1. english

    How is the infinitive phrase used in the sentence? Morning is the best time to study difficult equations. A. noun as subject B. adjective C. adverb D. noun as predicate nominative
  2. grammar

    When referring to multiple men in a sentence is it proper to use the salutation (Mrss.) i.e. Mrss. Smith, Jones, and Wilson gave their permission to proceed with the project. Thanks,
  3. English

    Choose the meaning of "carvorted" in the sentence. The children carvorted about when the teacher played their favorite music. 1)mingled 2)frolicked 3)tumbled 4)waved my answer is #2....thanks for your help.
  4. English

    Is this sentence correct? If not, could you point out what part is not correct? As an incentive to attend the local college, our father told my brother and I that we could use his company car for transport.
  5. English

    What does this sentence mean? - Extending the time between meals makes your body go into "starvation mode," which decreases your metabolism as a means to conserve energy and prevent starvation.
  6. English

    Rochester says, "God pardon me!" and "Man, meddlee not with me" after Jane agrees to marry him because... Need to finish the sentence. This question is referring to the book, Jane Eyre.
  7. English 1

    Add an adjective to modify all the nouns in this sentence: Theresa's interest in science began when she attended the class. Should I put an adjetive in front of Theresa's?
  8. Physics

    If toy rocket rises vertically and then falls back to the ground, what changes occur in the rocket's velocity and acceleration. Please give a sentence explanation not a formula
  9. grammar

    is this a Parallel Sentence "Sports fans may disagree about whether going to baseball games or to watch football is more fun, but few people can ignore the importance of sports in America."
  10. Creative Writing

    Normally, I don't struggle with grammar, but this has me stuck. In this sentence, "One could call him an addict, because women were his drug," would you leave drug plural or singular, or is there something else to do to fix that?
  11. English/Grammar

    There's something wrong with this sentence but I can't put my finger on it!! The federal government has put into effect a mandate that requires all gasoline in Canada to contain 5 percent ethanol.
  12. english

    how can i fix this sentence a woman who comes to Ashley for a routine blood pressure check in the clinic shares the news to Ashley that her 19-year-old daughter is pregnant
  13. english

    what is the compound verb & subject of the sentence "local governments and citizen groups often employ city planners." I don't understand compound verbs
  14. English

    I've got a question i've got to use one of these words and, or, but, or nor to make the sentence flow smoothly Then Louise snagged the ball. She tied the score I thought about putting and in between ball and she would that sound right
  15. English

    The sentence below requires a citation. In the last three years, Ford has sold more automobiles in America than any other auto-manufacturer. 1.True 2.False I say False. Please check my answer.
  16. english

    One of the main reasons for the increase is visibility: today’s teenagers are growing up with parents I disagree with your statement because they don’t get influenced from their parents. this sentence is not correct help me

    Choose the correct vocabulary word for the following sentence: “We know the stranger came from a distance because of the _______ he spoke.” (1 point) criteria figurative language dialect I THINK IT IS DIALECT?
  18. English

    Which of the following is the best substitute for the word emit in this sentence: “The heart monitor machine was set to emit regular beeps”? A. send out B. register C. calculate D. sustain Maybe D?
  19. english

    How can I make this into two sentences? Note: Ending the first sentence in book. Carl shows self-hatred also known as the death drive in the book when he says, "I hate my life. I want to die right now" (67).
  20. english

    How can I condense these two sentences into one sentence? Carl is using a defense mechanism known as displacement. Displacement is the transfer of an emotion from its original focus to another object, person, or situation.
  21. Grammar

    I am writing an essay and for this sentence, I don't know if I have used the right tenses of "can" and "give". Please check to see if they are right :) "Using the insight gained from her road of life, she has given me the best life she can while instilling
  22. COM220

    Create a full-sentence that includes effective arguments and counter arguments to support my thesis people do not understand the importance of staying in school
  23. Semicolon

    Marielle, the coordinator, was eager to begin the speeches, awards presentation, and banquet, but the guest speaker, who was flying to Chicago, had not arrived. Do I need a semicolon in this sentence?
  24. St.Nicholas Adult High School (English)

    the sentence'15%of adult height is added during teen years." Ineed response and explaination. I'am so confused about that question.
  25. Geography

    Followed by the last question, How may the topic affect the lives of Canadians? I know one reason is that as people age, there will be less people receiving medical attention. What else can I add to make this sentence better?
  26. English-Ms. Sue

    Identify the infinitive in each sentence. 1. Bill’s goal is to become a psychiatrist someday. I=to become 2. Local patriots decided to throw the tea into the harbor. I=to throw 3. Who wants to go with me to the game? I=to go 4. Paramedics arrived and
  27. math

    (a) In order to express the function y = 1010 x + 4, as a composition of two functions the outer of which is an exponential function, we would let u be equal to the inner function, u = , and then write y as a function of u, as follows: y = . (b) In order
  28. algebra 1...urgent

    a high school wrestling mat must be square with 38-foot sides and contain two circles as shown. suppose the inner circle has a radius of "s" feet and the outer circle's radius is nine feet longer than the inner circle. *write an expression for the area of
  29. English

    You're locked in with us. What is meaning of locked in in this sentence. IS this mean "you are with us"?

