1. English

    A rain forest is always green many plants grow there. Is this a fragment, run-on or complete sentence?
  2. english/grammar

    what are the adjectives and adverbs in this sentence. The lazy dog became angry and called the police
  3. capitalization

    i have a doubt if "the" should be capitalized in this sentence: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence for our country.
  4. Lang. Arts

    Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? I am not sure who is following us, but it might be ___? A.him B.she C.their I know "him" sounds correct...but I just needed to be sure...??
  5. English

    He was the last man to be hangs for murder in this country. -------------------- In this sentence what is the meaning of 'for'? Does 'for' refer to 'reason' or 'relation', or else?
  6. Language

    How do you diagram the sentence ..John Wycliff taught at Oxford,and translated the Bible, into English?
  7. Language Arts

    Which sentence correctly uses a predicate pronoun as a subject complement? A. The last arrivals were Joe and
  8. English

    What are the nouns and verbs in the sentence. Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones.
  9. English Grammar

    Help me identify the subject and predicate in the sentence, 'After I finish my homework I will listen to the radio.
  10. english

    whatis the dangling modifier in the sentence Running down the street, the package was dropped at the corner.
  11. English

    What is the transitive verb and direct object in the following sentence? Felicia flew home from Arizona.
  12. English

    Identify and list one error in the sentence below: Sleep deprivation is leading cause of car crashes. not sure on this one.
  13. spanish

    i don't know how to answer this question in a complete sentence? Te duermes en una de tus clases?
  14. algebra

    translate the sentence to an algebraic inequality. The height of the members of the basketball team is at least 79 inches
  15. English

    Which one of these verbs have a direct object: A. George was furious. B. They won the game. Is B the correct sentence?
  16. Completing the sentence

    Since I'm afraid of the heights, I usually -------- at the idea of sitting in the first row of the topmost balcony in a theater.
  17. English

    in which sentence dose the subject comes after the verb? A.On the next street,you'll find the shoe shop. B.Where is my Elvis CD?
  18. English

    Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? "The two sides have conducted negotiations and reached a compromise." Is it grammatically correct? Thank you very much for help.
  19. English

    What is the subject and the verb of the sentence : A police officer stepped into the street and stopped cars .
  20. English

    1. I feel comfortable in myself. 2. I talked out loud of myself. 3. There is a gap between myself. ------------- Are the sentences all grammatical? If not, would you correct each sentence? Thank you.
  21. English

    is the following sentence biased? Our new district attorney, a Cuban American, is making a speech on Saturday.
  22. english

    Does this sound alright with a modifier in the sentence. Standing on a ladder,I was just able to reach the high window.
  23. language

    Choose the right form of the verb for the sentence below. The end of some passages ______ trapdoors into the dungeons a) are b) is
  24. English

    Is this sentence written properly? "Think about it," Link began, "Didn't you realize how much trash there was as the water came?"
  25. English

    Is this sentence complete Swimming in the heated water of an indoor pool was a new experience for Elizabeth.
  26. English

    What is the subject and the verb of the sentence : A police officer stepped into the street and stopped cars .
  27. english

    the subject and verb to the sentence "the sharp edge of a book page slit my finger."
  28. english

    Identify the indirect object in the following sentence: Fernando read Miguel a bedtime story.
  29. 11th grade

    Is this sentence punctuated correctly. My garden is full of water, because of yesterday's rain
  30. Grammar

    List one verb in the sentence: Printing commands are listed in the beginning appendix. I'm confused...thanks -MC
  31. english

    I need to abbreviate in a sentence so does this look good. Martha is a member of Parents for Responsible Teens (PRT).
  32. English

    The men blow up some houses but they are very near to the fire. 'It is no good,' says Pepys to the soldiers. ============== In the second sentence, what does 'it' refer to?
  33. English

    Confused a little is verb correct in following sentence? Not only the newspaper, but also the radio warns of the approaching crisis.
  34. business english

