1. 4th grade english

    I'm having trouble writing a sentence using a metaphor "a full moon".
  2. English

    How do I classify this sentence. Today, Dad ate two eggs and bacon for breakfast.
  3. English

    How would I change this sentence: into a passive The jury announced the verdict after five hours of deliberations.
  4. literary

    what is the subordinating conjunction in this sentence..? I mentally outlined my essay while i waited for the bus.
  5. english

    wht is the verb in this sentence: She exposes insurance cheats and lying spouses.
  6. English

    Linda got in home in London, after taking leave from training. Any mistakes in this sentence.
  7. Biology

    what would be a good starting sentence for a hypothesis "why do some people have similar dominant traits?"
  8. German

    Where is the non-modal second verb placed in a sentence? a. in the beginning b. second position c. at the end d. wherever you want to put it i feel like this is b but i'm not sure. :~(
  9. Psychology And Your Life

    I am trying to construct a sentence using Maslow's theory on Physiological Needs. It can be personal or hypothetical.
  10. english4

    what type of clause or phrase is used in the sentence: we hit a snag while rowing to shore
  11. Language

    Rewrite this sentence using "No" at the beginning. It doesn't matter whether you are busy or not, he always insists on accompanying you.
  12. Spanish

    How can I form a sentence with these words? la / Juanita / las hijas / ser / de / mayor
  13. english

    use athlete in the sentence an ____ training requires long hours of exercises.
  14. english

    a humbly request (from or by)rita in this sentence i use from or by plz tell me quick i have test in tution ???????
  15. 4th grade English

    Gorillas are shy Most of them never fight. How would you combine this sentence using a conjunction. Would it be but or so?
  16. english help please!!

    Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment? He wrote a book. It is short. Many people like it. Mostly the ending. is it d pls help
  17. Social Studies

    What is a sentence that explains how the terms tributary and drainage basin are related
  18. English

    What is the main verb in this sentence...This dog food is made for larger dogs?
  19. communication

    What would be the reaction of a reader if the topic sentence in an essay did not coincide with the supporting points
  20. english

    underline the simple subject in this sentence "We asked the city Hall for a park"
  21. English

    True or False? A sentence that has an original statement with quotation marks may also have a comma.
  22. essex couty college

    translate this sentence into an equation rita's score decreased by 16 is 61
  23. english 204

    the dog is quiet, but the cat is missing. I want to know the voice and structure of this sentence
  24. Math

    12 friends share 8 sandwiches. How much does each child get. Answer is 2/3, but how is this shown in a number sentence?
  25. commas

    Would there be a comma after a question mark in this sentence. "When are we going to the zoo?" Anthony asked. "I want to see the elephants."
  26. English

    Which diagram correctly represents this sentence? Andy teaches and plays the guitar
  27. 8th grade

    How do you diagram the following sentence: Who bravely dares must soemtimes risk a fall.
  28. Grammar

    what is the complete verb phrase in the following sentence. Are you helping your teacher after school tomorrow?
  29. English help please

    Which of the following personal completes the sentence correctly? One of my brothers just received ____diploma? A. his B. him C. their I think it is A or B. Can't quite decide. Please help.. Thank you
  30. english

    (what is the subject and verb in the following sentence)Linda gave us a summary of her science project.
  31. english

    1.He gets killed 2. I will get it done 3 gas gets over. could i know the grammatical aspect here ? I mean get/gets followed by a participle .what form of a sentence construction etc.
  32. English

    I need to find the verb and the subject in this sentence and I am having trouble- 1. On and on, through the night, rode the messenger.
  33. english

    Is this sentence correct? A sheet lied on the rug to catch paint splatters.
  34. English

    What is a good topic sentence for Louise Mallard's death in the story of an hour?
  35. english

    what is the subject of the sentence...Two lost species are the passenger pigeon and the carolina parakeet.
  36. english

    What is the complete and simple subjects for the sentence Some people like to take classes to learn new things.
  37. Composition

    When writing a paragraph there should be a topic sentence and supporting points what would be the readers reactions if there was not?
  38. Reading skills

    Which one of the following words or phrases may be a clue that a sentence is inferring cause and effect? A. On the other hand B. Instead of C. Before D. Consequently
  39. english

    What id the adjective and adverb in this sentence? The growing stack of magazines always bothered Aaron.
  40. algebra

  41. english

    How do you diagram this sentence: Driving to the mall, Ann stopped on the way to visit her girlfriend.

    I need help finding the words that make a sentence.For example: She gave me a book. To the first grade.
  43. English

    The stolen necklace is insured for five million dollars. (What is the meaning of the role of 'for' in this sentence? What else can we use instead of 'for' ?)
  44. english

    Identify the subject, object, and verb in this sentence: Paralegals must have good ethics.
  45. algebra

  46. 4th grade

    Is it grammatically correct to begin a sentence with "what" if it is not a question or exclamation? For example: What a tree looks like.
  47. english

    My mother told me, I should establish credit at a young age. Is there a adjective in this sentence?
  48. English

    Need help correcting this sentence there is at least 6 errors. out no loitering screamed grubble the greedy shopkeeper.
  49. English

    Is this sentence a type of figurative language? "That laid their guilt upon my guiltless shoulders"
  50. 7th grade science

    how do you change the question do you want to know about heat transfer into a regular sentence?
  51. ENglish

    When it started to snow, everyone headed for the ski hill. Help. Need to know which part of this sentence is independant. thanks
  52. math

