1. math

    Original Question is: how many 1/2 miles are in 12 miles? write the division question 12 divided by 1/2= 24 what multiplication question could the model also answer? 12 x 2 =24 This is the one I didn't understand Write the question given as a
  2. spanish

    4. In the sentence "Paula nos dice la verdad." (Paula tells the truth to us.) Is the "nos" a direct or indirect object pronoun? direct 8. Ya lo ___veo___ (ver), (I can see that) Please re-write the following sentences (making them grammatically correct)
  3. Math

    Probability-- There are two boxes...the first box has 3 black balls and 1 blue ball in it. The second box has 6 black balls and 2 in blue balls in it. a. Which of the following two boxes would you choose if you were picking 1 ball and wanted black? Justify
  4. PHI 103

    PHI 103 Symbolic Logic- write 2 argument in English,one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens.Then write the argument in symbols using sentences letters and truth-functional connectives.
  5. Algebra 2

    Monica's current office is squared. her office in the company's new building will be 3 feet wider and 5 feet? longer . 1. write the expression for the dimensions of monicas new office. 2. write a polynomial expression for the area of monicas new office.
  6. applied calculus

    3. a) Write out the limit definition for the derivative of y = xx. Attempt to solve it. b) Write out the limit definition for the derivative of the inverse trig function from question 2. Attempt to solve it. c) Discuss the value of implicit
  7. maths

    can some one help me on how i work these qustions out..i need to simplify and write out the full solutions. 2x + 4 / 2 and 2x^2 / x^3 I'm not sure what you mean by write out the full solutions but If that means find x... the first one is simplified and
  8. Applied calculas

    3. a) Write out the limit definition for the derivative of y = xx. Attempt to solve it. b) Write out the limit definition for the derivative of the inverse trig function from question 2. Attempt to solve it. c) Discuss the value of implicit
  9. Arithmetic

    A box in a college bookstore contains books, and each book in the box is a history book, an English book or a science book. If one-third of these books are history books and one-sixth are English books, what fraction of the books are science books?
  10. Math

    Considering the word Mathematics, what is the ratio of vowels to consonants? Write this ratio 3 ways: Word form: Fraction form: Colon form:
  11. Math

    Considering the word Mathematics, what is the ratio of vowels to consonants? Write the ratio 3 ways. word form: colon form: fraction form:
  12. history

    Hey , can someone please tell me if this sounds good so far about the causes of World war I, and if not please give me your input. While President Woodrow Wilson was having political issues with Mexico, anxiety between European countries was increasing.
  13. Algebra

    The Roice family have a rectangular swimming pool. It measures 16' x 32'. This summer they are installing a sidewalk around the pool. The width of the sidewalk is yet to be determined, 1) Using the x as the width of the sidewalk, write a Polynomial to
  14. Calculus

    I'm doing graphs/domain/range of basic functions. I have three questions: How do I find the domain and range of a function? (more preferably range...I'm okay but shaky on domain) Ex: f(x)=1/(x^2) Also, how do you write the domain and range with notation?
  15. english

    underline the base word for each word in the box. Then find and circle these base words in the puzzle. The answers will read down or across. Next, unscramble the shaded letters to make a word to complete rule below. shaded words are as follows
  16. Chemistry

    "A voltaic cell is constructed by immersing a strip of sillver metal in a 1.0 MAgNO3 solution and a strip of cadmium metal in a 1.0M Cd(NO3)2 solution. The circuit is completed by a wire and a salt bridge in the usual way. a. Write the balanced overall

    I have to submit a complaint on any advertisment which I think should be banned And it should be one that you feel violates any clause of the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards or the Gender Portrayal Guidelines. Write a letter of complaint following
  18. PreCalculas

    1.Write the equation of the conic section with the given properties: A hyperbola with vertices(0,6)(0,-6)and asymptotes y=3/4x and y=-3/4x. 2.Write the equation of the conic section with the given properties: An ellipse with vertices(0,-5)(0,5)and a minor
  19. Algebra

    The sum of two consecutive odd integers is 56. A. Define a variable for the smaller integer. B. What must you add to an odd integer to get the next greater odd integer? C. Write an expression for the second integer. D. Write and solve an equation to find
  20. PreCalculas help

    1.Write the equation of the conic section with the given properties: A hyperbola with vertices(0,6)(0,-6)and asymptotes y=3/4x and y=-3/4x. 2.Write the equation of the conic section with the given properties: An ellipse with vertices(0,-5)(0,5)and a minor
  21. heritage report

