1. English

    1. His age is 14. 2. His height is 158cm tall. 3. His weight is 48kg. (Are the sentences all grammatical?) 4. What is the negative sentence of the declarative sentence? When you make a negative sentence, you should put 'don't' before a base verb. (Is this
  2. English

    Here is my question. Can I end a sentence with the word (in)? Here is an example of my sentence with the word (in) at the end of my sentence. This alters the way we view lifespan development, as individuals truly never stop evolving and changing their own
  3. English

    Is there any rule in the adverb sequence?So Can I use quickly,clearly and hard at the begining of sentence,at the end of the sentence or at between subject and verb?Is it right?Adverb sequence is not important in the sentence?
  4. Language Arts

    I've got one more sentence I need help with. On the sentence, "Birds who tried to fish for food were covered with terrible black guck." Would there be a comma after Birds and after food..or would there be no commas in that sentence? Thanks...
  5. Writing Classifying Sentence Structures

    label each of the following sentences simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex 1. Israel is also a nice place to visit. <-- SIMPLE SENTENCE 2. Because the country lies next to the Mediterranean Sea, the climate is very temperate. <---- Compound
  6. help please:)

    Where will you find the thesis sentence in an introductory paragraph? A. The first sentence of the paragraph. B. The middle of the paragraph. C. Immediately after the topic sentence. D. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph.
  7. Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and Verbs

    Which statement is true about this sentence: "Few Americans speak fluent French"? A. The one adjective in the sentence modifies the subject. B. There are adjectives modifying both the subject and the object. C. The verb in this sentence could be an
  8. sentence structure

    need help making sure how to write this sentence. I will not be ashamed of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I will not be ashamed of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  9. English

    I can stand that much to help the environment. --------------------------- What is the part of speech of 'that much' in the sentence? English - Writeacher, Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 7:53am The sentence doesn't make sense. What does "can stand" mean here?
  10. algebra

    an open-topped box can be made from a rectangular sheet of aluminum, with dimensions 40 cm by 25 cm, by cutting equal-sized squares from the four corners and folding up the sides. Declare your variables and write a function to calculate the volume of a box
  11. Language Arts

    Read each sentence. Circle the contraction or contractions in each sentence below: 1. He's going to show me how to prepare dinner. Answer: Circle He's 2. Can you tell if she's your friend or enemy? Answer: Circle she's 3.We'll have to empty out our garage
  12. Sign Language

    Write your ASL weather report or dialogue in English. Interpret your dialogue or weather report into ASL Gloss. Remember, ASL Gloss is written using only CAPITAL LETTERS. Write the English sentences line by line (not in a paragraph). Write the ASL Gloss
  13. English

    I forgot to include this sentence. Thank you. If you want, you can help me write a short description of your school including the summer courses and the students' mobility opportunities.
  14. 5th Grade Match

    Writing in Math: Write a word problem using the number sentence 4.23 x 10 = 42.3. I don't understand how to answer this question
  15. com220

    If someone asked, "wouldn't it be simpler just to write your paper than to create a full-sentence outline?" how would you answer this question? explain your response.
  16. Foreign languages

    I left out this sentence. Thank you very much. Write an email to your friend (120 words) telling him/her about your week so far and how you are going to spend your summer holidays.
  17. english

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning in the spaces on the following page. Correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.
  18. reading

    from the perspective on the black passenger what possible beginning hooks (or sentence that would make people want to read the essay) and possible endings. idk what to write please help
  19. Comm

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning in the spaces on the following page. Correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.
  20. English

    Can you change the sentence in below from passive to active sentence? Nearly crying,her little sister wanted to be left to herself.Please change to active sentence.So I will understand and concentrate well
  21. English

    How would I use the word "Salvation" as a noun in a simple sentence? My first sentence was He gave salvation, but he is the noun in that sentence. My second sentence was Salvation was given.
  22. Alg2

