1. business math

    Oprah Winfrey ha closed on a 42- acre estate near Santa Barbara California for $50,000,000 If Oprah puts down 20% down and finances at 7% for 30 years what would be her monthly pay payment.
  2. Physics

    A projectile is fired from the surface of the Earth with a speed of 200 meters per second at an angle of 30° above the horizontal. If the ground is level, what is the maximum height reached by the projectile? (A) 5 m (B) 10 m (C) 500 m (D) 1,000 m (E)
  3. accounting

    Acme Corporation issued $650,000, 8%, bonds for $720,000. Was the market rate on the date of issue higher than, lower than, or equal to the stated rate of interest?
  4. calc2

    At what constant, continuous annual rate should you deposit money into an account if you want to have $1,000,000 in 25 years? The account earns 5% interest, compounded continuously. Round to the nearest dollar.
  5. accounting

    Post-closing trial balance What am I supposed to do when the balance is not equal? As in credits do not match debits. I follow the instructions in the book but no matter what it just does not match, even if i do all the debits on one side and all the
  6. Math

    A home is assessed at $70,000. The tax rate is 6.15 mills. What is the tax on the home ?
  7. accounting

    Bubba Production Company produces a homogenous product. All materials are added at the beginning of production and other product costs are added evenly over time until the product is complete. Conversion costs were 70% complete with respect to the 2,000
  8. Math

    Can someone please help me out with these? What is the rate of inflation of an item with a Consumer Price Index of 246.8 in 1991 and 362.4 in 1992? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. 0.681 0.319 0.468 0.536 Determine the future value of an annuity due
  9. St. line depreciation & salvage value

  10. St. line depreciation & salvage value

    A used concrete pumping truck can be purchased for 125,000 dollars. The operating cost are expected to be 65,000 dollars at the first year & increase by 5% each yaer thereafter. As a result of the purchase, the company will see in increase in income of
  11. statistics

    The cholesterol levels of young women aged 20 to 34 vary approximately normal with mean 185 milligrams per deciliter and standard deviation 39 mg/dl. Cholesterol levels for men vary with mean 222mg/dl and standard deviation 37 mg/dl Sandy's cholesterol
  12. 12th grade

    80,000+38250+26,500-(16/100)(80,000+38250) WHAT IS THE ANSWER AND HOW DID YOU GET IT \
  13. 4th grade math

    hi, what is the least possible number, when rounded will become 1,000,000? would it be 999,999?
  14. Math

    How many times larger is 2,300,000 sq. miles than 1,200,000 sq. miles?
  15. science

    a satellites original velocity is 10,000 m/s. after 60 seconds, it is 5,000 m/s. what is the satellites acceleration
  16. math

    How do I calculate the monthly payment...... Loan is $26,000.00 Down payment is 5,000.00 11% for 36 months
  17. Algebra

    I am trying to work through this problem and am having trouble. Can someone tell me what the "w" stands for in the equation and walk me through the steps? Below is what I have so far. Suppose A is the amount borrowed, r is the interest rate (in decimal
  18. Algebra

    I am trying to work through this problem and am having trouble. Can someone tell me what the "w" stands for in the equation and walk me through the steps? Below is what I have so far. Suppose A is the amount borrowed, r is the interest rate (in decimal
  19. Algebra

    A $130,000 home bought with a 20% down payment and the balance financed for 30 years at 7.5% Find the monthly payment for the loan
  20. statistics

    A survey of industrial salespeople who are either self-employed, work for small, medium-sized, or large firms revealed the following with respect to incomes: Of those who earn less than $20,000, 9 are self-employed, 12 are employed by small firms, 40 by
  21. Math Question

    A product may be made using machine I or machine II. The manufacturer estimates that the monthly fixed costs of using machine I are $18,000, whereas the monthly fixed costs of using machine II are $15,000. The variable costs of manufacturing 1 unit of the
  22. Accounting

    Complete the following exercise. Fill in the Excel spreadsheet provided via the link below to provide your answers to parts a and b. Then paste the Excel data into a Word document on which you can also write the answer to part c. Income Statement
  23. Math Statistics

    The life span of three randomly selected tires are 34,700 miles, 43,000 miles, 39,000 miles. Using the empirical rule, find the percentile that corresponds to each life span.
  24. Fundamental Cornerstones of Managerial accounting

