1. language

    Is this punctuation correct for this sentence ? " Here's a hard one , " taunted Wilma .
  2. English

    He died when he was eighteen. That's only one year older than me. ----------------------------- What does 'That' refer to in the second sentence?
  3. English

    I need help diagramming the sentence "There were ten visitors here yesterday", especially the word there.
  4. 1st grade

    He doesn't wants to read Snow White. Is that a sentence
  5. english

    find the simple suject of each sentence Please describe the music
  6. English

    I have one sentence that has to be made into a paragraph. "Using Agencies in your Area" HOw in the world can I do that?
  7. ESl

    what is the conflict on concluding sentence of mice and men book ??
  8. English

    ' I am giving this information to the best of my knowledge '. Is this sentence grammatically correct ?
  9. UOP

    how do I punctuate this sentence? The goose bit the mailman on the leg.
  10. english

    after the rain ended, the sky became blue --is this a complex sentence?
  11. writing

    properly composed APA sentence. It is I, It is me, It is him or It is he that threw the first pitch?
  12. grammar

    I cannot think of a sentence using the word littler properly. This is a second grade assignment. Can someone please help?
  13. English

    Does this sentence make sense? My mother's bedsheets has embroidery.
  14. com220

    how do I go about a full sentence outline for the effects of tanning salons
  15. english

    Is The economy in Nevada has faltered into a situation. a proper sentence? If not why not.
  16. Brit Lit

    There is good reason to be thankful.what is the sentence pattern.
  17. alegebra

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. Six subtracted from the product of 2 and a number is at least 18

    One of her favorite sayings is, “You should always try to be the best that you can be.” Is the above sentence written and punctuated correctly? ^ Thanks! :]
  19. Meaning of Sentence

    Artillery fire which pounded down on your position ^^ Does that mean that you got hit by it?
  20. spelling!!

    What is a good sentence to make with the word cyphering and copybook.
  21. English

    In the following sentence, which word is a preposition? I am going to the store. A. I B. am C. to D. the I believe the answer is C, do you agree?
  22. Grammar

    Why is the sentence below incorrect? The mailman came at a time when it was impossible for me to get the mail.
  23. business planning

    a sentence describing a service with the word eminence.
  24. English

    How to use a Buffer in a sentence, foe delivering bad news?
  25. english

    state the error and rewrite the sentence.who did max always want you to meet
  26. grammar

    is this sentence right? Money does not bring happiness nor does material objects
  27. english

    could you pl change the sentence in indirect speech : He said,'why don't you get vaccinated ?
  28. english

    what are the nouns in this sentence? There was a sharp, explosive crackle that startled him.
  29. French

    Give me a somewhat simple sentence to show that I know the direct/indirect!
  30. math

    14+12-6=20, where to put parenthesis to make the number sentence true? How?
  31. math

    20-5+3=12, where to put parenthesis to make the number sentence true?
  32. ENGlish

    Can you help me rephrase this sentence so that there is no plagiarism. Some residents must relocate for a position.
  33. English

    Identify subordinate conjunction in the following sentence. What rakesh said was not clear.
  34. reading/ writing

    Where will you find the thesis sentence in an introductory paragraph?
  35. science

    what is the difference between kinetic and potential energy in a five sentence summary
  36. science

    The moving water causes sediments to abrade against each other. Explain this sentence.
  37. english

    In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. What are the verbs in this sentence
  38. 4th grade Vocabulary

    How can I use transmitter in a sentence? P.S it has to be aboout hiking also
  39. math Please help!!

    which symbol will make the number sentence -[-5] ___ 5 true A = B < C >
  40. English

    What is the linking verb in the sentence: I am fond of both kinds of comics.
  41. English

    True or False There could be a noun, a verb and an adjective in one sentence.
  42. algebra

    Insert <, >, or = to make the sentence true. SQR3 SQR7 A. > B. < C. = C?
  43. English

    This one was carved/inscrubed in/on this rock in Chinese letters. (Is this sentence right? Which one should I use?)
  44. english

    can you pl rewrite the following sentence 1.the glass broke because you were careless if you _________________________________
  45. English

    1. The food is thought to be made from eggs. (Is this sentence grammatical?)
  46. English grammar

    chnage the word "oh" in the following sentence and still keeping meaning same, Oh!, i have been in a UK.
  47. english

    the trees are long and their branches are tall. sentence fragment anywhere?
  48. Science

    I have to use the terms hypothesis, controlled experiment, and variable in the same sentence.
  49. English

    You will see what kinds of things you can do in each city. ------------------------- Does 'see' mean 'understand' or 'take a look at with eyes' in this sentence?
  50. English

    what is the simple predicate in the sentence, I could hear the wind blow through.
  51. english

    Is the apostrophe in this sentence in the correct place? The men's uniform.
  52. English

    What is the adjectives in the sentence, Lake Baika is in southeast Siberia
  53. English Literature

    Which of the following is a sentence fragment? a. "I'm not doing all this for you." b. "I'm doing it for your dead mother." c. "Because you were her son." d. "That's why I'm doing it."*****
  54. English

    What is the adverbial in the following sentence: Dionne collected shells from the beach
  55. Grammar/English

    Please correct this sentence, the street was blocked off said Holly how did you see it Thanks!!