    I am going to write information about my personal heritage if I write about three different ideas they will be special accomplishments of different family members ,a special family tradition and a traditional recipe. i want the two pages of information to
  22. chemistry

    Sodium flouride, NaF, is a basic salt. Write the chemical equation that describes how the salt breaks up into its ions. Write the chemical equation that describes how one of the ions behaves as a base in water to produce OH-.
  23. Statistics

    The probability of winning something on a single play at a slot machine is 0.29. After 6 plays on the slot machine, What is the probability of winning at least once? Write only a number as your answer. Round your answer to four decimal places (for example:
  24. Science

    An object mass m1 falls from a height of h1. a. Write a formula for the velocity of the object just before it stikes the ground in terms of g,m1,and h1. b. Write a formula for the velocity of the object at the half way point in terms of g,m1, and h1.
  25. Advanced Math

    Planting Depth(in)|Height (in) 3 |5 6 |9 6 |18 6 |8 7 |21 6 |12 4 |12 ----------------------------------------- a.Write the depths as integers b.list those integers from least to greatest c.write the heights as integers d.list those integers from least to
  26. algebra

    1)Write an equation for an ellipse if the endpoints of the major axis are at(1,6)and (1,-6)and the endpoints of the minor axis are at (5,0)and (-3,0) answer= (x-1)^2/36+y^2/16=1 2)Which is the equation of an ellipse with center (-4,2)and a horizontal major
  27. GuruBlue/English

    Yesterday, I asked the question about my thesis statement for Hamlet. Heres what I wrote: Hi, I'm writing an essay on how Hamlet is a participant of hypocrisy. Can anyone help me write a thesis statement. My points are that his father tells him to avenge
  28. Social Studies nhf

    Thank you! BTW, nhf stands for need help fast :) thank you again in advance!! All right! So, I have a few essay questions I want to make sure are right! This is really important to me and I am not that good in science. Please help me!! Here goes
  29. english

    Hi:) in short:i have to write a research paper but only can use luminarium page.I can choose one of the following poets and analyze one or more of his poems:Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Marvell, Crashaw..I have read some poems.The Broken Heart from Donne seem
  30. english

    hey i really need help in this plzzzzz Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student’s sentence and/or citation about that source. Each sentence and each citation has at least one thing wrong with it (most have more than
  31. PHYSICSSSSS helpppp please

    Two boxes with different masses M1 = 1.8 kg and M2 = 2.6 kg are tied together on a frictionless ramp surface which makes an angle θ = 21° with the horizontal (see the figure below). What is the tension in the rope connecting the two boxes? N What is
  32. kindda URGENT-social studies/world civilizations

    i have about one more page to write in this report about the egyptian god of death, osiris, and i've gone on about how he was born, who was involved, not much to his life, but got a good part of his death covered...i have one more page and i am at loss for
  33. Chemistry

    Write a balanced formula equation with phase indicators: Strong heating of copper(II) nitrate trihydrate produces copper (II) oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxygen gas, and water (The part I'm confused about is how to write the molecular formula for copper (II)
  34. chemistry

    You will be presented with three crystallographic directions drawn in a unit cell. Please write the identity of the direction in the space provided below each picture. Use the correct form of brackets for describing a direction, and leave no spaces between
  35. English

    How do I write my life story? My teacher said it should be atleast 2 pages long telling my life story and how I got to this school. I really don’t feel comfortable sharing personal details so how do I make it less specific? Is there some sort of template
  36. Foreign Language-Italian

    I am an adult learner. I grew up speaking the second language of Italian. I want to take a proficiency exam in Italian. I don't read or write in the language. Is there a self teaching program that would teach me to speak, read and write? I am not looking
  37. Chemistry

    In lab, we were finding the distribution coefficient for propanoic acid and ethyl acetate. As well as propanoic acid and toluene. How would you write the chemical equation for the reaction of propanoic acid and ethyl acetate? I know it produces water in
  38. Chemistry

    Consider a saturated solution of calcium fluoride in 0.086 M potassium nitrate. Complete the following tasks, and then answer the question. a) Write the chemical equation corresponding to Ksp. b) Write the defining expression for the thermodynamic
  39. ETH 125 College Course

    I have a paper I have to do for this class and it calls for us to write an autobiography on race in our community. I have an idea of what I want to write it on however I do not know how to research it to have the recommended resources needed for the paper.
  40. Chemistry