    Hi! I'd like to know how to write the next term in the sentence & write a rule for the nth term. 1) 2/3, 3/6, 4/9, 5/12... I know the next term is 6/15 but I don't know how to write the rule for the nth term... 2) 1/3, 1, 5/3, 7/3,... I don't get this one
  23. 3 grade english

    subject and object pronouns write each sentence. replace the underlined words with subject or object pronouns. 1-When some people visited the South Pole, the people wore heavy coats to keep the people warm. underline the word is (the people, the people) my
  24. Grammar

    For each sentence write whether the sentence is in the active or passive voice. 1.Pygmalion was written by George Bernard Shaw. Passive voice 2.Shaw's play is based on an ancient Greek myth. Active voice 3.Many people saw the play at the theater. Active
  25. Algebra

    1. Total distance traveled varies directly with the amount of time spent traveling. If traveling 4.5 hours results in 180 miles traveled, write the direct linear variation equation. Then determine how long it would take you to travel 320 miles, assuming
  26. help me to construct this in a good essay

    English 101AYR has now been in session for four weeks. In at least one full screen (one paragraph rather than an essay), answer the following question: Has your opinion about hybrid courses changed from day one to today? If yes, in what ways has it
  27. english /help

    label the subject and the verb of each of each clause. Then write whether the sentence is simple or complex. 1)Every afternoon the baseball team practices. subject: the baseball team verb: practices simple sentence 2)When practice is over, the players are
  28. Elements of University Composition and Communicati

    Each of the following sentences has one grammatical error. The errors are in one of the following four categories: subject–verb agreement, run-on sentence, verb form and tense, or sentence fragment. Read each of the sentences and write the type of error

    i was taking a test online, and i think they gave me the wrong answers. Here take a look at the test and the answers if the answers are wrong, please cahnge them for me so i know the corrects answers!!! THANKS Fragments and Run-ons Post test Identify
  30. Language Arts

    18. Identify the term that correctly identifies the sentence. After all, I have always been a night owl, and I prefer moonlight to sunlight. A. Simple Sentence. B. Compound Sentence. C. Complex Sentence. D. Compound-Complex Sentence.*** 19. Identify the
  31. language arts

    An example of a simple sentence? This is an example of a simple sentence. The sentence above has a subject (This) and one verb (is).
  32. english

    Q3. Identify whether the word groups are fused sentence, comma splice or correct sentence. (1.0 ) i. First, I must go shopping, then I have to decide what to fix for dinner.(comma splice) ii. She was, however, tired and worn out.(comma splice) iii. I hiked
  33. Languge...Grammar

    Is "Although They" in the following sentence a Prepositional Phrase? Thank You They tried, although they didn't expect to win. No. "Although" is a conjunction linking two independent clauses. "They" is the subject of the second clause. Can you tell me
  34. English Language Arts

    I have 2 questions about gerunds. The first question I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I need the most help with the second: 1.Which word or words from the following sentence is used as a gerund: "By stealing a summerstick, Gluskabe was able to defeat
  35. English

    Please some one check to see if I got these right. Thank you:) 1.Which personal pronoun correctly completes the sentence? The pitcher for our team will be either __________ or Jake. him his he** 2.Which personal pronoun correctly completes the sentence?
  36. COM 220

    Can anyone help me or help me get started please? ASSIGNMENTS 1. CheckPoint: Full-Sentence Outline • Resources: Organizing Your Research Paper & Bias, Rhetorical Devices, and Argumentation • Due Date: Day 4 [Individual forum] • Review the criteria
  37. Urgent Spanish Check

    A) Read the following sentence and choose which word is not correct in the context of the sentence. 1) La examen es difícil. La? 2) El árbol es verdes. el? B) The following sentence is written in singular form. Read the sentence, then choose the correct