    What is the meaning for vagaries.also give me a sentence for it.
  31. Grammar

    Which sentence is correct? These are my cousins. Or This is my cousins.
  32. English

    Edit this sentence. Most students do not like English
  33. what you read

    what word in the sentence is most clearly a loaded word?
  34. English

    1. You can do this at least 5 to 10 times. 2. You can do this at least from 5 to 10 times. (Is #2 grammatical? Do we need to use 'from' as in Sentence 2?)
  35. LA

    what links the subject of the sentence with a description of the subject?
  36. grammar

    Is this sentence correct? I know that he will do the job as best he can. Or should it be? I know that he will do the job the best he can.
  37. LAL

  38. english

    difference of using have made and had made on a sentence.
  39. English

    Which sentence is grammatical? There is no holes. There are no holes.
  40. algebra 1

    a high school wrestling mat must be square with 38-foot sides and contain two circles as shown. suppose the inner circle has a radius of "s" feet and the outer circle's radius is nine feet longer than the inner circle. *write an expression for the area of
  41. algebra

    Amy's project in metal shop class is to make a box (with no lid). Her shop teacher gave her a piece of metal that is 28 cm long and 20 cm wide. The assignment is to form the box by cutting squares out of each corner and bending the sides as shown below.
  42. Algebra Word problem

    Suppose you are an event coordinator for a large performance theater. One of the hottest new Broadway musicals has started to tour, and your city is the first stop on the tour. You need to supply information about projected ticket sales to the box office
  43. math

    two cereal boxes have corresponding edges in a ratio of 2:3 If the smaller box sells for $2.50 and the larger box for $4.00, which is the better buy? Why? What assumption(s) do you have to make when solving the problem? Estimate, then check.
  44. Physics Dynamics

    A 5.0-kg box is pulled horizontally with a 45-N force that makes angle of 40 degree with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction of the surface is 0.20. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the box?
  45. math

    A box with an open top has vertical sides, a square bottom, and a volume of 256 cubic meters. If the box has the least possible surface area, find its dimensions.
  46. Pre-Cal

    I have a piece of paper 22 in. long and 16 in. wide. I cut a 7 in. x 7 in. square from each corner. I then fold up the sides and form a box with an open top. What is the volume of this box?
  47. Physics

    a 20kg box is pulled across ahorizontal surface with aforce of 100nt. The coefficient of friction is .3 (a) find the acceleration. (b) how far will the box move in 5 sec. (c) What is the velocity at this time?
  48. Math

    You have a 50 cm x 50 cm card board. Squares with side length h are cut out of the corners and the sides are folded up to make a box. What polynomial represents the volume of the box formed?
  49. science

    A force of 2000N is used to push a box up an inclined plane that is 5m long. If the 100 kg box is raised to a height of 8m, how much work is done against friction? Let g equal 10 m/s2; I need to know how to set the problem up
  50. calculus

    a box with no top is to be built by taking a 12''-by-16'' sheet of cardboard and cutting x-inch squares our of each corner and folding up the sides. find the value of x that maximizes the volume of the box
  51. physics

    a rectangular box of mass 400g has a diameter 20cm by 10cm by 5cm compute the pressure it exerts on each face of the box when it rests on a table take g=10m/s2
  52. Calculus

    An open top box with a square base is to have a volume of exactly 500 cubic inches. Find the dimensions of the box that can be made with the smallest amount of materials.
  53. calc

    If an open box has a square base and a volume of 91 in.3 and is constructed from a tin sheet, find the dimensions of the box, assuming a minimum amount of material is used in its construction.
  54. English

    1. Select the sentence in which all pronouns are used correctly. A. Just between you and I, I am not impressed by our new manager. B. Be sure to divide all income from the suburban property between he and I. C. I sat between him and her during the sales
  55. Math

    Kosuke wrote a mathematics contest consistingof 25 multiple choice questions, the scoring system gave 6 points for a correct answer, 2 points for not answering, and 1 point for an incorrect answer.Kosuke got x correct and left y unanswered questions a)
  56. math

    write a word problem for 1/2 - 2/3 = and write a word problem for 5/12 - 1/3 =
  57. English

    Could you please explain to me why the first sentence is wrong? How can I improve it? Obsesses or haunted in sentence 2? Can you please check the rest? 1)As for Shelley's Frankenstein, both Doctor Frankenstein and his creature are complementary: they both
  58. Physics