    Write the equilibrium expression, and calculate Kp for the reaction under the conditions described: 2NaHCO3 (s) --> <--- Na2CO3 (s) + H2O (g) + CO2 (g) 100 g of solid NaHCO3 was placed in a previously evacuated rigid 5.00 L container and heated to
  41. Geometry

    1) Draw a valid conclusion if possible: Parallel lines do not intersect If lines do not intersect, then they have no points in common. **can this logical argument be identified by name? If yes, name it. 2)Draw a conclusion given AB bisects segment XT at
  42. Chemistry

    Write the equilibrium expression, and calculate Kp for the reaction under the conditions described: 2NaHCO3 (s) --> <--- Na2CO3 (s) + H2O (g) + CO2 (g) 100 g of solid NaHCO3 was placed in a previously evacuated rigid 5.00 L container and heated to
  43. psychology(literature review)

    I need to write a psychological literature review on a specific area from one of the topics below: -Human Development -Motivation and Emotion -Personality Theories and Therapies -Psychological Disorders What is a literature review and how to write one?
  44. Math

    Can someone help? The way the question is worded is confusing me. You earn 10 points for every coin you collect in a video game. Then you find a star that triples your score. a. write an expression for the number of points you earn from the coins. b. write
  45. Language arts

    1 What is the participial phrase in the sentence? They heard the girl crying softly in the restaurant. A) They heard B) the girl C) crying softly ******* D) in the restaurant. 2 Danielle reached into her bag. She was looking for her wallet. Which sentence
  46. computer

    Using pseudocode, write a program on how you turn a corner in an automobile. Note that there is a stop sign in the intersection. Determine the logical steps involved and write the pseudocode. Consider the following questions when completing your
  47. Material Sciences

    A steel bar of length L and cross-sectional area A is fitted between rigid supports. Write an expression for the stress in the bar when the temperature is raised by an amount ΔT. Write your answer in terms of α,E and ΔT. Is the stress
  48. math

    how do i write an equation in point slope form when the slope= -1/2 and it passes through (5,-8) and then how do i write an equation for the line in slope-intercept form? thanks
  49. Business-EASY

    5. Click on the Show Chart link to the right of the company name and description. Select the monthly share price graph and take a screen shot. Include the screen shot in your submission. Describe what has happened to the share price in the last year I
  50. Math

    Ms. Allison drew a box-and-whisker plot to represent her students scores on a midterm test. These are the numbers on the box-and-whisker plot. Lowest value=44 Lower quartile=47 Median=52 Upper quartile=81 Highest value=96 Jason received 81 on the test. How
  51. math

    Can someone help me figure this out? You earn 10 points for every coin you collect in a video game. Then you find a star that triples your score. a. Write an expression for the number of points you earn from the coins. b. Write and simplify an expression
  52. math please help me out fam

    For questions 1 and 2, use integer values of from –3 to 3 to graph the equation. 1) y = –2x2 + 3 2) y = one-third |x| –2 Find the horizontal change and the vertical change for the translation 3) p(4, –4) right arrow (–4, 7). 4) The point c(3,
  53. Physics

    A 10kg suitcase is placed on a horizontal conveyor belt the top of which moves to the right. The coefficient of static friction between the belt and box is µs = 0.5 and that of kinetic friction is µk = 0.3. a) Sketch a free body diagram for the suitcase,
  54. Math

    1. Mailey mother brought her a pet hamster. She is keeping Montey, the hamster, in a box with a length of 8.3 in.,a width of 6in.,and a height of 5,25in. Mailey plans on covering Montey's box with contact paper. How many square inches of contact paper is
  55. science

    Write a complete C program that asks the user to enter continuously a series of words and the word “end” to stop. For each word entered, you should output the number of characters of this word and then ask him to enter the other word. Finally, when he
  56. english

    could someone please help me come up with a sentence for the word facet and the word egalitarianism? http://www.answers.com/facet http://www.answers.com/egalitarianism =)
  57. English

    1.Select the letter of the sentence in which all capitalization is correct. a. Hughes longed for the moment when African-American theater and art would make a stand. (African-American music and literature were already on the rise.) b. Hughes longed for the
  58. MATH

    I'm sure what if this is the right answer that the question is looking for. since my eng. not that good i have hard time understanding. Please help me. Question: write a situation that can be modeled by the following linear system. Explain what each
  59. Pre-CalcPlease check