    It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company. What would be best revision of this sentence?
  35. english

    how do i make this sentence parrallele.......We should either visit the art museum or attend a concert this weekend.
  36. Writing

    I need help with unscrambling this sentence - a the absorbs upper rays uv beneficial of layer atmosphere, ozone
  37. spelling

    Create a sentence for the following words for a 6th grader: 1. partisanship 2. preconceived 3. subjective 4. blithe
  38. English

    what is the adverb clause in the sentence: Dad takes Ryan to the zoo every Wednesday, unless it is raining
  39. math

    Tell which real number corresponds to the situation: During a month, a person withdraws $350. what is the corresponding # for this sentence?
  40. English

    1. He looks like he is in another world. 2. He looks like he has a lot of money. 3. He looks like he knows everything. 4. He looks like he is from America. 5. He looks like he is more than 20 years old. ---------------------- Are the sentence all correct?
  41. science

    changes in the positions of the continents may affect global climates by affecting...? finish the sentence. thx
  42. english

    What type of sentence pattern is "Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment." ?
  43. 5th grade

    What is the adverb and verb it describes in this sentence?-"Jason walked to the table and stood there.
  44. english

    do you put a comma after and in the sentence below?: The women asked her husband if he and his friends wanted coffe.
  45. English

    Did I classify this sentence correctly? The (A) birds (SN)/ in (P) the (A) tree (OP) sang (V) happily (adv) during (P) the (A) day (OP).
  46. english

    Parenthetical expression includes information that may be helpful but is not essential to the meaning of a sentence. They are de-emphasize by
  47. writing

    I would like an apinion on this sentence to see if it sounds alright. Sandy called in sick but, she'll be back tomorrow.
  48. english

    identify parts of speech to this sentence Over a three month period he was able to win her over to his point of view.
  49. 5th grade english

    In this sentence, The cat should not be sitting on the kitchen counter., is should not the helping verb?
  50. English expression

    E-mail messages usually come in two parts: the heading and the body. -------------------------------- Why do you use 'in' in this sentence as in 'come in'? Does it have a special meaning?
  51. Algebra

    I've been stuck on this for a while. State whether the equation is true false or an open sentence. Show your work. 3(4+-5)=3(-6-2)
  52. Grammar

    Which verb completes the sentence below correctly? Each of the players ______ given a small trophy. was *(my answer) were Thanks for the help!
  53. English

    As a result, we will plan on checking on him again in August or July next summer. Does this sentence require any punctuation, other than what I have?
  54. social science

    o Provide a one-sentence description of typical precipitation and temperature for summer and winter
  55. writing

    whatis wrong withthis sentence Yesterday Jonny pushed the milk into a ball.
  56. English

    The sea is shallow, and we can not notice a major shift in a tidal change. ------------ Would you check this sentence? Thank you.
  57. subject mismatch

    what wrong with this sentence The purpose of the microscope was invented to allow people to see tiny things.
  58. Grammar

    Sentence: I tried all of the natural remedies, such as dishwashing liquid, but the ants kept coming back. Is there a comma before "such as"
  59. English/ Lit and Comp

    If you are citing two quotes from the same page in subsequent sentences do you cite after the last sentence?
  60. spanish

    how do you translate the following sentence? My calf and ankles are swollen. Mi chamorro y tobillos son danos.
  61. English - Grammar

    Should there be a comma before "be alone" in this sentence? The bond between them was so strong that Rhoda knew she could not leave Rhea and be alone.
  62. english writing

    Is this a could sentence with good punctuation in use of it. Behind my house is a tall, blue spruce tree.
  63. english

    i have a question say you're writing a sentence such as "I ate apples, bananas, oranges, and grapes." is there a comma before 'and' or no?
  64. english

    Early in her life, Maude Gonne became a radical socialist and activist. what sentence pattern is this ?
  65. english

    identify the object of the preposition in the following sentence:the young boy put his shoes under the bed
  66. business communication

    It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company." Which of the following would be the best revision of this sentence?
  67. language arts

    how do you diagram this sentence.. Monica,my best friend laughed with delight at my funny joke.
  68. Math