    The road leading to the Mall of Asia. Is this a fragment or sentence?
  57. world history

    give and example and a sentence of thr word chivalry
  58. English

    The case of a pronoun is determined by how it is used in a sentence. A)true B)false i think it is (b)
  59. 6th grade

    what is topic sentence, and what are words theycan not start with
  60. English

    My shoes are the same as yours. ================ What is the part of speech of 'same' in the sentence? Is 'same' an adjective or an pronoun?
  61. english

    what is the subject pronoun for this sentence if_____ went to flatland, you would be very confused.
  62. Grammar Question

    When using "hark" in a sentence, do I use "to" after it, as in "they harked to the weird sound?"
  63. Language Arts

    What is the topic sentence of this paragraph from life without gravity?
  64. English

    Balancing a sentence through using words or phrases that have the same grammatical structure is known as
  65. English

    Rewrite the sentence without changing the meaning. It doesn't matter
  66. English

    What part of speech is did in the sentence: "Did the statue in the lobby crash?"
  67. english

    i have been asked to correct the sentence would you please assist : 1.when will you eat are you not hungry
  68. English

    Franscisco thanked to the driver to get work. (Is this a correct sentence?)
  69. English

    What is the subject in this sentence Each family of potters has it's own special designs.
  70. rfvv

    If it is convenient to you, I will visit you at 6. (In this sentence, what does 'it' refer to? Is 'it' the impersonal pronoun?)
  71. vocab for cultures * dev

    sentence with the word & meaning with commune
  72. Reading/language arts

    I need help. Can someone help me to make a sentence for DIMWITTED and NEARSIGHTEDLY.
  73. english

    I need to add modifiers to this sentence A dog barked and ran.
  74. Reading/language arts

    I need help. Can someone help me to make a sentence for DIMWITTED and NEARSIGHTEDLY.
  75. French

    Could you help me translate this sentence. "I would not forget my camera to take lots of pictures."
  76. English 8th

    Whats a 1st person sentence starting with E
  77. Grammar

    Is the sentence below correct? “What edition is your Calculus For Dummies textbook?” Do I use “what” or “which”?
  78. English grammar

    I have some duties. I must perform them Combine the sentence using to Plus infinitive
  79. spanish

  80. english

    can you give me a good sentence using the word biology and biography
  81. Stevens

    How do you analyze this sentence: 'When the rain began, we were playing soccer.'
  82. Science

    Unscramble these letters to make a sentence about stress. Eeoiieooaelnfrntssrsszrtgngcs
  83. Spanish

    How do I say in sentence form my favorite holiday is christmas and the date.
  84. english

    How can I phrase this sentence better? "If you are interested in volunteering to help plan the party, you can..."
  85. English

    What is the action verb for the following sentence- For this pottery they use two kinds of clay.
  86. English

    work at start had been very strenuous.(turn into negative sentence)
  87. english

    how can i fix this sentence? “A glove and ball is the required gear.”
  88. english

    How do I fix this sentence? My patient replied back to me, “I am good now and Thank You very much.”
  89. english

    is there anything wrong with this sentence: it manipulates her feelings from immaturity to seriousness
  90. English

    what is the indirect object in this sentence "Chandler gave her the magazine"
  91. Rephrasing a sentence

    How can I rephrase the following question: How do you measure students’ progress?
  92. English

    You can't fly to Canada in an hour. It's impossible. ==================== What is the meaning of 'in' in the first sentence? Does 'in' mean 'within' or 'after'?
  93. English

    what is wrong with the following sentence. "A glove and ball is the required gear.”
  94. language

    What is the simple predicate for the sentence, The history of these pests may surprise you.
  95. COM/170

    Is this sentence correct? An evening out can be a great way to clear one’s mind.
  96. English

    I am both a quick worker and careful. is this a correct parallel sentence
  97. English

    What does this sentence mean? It was a rainy season which caused the river to be swollen.
  98. 1st grade

    Let's plant a tree by Mr. Olsons fence. is that a sentence
  99. writing

    how to start a paragraph using sports as a topic sentence. i need ideas please?
  100. English

    True or false? There could be a noun a verb and an adjective in one sentence.