    Please check: 1.Write in expanded form: this is a sigma notation- 4 on top signma in middle k=1 on bottom to right of sigma is (k-1)(k-2) I solved: k=1 (1-1)(1-2)=0(-1)=0 K=2 (2-1)(2-2) = 1(0)=0 k=3(3-1)(3-2)=2(1)=2 k=4 (4-1)(4-)=3(2)=6 answer: 0+0+2+6 2.
  60. Chemistry

    How would you write these chemical reactions?Can someone do one or two reactions for each problem, so I could get an idea of to them? ..I'm nit sure how most of the oeoducts wouls turn out..especially if it is a precipitate. 5. When Mn^2+ ions are
  61. English

    Writing letters that will never be read frees you to say anything at all. You can write to those people whose petty meanness stung you or whose significant cruelties really hurt you. It’s open season on expressing as much rage or sadness or wonder as
  62. Critical Thinking

    How would you re-write the following email so that it follow the critical thinking rules? I don’t have a lot of time to explain but off the top of my head answer is as a reader critical thinking affects me all ways. Not just reading but writing too.
  63. Math

    You earn 10 points for every coin you collect in a video game. then you find a star that triples your score. a. write an expression for the number of points you earn from the coins. b. write and simplify an expression for the total number of points you
  64. English shifting and mixed sentences

    Question 11 Which sentence contains a shift in subject and voice? We drove around the block in Billy's car for a few minutes, and then we discover the flat tire. Everyone should report to your building by 7:00 a.m. Each visitor to the museum should pick up
  65. 6th grade math

    Can you check these, please? 1. George had 5 apples. His mother gave him a few more apples to share with his friends. Write an expression to represent the total number of apples George has. Ans: 5 + n 2. four times as much as a number k Ans: 4k 3. Michelle
  66. help.....

    my writing needs improvment and I was wondering what I can do to improve it? There are many good things you can do to improve your writing. Here are some suggestions: 1. Keep a journal. This is not a diary, but a journal. The difference is that in a
  67. math

    I have to write an equation for the following. The daily newspaper started printing three years ago they had 5700 home delivery subscribers. The number of subscribers increased by 67 every month. write equation that shows the relationship between number od
  68. Lattice method/math

    How do you do lattice math? http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/52468.html what is the lattice method? hi i hate this method it suks now i need to do a report on it and i need information about its history aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dam this! can you
  69. math

    sarah works in the clubhouse golf course. She receives a case containing 125 golf balls. the number of boxes in the case is equal to the number of packs in each box. and the number of packs in each box is equal to the number of golf balls in each pack. how
  70. algebra

    2. The level of thorium in a sample decreases by a factor of one-half every 2 million years. A meteorite is discovered to have only 8.6% of its original thorium remaining. How old is the meteorite in millions of years? 2) You need to show how you use the
  71. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 10:23pm. 1. Three people climb quickly into one of the boats. It is the Farriner family from Pudding Lane. 2. Three people climb quickly into one of the boats. They are the Farriner family from Pudding Lane.
  72. English - help needed

    Posted by annie on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 4:29pm. Are the following sentences semantically / gramatically correct? 1)Alert the supervisor to any defective material found. 2)Some equipment have been taken away for inspection. After inspection,
  73. Literature

    Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Choose one of the characters who is introduced in Chapter Two and write an essay analyzing the various forms of characterization. I've chosen Curley's wife who I think represents darkness. Any ideas on what I should write
  74. Math

    Cheryl, Rita, and four of their friends go yo a movie and share 48 ounce bag of popcorn equally and three 48 inch licorice laces equally. Write a ratio comparing the numbers of ounces popcorn to the number of friends. Then, write a unit rate comparing the
  75. try this

    i have to write a three sentences about my family, using irregular verbs and i do not know what to write or what irregular verbs are
  76. Science 8R - help!