    A 0.250 kilogram box has a speed of 2m/s when it is 1.2 meters from a second mass. It is sliding on a table with a coefficient of friction of 0.20. The box collides and sticks to a 0.5kg box that sits on the end of the table, causing the boxes to fall. How
  59. English

    When an animated cartoon was made of Animal Farm, it was given a happy ending. Animals everywhere hear that Napoleon has betrayed the cause of animalism. They join in a second revolution and succeed in overthrowing him. This leads to the establishment of
  60. Literature

    [This activity is from Daphne Du Maurier's short story, The Birds] Du Maurier tells us that the birds are trying to destroy human life, but we never know what is making them do it. Suppose you are a historian at some future time studying this famous bird
  61. Math help! Hurry Please~

    1. Scientists estimate the rate of the wildebeest running at full speed to be 66 feet per second. Write a function rule to describe the relationship between the time, t, and the distance ,d, a wildebeest travels when running at full speed.(1 point) a. t =
  62. french

    For this writing assignment, you are going to see words out of order and perhaps not in the correct form you will need for the sentence. Make a correct sentence using all elements that you are given. 1. être/monsieur/grand/mince/et 2. et/petit/être/la
  63. English

    Read the passage. (1) Long ago, the Everglades were a broad expanse of shallow water covering the southern tip of Florida. (2) Over the years, however, land development has reduced the Everglades to less than half its original size. (3) In fact,
  64. Math

    Part 1: Write two conditional statements for which the converse is true. 1. Statement: 2. Converse: 3. Statement: 4. Converse: Part 2: Write two conditional statements for which the converse is false. 5. Statement: 6. Converse: 7. Statement: 8. Converse:
  65. English

    In which sentence does the pronoun agree with the antecedent(s)? 1. Maureen called the children for her meal. 2. The waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it. 3. Mary and Jill won't eat her vegtables. 4. The boys want their dessert now.
  66. englsihh 2

    Which propaganda technique is used in this sentence? Pure, fresh, real apple juice, packaged to deliver the freshness of nature straight to you. A snob appeal B transfer C bandwagon D glittering generalities
  67. quick english help

    Which of these fragments requires only a predicate in order to be written as a complete sentence? which includes a mountain range the state of Virginia can be divided into different geographical regions by the Atlantic Ocean I think its the lst one?
  68. Grammar

    Should I put commas before and after the film title in this sentence, too? "The multiple Academy Award-winning, biographical epic, Gandhi, is an intriguing story about activism, politics, religious tolerance, and freedom."
  69. English

    Identify the sentence in which the underlined pronoun is used incorrectly. A. There are only six days left in the school year. B. It will be fun to visit their house in the summer. C.Their just going to have to wait to see the movie. D. Greg refused to go
  70. writing

    Is this topic sentence clear enough? Or is it too broad? If so, could I get some guidance, Im lost. This is for a comparaison/contrast paragraph. "To share the same blood type and genetic material does not ensure that two people will be exactly alike, as
  71. english

    Detective Simon Levant had the unconscious habit of caressing his moustache while pondering evidence. 19. Which element of an effective fictional narrative does this sentence best represent? A. Plot B. Characterization C. Theme D. Conflict
  72. english

    Can you explain why the quotation mark was in putted on this sentence: "Notice,"the professor told the class, "Cassius' choice of imagery when he asks, 'Upon what meat doth this our Ceasar feed that he is grown so great?"
  73. English

    which of the following does not contain an example of a sentence fragment? A. The menu has many vegan options, Such as hummus, tofu, granola, and fruit.** B. Sarah seemed hesitant. Leading me to believe she was lying. C. Can you believe it? He didn’t
  74. LAnguage arts

    Which sentence correctly uses a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? a. The last arrivals were Joe and I b. this year's soccer champions were lana and me c. the tribute deeply touched my brother and i d. my boyfriend became my best friend is it a?
  75. English

    Which sentence used an adverb to answer the question “where”? A. When in a hurry, Maggie walks rapidly B. Mary left Davenport yesterday. C. Dwayne searches the want ads daily. D. John said, “I’ve decide that I’m going away.” I think the aswer
  76. L.A.