    Which sentence is not a statement? (Points : 1) 2 x 4 = 7 8 + 2 Jan and Ella are neighbors. Bill is a photographer
  53. English

    What's the relative clause in this sentence His questions revealed an intelligence that was beyond his young years
  54. English

    She could have been an Olympic figure skater, but she has quit practicing. What is the linking verb in the sentence?
  55. english

    What is the predict in the sentence The naval aviators were physically abused in horrible ways.
  56. Grammar

    He was started on hydration and IV antibiotics. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on I answered this one A too
  57. English

    Error correction in we sentence "My friend house us big red and expensive"
  58. English

    How to rewrite this sentence "The students watched as the instructor entered the lecture hall
  59. Language

    Lessons are what we took at the pool to learn to swim better. Answer: I think the sentence is written correctly.
  60. english

    Does this sentence make sense? They will be my new patients whom I never had a chance to care for since I volunteered at hospital.
  61. english

    Is the following sentence correct Lsy your clothes out at night, and you will have a head start in the morning.
  62. English

    Identify the adjective clause in the following sentence. The book that is on the floor belongs to Johnny.
  63. English

    Sentence: Cheetahs run faster than any other animal. Is the verb transitive or intransitive?
  64. grammar

    Identify the adjective clause in the following sentence. The book that is on the floor belongs to Johnny.
  65. English

    It also affects the way in which one family relates to another, to the neighborhood, and to the community What correction should be made to this sentence?
  66. Law

    What was the real significance of the Mempa case? What is the difference between a suspended sentence and probation?
  67. College English

    I need help with undersatnding fallies. Example of a sentence to list fallicies: You're either a critical thinker or you're not.
  68. English

    sentence pattern- Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment?
  69. english

    Identify the noun clause in the following sentence: What they should do is hire a tutor who can help them with their math skills.
  70. chemistry

    How do you translate a chemical equation into a sentence? Example: NaHCO3(s)->Na2CO3(s)+h2O(g)+CO2(g)
  71. English

    The team __ is wearing the red jerseys is the one I came to see. Which of the following pronouns correctly completes the sentence above? A. who B. whom C. that D. which
  72. English

    I can't send you my post. What can I do, Writeacher? It appears a sentence saying that I've made error 403. What does that mean?
  73. Grammar

    What is the simple subject and predicate in the sentence: They reach up to 60 inches tall, or 5 feet!
  74. Intermediate reading

    Can you help me with the sentence check 2 Chapter 17 and 18 in the improving vocabulary skill workbook?
  75. grammar

    is this sentence correct If there is practice after school on Friday, I can drop the kids off, and you can pick them up.
  76. Grammar

    Is this a complex sentence? In most countries, people call the game of soccer football.
  77. English

    Is the following sentence punctuated correctly? The neighbors’ new dog is small, quiet, and shy.
  78. writeteacher

    hi so sorry - have a quiz and trying to understadn the practice test - so in the other sentence there and these are pronouns there can be both a pronoun and an adverb
  79. Geography

    The shoreline has retreated as much as 50 miles and its level has dropped by 40 feet. Can someone explain this sentence to me?
  80. Language Arts

    What is the subject in the sentence: Third graders are very polite and they just finished learning all their manners.
  81. English

    Find the subordinate clause in the sentence The hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backward.
  82. Critical Thinking

    In the sentence "SUV's are apartment homes on wheels", what is the rhetorical device?
  83. English

    Can you help me with punctuation and spelling for this sentence. We by windows to keep an eye on the wind. We also use them too keep heat in when it's cold outside
  84. English

    Rearrange into meaningful sentence: Sat/a/house/the/crest/hill/of low/on
  85. english grammar

    What is grammatically wrong with this sentence? "A person needs to submit their homework on time."
  86. English

    Please help me complete this sentence...Substitute lively _____ for boring,"tired" words.
  87. english

    In the sentence "these pebbles are like hundreds of small wheels." is like an verb if so action or linking?
  88. English 12

    I need a 12 grade level complex/compound sentence using an infinitive and two prepositional phrases.
  89. English

    What is the adverb and prepositional phrase in the sentence: The plane swooped and circled over the beach?
  90. ps 84

    rewite you can bake a potato with the rays of the sun on a very hot day as an imperative sentence
  91. math

    Samantha says 1+1+1=3, cannot be written as a multiplication sentence because there are no equal groups. Do you agree? Explain.
  92. english

    Which sentence is grammatically correct? 1) She should of typed the report. 2) Would you get a pencil off her? 3) This is just between you and I. 4) The new salesclerk waited on me,.
  93. english

    Identify the type of clause used in this sentence. Some people who can carry a tune are very shy.
  94. 7th grade

    What part of speech is most in the sentence "Katie is the most beautiful girl in the school"?
  95. english

    Please explain regular and irregular verb in this sentence below: . John has become a rather good actor
  96. english

    which form of verb tense is the underlined phrase in the following sentence? You should have invited them to the party.
  97. Algebra

    State whether the equation is true, false, or an open sentence. Show your work. 3(2 + -8) = 3(-6 + 12) x + 5 = 22
  98. Grammar

    Subject, object and verb in this sentence. Paralegals must have good ethics. Please help me to understand.
  99. Language Arts

    How do you correct this sentence: In September me and him gots to start going to middle school.
  100. English

    Choose the correct usage to complete the sentence: Are you ______________ to be in here? Suppose or supposed