    Green Enterprises produces small engines for lawn mowers. during the year, 110,000 engines were produced. The actual labor used was 60,000 hours at $9.50 per hour. Green has the following labor standard: 0.5 hour at $10 1. compute the labor rate variance.
  25. Algebra

    1)Find the sum of the infinite geometric series: 1 + 3/5 + 9/25 + ..., if it exists. A)5/3 B)5/2 C)3/5 D)does not exist I chose B (3/5)/1 = .6 S = a1/1-r 1/1-.6 2.5 2)Use the Binomial Theorem to find the sixth term in the expansion of (m+2p)^7. A)21m^2p^5
  26. Financial Accounting

    Prepare adjusting journal entries for the year ended December 31, 2011 for each of the independent situation in (a) to (f). Assume that prepaid expenses are initially recorded in asset accounts. Assume that fees collected in advance of work are initially
  27. Accounting

    a net loss of $50,000 in 2009 and net income of $250,000 in 2010. The increase in net income of $300,000 can be stated as 200% increase cannot be stated as a percentage can be stated as 0% can be stated as 100% increase
  28. Accaounting

    Laura’s investment in a new partnership includes $1,000 in cash and $5,000 of equipment. The new partnership is assuming $500 of Laura’s accounts payable. The partnership entry should be which of the following? A. Debit Laura’s Capital $5,500; debit
  29. Business finance

    Question No: 1 If sales revenue was Rs. 100,000, accounts receivable decreased by Rs. 4,000, and inventory increased by Rs. 3,000, cash received from customers would be: a)Rs. 107,000 b)Rs. 104,000 c)Rs. 101,000 d)Rs. 93,000 Question No 2: Kamran just won
  30. accounting

    Liz Marett is the chief financial officer for Fulton Restaurants. She delivered the following comments in a recent conference call with analysts that follow the company: "20X5 was another excellent year. Net income was a record setting $10,000,000. Food
  31. International Econmics... Help Needed!!!!

    Suppose the U.S is an importer of product X and that there are no trade restrictions. Let us assume that the U.S. consumers buy 1 million units of X each year, of which 400,000 are produced domestically and 600,000 are imported. a) Suppose a technological
  32. math

    What is the value of a home that costs 121,000 in 18 years at 4% interest
  33. French

    Hi. I have a question. Would it be: Les eleves portent des jeans, des tshirts, et des baskets. Or Les eleves portent un jean, un tshirt, et des baskets. In other words, if the subject is plural, should all of the clothing items be plural? Or only dual
  34. Algebra

    Three years after purchase, a car is estimated to be worth $24,000. At five years, its value is $19,000. If the car is depreciating in a linear manner, write an equation that represents the depreciation of the car. Answer the following questions: a. How
  35. Math 201

    I am having problems with this question in my math class. Consider a student loan of ​$25,000.00 at a fixed APR of 12% for 25 years. a. Calculate the monthly payment. The monthly payment is $263.31 b. Determine the total amount paid over the term of the
  36. business math

    Pete's warehouse has a market value of $5,000,000, the property in Pete's area is assessed at 40%of the market value. the tax rate is $105.10 per $1,000 of assessed value. what is Pete's property tax?
  37. business math

    Pete’s Warehouse has a market value of $5,000,000. The property in Pete’s area is assessed at 40% of the market value. The tax rate is $105.10 per $1,000 of assessed value. What is Pete’s property tax?
  38. macro

    I need help with this question and am a student here. Can you PLEASE show me how to do this?? QUESTION Consider an economy described by the following equations: Y=C+I+G Y=500 G=1,000 T=1,000 C=250+0.75(Y-T) I=1,000-50r a.In this economy, compute private
  39. math

    An executive is earning $162,000 per year. This is $10,000 less than twice her salary 7 years ago. Find her salary 7 years ago.
  40. Business Math

    Jones Manufacturing sent Blue Company an invoice for equipment with a list price of $10,000. The invoice is dated July 27 with terms of 2/10, EOM. Blue Company is entitled to a 40% trade discount. If the invoice is paid on September 5, how much does Blue
  41. Math

    Can someone check these inequality word problems to see if I did them right? Correct me if I'm wrong! Write a linear inequality using word problems. 2. Zenaida is celebrating her birthday at a local pizza parlor. The all you can eat meal costs $8 per adult
  42. accounting

    A firm has a balance in its account receivable account and decides to sell the receivables to a factos without recourse. the factor imposes a 10% fee and agrees to pay $36,000 for the receivables. In addition, the seller and the factor agree that $3,000 of
  43. math

