1. Trigonometry

    Write sin (125°) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle
  2. Math 2

    Last one I promise. I'm having trouble with these. Express in terms of logarithms of x, y, z, or w. ln 4th root (x^6/(y^2 z)) Write the expression as one logarithm. ln y^4 + (1/3) ln(x^9 y^9) − 7 ln y
  3. grammar

    I like the new layout of the website. It looks very clean. I need help with this. "My family were of the middle class" Is this correct in terms of grammar? And is there a better way to write it?
  4. Trigonometry

    write sin(125degrees) in terms of its cofunction. Make sure your answer is a function of a positive angle.
  5. math

    use the terms factors,divisor,multiple, product and divisible by to write as many statements as you can about the number sentence. 7×9=63
  6. pre algebrahow

    do you solve a negative fraction plus a posotive fraction?
  7. Math

    What is 0.5 to the tenth power, as a fraction? a.k.a. 0.0009765625 as a fraction
  8. math 32

    the fraction 1/6 as an equivalent fraction with denominator 12x
  9. Math!!!!

    13.75 is the same as 12.5 plus a fraction of 12.5. What is the fraction? HELP. THANK YOU!! I would do this. 13.75 - 12.5 = 1.25 difference. 1.25 is 1-1/4 (one and one-fourth) and that is the same as 5/4. So 13.75 = 12.5 + 5/4. Check this out. 6=7\3=14
  10. math

    Please help my equivalent fraction. I am greater than 1/5 and less than 1/2. My denominator is between 2 and 4. What fraction am I? Thanks for the help..
  11. math

    Explain how to expand the fraction 4/5 into a fraction with 15 as a denominator.
  12. math

    yes, is it 1 and 1/20? Yes, 21/20 = 1 & 1/20. Although I'm not sure I would call a mixed fraction simpler than a fraction.
  13. Math

    I have a fraction x/1.2 If i multiply this fraction by x will I end up with the denominator on its own of 1.2x?
  14. Math

    I am a fraction between 1/3 and 1/5 My dominator is 1 less than 4 times my numerator. What fraction am I?
  15. Maths

    The product of a fraction and the sum of 3 by 1 /5 and 3 by 1/10 is 9/10. Find the fraction.
  16. Math

    A fraction is greater than 1/8 and less 1/4 the sum of its digits is 19 what is the fraction
  17. math

    I am a fraction with a deminator of 4. I am greater than1/2 but less than 1. What fraction am i?
  18. Math

    Hello! So I need help understanding how to get a fraction into a decimal, the fraction I have is 18.84/225.47. Could someone help me please?

    how can i use the law of exponents to simplify: (6 ^5/8)^2/9 5/8 fraction 2/9 fraction
  20. Math

    ok I am a fraction.Iam greater than 1/5 and less than 1/3.My numerator is a on.What fraction am i?
  21. maths

    how do i convert decimal fraction into common fraction
  22. math

    represent an equivalent fraction to 3/4 as 1)a fraction and 2)a picture
  23. Math

    after a fraction is increased by 1/4 of its value, the result is 3 1/3. What is the original fraction.
  24. math

    open study a rectangle rug is 4 feet by 9 feet. what is the side length of a square rug with the same area -3ft -5ft -6ft -8ft
  25. math

    Subtract 8/9 - 7/12 write your answer as a fraction in simplest form my answers 33/108 and 11/36 Questions 2: Multiply 2/9 * 18 My answers =36/9 =4/1 =4
  26. math (mixed Review

    Is the number given a solution of the equation? 2y+8=4y-2;5 Put in y=5 , and see if the two sides of the equation are equal. yes write each as a fraction. 0.1= I do not how to do mixed review
  27. math

    write a ratio in 3 ways, comparing the first quantity to the second. A week has 5 school days and 2 weekends. Second question about 1 in 4 people swims at least 6 times each year.
  28. Math

