1. english

    How would I correct this sentence fragment: Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Never found out what really happened to them. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/fragments.htm When you have it corrected, please re-post. We'll check it
  2. 7th grade English Ms. Sue ASAP please

    Questions 1 and 2 correspond to “Amigo Brothers.” Question 4 corresponds to "Friendships and Peer Pressure." 1. How do Antonio and Felix feel about each other after their fight? (1 point) Felix is angry with Antonio for injuring his eye. Antonio is
  3. english

    What is the simple subject and simple predicate of the following sentence? As I skiied down the hill,the wind bit at my face. http://www.chompchomp.com/terms/subject.htm Scroll down for the section to help you determine the difference between the simple
  4. English

    I want to write a causal argument on how kids get hooked on unhealthy/processed foods (at home-- fast foods and at school-- vending machine and cafeteria hot lunches). I'm not quite sure what exactly to write about throughout a causal argument paper on
  5. socials

    for other event in 1960 i draw a missile for cuban missile crisis. and for caption i write beside it that U.S planes took photographs showing that USSR was installing offensive nuclear missile in Cuba. Or I write beside that Khrushchev agreed to take out
  6. lynching

    need any help available on writing a report on lynching. Need help getting started. Have all kinds of research but not sure how to put it together. Need an outline too. 1. Introduction (define, very brief history) 2. Theory of Origin 3. Detailed History of
  7. Japanese

    What's the difference between wa and ga? The particle wa indicates that the noun preceding it is the topic of the sentence. In most of the model sentences given, the subject and the topic of each esntecnce coincide; however, the topic may or may not be
  8. Math drwls please help

    Derive the basis functions Ni,3(u) and find the equation for the open quadratic B-spline curve defined by five control points p0, p1, p2, p3, and p4. I know the formula is P(u)= the sum of n,i=0(PiNi,k (u)) it's difficult to type the formula in this text
  9. geography

    indicate the equation of the line that is the perpendicular bisector of the segment with endpoints (4, 1) and (2, -5) it shows a series of boxes and says to fill them in... _+_ _=_ _ _ _ _ each underscore represents a box. characters to use include; = <
  10. Gr. 12 Data Management

    Five different CD-Rom games: garble, trapster,zoom, bungie, and blast'em are offered as a promotion by SugrRush cereals. One game is randomly included ith each box of cereal. Determine the probability of getting all 5 games if 12 boxes are purcahsed.
  11. physics

    A box accidentally falls from the back of a truck and hits the groud with a speed of 15m/s forward. It slides along the groud with uniform acceleration for a distance of 45m before coming to rest. Determine the time it takes to slide the last 10m.
  12. Reading ASAP

    Changing sentences for complex sentences 1.The stray cat took refuge in an old cardboard box to keep warm. 2. Some students find it difficult to make the transition to a new school 3. Jesus suffered from persecution due to his religious beliefs.
  13. English

    Thank you very much for your help. I still have problems with a few sentence. I hope you can have a look at them too. 1)Can't I switch from the present to the past if I want to refer to a historical event? 2) Do not use contracter forms when writing your
  14. maths

    the length of rectangle is x cm .the width of the rectangle is 4cm less than the length. A. write an expression in terms of x for the width of the rectangle B. write the expression for the perimeter of the rectangle in terms of x C. the perimeter of the
  15. Writing

    For school I have to write a formal business letter. I just can't think of a way to START the letter off. I have to write to Seteven Spielberg convincing him to make a movie out of the book Andromeda Strain. (Even thhough it already is a movie.) But I
  16. English

    I have to write an essay on a book I read, and I want the title of my essay to be something quoted from the book. But how would I write the title in MLA format; I can't put it in quotes can I? because wouldn't that indicate a chapter title or an article?
  17. Algebra

    How do you write an algebraic expression for five friends went to a baseball game. Three of the friends each bought a ticket for x dollars and a soda for $6.00. The other two friends each bought only tickets. Write and simplify an expression that
  18. English

    1. Write down two your friends' names in the blanks. 2. Write down two names of your friends' in the blanks. 3. Write down your friends' two names in the blanks. ---------------- Which expression is grammatical?
  19. Spanish (please help)

    1. Write the verb form for: yo/hacer. 2. Write the verb form for: ellos/hacer. 3. Write the verb form for: nosotros/hacer. Thank You
  20. Spanish (Please help)

    1. Write the verb form for: yo/hacer. 2. Write the verb form for: ellos/hacer. 3. Write the verb form for: nosotros/hacer. Thank You.
  21. English

    Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1)Is it correct to use -ing form in the sentence: "The aim of the group is creating a new strategy" or is it "the creation" or only "to create"? 2)Do you think it's OK to use the word "target" instead of "aim" in
  22. Composition II

    Hi, I have to write tesis statement for a reasearch paper we will later write. For my thesis statement, I have to ask a quesiton about an ethical problem in society(not a yes or no question, and something new, not a common issue) and come up with a NEW
  23. Chemsitry

    I don’t understand how to write this equation. Write an equation relating the concentration for a reactant A at t=0 to that at t=t for a first-order reaction. Define all the terms, and give their units. Do the same for a second- order reaction. -Would it
  24. Math

    Same as before, except I forgot to write how would you have verify it and explain how to solve it. the length of a rectangle is (x-3) inches long, and the width 3 2/5 inches. If the area is 15 3/10 square inches, write and solve an equation to find the
  25. Feature-Story Ideas

    Hi I have to write a job-related feature story in my area.. I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with some ideas on what I could write about.. So far I was thinking about writing about the top 3 workstudy jobs on campus.. But I need to have some
  26. math

    A circular pizza has a radius of x cm. a.write an expression for the area of the pizza? b write an expression for the area of a pizza with radius that is 5 cm greater c. How much greater is the second area? write the difference as a simplified expression?
  27. someone answer please

    Tracy Migre, a certified public accounting, has completed the following transactions. Ms.Migres assests , liabilites, and owner equity account titles and balances are shown in the table below. use the table on the page to show the effect of each
  28. philosophy

    I am to write a eight to ten page research paper based upon a current event/ pressing social issue that is relevant in my community. I want to write about crime but crime is not very prevalent in my town until recently we had like 4 murders in the last
  29. Math

    Sometimes I get confused with the inequalities. You have $47 to spend on music and movie downloads. Each album down load cost $7 and each movie download costs $8. Write and graph a linear inequality that represents this situation. Let x represent the
  30. BORED!!!

    HAS ANYONE EVER READ THE BOOK BEWARE PRICESS ELIZABETH BY CAROLYN MEYER? I NEED TO RITE A REPORT ON IT. SOS! The question really is -- have YOU read it? If you haven't read it, it'll be pretty hard to write a report about it. All I find when I search
  31. Physics

    Essay Question: discuss whether or not it is possible for an object to be increasing in speed as its acceleration is decreasing. For either position you take, use examples as part of your explanation. CAN SOMEONE HELP SUGGEST AN EXAMPLE THAT WOULD HELP
  32. help with websites and introduction asap plz

    i have to write an essay on this topic: The constitution was an attemt to addrss the problems that existed under the Articles of Confederation. A) list and explain three problems of decentralized power under the articles of confederation. for each problem
  33. Math, Algebra

    Can someone correct my homework. Evaluate.For number 1 1) /4/ + /-3/ My answer: 7 2)Business & Finance: A country exported $60,00,000 less than it imported, creating a negative trade balance. My answer: -60,000,000 Evaluate the following expressions
  34. chemistry

    A buffer is made by dissolving H3PO4 and NaH2PO4 in water. a. write an equation that shows how this buffer neutralizes a small amount of acids. b. write an equation that shows how this buffer neutr?
  35. Pre Algebra

    During a sale, the regular price of a CD was reduced by $3. Let p represent the regular price of the CD. Write an algebraic expression that represents the sale price. Having trouble with this one, don't quite understand how to write it as an equation
  36. Math

    On graph paper, use a table to make a complete graph of y = x2 − 2x − 8. Homework Help ✎ Write the coordinates of the y-intercept. What is the connection between the y‑intercept and the equation y = x2 − 2x − 8? Write the coordinates of the
  37. Algebra (check my answers)

    Please check these answers. Multiply -7(2a2 -4) = -14a2 + 28 Multiply 0.5(a + b -5) = 0.5a + 0.5b - 2.5 Factor bx - by + bz = b(x - y + z) Combine like terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x - 9 - y = 6x - 12y - 5 Evaluate the expression 3x2y when x = 3 and y
  38. Algebra 1

    My little sister needs help on her homework and I don't remember really how to do this. I can't tell her if the answers or if she is doing them is the correct way. So if you could please tell me the answer and how you got it that would be great!
  39. English (Check)

    Write A if the verb is in the active voice and P if it is in the passive voice. Then, rewrite the sentence using a verb in the opposite voice, adding or dropping words as necessary. 1. The ship took in all the cargo. A: A = active voice. All the cargo was
  40. Math

    1. Make a sketch of 5 rectangular open boxes such that a. the height of the boxes are the same, b. The boxes can hold 249cm^3, 504 cm^3,810 cm^3 and 468 cm^3 respectively. 2. Solve each quadratic equation by completing the square to determine the
  41. basic algebra

    the perimeter of a piece of cardboard is 34 inches. squares measuring 2 inches on a side are cut from each corner so that when the sides are folded up, the diagonal of the resulting box has the length 7 inches.what are the original dimensions of the card
  42. Pre-calculus; urgent ! Please help !