    If I invested 1,000 into an account earing 5% compund interest which was paid monthly, How much would I have after 3 months?
  44. Finance

    what is the present value of $1,000 paid at the end of the next 100 years if the interest rate is 7% per year?
  45. money and banking

    bought a bond for $10,000. received interest of $400 at end of year, as well as $10,000 principal. inflation rate last year is 5%, calculate the real return. show work
  46. accounting

    XYZ Company sold oneboat for $15,000 and half was received in cash and the rest is due in 30 days.The Cost of Goods Manufactured for this boat was $10,000. How would XYZ Companypost this transaction?
  47. Math

    An asset is purchased for $50,000. It has an estimated useful life of eight years and salvage value of $6,000.if the asset is depreciated using the double-declining balance method,what are the depreciation expense and book value at the end of year two?
  48. Math 11

    The Colebeck's are purchasing a cottage for $120 000. They have a down payment of $20 000 and borrow the rest at 4.8%/a compounded monthly. If their monthly payments are $750 determine how long it takes them to pay off the loan?
  49. Finance

    A firm issues three-month commercial paper with $200,000 face value and receives $192,000. What is the EAR the firm is paying for these funds? I WOULD BE HAPPY IF SOME ONE CAN RESPOND TO MY QUESTION IN NUMCERS.
  50. Algebra

    The cost, in millions of dollars, to remove x%of pollution in a lake modeled by C= 6000/200-2x. What is the cost to removed 75%of the pollutant? I arrived at 120,000,000. Can someone explain this to m and is this the correct answer?
  51. algebra 1

    Suppose you walk at the rate of 210 ft/min. You need to walk 10,000 ft. How many more minutes will it take you to finish if you have already walked 550 ft?

    Hercules Films is deciding on the price of the video release of its film Bride of the Son of Frankenstein. Marketing estimates that at a price of p dollars, it can sell q = 300,000 − 15,000p copies, but each copy costs $4 to make. What price will
  53. accounting

    Shastri Bicycle of Bombay, India, produces an inexpensive, yet rugged, bicycle for use on the city’s crowded streets that it sells for 767 rupees. (Indian currency is denominated in rupees, denoted by R.) Selected data for the company’s operations last
  54. Chem

    A 76.00-pound flask of mercury costs $159.00. The density of mercury is 13.534 g/cm3. a) Find the price of one cubic inch of mercury by calculating the following intermediate values. What is the price of one pound of mercury? What is the price of one gram
  55. Accounting

    Janes Company provided the following information on intangible assets: a. A patent was purchased from the lou Company for $700,000 on January 1, 2007. Janes estimated the remaining useful life of the patent to be 10 years. The patent was carried on Lou's
  56. MATH- APR of a loan

    The owner of an automobile repair center purchased new electronic diagnostic equipment for $12,000. He paid down and then paid 60 monthly payments of $242.81. Determine the APR of the loan to the nearest one-half of a percent.
  57. Math

    The weekly demand for the Pulsar 25-in. color console television is given by the demand equation p=-0.05x+502 (0(less than or equal too)x(less than or equal too)12,000) where p denotes the wholesale unit price in dollars and x denotes the quantity
  58. Finance/Math

    PLease help, I have a business finance class I am really ineed of help. I do not understand this at all. I have gone over and over the instructions and I am still getting it wrong. Please help. Year Cash Flow 1 $695,000 2 876,250 3 1,057,500 4 1,238,750 5
  59. math

    A product that was originally priced at $2,000 had it'd price increased on June 1 by 5%. On December 1 the price was increased by 5% of the new June price. By how many dollars did the price increase on December 1?
  60. accounting

    The charter of the corporation authorized 500,000 shares of $5 par common stock, and 50,000 shares of $40 par, 3%, preferred stock. As of January 1, 2014, there were 20,000 shares of common stock issued and outstanding and 4,000 shares of preferred stock
  61. Accounting

    On Jan 1, 2009 the following activitis occurred: a) ICDI, a consulting services company, was orgainized and issed 10,000 shares of capita stock in exchange for $500,000 cash. b)UCDI entered into an agreement with a landlord and paid $60,000 or 6 months
  62. social studies 9

    using the data in table5-1, determine how large a part of the popualtion was considered working class what proportion of liverpool's popualtion had sub-standard housing? compare the death 1845 Census Tole population 223 054 people living in cellars 40 000
  63. ACCOUNTING (Advance Sales)