    Which sentence contains a participial phrase? A.She wanted to spend time writing. B.Her job is giving the attic dwellers their food. C.Quickly snatching up the coat, she ran to her room.***** D.To get along well requires cooperation. I think the answer is
  77. Language Arts

    Which sentence correctly uses a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A.The last arrivals were joe and I. B.This year's soccer champions were Lana and me. C.The tribute deeply touched my brother and I. D.My boyfriend became my best friend Please help,
  78. English

    I'm writing an essay and to me my opening sentence could be worded better or is a run on. Please help. Although it’s difficult to a chose a particular event or person that had the greatest impact on western civilization, the rule of Constantine the Great
  79. english

    15. Identify the sentence in which the underlined pronoun is used incorrectly. There are only six days left in the school year. It will be fun to visit their house in the summer. Their just going to have to wait to see the movie. Greg refused to go there
  80. English

    Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier? a) He spoke "sharply" to his sister. b) I feel "goodly" now that I'm over the flu. c) The sauce tasted "bitterly", and I couldn't swallow it. d) Joe looked "sad" at his broken bike. Appreciate the
  81. English

    (1) I get a kick out of creating model airplanes. (2) I've been making them since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. (3) My grandfather used to fly bush planes in the Outback. (4) He would tell me stories and say that he and I were two peas in a pod. Which
  82. English

    Which of the following is a complex sentence? A. She was invited to the party, but she had already made other plans. B. He wasn’t hungry because he had a late lunch. C. The dog followed her around the apartment all day long. D. Initially, the conference
  83. Latin

    Construe all the nouns and adjectives in the following sentence. Cum bonis amicis ex alta silva equis magnis volabimus in latos campos, ubi in magna villa bene habitabimus.
  84. english

    Which one of the following sentence contains a double negative? A.She did not like skating so she would not go to the party. B.James couldn't hardly stay awake after his surgery. C.No one could tell me that he wasn't afraid. D.Sherrill wouldn't tell me
  85. college

    In the following sentence, the comma is used correctly with an introductory clause: “Training for the upcoming ten-mile marathon, Lizette includes more protein and complex carbohydrates in her diet.” (Points :1) True False
  86. english

    Hi how can I make this sentence sound better? I'm talking about the garden of eden and how it applies to todays world. This can be related to commonly used phrases today such as, “the fork in the road” or the comparison of the imaginary devil and
  87. english

    true or false 1.The "bottoms up" proofreading technique involves reading a paper one sentence at a time, from the beginning to the end. 2.Writers who make many mistakes should concentrate finding the worst errors.
  88. English

    Cuba is one of the few remaining communist countries in the world. Since the collapse of the Soviet Bloc in 1990, however, the country has promoted capitalism in the form of tourism in order to stimulate the economy. is this sentence correct?? help me????
  89. language arts

    Which sentence contains a predicate adjective? a.The singers latest hit is a beautiful song b. The bus has arrived at last c. We bought four juicy apples at the farmers market d. the weather seemed nice today is it a or d?
  90. english - please answer!!

    can you give me a sentence for each of these words? thanks 1. swaggering 2. poignant 3. compelling 4. intriguing 5. riveting 6. edification 7. mesmerize 8. decibel 9. teleportation 10. damsel 11. rubbish 12. tattoo 13. optimum 14. cretin 15. subtle Thanks
  91. English

    5.)Which word is the best choice to complete the following sentence?She didn’t want to get in trouble for breaking the window, so she wrote a note letting the teacher know it needed to be fixed, and mailed it. a.)authorized. b.)unanimously.
  92. L.A

    Which sentence contains a participle phrase? A. she wanted to spend time writing. B. her job is giving the attic dwellers their food. C. quickly snatching up the coat, she ran to her room. D. to get along well requires cooperation. C ? please check
  93. English

    Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. a. Edwin is going out to dinner and to the movies. b. Anne is going with him, but she is not ready. c. She needs to put on gloves, a scarf, and a hat. d. He washed his hair brushed his teeth, and shined his
  94. Hist/Eng.

    Conflict over scarce resources and overcrowding, leads to increased levels of warfare. What would I say about this when I'm against global peace. I think to help me understand this entire concept of the essay I need an example sentence on how to state my
  95. english

    In the following sentence, the comma is used correctly with an introductory clause: “Training for the upcoming ten-mile marathon, Lizette includes more protein and complex carbohydrates in her diet.” (Points : 1) True False
  96. English

    1.) Should there be a comma before "is" in the following sentence below? She gave birth to her first child by her uncle at age 14 in 1990 is showing a sign of being raped. 2.) The psychologist help Alesha to break through her issues by using
  97. social studies

    Put each word into a meaningful sentence. Tariff, quota, supply, demand, currency, entrepreneur, human capita, capital goods, gross domestic product. Thank you1 :)
  98. english

    15. Identify the sentence in which the underlined pronoun is used incorrectly. There are only six days left in the school year. It will be fun to visit their house in the summer. Their just going to have to wait to see the movie. Greg refused to go there
  99. English

    How do you write a thesis statement that doesn't sound like a roadmap. My teacher wants us to have a hook, which I have, then a thesis, and then the roadmap. I don't know how to write a thesis that doesn't sound like the roadmap.
  100. Algebra

    Write an equation in point-slope form to represent each situation. Assume a linear relationship between the given quantities. A temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit corresponds to 10 degrees Celcius. A temperature of 77degrees Fahrenheit corresponds to 25