    Which equivalent fraction would you have use in order to make 3/5 to 21/25?? Plz have an explanation of how you solved the answer and not just one sentence. Thank you!!
  69. English

    1. Can you keep it a secret to go shopping with me? 2. The money left it possible to help poor people. (Are both grammatical? Does each sentence need any correction?)
  70. language arts

    in this sentence what is the contrast " Water like fat raindrops that fall from skinny trees "
  71. Grammar

    Insulin, Celebrex, and Accupril, which he is just finishing. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on I answered B
  72. Shurley english

    How do you classify the sentence Today Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast.

  74. english

    What verb tense would this sentence be? I am learning so much about financial planning in my personal finance class.
  75. English

    Does this sentence make sense. Students may not still have a sweet tooth by Thanksgiving. OR Would it be more correct to leave the still out?
  76. English

    Are there any errors in this sentence. I say it is correct. Consumers, who choose not to recycle, dump their waste in landfills.
  77. Language Arts... Writing

    Hello, Is the following sentence written in the Active Voice? Thank You The bill was passed by the legislature.
  78. English

    Which pronoun correctly completes the sentence? Please return the books to __________ proper shelves. A. their B. they're C. they D. theirs
  79. lit- sentence rewording

    I'm writing an essay and I keep using opportunities, accusations, and believe a lot. Are there any other words similar to this one?
  80. english

    What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? Although her personality had not changed at all, Megan looked quite different.
  81. English

    what kind of sentence is this? Arabic numbers were being used for the first time the concept "0" was baffling to many they wondered how a zero could for standing.
  82. English

    Today was the Smith family’s reunion. Is this sentence correct? Are there any spelling or punctuation errors?
  83. English

    Does this sentence need any other puncation than a period at the end. Fred said the distributor cap on my car is cracked.
  84. Business English

    It is the case that good communicators advance more quickly in the company. Which of the following would be the best revision of this sentence?
  85. English

    Please check my answer Does the following sentence contain three prepositions ? James crept down the stairs, through the hall, and into the kitchen I said yes
  86. Grammar

    Choose the right form of the verb for the sentence below: At the end of the some passages ___________ trapdoors into the dungeons. a.) are ******* b) is
  87. English

    There is a control on the television set for making the picture a little less brighter. Is the sentence correct or is it a little less bright
  88. citations

    If I'm paraphrasing a whole paragraph of information, would my in-text citation at the end be inside the period of my last sentence or outside?
  89. writing

    How can I change this sentence to Indirect speech. Our neighbor told us,"I can't help you move because we"ll be out of town next weekend.
  90. english grammar

    What is grammatically wrong with the following sentence? "If someone feels they haven’t been treated respectfully, the odds are they’re right."
  91. english

    What are the adjectives in this sentence? Many rain-forest plants reach enormous sizes that may seem unbelievable.
  92. english

    I have to classify this sentence: Wow!(I) I(sn)/saw(v) a(a) falling(adj) meteor(do) clearly(adv) during(p) the(a) night(op). Is this correct?
  93. english

    Is this sentence correct? To truly help a patient, I should allow them decide their own choice by letting them hear different life stories.
  94. Grammar

    Today painful and swollen such that he cannot fish. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on I answered b
  95. French

    Please check this sentence! -Quand tu dînes au restaurant,quelle repas préfères-tu manger?
  96. English

    The students sat there lisening to the lecture in total silence. (Rewite this sentence for clarity)
  97. Psychology

    example of work smarter, not harder. I need one sentence of how this phrase could apply to launching internet search.
  98. english

    How do you classify the sentence: The hunting dog tracked the raccoon through the brush. A adj n/v a DO (p a op) Is this correct?
  99. physical science

    what is a one sentence that describes how subtatomic particles and atomic mass unit are realted?
  100. English

    What is the adverb and what does it modify in this sentence: A large portion of the Amazon rain forest grows there.