    1.Graph the polar equation r=3-2sin(theta) 2. Find the polar coordinates of 6 radical 3,6 for r > 0. 3. Find the rectangular coordinates of (7, 30°). 4. Write the rectangular equation in polar form. (x – 4)2 + y2 = 16 5. Write the equation –2x + 6y
  43. math, algebra,correction & help

    directions are: write each fraction in simplest form: (-15x^3y^3)/(-20x^1y^4) My answeris: (3x^2)/(4y) THESE TWO NEXT ONES ARE THE ONES THAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND: pROBLEM #1 DIRECTIONS: Write each expression in simplest form. (4x-28)/(5x-35) Problem #2
  44. statics

    my professor has requested us to find out where the word "moment" evoled from. the moment of a force. the edimology of it. i have tried to locate this, and have since not found it. any suggestions? moment - 1340, "very brief portion of time, instant," in
  45. grammar

    Scientists report (1) that creatures living in the deep sea are in danger of starving to death. Millions of undiscovered species live, in the deep sea. Creatures in the seabed are suffering from growing food shortages. Which may be a result of rising sea
  46. english

    Scientists report (1) THAT CREATURES LIVING IN THE DEEP SEA ARE IN DANGER OF STARVING TO DEATH. Millions of undiscovered species live, in the deep sea. Creatures in the seabed are suffering from growing food shortages. Which may be a result of rising sea
  47. Statistics

    At a certain university, 50% of all entering freshmen planned to major in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) discipline. A sample of 36 freshmen is selected. What is the probability that the proportion of freshmen in the sample is
  48. math

    As dry air moves upward, it expands and in so doing cools at a rate of about 10C for 100m rise, up to about 12 km. a) If the ground temperature is 220, write a formula for the temperature at height x km. b) What range of temperature can be expected if a
  49. Math

    40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120,130 according to the box and whisker plot shows above what are the following: 1.the median? 2.the 25th percentile? 3.the value of the third quartile? 4.the minimum value? 5.the maximum value? My answer 1.85 2.40 3.112.5 4.40
  50. emgineering

    A box with a mass of 5.0 kg is placed on a flat sloping surface elevated at 40o to the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction is 0.76. It is prevented from slipping down the slope by a force applied parallel to the slope. What is the magnitude of
  51. social studies

    how to create a map and diorama 3-d model in a large pizza box ? steps to follow- show and label the landforms on both the map and diorama can be made using clay , paper , salt or any other material .
  52. Ohhh Nooo

    if u were a kid and u woke up one day to find out that all the fossil fuels in the world were gone how would u survive the day. need some ideas First: PUt this subject matter in the subject box: it directs the right teachers to the question. Thanks. no 1
  53. physics

    who develops more power,an 80kg man who walks up a height of 20 steps each 17.5cm high in 7second or one who pushes an 80kg box up a frictionless slope to a height of 5m in 10seconds? Give a reason for your answer
  54. College Physics

    If one micrometeorite (a sphere with a diameter of 1.8 10-6 m) struck each square meter of the Moon each second, estimate the number of years it would take to cover the Moon with micrometeorites to a depth of one meter? Find how long it would take to fill
  55. Physics

    Someone places a box weighing 299.7 N on an inclined plane that makes a 43.5◦ angle with the horizontal. Compute the component of the gravita- tional force acting down the inclined plane. Answer in units of N.
  56. dynamics

    Mass of 2.3 kg and 4.5 kg is connected with the cord as shown. The coefficient of kinetic friction between box and floor is 0.35. Determine: a)The tension in the cord b)The acceleration of the blocks c)If the block start slides with 2.3 m/s, d)How far does
  57. algebra