    How do you write the product as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction of 3×4/5 equals
  29. math plz help

    write the fraction 5/6 as a percent.rounded to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary A.33.33% B.66.67% C.83.33 D.1.20%
  30. Math

    1. Find the sum of the first five terms of the sequence 2/3, 2, 6, 18, ..... 2. Is this a geometric sequence? 2x, (4x-2), (6x-4), ..... 3. Show the equivalent values of the decimal 0.7575757575..... in fraction form. 4. What is the sum of the geometric
  31. Algebra

    Jim is installing ceramic tile behind his kitchen sink. Each tile is a square with side length 4 1/4 inches. For each tile, he allows an additional 1/8 inch per side for the grout between tiles. How many tiles should he buy if the space measures 2.1 square
  32. Math

    John is designing a redwood deck. each board is 5 1/2 inches wide, and each will be placed parallel to one another. Should he use 3/16 inch, 1/4 inch, or 3/8 inch spacing between boards if he wants the deck to be as close as possible to, but not greater
  33. math

    Jasmine is looking at a map to determine how many miles it is to the camp she will be attending this summer. The scale of the map is 14 inch = 20 miles. The total distance to the camp on the map is 2.75 inches. Which proportion shows how many miles it is
  34. Consumer Math

    Will you please check my answers? 1. Your employer has 600 business cards printed for you, and you give away 280 of them. To the nearest hundredth, what percent of the cards is left? A. 18.75% B. 53.33% C. 46.67% D. 21.43% 2. The LCD for the fractions 1/3,
  35. Math 10

    Change all these numbers to entire radicals in order to compare them. Then write them from smallest to largest in their original form. 9T2, 2T6,8T3,4T5,6T2 *pretend the T is a square root sign
  36. Material Sciences

    A steel bar of length L and cross-sectional area A is fitted between rigid supports. Write an expression for the stress in the bar when the temperature is raised by an amount ΔT. Write your answer in terms of α,E and ΔT. Is the stress compressive or
  37. math

    the perimeter of a triangle is 79.75 inches. the second side of the triangle is half as big as the first side. the third side is 7.25 in greater than the first side what is the length of the longest side of the triangle?
  38. math

    if the ratio of interior angle of triangle are 4:11:3.Find the greater angle.* i am confused about the word greater does the question need the angle with 11 ratio or 4 ratio?
  39. Math

    The perimeter of rectangle Z is equal to its area.Rectangle Y has the same perimeter as rectangle Z.The length of rectangle Y is 5 inches and width of rectangle Z.
  40. Math 209

    An advertisement for LED HDTVs lists the following prices for their different sizes (all have the same aspect ratio 9:16): 22-inch $ 247.99 42-inch $ 1,299.99 46-inch $ 1,449.99 52-inch $ 1,799.99 55-inch $ 1,999.0 Rearrange this list in terms of the price
  41. Math

    A banner is 15 square feet. How many square inches are equivalent to 15 square feet?
  42. Chemistry

    SO CONFUSED PLEASE HELP!!! A certain radio wave has a wavelength of 7 inches. a. convert the wavelength of this radio wave into meters. (1 meter = 39.37) b. find the frequency of this radio wave.
  43. Physics

    Calculate the position of the center of mass of the following pairs of objects. Use a coordinate system where the origin is at the center of the more massive object. Give your answer not in meters but as a fraction of the radius as requested. Get data from
  44. math

    if possible, change each comparison of concentrate to water into a ratio. If not, explain why. a. the mix is 60% concentrate. b. the fraction of the mix that is water is 3/5 c. the difference between the amount of concentrate and water is 4 cups
  45. Math

    Conrad taxi service charges $1.50 for the first mile and $0.90 for each additional mile. How far can Mr. Kulp go for $20 if he gives the driver a $2 tip. Write a let statement; represent the additional miles in terms of the total travelled. Write an
  46. basic algebra

    the numerator of a certain fraction is four less then the denominator, if the numerator is doubled and the denominator is diminished by two, the sum of the original fraction and the new one is three. find the original fraction
  47. algebra

