sf. per floor), three story office building for $1,250,000 with closing to be on May 12. The top and bottom floors are preleased for $24 per sq, ft. annually and the middle floor for $20 annually.
  35. Accounting

    Beginning work in process inventory 17,000 40%. Transferred in from the prior department 72,000. Ending work in process inventory 18,000 30% According to the company records the conversion cost in the beginning work in process inventory was $63.104 at the
  36. Math Posttest Connexus 09:Posttest 9:Solving Two-

    During a three-day premiere, a theater must sell an average of 200 tickets per night to make a profit. For the first two nights, 206 and 185 tickets were sold. How many tickets must be sold for the third night for the theater to make a profit? A) 197 B) 5
  37. biostatistics

    8. The following data were collected in a clinical trial to compare a new drug to a placebo for its effectiveness in lowering total serum cholesterol. Generate a 95% confidence interval for the difference in mean total cholesterol levels between
  38. income tax

    Clyde had worked for many years as a chief executive of Red Industries. Inc. and had also been a major shareholder. Clyde and the company had a falling out, and Clyde was terminated. Clyde and Red executed a document under which Clyde’s stock in Red
  39. Physics(volume flow rate)

    Imagine a house with two bathrooms/showers: one downstairs, the other upstairs. The volume flow rate of the shower head downstairs (2 meters above the ground level) is 4*10-4 m3/s. The cross sectional area of the shower head is 30 mm2. What is the volume
  40. Economics

    The assessed value of Patty's residential property was $200,000 in 2004. In 2006, the assessed value increased to $225,000. The property tax rate in both years was 1.2 percent. Patty earned $60,000 each year. Determine Patty’s property taxes for 2004 by
  41. Economics

    Clem Oatley could grow wheat and barley. He could grow 75 bushels of wheat or 125 bushels of barley using the same resources on an acre of his land. The price of wheat is $2.00 per bushel and the price of barley $ 0.80. Show the benefits to Clem from
  42. managerial economics

    BigBook is a monopolist book publishing company, which sells books in Australia and New Zealand. Assume there is a 1:1 exchange rate between Australia and New Zealand. The inverse demand equations for Australia and New Zealand are as follows: Australia: PA
  43. pre-calc

    A roasted turkey is taken from an oven when its temperature has reached 185°F and is placed on a table in a room where the temperature is 53°F (a) If the temperature of the turkey is 150°F after half an hour, what is its temperature after 45 min? (Round
  44. math

    A skydiver with a weight of 185 lbs is falling. At a certain moment the force of air resistance on the sky diver is 145 lbs. What is the skydiver's acceleration at this moment? (Hint: Remember that the weight of an object is given by mg.) AND When the
  45. Managerial finance 4A

    Mr Paul is identified three investment opportunities that he is considering.one is investment A that is expected to pay N$800.00 ayear for three years,followed by N$1000.00 per year for four years. it will pay N$2000.00 at the end of the eighth year.
  46. Introduction to Business Environment Chapter 2

    The world's population is growing more slowly than expected, and there are some industrial countries in which growth might be so slow that there will be too many old people and too few young people to support them. (Points : 1) True False 2. In a free
  47. Computers

    Convert from binary to decimal (1000)2 - (0011)2 = (?)10
  48. Anatomy and Physiology

    If one solution is 1000 x as acidic as another, how many pH units would there be between the two?
  49. Need help

    Add. 7.7+ 7.88+ 7.37 Multiply. 1000*4.587 Divide. 5.94 / 100
  50. math

    what is an equivalent fraction to 3/8 where the greatest demonimator is less than 1000
  51. math

    write each fraction as a decimal 413/1000
  52. Statistics

    If there are 1000 people in a group, how many would you expect to score above 90? Mean: 85 SD: 10
  53. Algebra 2 ..........