    Find the slope-intercept form of the line that passes through given the point and has the given slope. Include your work in your final answer. Type your answer in the box provided or use the upload option to submit your solution. (1, 3) m = 2
  58. algebra[please check]

    in questions 1 and 2, write an equation of the line in slope-intercept form. 1. the slope is -4/3; the y-intercept is -2. 2. the slope is 0; the y-intercept is -5. my answers: 1.y=-4/3-2 2. y=-5 ______________________ write an equation of the line that
  59. us history

    i need to write an essay on this and i need some topics analyze the wasy in which the fedral govt sought support ont he home fron tfor the war effort during the 1st world war. so far i have the espionage act and the labor bonds and the Sediton act ....
  60. Science Question

    ok i will copy and paste the question here! thnx Using the internet or books, write a summary about 2 ways the surface of the roads have been made safer for car passengers. but the hard bit is i have to write down a rerence of the internet pages i use to
  61. English

    I am trying to write a thesis statement for a research paper I have to write. The paper is over C. Diff this is a disease. Here are my ideas I am just not sure that either are even written correctly. 1. Deaths caused by Cloustridium Difficiule are
  62. elementary

    use, using,eat,eating,close,moan,wave,writing,looking,dream,skate,closing,trading,cleaning,clean,write,skating,waving,look,mail,mailing. write these spelling words vowels&conosonents all spelling words are vowels.no consonents.are u correct
  63. Written Communication

    How do you rewrite this sentence : The article about American history stated , " The revolution began over a beer ( during Prohibition ) and ended with a bang First of all, which revolution are you talking about. In US history, "the revolution" usually
  64. Linguistics/English

    Hi, I need more help. I need to know if I diagrammed these sentences correctly. Edith drew some orange flowers on the side of the house. Edith......Flowers (drew,some,orange).......(On)......Side (the)...(Of)....House (the) Final:Noun, Noun, (preposition),
  65. math

    please kindly help me to get the answer for this . Elise used 2/9 of piece of string to tie a parcel and another 1/4 of the string to tie a box. What fraction of the string was left?question below.........
  66. math

    Raymond has exactly 360 square inches of cardboard to make a box. He wants two of the dimensions to be 6 inches and the other one to be a whole number of inches. How many different size boxes can he make?
  67. math

    A box holds 2 blue marbles and 6 red marbles. How many and what color marbles could you remove from the bag to make the probability of picking red 1/2?
  68. Statistics

    Find the probability that at most 5 defective bolts will be found in a box of 200 bolts if it is known that 2 per cent of such bolts are expected to be defective .(you may take the distribution to be Poisson; e-4= 0.0183).
  69. Math 2

    Raymond wants to make a box that has a volume of 360 cubic inches. He wants the height to be 10 inches and the other two dimensions to be whole numbers of inches. How many different sized boxes can he make?
  70. Venn Diagrams

    In a class of 50 students, 36 students have a sandwich in their lunch box and 23 students have a piece of fruit and 7 have neither. Fill in a Venn diagram to represent this situation
  71. Sgt

    raymond wants to make a box that has a volume of 360 cubic inches. He wants the height to be 10 inches and the other two dimensions to be whole numbers of inches. How many different-size boxes can he make?
  72. Math

    Your group buys a box of Mylar balloons with zoo animals printed on them for $10 and decides to sell the balloons for $2 each. What is your profit if your group sells 30 balloons?
  73. maths

    The inner dimensions of wooden box are 2m, 1.2m, 0.75m. the thickness of wood is 2.5cm.find the cost of wood if the cost of wood of 1cubic metre is rs.5400
  74. english - antecedent

    Identifying antecedents 11a. The antecedent in the following sentence is Doctors: Doctors should schedule more time for patients so they do not spend so much time in the waiting room. 11b. The antecedent in the following sentence is patients: Doctors
  75. Math

    Write an equation that involves multiplication, contains a variable, and has a solution of 5. Then write another equation that has the same solution and includes the same variable and numbers but use divison.
  76. MTH 156

    2^6 * 2^7 multiply and simplify and then write the answer in exponential notation. I know the answer is 8,192 but I cannot figure out how to write that in exponential notation. Thanks for the help.
  77. algebra 1

    1) Can you write a binomial in standard form with degree of zero? Explain. 2)Canyou write a binomial with a degree of 3? Explain. Can you help me answer this question please.
  78. Algebra

    Use (x-.25) to write expressions for the time the shuttle travels and for the time the staellite travels before they first meet. then write an equation that relates the two expressions
  79. Math 30 transformations

    The question says Draw the reflection of f(x)=sqrt x-2 in the line y=x which I done but now I need to write the equation of the reflection in the form of y=g(x). I'm not sure how to write this equation using this form. Could you please help. Thanks
  80. communication

    Write a persuasive message to your boss explaining why you should get a raise, OR write a persuasive message to your landlord explaining why your rent should not be raised.
  81. Write in (x , y) Form