    The denominator of a fraction is 4 less than the numerator .If the denominator is doubled and the numerator is increased by 6,the sum of the original fraction and the new one is 3 .Find the original fraction.
  48. Mathematics

    The numerator of a fraction is two less than its denominator. When both numerator and denominator are increased by 3, the fraction is increased by 3/20. Find the original fraction. Explain your solution
  49. Calculus - Optimization

    UBC parcel post regulations states that packages must have length plus girth of no more than 84 inches. Find the dimension of the cylindrical package of greatest volume that is mailable by parcel post. What is the greatest volume? Make a sketch to indicate
  50. English

    Underline each complete subject once.Underline each complete predicate twice. 1. The boys and girls studied different kids of measures. 2. Some people of ancient times used cubits. 3. A cubit measured about twenty inches. 4. It was the distance from the
  51. MATH

    the numerator of a fraction is one-half the denominator! If the numerator is is increased by 2 and denominator is decreased by 2, the value of the fraction is 2/3. What is the numerator of the original fraction?
  52. physics

    Два равных отрицательных заряда по 9 нКл каждый находятся в воде (ε=81) на расстоянии 8 см друга от друга. Определить напряженность и потенциал
  53. Algebra--One Quick Question

    31. Determine whether the sequence 7, 21, 35, 49 is geometric. If so, find its common ratio. a. no b. yes, common ratio of 14 c. yes, common ratio of 12 B? Thanks -MC
  54. Math

    4) The sum of an infinite geometric series is 100. The second term of the series is 24. Find two possibilities for a (the first term) and r (the common ratio). b. Given, 5 2 4 a a a    159 and 4 1 3 a a a    265 , find the terms of the
  55. My Retyped Algebra Post

    1. Use the arithmetic sequence of numbers 2,4,6,8,10.. to find the following: a)What is d, the difference between any consecutive terms? Answer: Show work in this space: b)Using the formula for the nth term of an arithmetic sequence, what is 101st term?
  56. 4th grade math - line plot

    Can you explain how to answer the following question? Information: Tally chart shows the widths of buttons collected (button sizes in inches). 1/8 in = 6 buttons, 2/8 in = 0 buttons, 3/8 in = 3 buttons, 4/8 in = 1 button, 5/8 inc = 2 buttons, 7/8 in = 4
  57. college physics

    Please help! the below questions are driving me crazy. Thanks Larry King 1) Suppose that in a certain atmospheric situation, a falling raindrop, having an initial mass of 0.010g. collects smaller droplets by collision at such a rate that, after 10s, it has
  58. math

    The first and second terms of an exponential sequence (G.P) are respectively the first and third terms of a linear sequence (A.P). The fourth term of the linear sequence is 10 and sum of its first five terms is 60. find (a) the first five terms of the
  59. Math.G.P

    The 1st term of a G.P is equal to x-2,the 3rd term is x+6 and the arithmetic mean of the 1st and 3rd terms stands in the ratio to the 2nd 5:3.find the value of x.
  60. Math

    Rachel gave 1/4 of a pie to each of 5 friends. How many pies did she give to her friends in all? Write the mixed number. Ms. Fuller has 2 2/6 pies left over from her party. Write the number of pies left over as a fraction greater than 1. How do I arrive at
  61. Math

    I'm horrible at word problems but Create a chart that has the following information for each of the three selected carriers: cost per month, base number of minutes, additional cost per minute (overage) Using the information from the chart you created,
  62. Math

    If you begin with a right triangle with sides a, b, and c and decrease the right angle so it is an acute angle, how does compare a^2+b^2 compare with c^2 ?
  63. college algebra