    For the function P(t)=765(1.02)^t, what value is t when P(t) exceeds 1000? My answer: t=14
  54. Math

    Can 606/1000 be reduced further than 303/500?
  55. HSM220

    How do I concider the 1000 students in my matrix budget?
  56. Math

    How long will it take for $100.00 compounded daily at 1.5 % to become $1000.00
  57. Algebra 1

    1. m^2 - 7m - 30 2. z^2 + 65z + 1000 3.x^2 - 45x + 450 4.d^2 - 33 d - 280
  58. Math

    Compute 2^1000(mod 121) using Euler.
  59. Trigonometry

    Given that tan84=T , how many solutions are there to tanx=T in the domain [0,1000] ?
  60. math

    what fraction of the numbers from 1 to 1000 have the digit 7 as the least one of the digits
  61. Math

    What are the largest three consecutive even numbers that sum to less than 1000
  62. math

    How many counting numbers between 100 and 1000 have at least one 2 as a digit?
  63. Pre Algebra

    208/1000=x/125 How do you solve it or can you
  64. Maths Please Help

    Suppose a,b, and c are positive integers such that a+b+c+ab+bc+ca+abc=1000.
  65. Geometry

    How many perfect squares less than 1000 end with the digit 6?
  66. math

    What is the largest integer less than 1000 that can be represented as a^3+b^3+c^3 for some integers a,b,c, such that a+b+c=0.
  67. Maths

    Round 295 373 to the nearest 1000
  68. math(vocabulary concepts facts

    A------is 1/1000 of a dollar.
  69. Chemistry

    What is the % (m/v) concentration of the calcium chloride 1000.00mL
  70. math

    If I had to convert 15 oz. to kg and it was given that 1 oz = 28.35 g and that 1 g = 1000 kg, how would I show my work to get the answer?
  71. math

    Solve : 1000-999+998-997+... +4-3+2-1
  72. math

    I am less than 1000. The sum of my digits is 26. My ones digit is 8. What number am I?
  73. Stats

    what is the range of data with a total of 1000 values?
  74. chemistry

    how much water should i add to neutralize 1000 milliliters oh ph 13
  75. math

    Devide 1000 by two parts such that one part is 1/100 of other
  76. Math

    Don't know how to compare 101 2/18 to 102 89/1000 47 8/13 to 47 4/7 17/8 to 16/5
  77. Math

    If M=(1*2*3*4*......*1000) + 1, is M prime? I said no because 24001 can only be divided by 1 and itself, but I got a point off. Why is this?
  78. Principles of Finance

    Warmack Machine Shop is considering a four-year project to improve its production efficiency. Buying a new machine press for $490,000 is estimated to result in $200,000 in annual pretax cost savings. The press falls in the MACRS five-year class, and it
  79. econ

    my mind is going blank here..can someone chime in and help: If a new breakthrough in manufacturing technology reduces the cost of producing cd players by half, what will happen to the demand for cd players? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help
  80. statistics

    in a sample of 1000 people <525 men and 475 women>,113 are left handed<63 men and 50 women>.the results of the sample are shown in the table.find the probability that a randomly selected person is a left handed,given that she is a
  81. math writeacher

    8000 x .69+ 2000 x 1.09 + 4000 x .99 + 1000 x 1.19 + 2000 x 1.09 = 8000 x .69 = 5520 + 2000 =7520 7520 x 1.09 = 8196.80 8196.80 + 4000 = 12196.80 12196.80 x.99 = 12074.832 12074.832 +1000=13074.32 13074.32 x1.19 = 15559.05 15559.05+ 2000=17550.05 17550.05
  82. Money and Banking

    One year ago, you bought a bond for $10,000. You received interest of $400 at the end of the year, as well as your $10,000 principal. If the inflation rate over the last year was five percent, calculate the real return.
  83. math

    The marginal cost function is given by dc/dq=0.08q^2-1.8q+2.5 where c is the total cost in producing q units of product. The fixed cost is 5000. Find the total cost for producing 1000 units
  84. Physics