    Hi: I am unsure of how to adjust Advance Sales. For Year End, DEC 31, 2011. If my Unadjusted Balance for advance sales is $324,000 and I am told the following: 75% of the balance in Advance Sales is for garments to be made and delivered in 2012; the
  64. statistics

    4. The average family income in the town of Seneville is $45 000, with a standard deviation of $9000. Assuming that family income is normally distributed, determine the income level below which 80% of the families in this town earn
  65. accounting

    Selected T-accounts for Rolm Company are given below for the just completed year: Raw Materials Manufacturing Overhead Bal. 1/1 31,000 Credits ? Debits 390,000 Credits ? Debits 420,000 Bal. 12/31 56,000 Work in Process Factory Wages Payable Bal. 1/1 73,000

    Dan Morgan inherits $900,000. He plans to take out an equal sum over the next 25 years, while his funds earn 9%. How much can she take out at the end of each year? I took the 900000/9.823 from the PVA IFA chart and it doesnt seem correct. It came out to
  67. math

    Asha deposited sh. 280,000 into the bank.After 4 years her savings reached sh. 386,400.Find the amount of interest per year paid by the bank. #Please i need your help guys #
  68. math

    A store borrowed money to buy some furniture. The store paid back a total of $150,000 on a 6 month loan at 12%. Find the principal $150000 / (1+0.12*0.5) = $141509.43
  69. Accounts

    A manufacturing Company produces 2 products – A and B. The following information is presented for both products: A B Selling Price per unit $18 $12 Variable Cost per unit $14 $6 Total Fixed Costs are $468,000. Compute: The contribution margin for each
  70. help

    Jeanette owns a rental property that she used for 20 days and rented for 80 days. The rental income was $10,000 and expenses included the following; mortgage interest $2,500; property tax $1,500; insurance and repairs $1,000 and depreciation $2,000.
  71. economics

    Jesse and Kimberly recently graduated from college and are starting a family. Currently, they are just making ends meet with their $45,000 salary. They want to contribute the maximum amount (currently $2,000) to fully fund an Educational Savings Account
  72. personal finance

    kim and dan bergholt are both government workers they are considering purchasing a home for $280,000 utilities are $220 maintenance at $100 property at $380 utilities 220.00 maintenence 100. property taxes 380. insurance 50. there only debt is a ar loan of
  73. HSM 220 Creating a Budget

    Need help with how to start this assignment, as I am not sure how to begin making my budgets (ex: line-item, functional and program budgets). Any assistance would be most appreciated. This is due Oct 12th. Creating a Budget Various budget approaches play
  74. statistics

    The cholestetol levels of young women aged 20 to 34 vary with a mean of 185 milligrams per decliter and standard deviation 39 mg/dl. What cholesterol level would be a young woman have in this age group if they were 2 standard deviations below the mean?
  75. Finance

    Consider the following projects, for a firm using a discount rate of 10%: project NPV IRR PI A $200,000 12.2% 1.04 B $200,001 11% 1.01 C $60,000 10.1% 1.61 D $(235,000) 9% .95 If the projects are independent, which, if any, project(s) should the firm
  76. Advanced Algebra

    Max has just won some money on a game show! He has the option to take a lump sum payment of $500,000 now or get paid an annuity of $4,900 at the beginning of each month for the next 10 years. Assuming the growth rate of the economy is 2.9% compounding
  77. Math

    Find the mystery digit in 5---,642,089,the mystery does not appear in any other value of the number.when rounded to nearest ten millions place the number is 60,000,000.what is the mystery digit?
  78. financial management

    Can anyone help me witht his I am so lost. The following tabulation gives earnings per share figures for the Foust Company during the preceding 10 years. The firm’s common stock, 7.8 million shares outstanding, is now (1/1/03) selling for $65 per share,
  79. math

    Kip and Celia began working for the same company in 1997. Celia earned $19,000 per year, and Kip earned $16,000 per year. Each year Kip received a $1,500 raise and celia recived a $1,000 raise. a. In what year will they earn the same amount of money. b.
  80. Economics

    A monopoly firm faces a demand curve given by the following equation: P = $500 − 10Q, where Q equals quantity sold per day. Its marginal cost curve is MC = $100 per day. Assume that the firm faces no fixed cost. You may wish to arrive at the answers
  81. math