    The letters r and theta represent polar coordinates. Write each equation in rectangular coordinates (x, y) form. (1) r = 4 (2) r = 3/(3 - cos(t)), where t = theta
  82. Computer Science

    Write an Assembly program that reads in a number of cents. The program will write out the number of dollars and cents separately.
  83. physics

    A remote controlled car. My 11 year old grandson, Danny, got a remote controlled car for his birthday. His older brother, Jay, has a set of physics tools, including a sonic ranger. Jay is a computer jockey and has figured out how to make the sonic ranger
  84. Psychology

    Jiskha Support Team, I am supposed to do a written assignment however I am having a problem with understanding instruction number #1 and #3 #1 through #4 is part of the requirement for my written paper #1). Must include an introductory paragraph with a
  85. math

    Suppose your teacher tells you to write a word problem using the number 3. Which would be the best object to use in your problem? Explain. Then write and solve a word problem using that object. (tricycle, bike, wagon)
  86. English 3

    A fictional event ... Am I supposed to write about a real story that has happened in MY life ? Or make up a story ? Write a short story that tells about a fictional event in which a central conflict is - or is not.
  87. ALG 2!!!

    Write an equation of a line with a slope of 0 and passing through the point (5,4). Hint: To answer this question, consider the type of line that has a slope of 0. Then write an equation of that line using the values in the ordered pair.
  88. English

    1. There are many taekwondo centers in London, with lots of students. 2. There are many taekwondo centers with lots of students in London. 3. There are many taekwondo centers in London with lots of students. (Are they all the same? What is the part of
  89. at leasttell me u cant accounting

    Tracy Migre, a certified public accounting, has completed the following transactions. Ms.Migres assests , liabilites, and owner equity account titles and balances are shown in the table below. use the table on the page to show the effect of each
  90. English

    1. Will you close the window? 2. Would you close the window? 3. Can you close the window? 4. Could you close the window? 5. Do you mind closing the window? 6. Can I ask you to close the window? 7. May I ask you to close the window? 8. Could I ask you to
  91. english 2

    i need to write an essay on TO KILL MOCKINGBIRD, and the topic is; "Discuss three themes of the novel. in addition to the more obvious themes of prejudice and injustice that the author develops, other possible themes include: growing up, superstition,
  92. math againn (converting decimals)

    Write 6.4% as a decimal and as a fraction. Write 2 and one fourth as a decimal and as a percent. To convert from percent to decimal simpoy divide by 100. 6.4% = 0.064. To convert to fraction (do you want a mixed fraction or not? and percent or not?). For a
  93. chemistry

    Write the balanced formula equation, complete ionic equation, and net ionic equation. If no precipitate forms, write "No reaction" a) Hg2(NO3)2 (aq) + CuSO4 (aq) b) Ni(NO3)2 (aq) + CaCl2 (aq) c) K2CO3 (aq) + MgI2 (aq) d) Na2CrO4 (aq) + AlBr3 Please
  94. math

    Determine the extension amount of the following order: Product X: 10 units @ $2.35 each Product Y: 12 boxes @ $6.15 per box Product Z: 3 dozen @ $12.20 per dozen (Points: 5) $20.70 $133.90 $172.50 $536.50
  95. Transcription

    I'm on the fence about apostrophe or not in the following sentence. The possessive is not coming immediately before a noun or gerund; however, the English does belong to the gentleman. I realize a noun can show ownership to a noun that may have an
  96. grammar

    Does this sentence has voice issues? The ball was hit by the boy. Plz help explain The ball was hit by the boy. This sentence is in PASSIVE VOICE; that is, the subject is not doing the action of the verb. (Subject = ball; verb = hit) It would be better to
  97. English

    1. This is a group of about 10,000 volunteer doctors who help sick people everywhere. 1) This is a group of about 10,000 volunteer doctors. 2)The volunter doctors help sick people everywhere. 3) The/A group of about 10,000 volunteer doctors help sick
  98. math

    If ten crates arrive at the receiving dock, and each crate contains 7 boxes of decorative vases with 12 vases per box; how many vases are in each crate?*
  99. math

    The ratio of dimes to nickels in jan's change box is 2/3. jan has 75 cents in nickles. how many nickes does jan have? 15? would that be correct? and would she have 10 dimes?
  100. probability

    If a box contains 4 red poker chips and 3 blue. What is the probability that all 3 will be red if we randomly select each chip with replacement? Woould it be 4/7*4/7*4/7 because there are 4 red or would it 3/7* 3/7*3/7 because they only want 3 of the 4?