    DAmon you equaled them to zero that is not rightt An open-topped box can be made from a rectangular sheet of aluminum, an open-topped box can be made from a rectangular sheet of aluminum, with dimensions 40 cm by 25 cm, by cutting equal-sized squares from
  39. math

    an open box with dimension 2 inches x 3 inches x 4 inches needs to be increase in size to hold 5 times as much as material as the current box? a. write a function that represents the new box b.find the dimension of the new box c.make a mathemathical
  40. English

    What is wrong with the following sentence? Do you advise me to go to college or that I should get a job after high school? Choices: 1. Run-on 2. Misplaced part 3. Lacks parallel parts. 4. Properly constructed sentence Your sentence lacks parallel parts.
  41. grammar

    To make this a pronoun case the orginal sentence is Pedro Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had used in a game. correction would be Pedro Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had previsouly used in another game. Please enter the "before"
  42. english

    HELP PLEASE!!?? Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. Bold each adverb. Underline each adjective. Compare the event to one or more similar events. When
  43. Grammar

    True or False Is the following sentence properly functuated. The young appearing patient went to the doctor's office. Answer is FALSE My question is WHY? - Is it BAD sentence structure - we have ruled out that the apostrope is CORRECT. Should there be a
  44. English

    How do you write the following sentence grammatically correct: At mcdonalds we devoured 4 big macs three orders of french fries and five coca colas for lunch.
  45. pre-algebra

    Write an inequality for the sentence. The number of students s that ran in the road race was not less than fifty five. Since it isw not less than 55, it can be 55 or greater, N>54. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
  46. Writing skills

    One of the approaches taken by these psychologists has been to investigate the foundation for a happy marriage. Which of the following is the best way to write the underline portion of this sentence? If you think the original is the best way, choose option
  47. Grammar

    Rive each of the following sentences, correcting the problems in usage. If a sentence contains no errors, write correct. 1). Bicycling is the reason why I cam with this group to Iowa.
  48. Com/155

    1. In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. 2. Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it.

    Write a 150- to 200-word paragraph to explain how purpose, audience, tone, and content would impact the following topic: What do you hope to accomplish COM 155? Be sure to use the three components of a good paragraph covered in this week’s readings. In
  50. English

    Identify and choose the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. What is the meaning of above sentence?Will i find a word which is incorrected in the sentence? In my(A) opinion they aren't(B) going nowhere(C) special because of(D) financial
  51. infinitives-english

    I have answered these questions, but when it comes to the "functions" of the infinitives i get a little stuck.. can you please check the answers that i've chosen? thanks in advance! Identify the function of the infinitive in the sentence. Choose from the
  52. Predication

    Our resolutions should begin at midnight on January 1. is there any faulty Predication in this senttnce. If so would you letme know I am thinking it is alright. This sentence sounds fine to me. =) http://www.answers.com/topic/postulation-predication I hope
  53. English

    5. Identify the simple subject in the sentence "There are too many people on this elevator." A. many B. people C. There D. elevator I picked B, because people is the subject and the verb is are. This places the verb before the subject, since the subject of
  54. Reading Activity

    1. The old couch needed some new upholstery. What does the word upholstery mean in the sentence above? (1 point) fabric curtains pillows*** legs 2. The pet owner had many feline companions. What does the word feline mean in the sentence above? (1 point)
  55. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 7:03am 1. If we don't go to school, we go to academies. 2. If we don't go to school, we go to an academy. 3. If we don't go to school, we go to academy. 4. If I don't go to school, I go to academies. 5. If I don't go to school,
  56. Practical English

    A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressures of life. A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a mental escape to faraway places. The rhythm of the ocean beating against the sand is sedating music to a troubled mind. A
  57. pronoun

    When he arrive at the cafe', Zach started preparing the scones, cookies,and muffins. While bread for sandwiches was purchased from a nearby bakery, he made these himself. Anybody looking for a stale pastry would have to try Starbucks next door. Quality was
  58. Informal Logic 103

    Write two arguments in English, one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then, write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. (If your computer does not have all the symbols needed, use
  59. Algebra