    Identify the units on x in each of the following equations. (a) x= yz (both y and z are measured in feet) (b) x=3y^2 (y is measured in inches) (c)x = t^3 (t is measured in seconds) (d) x 4F^2 d (both F and d are measured in meters) 4. In an exponential
  64. math

    A stained glass window is shaped like a semicircle. The bottom edge of the window is 36 inches long. What is the area of the stained glass window? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. (2 pt) Draw and label the window: Answer: _____________
  65. math

    Jose is wrapping a stack of 100 coins in a paper holder. Each coin is 18 inch thick and has a diameter of 1 inch. How many square inches of paper will Jose need to cover the stack of coins? Use 3.14 for π. Enter your answer in the box.
  66. calculus

    Eight and one-half foot-pounds of work is required to compress a spring 3 inches from its natural length. Find the work required to compress the spring an additional one-half inch. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)
  67. Algebra 2 A Conic Section

    Franco is adjusting a satellite because he finds it is not focusing the incoming radio waves perfectly. The shape of his satellite can be modeled by y^2+6y-3x+3=0, where x and y are modeled in inches. He realizes that the static is a result of the feed
  68. Chemistry

    The density of water is 1gm/cm^3. Use the density and these dimensions to find the mass of the water in grams in a fish tank. Use the rules of significant figures and rounding to come up with the correct answer. 30 cm width * .075 meters length * 15 inches
  69. Math aglebra

    I need help RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the blueprints of Adam's office building, the length of his rectangular office space is 5 1/4 inches. If the actual length of Adam's office space is 10 1/2 feet, what is the scale of the blueprint?
  70. Math. Help

    Anna's dad is replacing a table in their house. The table is currently 3 feet wide by 4 feet tall. Her dad wants to add 9 inches to the legs of the table. What is the new perimeter of the table in feet?
  71. math 2

    calvin packs boxes of greeting cards into a larger box. the volume of each box of greeting cards is 90 cubic inches. which is the best estimate for the volume of the large box?
  72. Algebra

    The area of a circle is given by the formula A+pier^2, where r is the radius. If increasing the radius of a circle by 1 inch gives the resulting circle an area of 100pie square inches, what is the radius of the original circle?
  73. geometry

    Macy wants to jog around Triangle Park. On a scale map, the park has a perimeter of 11 inches. The scale of the map is 1 inch : 100 yards. What is the perimeter of the actual park?
  74. math 2

    ellen needs to buy 180 inches of ribbon to wrap a large present. the store sells ribbon only in whole yards. How many yards does ellen need to buy to have enough ribbon? Please answer thanks
  75. Math2

    The scale of a globe is 1/8 inch= 125 miles. How many inches is the circumference of that globe? Hint 1: Circumference means distance around. Hint 2: Use 25,000 miles for the circumference of the Earth.
  76. math

    The area of a circle is given by the formula A = ðr2, where r is the radius. If increasing the radius of a circle by 1 inch gives the resulting circle an area of 100ð square inches, what is the radius of the original circle?
  77. math

    okay so i have this word problem. The measurements of the upper portion of the hutch, in inches, were: 9 3/4, 12 9/16, 10 3/8, and 16 7/16. The total hight of the hutch is 82 3/8inches. a)what is the height of the upper portion? b)what is the height of the
  78. math

    On the blueprints of Adam's office building, the length of his rectangular office space is 5 1/4 inches. If the actual length of Adam's office space is 10 1/2 feet, what is the scale of the blueprint?
  79. math

    Carlos was 5feet,8inches tall at the beginning of ninth grade. he grew 4 3/4inches during that school year and 2 1/4inches during follow the summer. how tall was Carlos at the beginning of tenth grade? Express his height in feet and inches.
  80. math

    Nate's front yard was 50 feet wide. each time he pushed the mower along the length of the yard, he mowed a path 24 inches wide. To mow the entire yard, how many times did nate nedd to push the mower along the lentgh of the yard
  81. Algebra