    A buyer is paying a reduced $500 in closing costs on a home with a sale price of $95,000 in the state of Bath, Maine. If the buyer obtains an FHA loan, what would be the monthly payment if the loan is at 9 percent for 10 years? (State your answer to the
  82. math

    In the United States, personal income taxes are paid according to a specific scale. For example, individuals who earn a yearly salary between $31,000 and $31,150 must pay $4229 in taxes. Individuals who earn a yearly salary between $41,000 and $41,150 must
  83. economics

    You’re the manager of global opportunities for a U.S. manufacturer, who is considering expanding sales into Europe. Your market research has identified 3 potential market opportunities: England, France, and Germany. If you enter the English market, you
  84. Algebra

    an algebra student won $115,000 in a lottery and wishing to deposit it in savings accounts in two financial institutions. One account pays 7.9% simple interest but only insures $60,000. The second account pays 6.9% simple interest and deposits are insured
  85. math

    Asha, Nangila and Cherop contributed shilling 60,000,shilling 85,000 and shilling 105 000 respectively. They agreed to put 25% of the profit back into business each year. They also agreed to put aside 40% of the remaining profit to cater for taxes and

    Now that they have accumulated a deposit of 55,000 Jack and Jill take out a housing loan to purchase a home. The house costs $755,000. It is to be repaid in equal monthly instalments over a term of 30 years. The interest rate quoted by the bank is an
  87. Finance

    Mr fish want to build a house in 10 years. he estimates that the total cost will be $170,000. if he can put aside 10,000 at the end of the year, what rate of return must he return must he earn in order to have the amount needed?
  88. accounting

    The Sneed Corporation issues 10,000 shares of $50 par value preferred stock for cash at $75 per share. The entry to record the transaction will consist of a debit to Cash for $750,000 and a credit or credits to:
  89. accounting

    Assume that a company purchases land for $100,000, paying $20,000 cash and borrowing the remainder with a long-term note payable. How should this transaction be reported on a statement of cash flows
  90. algebra

    Assume that the mathematical model C(x) = 16x + 130 represents the cost C, in hundreds of dollars, for a certain manufacturer to produce x items. How many items x can be manufactured while keeping costs between $525,000 and $781,000?
  91. Finance

    Is it more economical to buy an automobile for $29,000 cash or to pay $4,500 down and $3,000 at the end of each quarter for 2 years, if the money is worth 8% compounded quarterly? what is the cash equivalent savings by picking the better plan?
  92. math

    The MAthematical model C=500x+80,000 represents the cost in dollars a company has in manufacturing x items during a month. How many items were produced if costs reached $250,000? I'm so stumped I don't even know where to start.
  93. MTH 157

    The 99 employees in a factoryearn a salary of $35,000 per year, while the CEO makes $266,000 annually. What are the mean, median salaries for all 100 people? Is the mean or median the more appropriate measure of "center" in this case? Explain.
  94. Pre Calculas

    If you deposit $5,000 in an account that pays 5% interest compounded annually, how much money will you have in your account at the end of 15 years? Write an exponential function that represents this situation. I got 1,500,000 but im not sure if i did it
  95. business

    By the conditions of a will, the sum of P25,000 is left to a girl to be held in trust by her guardian until it amounts to 45,000. when will the girl receive the money if the fund is invested at 8% compounded quarterly?? please show the solution.. thank
  96. accounting

    Test question: On July 31, 2012, Buddy’s Bathtub Renovations Inc. invested $98,000 in U.S. Treasury bills. The bills mature in 120 days at $100,000. Prepare a journal entry
  97. math 115

    What units in the metric system would you use to measure each of the following quantities?= The United States emitted 19.5 million t of nitrogen oxides (NO) into the atmosphere in 1987. One metric ton (1 t) equals 1,000 kg. How many kilograms of NO were
  98. math 115

    What units in the metric system would you use to measure each of the following quantities?= The United States emitted 19.5 million t of nitrogen oxides (NO) into the atmosphere in 1987. One metric ton (1 t) equals 1,000 kg. How many kilograms of NO were
  99. Finance

    Caradoc Machine Shop is considering a four-year project to improve its production efficiency. Buying a new machine press for $410,000 is estimated to result in $150,000 in annual pre-tax cost savings. The press falls into Class 8 for CCA purposes (CCA rate
  100. Financial Management

    Billy’s Chrystal Stores, Inc., has assets of $5,000,000 and turns over its assets 1.2 times per year. Return on assets is 8 percent.