    I have 3 questions with my answers and would like you to check them. If they're wrong, then please provide and explanation to how to do them. Thank you tutors. Write each sentence as an equation. 1. Eight less than 1/3 a number n is -13. My answer: 1/3-8n
  60. english 7th grade

    I have to write a poem about a memory and it says include a sentence of a question or feeling you had at that time and i don't quite get that. Also i just forgot what a stanza(spelling?) written like. Any help? Thank you!
  61. english

    1. What roles do the adults or older figures play in the lives of the various narrators? Select a figure from each of the four memoirs and write one sentence answering the question for each memoir.
  62. Language Arts

    Having trouble on this. On the sentence below you are supposed to write the correct form of the verb either lay or lie. Not sure which it would be. "Yesterday afternoon he ___________ the horn on the table.
  63. com155 english

    • In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. • Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it.
  64. english

    1. What roles do the adults or older figures play in the lives of the various narrators? Select a figure from each of the four memoirs and write one sentence answering the question for each memoir.
  65. English

    How would you write this as a topic sentence so it sounds like a theme for a book. The author is great at making someone who has a handicap or disability not feel so abnormal but a benefit to society.
  66. adult education

    How do a write this sentence so it is parallel. Every town and city needs more parking space and places where people can recreate, and to have more money from taxes to pay for these things.
  67. english

    How do I write 5 sentenses about the role of education in successful financial planning using a different verb tese in each sentence. Past,present, future, progressive, and perfect.
  68. English

    In my revious post you told me I could use the sentence: I had a lunch box prepared by the hotel. Can I keep using this or is it better to say "we had a box lunch from the hotel's kitchen."? Thank you very much!
  69. hum 176

    Choose a form of popular media that you are passionate about. The media may be music, a book, or a movie. · Write a thesis sentence stating how and why it is more than just a piece of entertainment. The thesis must include why it is a legitimate form of
  70. English

    The sentence is: No one grew tired of eating it. Is there any prepositional phrases in there? The other sentence says: Linking verbs link the subject with a noun, a pronoun, or an adjective. Is everything after with(also including with)a prepositional
  71. german

    I have to write a slogan in german that is a command using the four different types of command forms (du, ihr, wir, Sie), and I need help figuring out how to write them. The slogan I am using is "Get your own box." from cheez-its. How would I write them in
  72. SPanish

    In the spaces provided, write the vocabulary expression that could replace the underlined words in each sentence without significantly changing the meaning of the sentence. Do not use any of the underlined words again. ¿Viste el artículo en el periódico
  73. Maths

    Write a sentence that explains the relationship between the two numbers. 5/1/2 + 14 (5/1/2 + 14) x 1/4 . My answer was they are all whole numbers am I correct
  74. English

    while doing sentence pattern I'am unable to identify which is complement and object clearly. I know that complement is the one which completes the sense of the sentence but for example "floods cause destruction". in this sentence which is complement or
  75. 1st grade

    What is a sentence a 1st grader can write using the word "past"?
  76. Math

    Write an inequality to represent the sentence. 1.A number y is no more than −8. 2.A number tt multiplied by −4 is at least −25.
  77. math

    The air temperature drops from 24 F- 2 F in 15 minutes. What is the change in temperature? Write a number sentence to.
  78. Math

    Can I have help with this question? Write an inequality for the sentence. Then solve the inequality. Twelve less than a number is at most 7. A. x - 12 <_ 7; x <_ -5 B. x - 12 <_ 7; x <_ 17 C. x - 12 <_ 7; x <_ 9 D. x - 12 <_ 7; x <_
  79. algebra

    write the verbal sentence as an inequality and solve the inequality. (this has to do with absolute value inequalities) the distance between x and 8 is less than 14
  80. Math

    Write the given sentence as an equation. Tim’s age in 7 years will be three times what it was 19 years ago. A. 3(t + 7) = t – 19 B. t + 19 = 3(t – 7) C. t + 7 = 3(t – 19) D. 3(t + 19) = t – 7 need help
  81. Algebra