    A carpenter drills 5 equally spaced holes in a 56 3/4" long piece of wood. The two end holes are an equal distance from the center. If each hole is 7 1/2 inches apart, what is the distance from each end of the wood to the nearest ens hole? Please explain
  82. math

    the base of a rectangle is twice the length of the heigth .If the heigth of the ractangle is h inches, what is the length of the base
  83. Math

    the height of a new home is going to be 74 feet. if the height of the home in a scale drawing is 9.25 inches, what is the scale used?
  84. Math

    A boxs width is 1/4 its length. The perimeter of the box is 30 inches. What are the boxs length and width?
  85. math

    A pie plate measures 8 inches across the bottom. What is the area of the bottom of this pie plate?
  86. Math

    The length of a classroom is 30 ft. What is the scale factor if the length of the classroom on the scale drawing is 3.6 inches?
  87. math

    The area of a circle with radius r given by the formula A = pi r^2. If a circle has area 81 pi square in inches, what is the radius?
  88. Math Scale Drawing

    The length of a classroom is 30 ft. What is the scale factor if the length of the classroom on the scale drawing is 3.6 inches?
  89. college

    Under typical conditions, 1 1/2 ft of snow will melt to 2 in of water. To how many inches of water will 4 1/3 ft of snow melt?
  90. Math

    The length of a table is 3 1/3 inches. The width is 1/5 of length. Find the width and perimeter of table
  91. algebra 1

    princess leia is a very good math student. Her average math grade was a 95 on her 15 tests. If Darth Mangham decides to drop her lowest grade, write an expression to determine her new test average.
  92. fractions

    sometimes it is helpful to rewrite mixed numbers that include a fraction greater than 1. Use the number line to write the missing numbers: 1 2/6= /6
  93. Math. Fractions

    Emily exercised from 4:05pm tob4:32 pm For what part of an hour did Emily exercise ? Write the fraction in simplest form Would it be 27/60 = 9/20
  94. Math!!

    You work in retail. In the past you inventoried and shelved the weekly UPS shipment in 2 hours. Your co-worker usually takes 3 hours to do the UPS shipment. How long will it take the two of you working together to finish this week’s UPS shipment? 1)What
  95. MathematicalModels

    Consider the Black-Scholes-Merton model for two stocks: dS1(t)=0.1S1(t)dt+0.2S1(t)dW1(t) dS2(t)=0.05S2(t)dt+0.1S2(t)dW2(t) Suppose the correlation between W1 and W2 is 0.4. Consider the dynamics of the ratio S1/S2, where A,B,C,D,F,G,I,J,K,L are constants
  96. algebra

    Ms. Allison drew a box-and-whisker plot to represent her students scores on a midterm test. Lowest value=44 Lower quartile=47 Median=72 Upper quartile=81 Highest value=96 Jason received 47 on the test. How does Jason's score compare to his classmates? A.
  97. Math

    Ms. Allison drew a box-and-whisker plot to represent her students scores on a midterm test. Lowest value=44 Lower quartile=47 Median=72 Upper quartile=81 Highest value=96 Jason received 47 on the test. How does Jason's score compare to his classmates? A.
  98. calculus

    a rectangular box with a square bottom is to have a volume of 1000 cubic inches. the bottom cost $100 per cubic inch, the sides are $25 per square inch and there is no top. what are the dimensions of the box that has materials costing the least
  99. social studies

    1. Define these terms: Feudalism, Guild, Holy Land, Humanism, Imperialism, Industrial Revolution, Medieval/Middle Ages and Nation. 2. Compare and Contrast a limited government to an unlimited government. Give an example of a country past or present that
  100. Geometry

    Please help me 1.The surface are of the exterior of hollow rubber ball is 16pi in^2.The rubber is 1/4 inch thick. Find the surface are of the interior of the ball. 2. The length of each side of a cube is 6 inches long. Find the exact area of a sphere