    HW - Name an example of the 6 simple machines that are in your home. So I have to write an example each or write an example that is an example for ALL six simple machines.
  77. MATH

    How do you write an equation in standard form? Ex.How would you write this in standard form? y+1=x+2
  78. business

    Identify the complete sentence that is correctly punctuated. Most people support the sex offender registry, I worry that this information will promote discrimination. Most people support the sex offender registry; and I worry that this information will
  79. Chemistry

    Hydrogen peroxide can act as either an oxidizing agent or a reducing agent, depending on the species present in solution. Write balanced half-reaction equations for each of the following: (a) H2O2(aq) acting as an oxidizing agent in an acidic solution.
  80. College Algebra

    Help! Write the equation of the function that has a graph the shape of , vertically shrunk by a factor of 1/4 and shifted right 6 units. Write the equation of the function that has a graph the shape of y = „ x„ , reflected about the x-axis and
  81. history/english

    For my english class we have to write an essay on why were against global peace. The main topic that I'm doing it on global peace causes over population and that i'm against global peace in everything that i write. What are some strong reasons on how
  82. English IIB

    It takes both bravery and self-sacrifice to be a hero. Heroes have the inner strength to stand up for their beliefs, even in the face of danger. Those who fight for a just cause may not always triumph in the end, but a hero will always triumph in spirit.
  83. maths

    A box contains 5 red bowls, 6 yellow bowls and 3 white bowls. If 4 bowls are randomly drawn from the box at the same time, (a)find the probability that exactly 2 red bowls are drawn; (b)find the probability that at least 2 red bowls are drawn.
  84. English

    Use context clues to determine the meaning of the bolded word in the sentence below. Her enormous job responsibilities PRECLUDE the option of a vacation this summer. A.) made impossible in advance************ B.) specified in advance C.) were in harmony
  85. English

    i forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1) You keep mispelling the word "together". Rewrite it correctly at least 10 times. 2) Particular attention was paid to the setting (was given is a mistake?) 3) The novels are preceded by a preface,
  86. 6th grade math

    Can you check these inequalities? 1. Chancellor is saving $15 each week for at least n weeks to buy a skateboard that cost $150. Write an inequality to represent this real life situation. Ans: 15n >= 150 2. Write an inequality to represent the possible
  87. criminal justice

    write a 350-700 word response in which you describe each of the four caterories of stress associated with policing profession. within each response, describe how this type of stress the officer's job, social life, and personal life. How might the officer
  88. Quadratic Equations Word Problem

    Jack wants to install a swimming pool that is 12m long and 8m wide. He wants to install a rubberized safety border of uniform width around the pool. The width of the safety border is represented by x and the area of the safety border is 44 m^2. a) Write an
  89. cjs240

    Will someone please help me find a website to complete this assignment? Write a 200- to 300-word response in which you explain the court process as it relates to juvenile offenders.
  90. Literary Analysis and Composition

    Please help me out with this question! I am still trying to understand participle phrases. Write the first and last word of the participial phrase. We studied the notes, including all the lectures and outlines.
  91. government

    Using the Internet, encyclopedia, and/other reference material for research, write a 1,000-word report on feudalism in the history in one of the following countries: * France * England * Germany
  92. ACC340

    Using at least two sources in addition to the text, Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing how information systems are changing the various aspects of the accounting profession.
  93. It 230

    Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper with at least two references in which you describe the general type of WAN connections and network hardware that will be used to interconnect the offices.
  94. english

    Which words are the infinitive and the last word of the infinitive phrase in this sentence? This table is able to seat up to eight people. A. able to up B. to seat up C. to seat people D. to eight people
  95. English

    Word box left compact earmark frigid intensive scant strident titanic 4.When the winds begin to turn ______ in November our thoughts turn to our warm and sunny island off the coast of Florida frigid
  96. English

    1.What is the correct way to punctuate the end of this sentence? Did the baseball player say, “I can do the splits” Did the baseball player say, “I can do the splits?” Did the baseball player say, “I can do the splits”? xx 2. Which sentence
  97. Spanish Work Check

    Can someone check my work and tell me if they're grammatically correct and such? Instructions: Be creative and write a sentence for each of the following verbs using the future simple tense. 1.(ella) Venir Ella vendrá mañana a mi casa. 2. (nosotros)
  98. Psycology

    I. Classical Conditioning For the scenario presented below, identify the five major elements of classical conditioning: NS, UCS, UCR, CS, CR. Each answer is only ONE OR TWO words, just like the examples we discuss(ed) in class. If you write a sentence, it
  99. English

    The following sentence is an example of which primary English sentence pattern? The toddler tossed his father the ball. A. Pronoun, subject, interrogative verb B. Subject, action verb, indirect object, direct object. C. Subject, verb, object, object
  100. English

    Who is younger than Mr. Pitt? Emily is younger than Mr. Pitt. Who is the youngest of the three? Emily is the youngest. How tall is Emily? She is 162 cm tall. How heavy is she? She is 44 kg. How does she weigh? She weighs 44 kg. Who is the heaviest of the