    A pistol that fires a signal flare gives the flare an initial speed (muzzle speed) of 185 m/s. (a) If the flare is fired at an angle of 45° above the horizontal on the level salt flats of Utah, what is its horizontal range? You can ignore air resistance.
  85. math

    A roasted turkey is taken from an oven when its temperature has reached 185°F and is placed on a table in a room where the temperature is 53°F (a) If the temperature of the turkey is 150°F after half an hour, what is its temperature after 45 min? (Round
  86. math

    hope that someone can help me to solve this solving problems below.... Discounts : a. for the total discounts that the following customers can avail and the Net price for that they have to pay. 2. Today is the 35th Anniversary sale of Mudrah House of
  87. Math

    Betsy, a recent retiree, requires $6,000 per year in extra income. She has $60,000 to invest and can invest in B-rated bonds paying 13% per year or in a certificate of deposit (CD) paying 3% per year. How much money should be invested in each to realize
  88. Math

    Every employee's salary at the Sunrise Software Company increases each year by 1/10 of that person's salary the previous year. A: If Martha's present annual salary is $100,000.00, what will her salary be in 2 years? B: If Aaron's present salary is
  89. calcules

    The price of beef in the United States has been found to depend on the demand (measured by per capita consumption) according to the equation q=342.5/p^0.5314 Find the elasticity. Is the demand for beef elastic or inelastic?
  90. math

    Compute the following costs of services problems. Hourly rate of labor = $12.00 Duration of job = 3 1/2 hours Overhead rate = 66 2/3% Price of parts = $112.50 Find total cost of job. $
  91. Finance

    Bond out standig with an $85 annual intrest payment market price $800 and maturity date is 5 years find coupon rate currnt rate aproximate yield to maturity
  92. Math

    The Maple street Youth Club took 22 people to the ball game. Three people rode to the game in each car, and seven people took the bus. On the way home, four people rode in each car, and the rest took the bus. How many people took the bus on the way home?
  93. chemistry

    Liquid nitrogen-powered car students at the university of north Texas and the university of Washington built a car propelled by compressed nitrogen gas. The gas was obtained by boiling liquid nitrogen stored in a 185.0 L tank what volume of N2 is released
  94. math

    If a satellite completes an orbit 820 miles above the earth in 11 hours at a velocity of 22,000 mph, how long would it take a satellite to complete an orbit if it is at 1400 miles above the earth at a velocity of 36,000 mph? (Use 36,000 miles as the radius
  95. Algebra

    Christy drove at an average speed of 55 mi/h from her home in San Francisco to visit her sister in Tucson. She stayed in Tucson 10 hours, and on the trip back averaged 35 mi/h. She returned home 50 hours after leaving. How many miles is San Francisco from
  96. Cost acconting

    (underapplied or overapplied overhead) At the end of 2010, jackson tank company's accounts showed a 66,000 credit balance in Manufacturing Overhead control. In addition, the company ahd the following account balances: Work in process inventory 384,000
  97. Physics

    Airplane flight recorders must be able to survive catastrophic crashes. Therefore, they are typically encased in crash-resistant steel or titanium boxes that are subjected to rigorous testing. One of the tests is an impact shock test, in which the box must
  98. Chemistry (Check)

    Completion 1)Metric 2)Five 3)Meter 4) 5)Weight The International System of Units (SI) is a revision of the ___1____ system. There are __2____ SI base units. In SI, the base unit of length is the ___3____. The Space taken up by a cube that is 10cm on each
  99. algebra

    Gemma recently rode her bicycle to visit her friend who lives 6 miles away. On her way there, her average speed was 16 miles per hour faster than on her way home. If Gemma spent a total of 1 hour bicycling, find the two rates.
  100. Calculus

    (This problem uses a TI-89 calculator) Find the largest and smallest values of the following function on their given intervals: y=(cos x)^x [-1.5, 4.75] This is what I put in the calculator (home screen): fMin((cos(x))^x,x I -1.5 < x < 4.75 (I =