    Help Please Write a function rule that represents each sentence. 1. 11 less than the product of a number y and -2 is z. 2. 5 less than the quotient of a number n and 4 is m.
  82. PHI 103 Informal Logic

    Write two arguments in English, one in the form of modus ponens and one in the form of modus tollens. Then, write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth-functional connectives. (If your computer does not have all the symbols needed, use
  83. English

    1. James Joyce was a great master of stream of consciousness. simple sentence*** compound sentence complex sentence compound-complex sentence 2. Joyce's, however, owed much to French novelist who had used the technique much earlier. simple sentence
  84. sentence fragment

    Both Egypt and Mesopotamia developed an organized government that consisted of one ruler maintaining order, but Egypt had a centralized authority while Mesopotamian political powers was more distributed among all the city-states. This is a topic sentence
  85. grammar

    A. Identifying Subjects and Predicates If the simple subject is in parentheses, write SS on the line. If the simple predicate is in parentheses, write SP. Write CS if the words in parentheses are the complete subject and CP if they are the complete
  86. Calculus, Math word problems.

    A closed box is to be made in the shape of a cubiod, of height h cm and with a square base that has sides of length x cm. Its volume V is required to be 500 cm^3. A) write an expression for the V (volume)in terms of h and x. B)Write an expression for the
  87. math

    Estimate. 247 * 974 a. Write your estimate as a number sentence: ________________ b. How I estimated : ________________________________
  88. Math

    0 Seventy minus the product of 8 and a number is 86. Write the verbal sentence as an equation. Then solve the equation
  89. Pre-Algebra

    Write the given sentence as an equation. Tim's age in 7 years will be three times what it was 19 years ago.
  90. language arts (adverbs)

    Modifying 1)what does the word (originally) modify in the sentence Native American originally developed lacrosse? 2) what does the word (first)modify in this sentence it was first played by the iriquois 3) what does the word (differently) modify in this
  91. com220

    What would be a good topic to write about and a good theis sentence to go with it.
  92. Homework Translation

    What does this mean? Write one sentence that uses each of the three articles at least twice. Does it mean that I have to use all 3 articles each atleast twice!?
  93. English/ASL

    Can anyone help me translate English to ASL Gloss? Could you help me? I'm OKAY at it but I want to get this 100% right for my paper Write a 7–10 sentence dialogue between two people about going out for lunch. Using these terms COOKIE HAMBURGER ICE CREAM
  94. English

    Can someone help me with this? Is this a simple sentence or a fragment? We knew that we would lose the game and the opportunity of a state championship. It is a complete sentence, but not a simple one. It is a complex sentence We- subject, Knew verb, That
  95. english

    (1) To insert a table into your spreadsheet, the workbook says to "first click on the 'Table' tab." (2) Then, you could "place the cursor on the area where you want to put your table." (3) Click "Insert," and then
  96. Math

    you use a rectangular piece of cardboard 20 in by 30 to construct a box. you square the sides x in. from each corner of the piece of cardboard and then fold up the sides to form the bottom. A. write a function A to represent the area of the base of the box
  97. Grammar and Composition

    please check these: 1. Traveling down the road of life. a. sentence structure is correct b. the subject is missing c. the predicate is missing d. the sentence contains a nound and no verb B 2. Erick ran in the race. a. sentence structure is correct b. the
  98. English

    (1)It was December 7, 1941. (2) The freighter Florentine, 320 miles northeast of the Hawaiian Island of Hilo was lumbering along at about 15 knots when the garbled message came in over the radio: (3) “Attack on Pearl Harbor; This is not a drill!”
  99. English

    I forgot to include the following sentence. 1) Write a ten-line paragraph about you. describing your physical apperance and character. Then refer to the things you like and to a typical school day.
  100. com155

    • Write a third and final paragraph in which describe your strategy for using WritePoint in the future. o Include a discussion of how to accommodate submission and feedback time. o Underline your topic sentence.